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inter-franciscan missionary program « a radical conversion in thinking is required in order to become missionary and this holds true both for individuals and entire communities» redemptoris missio 49 imp for whom is this program the program is at the service of the franciscan family especially for t hosewhoarecalledtobe missionaries by living among other cultures with a special preference for those who leave for the first time t hosewhoa re re turningf ro mmissionsandneedape ri odto evaluate their experience and be renewed t hosewhoworkasmissionary animators in their own regions entities those who have an interest in the missions f ra nciscanswhoa re discerning their missionary call those who collaborate with missionaries franciscans interested in having an intercultural experience mission bulletin editors « let any brother who desires by divine inspiration to go among the saracens and other nonbelievers live spiritually in two ways one way is not to engage in arguments or disputes but to be subject to any human creature for god s sake and to acknowledge that they are christians the other way is to announce the word of god when they see it pleases the lord.» cf rnb xvi 3-7 fraternity «our lady of the nations» avenue du chant d oiseau 2 1150 brussels belgium tel +32 2 7614238 fax +32 2 7724669 e-mail ndnations@gmail.com blog ourladyofthenations.blogspot.com


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the program is tailored as a workshop in every aspect it engages the active involvement of the participants program content franciscan mission theology franciscan mission history f ranciscanspirituality interreligious dialogue tra nscultural self-perce ption perception of the other new forms of franciscan evangelization in europe mission at the service of justice peace integrity of creation introduction to franciscans international missions in asia and in africa cultural encounter franciscan leadership at the service of mission fraternal economy guidelines for project writing in collaboration with mzf bonn variations may occur the imp has been established by the minister generals of the franciscan orders it is coordinated by the general secretariats for missionary animation of the first franciscan orders it is organized by the program coordinator and friars companions from each order in collaboration with the international fraternity of «our lady of the nations» of the friars minor in brussels program goals to present the mission of the church with the specific of the franciscan missionary tradition t odiscernanddeepenthe motivations of both missionary call and mandate to raise questions about what it means to be a missionary today to think together about the new missionary paths upon which the spirit calls us to walk to nurturea « contemplative fraternity of minors in mission» by living in a context that is intern ational multicultural inte rfranciscan and intergenerational to valueworkingwithother christian churches and religions to share all aspects of fraternal life prayer study service to the poor and house chores spring session it begins the first week of march and ends mid-may this session is in french due to visa procedures the deadline for application is dec 31st «wherever the brothers may be and meet one another let them show that they are members of the same family» rb vi,7 fall session it begins the first week of september and ends mid-november this session is in english due to visa procedures the deadline for application is may 31st.



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