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spring edition, North East SPCA Newsletter

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1 North East SPCA Newsletter - Feb-Mar_April 2017 1. Fundraising Fun The Fall Edition of Facebook Auction raised $2515.00 which is a new record total for the auction. Pat Rumberger, Erin Campbell, and Alison Beecher worked very hard collecting items - and a huge thank you to the Melfort Mall for the display area. We are always collecting for the auction, and now with improved storage facilities donated by Edin’s Mini Storage we can plan ahead for the next Facebook Auction. Your item will be displayed at the Melfort Mall as well as Facebook. It’s another way to donate to the North East SPCA. Thanks to all sponsors and friends who donated their items. January Cabaret The highlight of fund raising in January was our 2nd annual Cabaret with “40 Ounce Philosophy”. Team Scotia provided matching funds - there were some amazing door prizes - and rides home were provided by NE SPCA volunteers with vehicles provided by Melody Motors. Together with the Scotiabank matching funds up to $5000, close to $10,000 was raised at this event. A special thanks to our volunteers who helped Board members and especially “40 Ounce Philosophy”. They’re a great band for your next dance. Book em’ The Harry and Eve Vickar Shelter Building Update The total raised so far in the Helping Paws Campaign is $388,000. This spring building will commence on the Harry and Eve Vickar Shelter for the NE SPCA. The question most asked is “When will the Shelter break ground?” For those who have ever built a home or who’ve been involved in ‘the ground floor’ of the building process you’d know that after spring runoff is the appropriate time. The area will be leveled; architects will survey, and building will commence. We are looking for as many local contractors and suppliers as possible to be involved to make this a true North East Community building project. We will be needing contractors and suppliers for the many stages of development including general contractor, ground work, gravel, concrete, concrete pouring, plumbing, electrical, insulating, fencing, drywalling, finishing, siding, and the building of kennels. We’d like to include as many contractors and suppliers as possible to make light work for everyone. Of course any contractor who would like to donate work, or supplies for the shelter receipts, will be available. Contractors may give us full price quotes for what the completed job would cost and if you are willing to discount the price it would be credited to you as a donation receipt. Please contact Victor Kernaleguen if you’re a contractor who is interested in this exciting venture. Email or you may call 752 7387. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you.


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North East SPCA - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Thursday March 2nd 7 pm at the Northern Greens - Nipawin. Members and the general public are welcome to attend Thank You - The Diamond North Credit Union in Nipawin Paint Nites - Melfort, Tisdale and Nipawin 2 Paint Nites are pure fun! Roughly $4,000 has been raised at Paint Nites in the North East Regions. There’s more paint nights on the way. Stay tuned to 105 CJVR, the Melfort Journal, The Storm in Nipawin, and the NE SPCA Facebook pages for announcements. Don’t miss out on the next one. The staff of Diamond North Credit Union in Nipawin have chosen to donate to a local charity instead of giving gifts to our managers. Each staff member is given the opportunity to name a local charity of their choice and then we vote to select this year's charity. This year we are very happy to be able to make our Christmas donation of $211.50 to the North East SPCA. Presenting the cheque to Board Member Jessie Harper is Carrie Korecki-Credit Officer 111 (left) and Deanna Matton-Deposit Administration Supervisor (right). Now Donate through SARCAN SARCAN in Melfort now has a computerized drop off system and you can donate to the NE SPCA. Simply type in or choose NE SPCA and the system will auto complete and you can donate your can and bottle return to the Helping Paws Campaign. The system works through PayPal.


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Volunteering is like wetting your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth. 2. Got the ResQwalk app ? Spring’s almost hear, and you’ll do a lot of walking with the dog, or chasing the cat in your empty field. The ResQwalk app from is the only way to tabulate not only the exercise you’re getting, but through paypal pays the NE SPCA for those km’s you run or walk. It’s not complicated and the after downloading the app takes care of itself, while you can take care of yourself and your pet. The app for your cell phone is available for iphone or Android. We won’t go into the details on how the ResQwalk App works but we can tell you it’s perfectly safe and operates thru paypal to make a deposit to the NE SPCA. We don’t care how small or large the donation is - as long as you use the app for your benefit this summer. Imagine walking the entire golf course, or running in the Melfort Multi-K with this app in your phone. Things add up quickly; and your dog will think it’s pretty cool too. Not sure about the cat! 3. Monthly Giving and donating update The NE SPCA board has been working hard at making your donations count - and making it easier for you to donate in a number of ways. Most donations receive a tax deductible receipt. Monthly Donations - through your bank you may donate monthly to the Helping Paws Campaign. Initial requests must be through your bank then our board will be notified and Treasurer Bill Wood will help you step by step. SARCAN - There is now a computerized system at SARCAN outlets and you may donate your return to our campaign. PayPal - you’ll notice on every page at you may donate thru PayPal. You require a PayPal account to do so and we can assist you in creating an account. It’s simple and convenient. Memberships - Regular memberships are $25, Family $40, Corporate $50, and Seniors $10. Lifetime memberships are $100. The Harry and Eve Vickar Shelter - there’s many ways to remember a pet or someone special in your life. You’ll find more here 4. Mark Your Calendars! 3 There’s more fun events coming up from the SPCA. More Paint Nites are in the planning stages. If you’d like the NE SPCA to participate in a fund raiser don’t hesitate to let us know. NE Thursday March 2nd - AGM in Nipawin at the Northern Greens. Wed March 8th - Loonie Auction at the Legion in Melfort. Grace Christianson, Park Lane Jewelry and Beauti-Control Skin Care products along with other vendors will have some great auction items, cash bar and door prizes. Sat April 8th - Elks Bingo from 1-5. Volunteers are still needed for this event. Fri, Sat and Sunday Apr 21-23 - The Nipawin Lions Trade Fair - look for the NE SPCA table, enter for door prizes, make a donation, or buy a membership. 5. Have you ever volunteered for the NE SPCA We’re busy compiling a Master list of all our volunteers. If you’ve ever flipped a burger, poured a drink, manned a table, sold a membership, sold a cupcake, hauled anything .. we think you get the picture. We’d like every name of every person who’s ever helped out the effort to realize the dream of the Harry and Eve Vickar Shelter. There’s a spot on Facebook to drop your name and you may email as well. We’d like to recognize YOU ! North East SPCA - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Thursday March 2nd 7 pm at the Northern Greens - Nipawin. Members and the general public are welcome to attend The NE SPCA now supports Sheltershare. Sheltershare was started 2 years ago to help shelters share information with one another. SPCA’s have been invited to join the SK Federation of Humane Societies - the idea of which is to decrease the amount of money that Shelters have to spend on group advertising and Province wide adoption events. Information is also shared with other Shelters in Saskatchewan. More about Sheltershare can be found on the Sk Federation of Humane Societies website. GET A CAT, QUIT SNEEZING: A 7-year study has found that children who grow up living with cats and dogs are LESS susceptible to common allergies. The Medical College of Georgia say the results go against the traditional belief that pets are bad for conditions like asthma and contribute to mounting evidence that the things allergists have believed for years may be dead wrong. Is it time to get a cat?


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“Rumor” is ... she’s the Best In Show 4 Ever thought of a First Aid kit for your pet? With Spring and Summer on the way your playful pets always run into the unexpected; and you like to think you’re ready. Our list always depends on the season, but you can purchase a ready-made pet first aid kit or assemble your own kit with the following items. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association recommends that your pet first aid kit include: Muzzle, protective gloves, digital/rectal thermometer, rubbing alcohol, lubricating jelly, pen light, blanket for pet transport, Q- tips, adhesive tape, gauze squares and rolls, stretchy bandage, wound dressing, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial soap, clean syringes, cotton roll, splint items such as a wooden coffee stir stick or tongue depressor for small pets, scissors, tweezers, and A female German shepherd named Rumor won the Best in Show award at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. “Unbelievable," said handler and co-owner Kent Boyles. Rumor was the nation's No. 1 dog last year but fell short to California Journey. But this year, Best in Show Judge Thomas H. Bradley from Watertown, New first aid ointment. Always talk with your veterinarian in Nipawin, Tisdale or Melfort first, to discuss additional items that might be useful for your pet. Remember to check the contents of the kit periodically to replace any expired or depleted supplies. York, saw something special in her."The German shepherd standard talks about quality and nobility. Sometimes unrecognizable. When you recognize it, it hits you home, and that's what it really is. She is just magnificent." Boyles said this would be Rumor's last major show. "She's going to be relaxing for a while, and we'll find an appropriate husband for her. There will be some puppies in the future,". Rumor is named for singer Adele's hit song "Rumor Has It." PAW-TERNITY LEAVE: A new puppy is a lot of work. Scottish beer-maker BrewDog understands the challenges new puppy parents are under, so the company is now offering ‘paw-ternity leave’. BrewDog is now giving its workers a 1-week paid leave to care for a new canine companion. “Having dogs in our offices makes everyone else more chilled and relaxed, but we know only too well that having a new arrival can be stressful for human and hound both.” Don’t worry, the HOW TO GET YOUR DOG TO SLEEP BETTER: company also offers ‘enhanced maternity and paternity • Dogs sleep when they’re bored. If you keep them pay’ for 2-legged arrivals. ( awake during the day, they’re more likely to sleep at night. The website Hauspanther, says its mission is “to spread • English bulldogs, pugs, and other dogs with short faces the word about how good design can enhance the way often have sleep apnea, which can cause them to snore we live with cats,” and directs owners toward cat extremely loudly. To cure this a veterinarian can do climbing complexes, felt cat baskets and Nordic-style surgery to reduce the amount of tissue in their throats. feline furniture. Indoor cats may not be able to act on That can help them breathe better too. their drive to stalk prey. But they can use what are known • A lot of dogs are very sensitive to noises outside, like as “food puzzles,” or contraptions that hold food in balls, other dogs barking or neighbors coming home late. A boxes, or even piñatas that cats must use their brains and ‘White Noise Machine’ or electric fan will drown out the bodies to swat and open. “Any cat in their natural noises that are keeping your pet up, which will keep environment would not just be handed a bowl of mice, your pet from waking you. – Condensed from “Reader’s they work for any food item they obtain.” Digest Magazine” “Helping Paws” proud sponsors



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