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SPRING 2017 Course Guide

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      COURSE CATALOG SPRING 2017 89  Lincoln  Park   Newark,  NJ  07102   T:  973-­‐642-­‐0133   F:  973-­‐622-­‐2664   89  Lincoln  Park   Newark,  NJ  07102   T:  973-­‐642-­‐0133      F:  973-­‐622-­‐2664   HOURS   Office  hours  during  the  school  year  are:       9:00  am  -­‐  5:00  pm,  Friday  and  Saturday       9:00  am  -­‐  6:00  pm,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Thursday       Private  Lessons  and  Group  Classes  are  held:     Monday  through  Thursday,  3:00  pm  -­‐  8:30   5:30  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm,  Friday                                                       9:00  am  -­‐  6:30  pm,  Saturday   NON-­‐PROFT  ORG   U.S.  POSAGE  PAID   NEWARK,  NJ     PERMIT  NO.  1139  


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2 2     Mission   The  Newark  School  of  the  Arts  (NSA)  changes  the  lives  of  youth  through  access  to   quality  education  in  the  performing  and  visual  arts.    We  accomplish  this  by  providing   excellence  in  sequential  education  and  training,  offering  an  emerging  state  of  the  art   learning  environment,  accepting  students  of  all  ages  and  abilities,  and  partnering  with   other  successful  arts  educators  while  maintaining  affordability  and  accessibility.  NSA  is  a   family  and  community  oriented  school  that  has  served  44,000  individuals  since  its   inception,  and  provides  education  for  600  students  each  week.   HOW  TO  REGISTER   REGISTER  IN  PERSON   The  best  and  most  efficient  way  to  register  is  to  come  into  the  office.    The   registrar’s  office  is  open  Tuesday-­‐Saturday  9  to  5  pm.  The  registrar  can   answer  all  of  your  registration  and  financial  aid  questions  in  person.   Classes,  dates  and  times  can  be  chosen  on  the  spot  (see  calendar  on  page   19).    So,  come  in  and  visit  our  offices.    (See  page  20  for  registration  fees   and  other  prices)   REGISTER  BY  FAX   Can’t  come  into  the  office?  You  can  register  by  fax.    Just  download  and   print  the  enrollment  application  from  our  web  site,  fill  it  out  completely   and  fax  it  to  973-­‐622-­‐2664  Attn:  registrar.  Once  your  application  faxed,   call  the  registrar  to  secure  your  class  schedule  and  pay  your  tuition  by   credit  card.      Private  lessons  must  be  scheduled  by  the  registrar.     VISIT  OUR  WEB  PAGE    Need  more  information?    Visit  our  web  site  for  teacher  bios,  parent   information,  registration  details  and  more  at   HOW  TO  GET  HERE   !   TRANSPORTATION   Newark  School  of  the  Arts  is  easily  accessible  by  major  highways  (New   Jersey  Turnpike,  Garden  State  Parkway,  Routes  21,22,and  280)  Newark   School  of  the  Arts  is  a  short  distance  from  Newark  Penn  Station.  Public   Bus  Transportation  Bus  numbers  13,  24,  27,  39,  62,  &  70  all  stop  in  the   vicinity  of  89  Lincoln  Park.   The  school  offers  safe,  secure  off  street  parking  for  parents  and  students.     Detailed  driving  directions  are  available  on  our  web-­‐site:   23     ATTENDANCE     Students  are  expected  to  attend  all  registered  classes,  throughout  the  school   year.    Teachers  are  expected  to  make  up  lessons  they  miss  or  there  will  be  a   refund  or  credit  given  for  the  missed  time  (theory,  solfège  and  ensemble   classes  excluded).    If  a  student  is  absent  from  a  lesson  they  forfeit  that  lesson   and  are  not  entitled  to  a  refund.  If  the  student  is  absent  more  than  3  times,   the  school  reserves  the  right  to  withdraw  student  from  classes  and  give  that   lesson  time  away  to  another  student.     PUBLICITY/MARKETING     Newark  School  of  the  Arts  uses  student  photos  and  video  footage  for   marketing  and  publicity  purposes,  both  electronically  and  in  print.  Please  be   aware  that  your  signature  on  the  back  of  your  application  verifies  your   permission  to  use  your  image  for  any  purpose  through  any  medium  and  in  all   media,  and  your  agreement  to  release  NSA,  its  sponsors  and  anyone  working   on  their  behalf,  from  any  liability  without  limitation  and  in  perpetuity.  If  the   student  is  under  18,  a  parent  or  guardian  must  sign.  If  you  do  not  want  NSA  to   use  your  image,  you  must  check  the  appropriate  box  on  your  application.     ACCESSIBILITY/DISCRIMINATION     It  is  the  policy  of  the  School  that  in  matters  concerning  the  recruitment,   selection,  and  admission  of  students,  no  person  shall  be  discriminated  against   for  reasons  of  race,  creed,  sex,  sexual  orientation,  national  origin,  religion,   and  political  affiliation,  physical  or  socio-­‐economic  disadvantages.         *The  school  welcomes  participation  by  individuals  with  disabilities.    In  so  far   as  possible,  NSA  will  provide  accommodations  for  individuals  with  disabilities.     The  building  is  wheelchair  accessible.    Upon  request,  course  information  will   be  provided  in  large  print  or  alternative  formats.    Special  accommodations  for   events  can  be  made  with  two  weeks  notice.     Special  Scholarships  are  available  for  visually  and  cognitively  impaired   students  (Students  18  and  over  must  apply).    For  more  information   please  call  the  registrar’s  office.    FUNDS  ARE  LIMITED   Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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1 22     IMPORTANT  INFORMATION   REGISTRATION,  TUITION,  SUPPLIES     Registration  and  service  fees  are  paid  annually  for  each  school  year.    Tuition  is   paid  by  semester,  from  September  –  January,  and  February  –  June.    Optional   summer  classes  are  billed  separately.        The  non-­‐refundable  registration  fee  is   $65  per  family,  and/or  $45  for  seniors  each  school  year.    Tuition  will  vary   according  to  the  courses  selected.    If  a  student  starts  after  the  beginning  of  a   semester  the  fee  will  be  prorated  depending  on  the  number  of  remaining   weeks.     TUITION   Tuition  for  each  semester  may  be  paid  in  full  at  the  beginning  of  the  fall  and   spring  semesters  or  in  a  payment  plan.    If  a  payment  plan  is  elected,  there  is  a   non-­‐refundable  service  fee  of  $50  per  family  for  the  school  year.    Amounts  due   on  a  payment  plan  must  be  paid  according  to  the  due  dates.    Students  who  are   behind  on  payments  will  be  temporarily  suspended  until  the  amount  due  is   paid.    A  LATE  FEE  OF  $25.00  WILL  BE  ADDED  TO  YOUR  BILL  FOR  EACH     MISSED  PAYMENT.  Payments  for  registration  and  other  fees  and  tuition  are   payable  by  check,  credit  card  or  money  order  only.    No  tuition  payments  will   be  accepted  in  cash.  There  is  a  $25  discount  for  tuition  paid  in  full  by  credit   card.  Payments  for  music  and/or  art  supplies  and  dancewear  must  be  made  by   check,  credit  card  or  money  order  at  the  time  of  purchase.     REFUNDS     There  will  be  NO  tuition  refunds  after  the  end  of  October  for  the  fall  semester,   or  the  end  of  March  for  the  spring  semester.    Otherwise  tuition  refunds  will  be   prorated  based  on  the  number  of  remaining  weeks.       R     egistration  and  other  fees  are  not  refundable.   DROP/ADD/WITHDRAWAL     Any  changes  made  to  a  schedule  including  withdrawal  from  classes  MUST  take   place  NO  LATER  than  the  fourth  week  of  classes.    Student/parent  MUST  notify   registrar  IN  WRITING  before  changes  or  withdrawal  can  be  valid.    Failure  to   provide  notification  will  result  in  a  $  100.00  penalty.                     3   MUSIC  PROGRAM   The  purpose  of  the  music  program  is  to  develop  well-­‐ rounded  musicians,  to  broaden  the  perspective  of   the  participants  and  to  develop  skills.  Music  theory  is   offered  free  to  all  students  taking  private  music   lessons.   PRIVATE  LESSON  COURSES   Private  lessons  are  available  for  students  of  all  ages  and  levels   Mondays,  Tuesdays,  Wednesdays,  Thursdays  and  Saturdays     30  minute,  45  minute,  and  1  hour  classes  are  available   Violin  (Suzuki*  &  Traditional),  Viola,  Cello,  Double  Bass,  Flute,   Oboe,  Clarinet,  Saxophone,  Bassoon,  French  Horn,  Trumpet,   Trombone,  Tuba,  Guitar,  Suzuki  Guitar,  Piano,  Organ,   Percussion,  Voice,  Composition.    Other  instruments  may  be   available.  InstrumentaMl  luesisco  (nP r  bivoaotkes  L  aerses o  nnost)   i 1n7c-­‐lwuedekd   s  ienm   ester     30-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson            Tuition:        $            595.00                                                   45-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson            Tuition:        $            892.50   60-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson            Tuition:        $    1,190.00     Note:  Tuition  includes  Music  Theory  classes,  Solfège  for  singers,  and  student   ensembles  if  available.   Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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2 4       Music  Theory  1,  2,  3,  4   Theory  classes  explore  the  rudiments  of  music  and   music  history.  Mandatory  for  music  students.     Students  must  purchase  theory  book  at  additional   cost,  not  included  in  tuition.  The  class  is  free  for   students  taking  private  lessons.   Advanced  Music  Theory     Saturdays,  8:30  am  (60  min.)   Prerequisite  Advanced  Theory:  have  completed  or  be  in  the   last  few  lessons  of  the  book  "Practical  Theory  -­‐  Complete   Course  3  in  1”,  by  Sandy  Feldstein,  or  have  proficiency  in   chord  progression,  voice  leading  and  analyses  of  Bach   chorales.  By  teacher  invitation  only.    Free  for    students   enrolled  in  private  lessons   Solfège  for  Singers   Solfège  is  a  music  education  method  used   to  teach  pitch  and  sight  singing  to  singers.  The   technique  of  solfège  involves  assigning  the  notes  of  a   scale  a  particular  syllable,  and  then  practicing  by   singing  different  note  sequences  using  these  syllables.   Free  for  students  taking  private  lessons.     Music  and  Movement   Babies  9  Months  to  3  Years  with  an  Adult   Saturdays,  10:00  am  (45  minutes)   WINTER  Session:    1/2/16  to  4/9/16,  10  wks.     SPRING  Session  4/16/2016  to  6/11/16,  8  wks.   Designed  to  initiate  young  children  into  the  joys  of   music,  while  guiding  them  through  their  rhythmic,   tonal,  and  physical  development  through  a  mix  of   play,  singing,  chants,  dancing,  instrument  exploration   and  movement.      So  get  ready  to  have  FUN!  (This  class   is  a  pre-­‐cursor  to  the  Orff/Kodaly  class).   $150.00   Orff  /  Kodaly         Ages  4-­‐7                                                         Saturdays,  11:00  AM  (50  min.)   This  is  a  beginning  class  for  young  children  and   parent/adult  guardian.  The  Orff/Kodaly  concept  uses   traditional  children's  songs,  games  and  dances  to   experience  movement  and  melody  for  the  young  child.   The  class  incorporates  rhythm  instruments  as  well  as   tuned  percussion  and  eventually  introduces  the   recorder  with  more  advanced  students.  Free  for   students  enrolled  in  private  lessons.     $295.00   21   FINANCIAL  AID  AND  SCHOLARSHIPS   FINANCIAL  AID   If  you  are  unable  to  pay  your  tuition  in  full,  you  may  apply  for  financial   assistance.    To  qualify  for  financial  aid,  applicant  must  submit   proof  of  household  income  including:    1040  (2014)  tax  return,  W2  or   1099  (2014),  current  pay  stub  (2015),  Public  assistance,  Unemployment   Insurance,  Social  Security  Income,  and  scholarship  statements.     Financial  aid  applications  are  available  in  our  offices,  or  may  be   downloaded  off  of  our  website,  at                                                                                                                                                     Private  Music  Lesson            Tuition:  $  446.25  (25%  discount)   Group  Classes                                          Tuition:  $  221.25  (25%  discount)   Tuition  must  be  paid  by  the  due  date  for  financial  aid  to  remain  in  effect.       I.C.A.N.  PROGRAM  DESCRIPTION   (Initiative  for  Children’s  Arts  in  Newark)   FUNDS  ARE  LIMITED   For  the  6th  year,  the  Newark  School  of  the  Arts  (NSA)  is  providing  an   exclusive  arts  program  for  Newark  Public  and  Private  School  students.   NSA  received  funding  from  the  Aviation  Development  Council  and  the   Rivendell  Foundation  to  provide  discounted  rates  for  new  registrants  for   their  first  semester.  Parents/Guardians  are  required  to  complete  the   NSA  application  form,  as  well  as  the  supplemental  ICAN  registration   form  (available  on-­‐line,  or  at  our  office)  to  be  eligible  for  these  deeply   discounted  rates  for  private  lessons  in  music,  or  group  lessons  in  drama,   dance  and  visual  arts.     Private  Music  Lessons         $357.00  (40%  discount)     Group  Classes           $177.00(40%  discount)     MUSIC  AND  DANCE  SCHOLARSHIPS  ARE  AVAILABLE     Scholarship  auditions  are  held  once  a  year  and  will  take  place  May  2015.   Student  must  be  currently  enrolled  and  recommended  by  their  teacher.     For  more  scholarship  information  and  audition  dates,  contact  the   registrar’s  office.     For   each   student   there   will   be   opportunities   to   perform,   exhibit   and   attend  school  events.    After  two  full  semesters  and  on  recommendation   from   teachers,   private   lesson   students   may   audition   for   additional   lesson   time   at   no   additional   charge.     Tuition   must   be   paid   by   the   due   date  for  scholarships  to  remain  in  effect.   Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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1 20       REGISTRATION  AND  TUITION  &  POLICIES   STUDENT  PICK-­‐UP/DROP-­‐OFF  POLICY   Students  should  not  be  left  unattended  while  not  in  class.  Students  must  be   picked  up  promptly  inside  the  building  immediately  after  their  class  has  finished.     It  is  the  parent’s  responsibility  to  meet  their  child  after  their  lesson/class.     Teachers  often  have  students  scheduled  back-­‐to-­‐back  and  do  not  have  the  luxury   to  wait  for  a  parent  who  is  late.  For  children  taking  multiple  classes,  please  note   that  out  office  staff  is  not  responsible  for  walking  your  child  to  their  next  class  ,  or   for  making  sure  they  make  it  to  their  next  class.  Please  make  sure  your  child   understands  hi/her  schedule  and  that  you  have  done  a  dry  run  before  allowing   your  child  to  walk  from  class  to  class,  especially  if  they  are  not  familiar  with  the   building.  IF  you  must  leave  the  building,  please  make  arrangements  with  another   responsible  adult  OTHER  THAN  THE  INSTRUCTOR  OR  STAFF  MEMBER  to  take   care  of  your  child  should  you  be  unable  to  return  on  time.       TUITION   Registration  Fee:  $65  per  family  and  $45  for  seniors.    This  registration  fee  is  due   once  per  year  and  covers  the  fall,  spring  and  summer  terms.   Music  (Private  Lessons)  17-­‐week  semester     30-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson     Tuition:  $        595.00                                                                             45-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson           Tuition:  $        892.50   60-­‐minute  Private  Music  Lesson     Tuition:  $    1,190.00     Group  classes  in  Drama,  Visual  Arts  and  Music  are  17-­‐weeks  per  semester.     Tuition  is  $295.00   If  you  pay  in  full  at  the  beginning  of  the  17-­‐week  semester,  you  will  receive  a   discount  of  $25.00.    (Applicable  only  if  paid  before  the  first  day  of  the  semester).     ALL  INCOMING  DANCE  STUDENTS  MUST  BE  ASSESED  IN  ORDER  TO  BE   ASSIGNED  TO  APPROPRIATE  CLASSES.     DANCE  ATTIRE   All  Dancers  must  wear  proper  dance  attire  to  all  classes.    This  includes:  leotard,   tights,  skirt  and  shoes.    The  full  kit  can  be  purchased  at  NSA.  The  cost  is   approximately  $65  -­‐  $80.    Performance  Dance  Costume:  $45.00  to  be  paid  in  full   at  the  beginning  of  spring  semester.       PAYMENT  PLANS  ARE  AVAILABLE  Please  see  registrar  for  more  information     ENROLL  IN  AUTOMATIC  PAYMENTS  AND  RECEIVE   $10.00  OFF  FINANCE  FEE  (Regularly  $35.00)     VISUAL  ARTS  MATERIALS  FEE   $25  -­‐  $35  –  there  is  a  one-­‐time  materials  fee  per  semester  for  visual  arts  classes   paid  at  time  of  registration.         5   Primary  Guitar  Class       Grades  3  to  5   Tuesdays  4:00  PM  (30  minutes)   Basic  guitar  instruction,  music   fundamentals  and  a  brief  overview  of   guitar  history  will  be  taught  over  the  8   week  period.  An  acoustic  guitar  is   mandatory  (nylon/steel).   $ 2 9 5 . 0 0     Intermediate  Guitar  Class   Grades  6  to8   Thursdays,  4:00  PM    (30  minutes)   Basic  guitar  instruction  music   fundamentals  and  a  brief  overview  of   guitar  history  will  be  taught  over  the   8  -­‐week  period.  An  acoustic  guitar  is   mandatory.   $295.00     Adult  Guitar  Class   Thursdays,  4:30  pm  (30  Minutes)   Basic  guitar  instruction  music   fundamentals  and  a  brief  overview  of   guitar  history  will  be  taught  over  the     8  -­‐week  period.  An  acoustic  guitar  is   mandatory.   $295.00     African  Drumming  Class   Ages  5-­‐7,  Saturdays,  2:00  pm  (1  hour)   Ages  8-­‐14,  Saturdays,  3:00  pm  (1  hour)                   Learn  traditional  African  rhythms  and   melodies  on  the  djembe  drum.  Drums   are  provided;  you  are  welcome  to  bring   your  own.     $295.00   Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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6     SUZUKI  TECHNIQUE  INSTRUCTION   The  Suzuki  Method  is  based  on  the  principle  that  all  children  possess  ability  and  that  this  ability   can  be  developed  and  enhanced  through  a  nurturing  environment.  All  children  learn  to  speak   their  own  language  with  relative  ease  and  if  the  same  natural  learning  process  is  applied  in   teaching  other  skills,  these  can  be  acquired  as  successfully.  Suzuki  referred  to  the  process  as  the   Mother  Tongue  Method  and  to  the  whole  system  of  pedagogy  as  Talent  Education.   Suzuki  Violin  Class   MONDAY     SATURDAY   Ages  4-­‐6  *              4:30  PM     Ages  4-­‐6  *              10:00  AM     Ages  7-­‐9*                5:30  PM   Ages  7-­‐9   *          11:00  AM     Teen                                          1:00  PM   This  class  will  emphasize   musical  development  through  interesting  repertoire  as   well  as  ensemble  skill  and  promote  music  reading  skills.   Parent,  teacher  and  child  are  all  active  participants  in  the  learning  process.    Parents   must  be  willing  to  make  a  commitment  to  attend  lessons,  group  classes  and   performances.         Tuition  Includes  Music  Theory     *      Suzuki  Violin  Private  is  a  parent  and  child  class.  Parents  are  required  to  participate   in  at-­‐home  practice.                                                       **  Parent/Guardian  participation  required   Special  Price  $  150.00   Suzuki  Guitar Suzuki  guitar  will  be  taught  privately  and  in  conjunction   with  the  Suzuki  guitar  ensemble.  Students  will  study   material  that  will  be  re-­‐enforced  in  ensemble  practice.   *      Suzuki  Violin  Private  is  a  parent  and  child  class.   Parents  are  required  to  participate  in  at-­‐home  practice.                                                       **  Parent/Guardian  participation  required.     Tuition  Includes  Music  Theory      Special  Price  $150.00   ENSEMBLES     There  are  a  variety  of  vocal  and  instrumental  ensembles  at  NSA.  Participation  in   ensembles  is  required  for  all  string  players.    Singers  are  highly  encouraged  to   participate  in  chorus.    Some  ensembles  will  be  assigned  by  teacher  recommendation.     Ensembles  are  free  when  registered  in  private  lessons.   Choir   Ages  7+,  Saturdays,  1:00  pm,  1  hour                                     Open  to  students  of  ALL  instruments  and  voice.   Singing  is  fundamental  for  musicians  and  NSA   encourages  all  students  to  enroll  in  the  choir.     Vocal  training  helps  students  to  build  their  skills   in  ear  training,  articulation,  intonation,   musicianship  and  performance.  NSA  places  an   emphasis  on  healthy  singing  and  vocal   technique.    Choristers  will  learn  basic  breathing   techniques  and  posture  for  singing  as  well  as  working  on  interesting  and  fun     repertoire.  Choir  will  perform  several  concerts  per  year.    Free  for  students  enrolled  in   private  lessons.   $295.00   PARENTS  &   ADULT   STUDENTS   ASSOCIATION   (PASA)     THE  NEWARK   SCHOOL  OF  THE   ARTS  NEEDS  YOU!   _________________________   If  you  are  the  parent  of  a   student  or  an  adult  student   attending  the  Newark  School   of  the  Arts  you  are  invited  to   participate  in  the  Parent  and   Adult  Students  Association,   known  as  PASA.   PASA  will  make  the  Newark   School  of  the  Arts  a  better   place  for  all  its  students  by   providing  volunteer   opportunities  for  parents  and   adult  students,  PASA  will   also  provide  a  means  for   parents  and  adults  students   to  provide  feedback  to  the   School  and  will  foster   communications  among   families,  faculty,  staff  and  the   Trustees  of  the  School.     You  can  join  at   anytime!   For  more  information  about   joining  PASA  and  how  you   can  get  involved,  please   email:   drivera@newarkschoolofthea  or  call  the  office  at   973-­‐642-­‐0133  for  more   information     19   2016-­‐2017   SCHOOL  CALENDAR   No Class - Holiday Make-Up Week Spring Session - Jan. 31 - June 3 No Class - Spring Break/Office Closed Office closed-Aug 1-Aug 12 Special Events Jan.14- Martin Luther King Jr. Recital Jan.28 -Carollo Concert 3:30 PM New Hall Jan. 28. Dance Auditions 1-5 pm, Davis Hall Feb 4 Faculty Meeting Noon- New Hall Feb. 25-Donna Holmes Memorial Concert 2:30 PM Mar. 4 –Patricio Molina, Piano 12:15 PM –New Hall Mar. 18 Women Composers 12:15 New Hall Mar. 25 WHM Art Exhibit Apr. 8 Harlem Chamber Players 12:15 New Hall Apr. 22 Remembering George Gershwin-Celebration of the 80th anniversary of his death April 23. Carollo Scholarship Auditions 1 to 5 pm April 25-Tomorrow’s Stars Tonight @NJPAC May 1, 16 & 17 – Scholarship Auditions May 20- Year End BBQ May 20 – Staged Reading, Drama 2:00 PM New Hall May 31 Carollo Scholarship Recital 7pm@ NJPAC June 3 – Year End performance-Music June 10 – Year end Dance Concert at Mary Burch Theater @ Essex County College     Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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18     MOSAICS     Ages 1  2+   Saturdays, 4  :00 P  M (  1 h  our)   Students w  ill c  reate m  osaics 2  D a  nd 3  D  projects b  y l  earning   how  to u  se c  eramic t  iles  using  such t  ools  as a  p  liers a  nd w  heel   clippers, a  nd n  ippers.     S  tudents w  ill e  xplore t  heories o  f a  rt a  nd   design a  s t  hey b  ring t  heir c  reation f  rom c  onception t  o   completion. S  tudents w  ill c  reate a  v  ariety o  f m  osaic  projects   that t  hey w  ill b  e a  ble t  o t  ake h  ome.   $295.00   Comics  and  Manga  Drawing   ATgeecs h 8+n   iq   ue   Saturdays,  1:00 P  M (  75  minutes)     Students w  ill  be  able  to m  aster  perceptional  drawing a  nd   be  able  to r  ender  light  and  shadow  with  the  use  of a    variety  of m  ediums,  including  pencil,  charcoal  and i  nk.   While t  he s  kills  they  learn  will  be  fundamental  for  the   Anime,  Manga a  nd  Comic m  arket, t  hey c  an a  lso b  e  used   for  the 2  D a  nd  3D a  nimation  field  as w  ell  as f  ine a  rt$s.2   95.00   Painting  with  oils  or  acrylic   A   ges  18  +    (Adult)   Thursdays,  5:30PM, 7  5 m  inutes W  orking f  rom  still l  ife   displays, l  andscape p  hoto  references a  nd  other i  nspirational   sources  explore  the  technical,  formal  and c  reative  aspects o  f   painting  original  artworks w  ith o  ils o  r  acrylics.  Lessons w  ill   focus o  n m  ethods u  sed  to p  roduce  successful  oil a  nd  acrylic   paintings  including  color  mixing, c  omposition,  color  theory,  transparent g  lazes, d  esign a  nd  under   painting,  use  of a  crylic  gels a  nd a  dditives  for t  exture.  All  levels.   M  aterial l  ist  will b  e  provided a  t   registration.    Specify  Oil  or  Acrylic  upon  registration.     $295.00   Advanced  Art  Techniques  and   Portfolio  Development   Ages  11-­‐  Adult   Saturdays,  2:30PM,  75  minutes   In  this a  dvanced  course,  students w  ill  have  FUN  developing  a   creative a  pproach  to  their  drawing a  nd  painting  using  a   variety  of s  tyles  and  artistic  exercises  It  will a  lso h  elp  the   students  build  their  art  portfolios.  Through c  ritiques  they  will  learn  to d  evelop  observational  skills, a    personal v  ision  and b  ody o  f  work  that  can  be u  sed  in  a p  ortfolio  to  provide  an a  sset  to t  heir c  ollege   admission  or j  ob p  lacement.    Students w  ill  use  a  range o  f  media  such  as c  harcoal, c  lay  sculpture,   acrylic  paint  collage, p  rint-­‐making a  nd  fabric a  rt.    Projects w  ill  include  sight  drawing  and   bookmaking.  Students w  ill  be e  ncouraged  to  continue  their  new w  orking h  abits a  t h  ome.     $295.00   7   ENSEMBLES       String  Ensemble   Ages  5  –  18   TBA   Young  string  players  should  participate  in   ensemble  or  orchestral  settings  to  play   the  great  literature  of  music  from  the   1700’s  to  the  present.    Weekly  rehearsals   culminate  in  a  concert  once  or  twice  a   year  insuring  on-­‐going  commitment,   good  setting  and  performance   Free  for  students  enrolled  in  private  lessons.   Guitar/Early  Music  Ensemble   All  ages   Saturdays,  1:00  pm,  1  hour   Open  to  guitar  students  from  the  Newark   School  of  Arts.  Levels  range  from   beginner  to  advance.  Past  repertoire  has   included  medieval  to  contemporary   music.  A  prerequisite  for  ensemble  is  that   all  students  must  possess  an   understanding  of  music  notation.   Acoustical  instruments  (nylon/steel)  are  mandatory.  Occasions  may  arise  for   electronic  instruments.  Vocal  and  instrumental  students  are  encouraged  to   Free  for  students  enrolled  in  private  lessons.   Suzuki  Guitar  Ensemble   Wednesdays  6:30  pm-­‐7:30  pm   The  Suzuki  Guitar  Ensemble  is  designed   for  guitar  students  working  with  any   level  of  the  Suzuki  guitar  method,  under   the  tutelage  of  a  Suzuki  guitar   instructor.  The  ensemble  meets  weekly   for  one  hour  and,  in  addition  to   reinforcing  technical  guitar  skills,  aims  to   instill  in  its  participants  a  wide  sense  of   musicality,  from  keeping  a  common  steady  tempo  to  interpretational  nuances  on   cue.  The  overall  student's  progress  is  greatly  expedited  when  individual  lessons  are   combined  with  this  activity,  making  it  part  of  the  core  of  a  through  music   education.  In  accordance  with  the  Suzuki  philosophy  of  teaching,  parents  are   highly  encouraged  to  attend  and  observe  the  Suzuki  Guitar  Ensemble  sessions.     Prerequisite  Suzuki  Guitar  Ensemble:  be  studying  guitar  in  a  Suzuki  course  or  have   already  completed  some  of  its  books.      By  teacher  recommendation  ONLY   Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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8     NEW  THIS  YEAR                                                                      MEDIA  LAB   The  digital  Lab  is  equipped  with  Mac  Pro  workstations  with  specialized   hardware  and  software  allowing  users  to  play,  compose,  edit  and  program   digital  music,  create  and  produce  work.    Also  new  this  year  is  the  use  of   software  for  fashion  design  and  graphic  design.       Young  Music  Producers     (Ages  9-­‐12)    Saturdays  10:00  am     Teen  Music  Producers     (Ages  13-­‐18)   Saturdays  11:00  AM   In  this  class,  students  become  music   producers  as  they  compose  original   tracks  using  professional,  but  easy  to   use,  computer  software  and   technology.  No  prior  knowledge  of   music  theory  required,  students  will   have  fun  learning  the  basics  or  making   use  of  the  skills  they’ve  developed  in   other  classes.  Students  will  explore   their  creativity  as  they  layer  beats,   rhythms,  and  melodies  with  loops,   sequencers,  and  synthesized  sounds.   There  are  so  many  instruments  and   effects  that  students  can  choose  from,   genres  they  can  work  in,  and  methods   for  orchestrating  their  songs,  that   every  composition  comes  out  unique.     Advanced  Music  Producers     Ages  13+   Monday  6:00  PM,  Sat.  3:00  PM   In  this  class,  students  gain  in-­‐depth,  hands-­‐on   experience  in  areas  of  audio/MIDI  recording,   editing,  mixing,  and  songwriting  using   computer  software  and  music  production   techniques.  Students  will  produce  music  in   several  popular  genres  using   hardware/software  instruments,  loops,  and   effects.  Ultimately,  this  class  provides   students  with  a  fun  and  engaging  opportunity   to  advance  both  their  technical  and  creative   music  production  skills.  Basic  understanding   of  music  production  is  highly  recommended.   Nick  Bosco  is  founder  and  CEO  of  Bosco   Design  Group  LLC.  and     VIS+COM+CODE.  As  Creative  Director,  Nick   and  Bosco  Design  Group  have  been  trusted  to   help  build  well-­‐known  national  brands  such  as   Maxim  Magazine,  Bud  Light,  Coca  Cola,   Spike  TV,  Stuff  Magazine,  FHM  Magazine,   Teen  Magazine,  Nextel,  Nascar,  Best     Buy,  Electrolux  Major  Appliances,  and  many   more.   Coding  from  Scratch     Ages  8  and  Up   Saturdays  1:00  PM   Students  will  learn  basic  coding  techniques   through  interactive  and  exciting  projects.   The  students  will  use  “Scratch™"  to  create   computational  artifacts  like  games,   animations,  music  composition  and  other   applications  using  ideas  from  their  lives   and  interests.  The  goal  of  this  class  is  to   increase  fluency  with  computational   thinking  and  programming  concepts.   17   Young  Painters  1   Ages  5-­‐  8   Saturdays,  10:00  AM  (1  hour)   Ages  8  +   Saturdays,    11:00  AM    (1  hour  )   Students  will  learn  the  basics  of   drawing  and  painting  and  will   concentrate  on  the  various   drawing  techniques,  using  real   life  or  observational  drawing  as   much  as  possible.  They  also  learn   how  to  mix  colors  in  water-­‐color   or  pastels  and  the  basics  of   composition.       $295.00   Women's   History   Month   Art   Exhibit   March  25,   2017   Young  Painters  2     Ages  8-­‐10   Saturdays,  11:00  AM  (1  hour)     Students  will  use  a  variety  of   materials,  and  learn   techniques  for  applying   different  styles  and  art   materials  for  their  paintings   and  drawings.    Projects  will   include  rigorous  exercises   using  mixed  media,   printmaking,  drawing  and   painting  to  further  hone   artistic  skills.  Students  will   explore  subject  matter  such   as,  animals,  still  life,  buildings,   and  portraits  in  this  17-­‐week   course.    The  instructor  will  cite   historical  and  stylistic  periods   to  encourage  students  to   develop  visual  acuity  and  art   terminology.     $295.00   Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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16     VISUAL  ARTS  PROGRAM   9   Graphic  Design  for  Kids   Ages  12+   Taught  by  VIS+COM+CODE   Saturdays  2:00  PM     Our    Visual  Arts  Department  offers   a  wide  range  of  visual  arts  classes  designed t  o  provide  creative  rigor   through  the  sequential  approaches  to  art,  experimentation,  and   group  practice,  leading  to  in-­‐house  exhibitions  and   presentations.    NSA  is  committed  to  the  study  of  the  arts  which  aid   the  adult  and c  hild l  earner  in  the  incorporation  of  ideas,  concepts,   processes,  and  perceptions  of  their  world.    Professional  visual   arts  instructors  will  prepare  each  student  to  actively  participate  and   contribute  to  their  own  personal,  professional,  and  creative  growth.         Music  Industry  &  Promotion  in  the   Digital  Age   Saturdays,  4:00  pm   ADULT  CLASSES   Zumba    Saturdays,  11:00  am     Afro  Motion  Mondays,  5:15  pm     Horton  Technique  Wednesdays,  7:15  pm     Advanced  Art  Technique  Saturdays,  2:30       Painting  with  oils  or  acrylics  Thursdays,   5:00  pm   Private  Music  Lessons   Times  Vary     Guitar  Class  for  Adults   Thursdays,  4:30  pm     Advanced  Graphic  Design   By  Vis+Com+Code   Tuesdays,  6:00  pm     Adult  Professional  Development   Wednesdays,  6:00  PM   Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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10     DANCE  PROGRAM     Dance  and  music  are  inseparably  connected  and  dance   offers  a  unique  opportunity  for  physical  and  artistic   expression.    The  dance  department  at  Newark  School  of  the   Arts  emphasizes  proper  body  alignment,  healthy  physical   development  and  a  total  integration  of  music  and  dance.     NSA  recommends  that  ALL  music  students  study  dance  at   some  point  in  their  education  as  dance  can  enhance  the  physical  connection  that  is  so   important  to  instrumentalists  and  singers.  We  train  students  at  all  levels  and  experience.     We  are  proud  to  announce  that  all  of  our  teachers  are  registered  and  accredited  teachers   from  the  Royal  Academy  of  Dance.  We  continue  to  aspire  to  the  highest  standards  of   excellence  and  are  now  using  the  RAC  curriculum.  All  dancers  are  required  to  wear   appropriate  dance  attire.  Please  inquire  at  time  of  registration       Simple  Track  (1  class/  week)                Tuition:  $  295/class  or  $  590.00/yr.   Pre-­‐Professional    (2  to  3  classes/week      Tuition:  $  1,080.00/yr.  See  Registrar  for  details.   Professional  (4  to  5  classes/week)        Tuition:  $  1,275.00/yr.  See  Registrar  for  details.     Please  visit  our  web  site  or  contact  the  registrar  to  learn  more  about  details  of  dance   payment  breakdowns.     ALL  INCOMING  DANCE  STUDENTS  MUST  BE  ASSESED  IN  ORDER  TO  BE  ASSIGNED  TO     APPROPRIATE  CLASSES.     15   Twinkle  Stars,  Ages  4-­‐7   Monday,  5:30  PM   Twinkle  Stars  is  a  Creative  Play  class  that   stimulates  imagination  and  critical  thinking.   Folktales,  Fables,  Fairytales  and  Children’s   Classic  Prose  are  explored  through  acting,   music,  and  movement.   $295.00   The  Actor’s  Craft  1   Wednesdays,  5:30  PM  Ages  8-­‐12   Saturdays,  9:00AM          Ages  8-­‐12   Saturdays,  10:00AM      Ages  13+   Theatre  games  and  Improvisational  work   sparks  the  actor’s  imagination  and  creative   energy,  which  is  the  core  of  the  actor’s  craft.   In  addition,  ensemble  building  is  also   developed.  Work  is  done  on  the  enhancement   of  the  actor’s  voice-­‐their  most  utilized  skill.   An  overview  of  related  terminology  and   introductory  study  of  monologues  and  scene   study  round  out  this  first  semester.   $295.00   Donna Holmes Memorial Concert February 25th, 2017 2:30 PM in New Hall Departmental Play June 2017 / TBD Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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14     Dance  With  Me     Ages  2  –  3yrs   Saturday  9  AM   Children  aged  two  are   eased  into  a  pre-­‐ballet   class  with  the  comfort   of  a  parent  in  the  class.   Classes  will  consist  of   rhythmic  exercises,   creative  movement,   basic  dance  steps  and   classical  ballet  positions   of  arms  and  feet.  Children  will  develop  kinesthetic  awareness,  coordination,   and  love  for  movement.     Please  note  that  Mommy  and  Me  classes  will  not  participate  in  the  Spring   Recital,  but  will  have  an  in-­‐house  performance  instead.     DRAMA  PROGRAM   The  Drama  Department  encourages  you  to  “act-­‐up”!   Learn  the  art  of  acting  through  a  professional  and  comprehensive   program.  Individual  and  ensemble  work  are  nurtured  and  developed.   Delve  into  the  art  form,  which  enhances  your  innate  communication   skills,  in  education,  in  business…communication  is  the  key!  Whether   you  are  an  actor  training  for  a  career,  or  a  non-­‐actor  enjoying  cultural   exposure-­‐all  will  benefit  from  the  self-­‐confidence,  critical  thinking   skills,  discipline,  and  poise  that  are  demanded  in  this  rigorous  program.       Tiny  Steps,  Ages  3  to  4   11   Tuesdays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Saturdays,  9:00  AM  (1  hour)   This  is  a  fun  and  energetic  introduction  to  tap  and  ballet   for  boys  and  girls.  Body  alignment  and  spatial  awareness,   responsiveness  to  music  and  ballet  vocabulary  are  woven   into  the  interactive  and  fun  experiences  that  delight  young   dancers.    Pink  leotard,  skirt  and  tan  tights   $295.00   Tiny  Steps,  Ages  5  to  7     Tuesdays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)  (Advanced)   Saturdays,  10:00  AM  (1  hour)   Saturdays,  11:00  AM  (1  hour)  (Beginners)   This  class  will  follow  a  closer  format  of  a  ballet  class   to  include  basic  barre  exercise  and  center  practice.   Children  will  also  demonstrate  the  fun  skills  and   combinations  traveling  across  the  floor.  Powder   blue  leotard,  black  skirt  and  tan  tights.   BALLET   $295.00   Ballet  is  the  foundation  of  all  dance  forms.  Body   placement,  flexibility,  balance,  alignment,  strength   and  technique  are  achieved  through  barre  and   center  floor  work.  Understanding  the  relationship   between  music,  rhythm  and  controlled  movement   with  proper  ballet  technique.  New  and  more   complex  material  will  be  taught  at  an  accelerated   pace.  Student  will  begin  to  learn  basic  ballet  history   and  develop  a  knowledge  and  great  appreciation  of   the  great  ballets,  classical  music  and  famous   dancers.   Ballet  1A  Ages  8-­‐12  Tuesdays,  6:15  PM    (1  hour)   Ballet  1B  Ages  8-­‐12  TBD  (Tue  5:15  or  7:15)   Ballet  2  Ages  13+,  Thursdays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Ballet  3  Adult,  Mondays,  6:15  pm  (1  hour)   Pointe  Ballet  Saturdays,  3:00  to  4:00  PM  (1  hour)   BY  TEACHER  ASSIGNMENT  ONLY,  Must  Audition     B   allet  Workshop   Thursdays,  6:15  pm  (1  hour)     (By  teacher  invitation  only)   This  division  is  for  students  in  the  professional  tract  of   study.  The  students  must  audition  for  these  classes  or   be  recommended  by  their  previous  teachers  and  the   Director  of  Dance.   $295.00   Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16  


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12     Tap  Dance   Ages  8  +     Mondays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Tap  classes  introduce  boys  and  girls  to  the  basic   rhythmic  movements  of  tap  using  age   appropriate  movements  and  music.    This  is  the   preparatory  class,  which  will  teach  students  the   basic  vocabulary  used  in  tap.   $295.00   Bouncing  Boys   Horton  Technique   13   All  Ages    8+   Wednesdays,  6:15  PM  (1  hour)   Horton's  dance  technique,  which  is  now  commonly   known  as  Horton  Technique,  has  no  style,  per  se.  The   technique  emphasizes  a  whole  body,  anatomical   approach  to  dance  that  includes  flexibility,  strength,   coordination  and  body  and  spatial  awareness  to  enable   unrestricted,  dramatic  freedom  of  expression.   $295.00   Ages  5  +   Thursdays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Foundation  of  all  dance  forms  including  body   placement,  flexibility,  balance,  alignment,   strength  and  technique  are  achieved  through   Dance  Workshop   Ages  7  –  17   Saturdays,  1:15  to  3:00  PM  (2  hours)   BY  TEACHER  ASSIGNMENT  ONLY   This  course  is  an  advanced  workshop  for  the  most   barre  and  center  floor  work.     $295.00   Jazz  1    -­‐  2   Ages  8  +   Wednesdays,  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Fun  movement  style  performed  to  popular  music   with  elements  of  jazz  emphasizing  rhythms,   serious  dancer.  Combines  skills  of  Modern  and  Jazz  and   Ballet  from  previous  level  classes  and  correlating  steps   to  lengthy  and  complex  combinations  with  correct   technique,  extensive  terminology  and  knowledge  of   the  art  of  ballet  itself.    Students  must  be  recommended   by  their  previous  teachers  and  must  be  enrolled  in   regularly  scheduled  classes.   $295.00   syncopation,  isolation,  improvisation  and  high-­‐   electric  energy.  Horton  pre-­‐requisite   CULTURAL  DANCE  AND  FITNESS   recommended.   $295.00   Cultural  Dance  at  NSA  emphasizes  the  development  of  talents  and  interests  through   Hip-­‐Hop  1     exposure  and  training  in  a  variety  of  other  cultural  societies.   Ages  7  to  9      Wednesdays  5:15  PM  (1  hour)   Hip-­‐Hop  2   Mondays  6:15  PM  (1  hour)   This  is  an  opportunity  for  young  children  to   build  an  early  rhythmic  vocabulary,   connecting  their  own  movements  to  easily   identifiable  music  patterns  that  are  the   building  blocks  needed  for  more  advanced   dance  instruction.     Hip-­‐Hop     $295.00   Ages  10  +   Saturdays,  1:15  PM  (1  hour)   In  this  fun  and  high-­‐energy  class,  students   learn  combinations  to  their  favorite  pop   AFRO-­‐MOTION     Ages  7  and  up,  Mondays  5:15  PM         $295.00     ZUMBA  Fitness  Dance         All  Ages   Saturdays  11:00  AM   Join  the  fun!    Come  sweat  with  us  while  your   $295.00   Dance  Unlimited,  Ages  10+     Ages  10  +   Tuesdays,  6:15,  1  hour   This  class  offers  an  exciting  opportunity  to   experience  and  explore  a  variety  of  dance  styles  and   techniques.  Have  fun  and  start  dancing.     Fall  2016      -­‐  9/6/16   songs.  Music  is  always  kid  friendly  and   This  class  is  a  pre-­‐requisite  for  Horton   appropriate.  Class  focus  is  on  development  of     skills,  self-­‐confidence  and  personal  style.   $295.00   Technique.   $295.00    



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