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On-Site Earthquake Early Warning and structural Health Monitoring (HM)

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Academic Spin-Off Physics Department – University of Naples Federico II


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SAVE-HM is the software for on-site Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) and structural Health Monitoring (HM) combined. With SAVE-HM you can perform a real-time monitoring of infrastructures and in case of an impending earthquake get rapid alerts and a rapid assessment of permanent damages. SAVE-HM is provided with a User Display and a Web Application designed to send automatic alert messages when the alert level assumes value above a threshold set by the user. User Display Web Application SAVE-HM is based on the real-time measurement of both ground and structural motion. EEW: Before the damaging seismic waves reaches the target site, the analysis of primary waves allows the real time prediction of the ground motion and potential damage. HM: SAVE-HM analyzes the seismic ambient noise at the different floors for monitoring the resonance frequencies of the structure. After the occurrence of large earthquakes, the shift of the resonance frequency is indicative of damage undergone by the structure.


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Where to be utilized? SAVE-HM represents and optimal solution for the seismic risk reduction in high seismic risk areas, regions with known active faults, densely populated and urban areas, as well industrial facilities and lifelines. Web Application Benefits: SAVE-HM allows the notification of user groups or involved parties and mitigating their exposure to seismic risk. SAVE-HM represents an effective tool for automated decision making and emergency actions such as shutdown of facilities. SAVE-HM assists the users during seismic crises and aftershock events. SAVE-HM creates disaster awareness, preventions and management.


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