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Academic Spin-Off Physics Department – University of Naples Federico II moma monitoring seismic station New generation of seismic station with High Dynamic Range and Low Power integrated with Accelerometer and Seismometer


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moma monitoring seismic station moma is an integrated programmable and versatile seismic station hosting sensors, data acquisition and recording unit. moma combine both high performance characteristics with easy setup and management. The A/D conversion is based on 6 single-chip analog-to-digital-converter with an integrated, low-noise programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and twochannel input multiplexer (mux). The converter uses a fourth-order delta-sigma (ΔΣ) modulator that provides high resolution performances with more than 130 dB SNR (@250 SPS), low noise (5 nV/√Hz) and high input impedance, allowing easy interfacing to sensors over a wide range of gains. momaOptionally, it is possible to require the with data acquisition and recording unit (without internal sensors)to plug external sensor. In this case the input level is ±20Vpp moma is open-architecture seismic data acquisition system and offer the possibility to customize and provide tailored solutions in according to your specific needs and challenges. Main Features  3Ch geophone (4,5Hz) + 3Ch MEMS (both internal)  32 bit A/D converter  Very low power consumption  Ethernet interface  SeedLink Transmission protocol (latency < 0.3s)  200+ days for 6ch@125sps recording on 64GB microsd card included Applications:  microseismic monitoring  structural health monitoring  volcano monitoring  reservoir monitoring  seismic early warning


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moma monitoring seismic station SPECIFICATIONS Channels: 3 + 3 sensor channels with internal sensors Sensor type: • Triaxial MEMS accelerometer • Triaxial Seismometer Orthogonally oriented Accelerometer: • Full scale range: ±2g or ±6g • Low power consumption • Acceleration noise density (±2g) : 50 μg/√Hz • Output voltage, offset and sensitivity are ratiometric to the supply voltage • Factory trimmed device sensitivity and offset • Embedded self test • RoHS/ECOPACK® compliant • High shock survivability (10000 g) Seismometer: • Frequency (Hz): 4.5 +/- 10% • Distortion (%): <0.3 • Damping: 0.6 +/- 10% • Coil Resistance (Ω): 375 +/- 5K • Sensitivity (V/m/s): 28.8 +/- 7.5% • Max Coil Excursion (mm): 4mm • Temperature Range (°C): -40 / +70 Data Acquisition (ADCs): • Input level: 5Vpp or 40Vpp Differential Input • Impedance: 16kΩ • HW Gain: 1 to 4 • LSB: 1,16nV (5Vpp) / 9,31nV (40Vpp) @ gain: 1 • Type: Individual 32-bit Delta Sigma converter per channel (synchronuos) • Anti-alias filter: FIR Filter Causal/Acausal; • Dynamic range (@5Vpp Diff.): • 250 sps  ≈125dB (RMS noise to RMS clip) • 125 sps  ≈130dB (RMS noise to RMS clip) • Sampling rates: 125, 250, 500, 1000 Hz • Channel skew: None – simultaneous sampling of all channels • Acquisition modes: Continuous • Output data format: miniseed Format • Real time digital output: Ethernet for digital stream Seedlink Protocol (latency < 0.3 s) Timing: • Timing accuracy (Clear sky): ≤ 20 ns • Long term drift: 0 (GPS-Locked) Internal environmental channels: • Internal Temperature • Supply voltage • Current absorption Storage: • System and Data slot: Internal SDHC Card Slot, standard 64 GB class10 (128 GB available) removable • Recording capacity: 200+ days of 6x125sps recording on Data card Data: • Offloaded automatically to removable thumb drives connected to a USB host port. • USB drives format: FAT32 Mechanics: • Enclosure IP67 • RoHS and CE compliant • Leds status indicator • Power Consumption: 150mA@12V (< 1,7Watts) 21cm(L) x13cm(D) x7cm(H) • Possibility to mount on floor 8,3’’(L) x5,1’’(D) x2,8’’(H) (baseboard opt.) or on wall (model MOMA-W) moma webpage


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Academic Spin-Off Physics Department – University of Naples Federico II Contact: RISS s.r.l. Address: Dipartimento di Fisica Univ. degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" Via Cinthia 26 80126 Napoli Italy Phone: Email: Web: +39 081 6 79929 +39 081 6 76810


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