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Dance Department Brochure

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  How  to  Register   Registration  Fee:  $65  per  family  and  $45  for  seniors.     This  registration  fee  is  due  once  per  year  and  covers  the   fall,  spring  and  summer  terms.     INDIVIDUAL  CLASSES  $295.00/semester     Simple  Track  (1  class/  week)                           Tuition:  $  590.00/yr.    $295.oo/sem.     Pre-­‐Professional    (2  to  3  classes/week)               Tuition:  $  1,080.00/yr.     Professional  (4  to  5  classes/week)                                   Tuition:  $  1,275.00/yr.     Please  visit  our  web  site  to  see  full  details  of  dance   payment  breakdowns.   ALL  INCOMING  DANCE  STUDENTS  MUST  BE   ASSESED  IN  THE  FALL  IN  ORDER  TO  BE  ASSIGNED   TO  APPROPRIATE  CLASSES   PAYMENT  PLANS  ARE  AVAILABLE     Newark  School  of  the  Arts  is  easily  accessible  by  major   highways  (New  Jersey  Turnpike,  Garden  State  Parkway,   Routes  21,22,and  280)  N ewark  School  of  the  Arts  is  a   short  distance  from  Newark  Penn  Station.  Public  Bus   Transportation  Bus  numbers  13,  24,  27,  39,  62,  &  70  all   stop  in  the  vicinity  of  89  Lincoln  Park.  Detailed  driving   directions  and  ALL  APPLICATION  FORMS  are   available  on  our  web-­‐site:     Financial  Aid  and  Scholarships   FINANCIAL  AID   If  you  are  unable  to  pay  your  tuition  in  full,  you  may   apply  for  financial  aid.  To  qualify  for  financial  aid,  each   applicant  must  submit  proof  of  income  including:  1040   (2015)  tax  return,  W-­‐2  or  1099  (2014),  current  pay  stub   (2016),  Public  Assistance,  Unemployment  Insurance,   Social  Security  Income,  and  scholarship  statements.   Financial  Aid  applications  are  available  in  our  offices,  or   may  be  downloaded  off  our  web  site  at,   www.newarkschoolofthearts  .org   I.C.A.N.  PROGRAM  DESCRIPTION   (Initiative  for  Children’s  Arts  in  Newark)   th For  the  7  year,  the  Newark  School  of  the  Arts  (NSA)  is   providing  an  exclusive  arts  program  for  Newark  Public   School  and  Private  School  Students.    NSA  received   funding  from  the  Rivendell  Foundation  and  the  Aviation   Development  C ouncil  to  provide  one  semester  of   discounted  rates  for  new  registrants.  Parents/Guardians   are  required  to  complete  the  N SA  applications  form,  as   well  as  the  supplemental  ICAN  registration  form   (available  on-­‐line,  or  at  our  office)  to  be  eligible  for   these  deeply  d iscounted  rates  for  private  lessons  in   music,  or  group  lessons  in  dance,  drama  and  visual  Arts     GATEWAY  TO  THE  ARTS  Grant   Is  available  to  newcomers  to  the  U nited  States  residing   in  Newark.  Recipients  receive  %40  off  regular  tuition.     OTHER  SCHOLARSHIP  OPPORTUNITIES   Special  Scholarship  opportunities  for  Students  with   Visual  and  Physical  Impairment  are  available.   DANCE Department   Newark School of the Arts 89 Lincoln Park Newark, NJ 07102 Ensemble   participation     OFFICE  HOURS:       9:00  am  -­‐  5:00  pm,  Friday  and  Saturday       9:00  am  -­‐  6:00  pm,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Thursday       Private  Lessons  and  Group  Classes  are  held:     3:00  pm  -­‐  8:30,  Tuesday  through  T hursday       5:30  pm  -­‐  7:30  p m,  Friday                                                       9:00  am  -­‐  6:30  pm,  Saturday     973-642-0133


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The  Newark  School  of   the  Arts  and  the   Royal  Dance  Academy       Ballet   Ballet  is  the  foundation  of  all  dance  forms.  Body   placement,  flexibility,  balance,  alignment,  strength  and   technique  are  achieved  through  barre  and  center  floor   work.  Understanding  the  relationship  between  music,   rhythm  and  controlled  movement  with  proper  ballet   technique.  New  and  more  complex  material  will  be  taught   at  an  accelerated  pace.  Student  will  begin  to  learn  basic   ballet  history  and  develop  a  knowledge  and  great   appreciation  of  the  great  b allets,  classical  music  and   famous  d ancers.     Jazz  I  &  II   Ages  8  +   Wednesdays,  6:15  PM  (1  hour)   Fun  movement  style  performed  to  popular  music  with   elements  of  jazz  emphasizing  rhythms,  syncopation,  isolation,   improvisation  and  high-­‐  electric  energy.  Horton  pre-­‐requisite   recommended.   Hip  -­‐  Hop   Hip-­‐Hop  1     Ages  7  to  9      Wednesdays  6:15  PM  (1  hour)   Ages  10  +  Saturdays,  1:15  PM  (1  hour)   In  t his  fun  and  high-­‐energy  class,  students  learn  combinations   to  their  favorite  pop  songs.  Music  is  always  kid  friendly  and   appropriate.  Class  focus  is  on  d evelopment  of  skills,  self-­‐ confidence  and  personal  style.     Ballet  1  Ages  8-­‐12,  Tuesdays,  6:15  PM    (1  hour)   Ballet  2  Ages  TBD,  Thursdays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Ballet  3  Ages  TBD,  Mondays,  6:15  pm  (1  hour)   Dance  and  music  are  inseparably  connected   and  dance  o ffers  a  unique  opportunity  for   physical  and  artistic  expression.    The  dance   department  at  Newark  School  o f  the  Arts   emphasizes  proper  body  alignment,  healthy   physical  development  and  a  total  integration   of  music  and  dance.    NSA  recommends  that   ALL  music  students  study  dance  at  some  point   in  their  education  as  dance  can  enhance  the   physical  connection  that  is  so  important  to   instrumentalists  and  singers.  We  train  students   at  all  levels  and  experience.    We  are  proud  to   announce  that  all  of  our  teachers  are  registered   and  accredited  teachers   from  the  R oyal  Academy   of  Dance.  We  continue  to   aspire  to  the  highest   standards  of  excellence   and  are  now  using  the   RAD  curriculum.  All   dancers  are  required  to  w ear  appropriate  dance   attire.  Please  inquire  at  time  o f  registration.     Ballet  Workshop   Saturday  3:00  pm   (By  teacher  invitation  only)   This  division  is  for  students  in  the  professional  tract  of   study.  The  students  must  audition  for  these  classes  or  be   recommended  by  their  previous  teachers  and  the  Director   of  D ance.   Hip-­‐Hop  2   Mondays  6:15  PM  (1  hour)   This  is  an  opportunity  for  young  children  to  b uild  an  early   rhythmic  vocabulary,  connecting  their  own  movements  to   easily  identifiable  music  patterns  that  are  the  building  blocks   needed  for  more  advanced  dance  instruction.     Tap,  Boys  &  Fitness   Tap  Dance  -­‐  Ages  8  +   Mondays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Tap  classes  introduce  boys  and  girls  to  the  basic  rhythmic   movements  of  tap  using  age  appropriate  movements  and   music.    This  is  the  preparatory  class,  which  will  teach   students  the  basic  vocabulary  used  in  tap.     Horton  Technique   All  Ages  8+   Wednesdays,  6:15  PM  (1  hour)   Horton's  dance  technique,  which  is  now  commonly  known  as   Horton  Technique,  has  no  style,  per  se.  The  technique   emphasizes  a  whole  body,  anatomical  approach  to  dance  that   includes  flexibility,  strength,  coordination  and  body  and  spatial   awareness  to  enable  unrestricted,  d ramatic  freedom  of   expression.   Bouncing  Boys  -­‐  Ages  5  +   Thursdays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Foundation  of  all  dance  forms  including  body  placement,   flexibility,  balance,  alignment,  strength  and  technique  are   achieved  through  barre  and  center  floor  work.     Dance  Workshop   Ages  7  –  17   Saturdays,  1:15  to  3:00  PM  (2  hours)   BY  TEACHER  ASSIGNMENT  ONLY   This  course  is  an  advanced  workshop  for  the  most  serious   dancer.  Combines  skills  of  Modern  and  Jazz  and  Ballet  from   previous  level  classes  and  correlating  steps  to  lengthy  and   complex  combinations  with  correct  technique,  extensive   terminology  and  knowledge  of  the  art  of  ballet  itself.    Students   must  be  recommended  by  their  previous  teachers  and  must  b e   enrolled  in  regularly  scheduled  classes.     DANCE  FACULTY     ZUMBA  Fitness  Dance      All  Ages   Saturdays  11:00  AM   Join  the  fun!    Come  sweat  with  us  while  your  child  is  in  Tiny   Steps  dance  class!         Leslie  Lucy   Alonzo  Hall   Ashley  Newby       Yusef  Ali-­‐Harris   Abiola  Balogun-­‐Kendall   Clarissa  Newby-­‐Phillips  ♬   ♬ Department    Chair   Dance  Unlimited   -­‐  Ages  10  +   Tuesdays,  6:15,  1  hour   This  class  offers  an  exciting  opportunity  to  experience  and   explore  a  variety  of  d ance  styles  and  techniques.  Have  fun   and  start  dancing.  This  class  is  a  pre-­‐requisite  for  Horton   Technique.    



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