I Know My Community Workers


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HOPKINS L OF MEDICIN HOO E SC Great University George Williams James Smith Internal Medicine harry lhngkdosh ICAL SOCIET Y MED NATIONAL I am a doctor. A doctor gives you pills when you are sick. A doctor works in an office or in a hospital. 1


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EAT HEALTHY SNACKS! Nursing School GRAPES APPLE George Williams James Smith CELERY CARROT BERRIES NUTS ORANGE I am a nurse. A nurse gives you shots. A nurse works in the office with a doctor or in a hospital. 2


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I am a teacher. A teacher helps you say your a-b-c’s. A teacher works at a school. 3


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Fly ! Away Explore the World! BEAR-Y INTERESTING... ! n u F d a e i ng i s R I am a librarian. 4 The librarian lets us borrow books to read. Some librarians works in schools. A librarian can also work at a community library.


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I am a lawyer. A lawyer helps you when you get in trouble. A lawyer works in an office. 5


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U I am a judge. The judge can send you to jail if you do something bad. The judge works in a courtroom. 6 N O R TOW


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I am a veterinarian. A veterinarian is also called a vet. A vet is a doctor for pets. A vet works in a hospital for pets. 7


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I am a grocer. A grocer sells food like fruits and vegetables. A grocer sells food in a grocery store. 8


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I am a hair stylist. A hair stylist makes your hair look pretty. The hair stylist works in a beauty shop. 9


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I am a barber. 10 The barber will give you a haircut. The barber works in a barber shop.


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Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School George Williams James Smith I am a chef. A chef learns how to cook at a special school. A chef works in a restaurant. 11


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ANOTHER GREAT JOB BY ABC Construction I am a construction worker. 12 A construction worker builds houses and other buildings. A construction worker has to work outdoors.


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I am a fire fighter. A fire fighter puts out fires. A fire fighter uses a fire truck. 13



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