Sanjeewan Sports Calendar - 2016-2017


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List of sports events and activities for the next academic year

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SANJEEWAN VIDYALAYA Sanjeewan Vidyalaya in Panchgani presents its 'Calendar For Sports And Physical Fitness ' for the year 2016-17 This special calendar has been drawn up to share with our parents our efforts for : r Ensuring 100% participation in sports by making it more challenging and interesting. r Cultivating interest in knowing, learning and acquiring enduring skills in sports, concentration and developing life skills like hard work, team-spirit, leadership through sports. r Helping the child develop a life-long passion for physical fitness and any sports activity. r We are planning to collaborate with 'Edu-Sports' for Holistic Education through sports. At the end of it all what does the school want and what do the parents want, but to see their children get the joy of learning and grow up to be 'healthy, wealthy and wise.' 1/4


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MONTH PARTICIPATION Preparation of students for interschool football tournament 1 Football Staff Vs Students 2 Inter House Football 3 Inter House Lawn Tennis ACTIVITY 1 Expert Resource - Football, Table Tennis 2 Expert Resource - on Physical Fitness Awareness and sports. 3 Paddle Cricket Match 4 Explore on the net information Contacts of outstanding Personalities in sports and plan further activity. 1 Expert Resource- for identifying interests , and skill training, 2 Audio-visual - Football and Badminton 3 Workshop for Hockey EVENT Subroto Mukharjee - District JUNE 6th June, Grandparents' Day 27th June P.T.Usha Birthday JULY 1 Subroto Mukharjee District Level Football Tournament 2 Inter House Badminton 3 Inter House Table Tennis 4 Inter House Carrom & Chess 16th July Dhanaraj Pillay Invite outsource Expert 'our safety & security' in sports. 2/4


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MONTH PARTICIPATION 1 Z.P. District Level Football 2 Z.P. District Level T T 3 Z.P. District Level Hockey 4 Inter house Swimming ACTIVITY Attend Matches Tournaments at Balewadi Pune Audio-visual - Hockey Workshop for Lawn Tennis Micro Activities with the help of Edu Sports EVENT 29th Aug Major. Dhyanchand Birthday 'National Sports Day' AUGUST SEPTEMBER 1 Inter School Badminton 2 Inter School Cricket 3 Inter School Lawn Tennis 4 Inter School Swimming 5 Inter School Archery 5th September Teachers' Day Sports Programme for teachers NOVEMBER DECEMBER Practices begin for Athletics Practices begins Cross Country 1 Inter House Cross Country Visit NDA Special Camps for Athletics Witnessing I League at Balewadi Stadium Lawn Tennis ITF Tournaments at Pune 3/4


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MONTH PARTICIPATION 1 Inter House Annual Athletic Meet 2 Inter House Cricket ACTIVITY Parents' Day - Closing of the Athletic Meet EVENT Witnessing events in Cricket JANUARY FEBRUARY 1 Inter School Cricket 2 Inter School Table Tennis Fun Games, Competitions Quiz on Sports Sports Commentary, Reports Children's Day Edu Sports Activity Indian Games 4th Feb - Publishing Sports Magazine of Sanjeewan Vidyalaya MARCH APRIL 1 Inter House Basketball 2 Inter House Throw ball (Girls) 1 Review & SWOT Analysis of Sports Activity and Physical Fitness Programme, with the help of Students, Staff & Expert Resource - 2016-17 2 Planning for 2017-18 4/4



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