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EDEC 248 : Multicultural Education - Lecture CRN: 3801 Instructor(s) : Dr Lisa Trimble Comments for question 24 : The T.A. conducted class sessions in an organized manner. TA : Mlle Amélie Lemieux 1. Responder 22: The classes run by Amelie were more organized than the ones ran by the professor. 2. Responder 29: Amelie was great! Always willing to help! She always came to class prepared. Comments for question 25 : The T.A. was effective in promoting student learning in this course. TA : Mlle Amélie Lemieux 1. Responder 1: She always gave her opinion in a neutral manner which encouraged me to form my own opinions. 2. Responder 29: When the professor couldn't be contacted Amelie was always there to help and she always knew what she was talking about. She made the learning in this course great and she always made sure she got to know the students. 3. Responder 30: contributed to discussions


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Comments for question 26 : The T.A. was helpful and available to students seeking advice. TA : Mlle Amélie Lemieux 1. Responder 3: Amelie was extremely helpful to me when I sought feedback for my final project. She provided constructive advice in a timely manner. 2. Responder 25: Oui oui oui! Merci Amélie! 3. Responder 29: When we hit speed bumps in the course, Amelie took the problems in stride and made sure that the students were not falling behind.



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