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    How  to  Register   Registration  Fee:  $65  per  family  and  $45  for  seniors.     This  registration  fee  is  due  once  per  year  and  covers   the  fall,  spring  and  summer  terms.   Music  (Private  Lessons)  17-­‐week  semester:   30-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson   Tuition:    $        595.00                                                                             45-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson           Tuition:    $        892.50   60-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson     Tuition:    $    1,190.00     Ensemble  and  Choir  cost  $85.00  with  enrollment  in   private  lessons.     PAYMENT  PLANS  ARE  AVAILABLE     Newark  School  of  the  Arts  is  easily  accessible  by   major  highways  (New  Jersey  Turnpike,  Garden  State   Parkway,  Routes  21,22,and  280)  Newark  School  of   the  Arts  is  a  short  distance  from  Newark  Penn   Station.  Public  Bus  Transportation  Bus  numbers  13,   24,  27,  39,  62,  &  70  all  stop  in  the  vicinity  of  89   Lincoln  Park.  Detailed  driving  directions  and  ALL   APPLICATION  FORMS  are  available  on  our  web-­‐ site:     OFFICE  HOURS:       9:00  am  -­‐  5:00  pm,  Friday  and  Saturday       9:00  am  -­‐  6:00  pm,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Thursday       Private  Lessons  and  Group  Classes  are  held:     3:00  pm  -­‐  8:30,  Tuesday  through  T hursday       5:30  pm  -­‐  7:30  p m,  Friday                                                       9:00  am  -­‐  6:30  pm,  Saturday     Scholarship  Auditions   SCHOLARSHIPS  ARE  AVAILABLE   By  audition  only   In  addition  to  financial  aid,  the  school  offers   merit-­‐based  awards  that  range  from  15  to  30   minutes  of  additional  lesson  time  at  no   additional  cost.  Scholarship  auditions  are  held   once  a  year  and  will  take  place  M ay  2015.   Student  must  be  currently  enrolled  and   recommended  by  their  teacher.    For  more   information  contact  Nadine  Herman,  Music   Director.    973-­‐642-­‐0133  Ext.  18   The  NJPAC  JEFFREY  CAROLLO  MUSIC   SCHOLARSHIP  provides  financial  assistance   to  advanced  students  who  study  classical  vocal   and  instrumental  music  at  the  Newark  School   of  the  Arts.    Take  private  lessons  twice  per   week,  learn  music  theory,  take  part  in   ensembles,  and  have  opportunities  to  perform   at  Newark  School  of  the  Arts  and  NJPAC!   Auditions  for  the  2015-­‐2016  season  are   scheduled  on  Sunday  May  4,  from  10  :00  am  to   3:00  pm.    For  more  information  visit   Private   Lessons   Newark  School  of  the  Arts   89  Lincoln  Park     Newark,  NJ  07102   Ensemble   participation     FREE  PARKING   AND  FREE  WI-­‐FI       AVAILABLE     973-­‐642-­‐0133   973-­‐642-­‐0133  


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1 2 The  Newark  School  of   the  Arts  Offers  instruction  in  Piano,   Voice  ,  Piano,  Guitar,  Violin,  Viola,  Cello,   Bass,    Flute,  Clarinet,  Oboe,  Bassoon,   Saxophone,  Trumpet,  Trombone,  French   Horn,  Tuba,  Timpani,  Percussion,  Organ,   African  and  Latin  Drums,  Drum  Kit  and   Composition.         Theory   All  students  taking  private  lessons  receive   theory  or  Solfège  instruction  free  of  cost.     Music  theory,  the  study  of  how  music  works,  is   an  important  part  of  every  music  student’s   education.  Music  Theory  is  essential  to  the   learning  musician  as  it  enhances  the  ability  to   read,  write  and  understand  music,  as  well  as   teaching  the  basics  of  composition,  arranging,   creating  original  melodies,  harmonies  and   chords.   Audition  Preparation  and   Performances   The  Newark  School  of  the  Arts  produces  over  50   concerts,  recitals  and  studio  performances  each   year.    All  students  are  required  to  prepare  and   perform  in  studio  recitals  each  semester  as  well  as   the  occasional  special  themed  concerts.       Performing  in  front  of  an  audience  is  essential  to  the   student’s  learning  process  and  is  great  preparation   for  auditions.    Any  student  planning  an  audition   should  consult  with  their  instructor  to  choose   repertoire  and  plan  p erformances  as  soon  as   possible.    MUSIC  FACULTY     Piano   Marilia  Caputo   Michael  Costantino   Angela  Manso   Anna  Dukhovny   Eugene  Feigin   Aki  Kasuga   Steve  Hirshhorn       Percussion/   Drums   Daryl  Covington     Thomas  Price     Financial  Aid  and  Scholarship   FINANCIAL  AID   If  you  are  unable  to  pay  your   tuition  in  full,  you  may  apply   for  financial  aid.  To  qualify   for  financial  aid,  each   applicant  must  submit  proof   of  income  including:  1040   (2014)  tax  return,  W-­‐2  or  1099  (2014),  current  pay   stub  (2015),  Public  Assistance,  Unemployment   Insurance,  Social  Security  Income,  and   scholarship  statements.  Financial  Aid   applications  are  available  in  our  offices,  or  may   be  downloaded  off  our  web  site  at,   www.newarkschoolofthearts  .org     Strings   Amneris  Puscasu   Stephen  Starkman   Megumi  Saruhashi   Aleksi  Zawistowski     Guitar   Daryl  Hester   Joao   Kouyoumdijian     Woodwinds   Cristhian  Mora   Aki  Kasuga     Brass   Cristhian  Mora   Voice   Dr.  Grace  Hackett-­‐ Farroul   Nadine  Herman  ♬   Inez  McClendon     ♬ Department    Chair       GATEWAY  TO  THE  ARTS  Grant   Is  available  to  newcomers  to  the  United  States   residing  in  Newark.  Recipients  receive  %40  off   regular  tuition.     I.C.A.N.  PROGRAM  DESCRIPTION   (Initiative  for  Children’s  Arts  in  Newark)   For  the  7th  year,  the  Newark  School  of  the  Arts   (NSA)  is  providing  an  exclusive  arts  program  for   Newark  Public  School  and  Private  School   Students.    NSA  received  funding  from  the   Rivendell  Foundation  and  the  Aviation   Development  Council  to  provide  one  semester   of  discounted  rates  for  new  registrants.   Parents/Guardians  are  required  to  complete  the   NSA  applications  form,  as  well  as  the   supplemental  ICAN  registration  form  (available   on-­‐line,  or  at  our  office)  to  be  eligible  for  these   deeply  discounted  rates  for  private  lessons  in   music,  or  group  lessons  in  dance,  drama  and   visual  Arts     .     OTHER  SCHOLARSHIP  OPPORTUNITIES   Special  Scholarship  opportunities  for  Students   with  Visual  and  Physical  Impairment  are   available.  



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