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Flüchtlingshilfe Baden-Baden

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Religion and the State 
 in Germany
 Religion und Staat 
 in Deutschland


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Religion and the State 
 Religion und Staat State/ Democracy Religion/ Church Kirche Staat/ Demokratie


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Religion and the State 
 Religion und Staat exceptions : / Ausnahmen : • Religionsunterricht (kein Muss!) Religion as a school subject (your child does not need to attend if you don‘t want that) • Kirchensteuer From the members of most Christian (and Jewish) Churches church taxes are collected by the government


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Religion and the State 
 Religion und Staat For historical reasons, the Churches still run some social institutions, e.g.: • many kindergartens • many facilities for disabled people • some schools


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Gesetze Religion/ Church Kirche Laws 
 State/ Democracy Staat/ Demokratie Any rules in Relgion that contradict our Laws Our Laws Basic Law = Constitution Unsere Gesetze Grundgesetz = Verfassung


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Only marry one wife
 Nur eine Ehefrau heiraten • You are only allowed to marry one woman in Germany. • In Deutschland darf man nur eine Frau heiraten.


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no death penalty in Germany
 keine Todesstrafe in Deutschland 15 years in prison 15 Jahre Gefängnis Murderer Mörder psychiatry Psychiatrie


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Freedom of Religion in Constitution 
 Religionsfreiheit in der Verfassung Article 4: Freedom of faith and conscience ! You may believe what you want to believe ! You have the right to practice your religion.


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Relgionen und Glaubensgemeinschaften in Deutschland


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Religion im Alltag • In the daily life of most Germans, religion is not a big topic. • Especially young Germans only go to Church at Christmas (if at all). • Of most of my friends, I do not even know what they believe.


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! IN THE FIRST PLACE, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS! AND AS HUMAN BEINGS WE MUST BE RESPECTED. In erster Linie sind wir Menschen! Und als Menschen müssen wir respektiert werden.


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Constitution Article 1
 Grundgesetz Artikel 1 Human dignity shall be inviolable. Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar.


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… we all like our Christian holidays…
 …wir mögen alle unsere christlichen Feiertage… No Café International next week! ! Easter! Kein Café International nächste Woche! ! Ostern! See you again on 1. April! ☺ Wir sehen uns wieder am 1. April! ☺



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