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Life of Maddalena Carini

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AN AVE, A SMILE …AND AHEAD! MADDALENA CARINI Miraculously healed in Lourdes on August 15th, 1948 The Founder of the «Ave Maria Family»


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Maddalena Carini Bereguardo (PV) 1/3/1917 – Sanremo 26/1/1998 Miraculously healed in Lourdes on August 15th, 1948 The Founder of the «Ave Maria Family» Family» Edited by FAMIGLIA DELL’AVE MARIA, Nuvoloni 30, 18038 Sanremo IM


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THE FAMILY Maddalena Carini was born on March 1st, 1917 at Cascina Morona Bereguardo, an agriagricultural village in the province of Pavia, the daughter of Giuseppe Carini and Francesca Bianchi Martina. The youngest of seven children, children, she lives in a family where mercy, mercy, fear of God, God, and devotion of Our Lady and the Crucifix held the first position. She says «our parents looked after our minds and our hearts training us to love and sacrifice». 1923 the Carini brothers


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with with dad dad Giuseppe Giuseppe


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… and with …and with mum mum Francesca Francesca


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CHILDHOOD Maddalena’ Maddalena’s childhood is marked by a lively temperament and by the desire, which she feels since she is a little girl, of bringing souls to Lord. 1927 1927 Maddalena, Maddalena, 10 10 years years old old Since her early years, it is possible to see the ……… main features of a life that, later on, would be completely dedicated to the mission to which Providence would lead her on unexpected and humanly … and in 1930 …and with her brother Emilio unintelligible paths.


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In the card of the third year of the elementary school, the teacher describes her as «my best schoolgirl for willpower, behaviour and advancement» advancement», and she adds that «she attends school with passion, it’ it’s a pity she does not enjoy good health» health». Sad to say, the first symptoms of the illness that she will suffer for the following twenty years were about to appear. 1924 the Holy Communion


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THE ILLNESS Maddalena says: «Years went by and I was getting worse and worse. I spent my youth in the most famous clinics in Italy. 1941, 1941, 24 24 years years old old However there was nononothing thing to do. I was wasting away before my very eyes. I was all skin and bones. When 20 I weighed 29 kilos Especially legs were impressing: they were only bones bones without flesh. 1947, few months before her recovery in Lourdes The disease wore out my body, and one day I could not move my right leg and my back any longer. I was bedbedridden without any hope» hope»


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THE SMILE WHILE SUFFERING of those few days I spent with you. Your usual resignation and peace of mind have been a great confort to me» me» Mons. Fasani, General Vicarious of the Diocese of Pavia, writes her on the eve of the first pilgrimage to Lourdes «I carry with me the precious memory with Mons. Fasani and some relatives in Bussana clinic This is the state of mind Maddalena can inspire into those who approach her. Despite the sufferings of the illness she is always peaceful and joyful. She often rouses astoastonishment and fondness in the doctors, the medical staff and the patients of the clinics where she is hospitalized. In her room there is a continuos flow of people around the young invalid… invalid…


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the years of illness


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THE MIRACULOUS HEALING August 1948 - Maddalena is in a critical state of health, but she succeeds in obobtaining the medical permispermission to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes. On August 15th, the day of the Assumption of Mary, in front of the Cave, while ……….. she is saying her Holy Rosary, she feels some painful pangs of heart and at the same time «an indescribable joy», and she begins to pray with more fervour «for the good of my soul, for the people close to my heart, for the sinners’ sinners’ conversion» «I felt such an intense joy, I wish everyone could feel this for a moment to realise that true life is not this one but the heavenly one, and we all have to help one another to reach it» it»


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September September 1948 1948 shortly shortly after after the the miracle miracle


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THE BEGINNING OF A NEW APOSTOLATE Being certain that her healing has the only purpurpose of showing the glory of God, Maddalena continues her apostolate, which now can range among the most various settings, with even greater determination. «I wished those who did not believe any longer in God, could find faith again. So I went around to talk with people, I entered into families. I listened to their misfortunes, I told them what had happened to me. I gathered around myself a number of friends that shared my ideals. We became a lot, we gave us the name of AVE MARIA FAMILY It was a feast day when someone succeeded in approaching a soul to God.



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