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3rd Quarter Newsletter

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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 NEWSLETTER ! Third Quarter 2015-16 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !1 Norsemen


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 What’s  Going  On  in  8th  Grade  Math?  ~  Darrin  Berggren   !   The  8th  grade  math  students  are  using  a  few  different   math  websites  to  help  differentiate  instruction.    One   site  we  have  been  using  in  our  classes  is  MangaHigh.     This  is  a  game-­‐based  learning  site,  where  students   answer  questions  that  vary  in  difCiculty  level  based  on   how  they  have  answered  previous  questions.    If  a  student  gets  three  questions  in  a   row  correct,  they  move  up  a  level;  if  they  miss  two  in  a  row,  they  move  down  a   level.    Students  earn  points  based  on  answering  questions  correctly,  the  degree  of   difCiculty,  and  speed  in  which  they  answered  the  question.    The  website  then  keeps   the  top  5  scores  in  the  class  so  it  is  a  big  competition  between  classmates.    The   students  really  enjoy  this  competitive  way  of  learning.   ! Another  site  we  have  been  using  is  Khan  Academy.    Students  are  required  to  get  at   least  5  in  a  row  right  on  a  particular  topic  before  they  are  moved  to   the  next  standard.      The  students  also  have  a  chance  to  watch  a  video   lesson  to  help  them  better  understand  each  topic.    After  going   through  the  lesson,  the  student  is  given  questions  until  he  or  she  is   able  to  get  5  in  a  row  correct.    This  is  a  great  way  to  help  students   with  where  they  are  at  currently  and  every  student  is  getting  a  lesson   in  an  area  they  need  help,  while  moving  at  their  own  pace.    At  the   end  of  the  year,  we  will  have  students  take  the  placement  test  again   to  see  their  growth.    We  also  use  the  site  Mobymax,  which  is  very   similar  to  Khan  Academy,  to  help  if  a  student  needs  extra  help  on  a  certain   standard.   ! These  are  three  great  websites  we  are  using  in  the  8th   grade  classroom.    All  are  free  and  available  for  anyone  to   use,  so  we  encourage  you  to  direct  your  student  there  if   math  questions  ever  come  up.    It  would  be  a  great  place  to   start  to  get  a  review  and  get  any  questions  they  might  have   answered  when  the  teacher  isn’t  around  to  ask.    These  are  just  a  couple  ways  we   have  been  differentiating  instruction  in  math  this  year.    I  am  excited  to  see  our   results  and  the  growth  our  students  show  at  the  end  of  the  year. ! ! ! Norsemen !2


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 TEEN MAZE 2016 -Mrs. Vinson What should I wear for my job interview? How much does it cost to raise a baby? What are the health consequences of smoking? What are the legal consequences of making poor choices such as underage drinking or using drugs? These are all things our children should be aware of as they are faced with temptations, peer pressure, and positive and negative consequences for the choices they are making as they progress through their teenage years. ! ! For the last five years, our 7th graders have been blessed with the opportunity to attend a special event held in Boone called the Teen Maze. Teen Maze is an experiential learning event for 7th graders in Story, Boone, and Greene counties. While the event has been very successful since its start in 2011, each year we have seen new ideas, activities, and improvements added to the event. We are very excited to again have the opportunity to attend Teen Maze on Thursday, April 7th, and learn of the different situations students will face as they mature and progress through life. ! The Teen Maze is set up in a game format with choices and consequences. Students begin by being dealt a hand of choices. They then wind their way through a maze of topics and events where they discover the consequences to their choices. At each stop, students are presented with a different facet of life falling in one of four categories including health and wellness, relationships, leadership and life skills. At each stop, students learn the realities of life that their positive or negative choices may bring. Through the luck of the draw, some students experience good choices with positive consequences while others experience poor choices with negative or difficult consequences to deal with. As the consequences of their choices compound and build on each other, reality really begins to set in with the students. ! The goal of this event is to help students make healthy life choices. The Teen Maze does a great job of demonstrating how teenage choices can affect a person's future for many years to come. The Teen Maze event is interesting, factual, and very informative to both students and adults. Students walk away from this experience with factual information they can share with their parents, a list of resources and services available to help them, and information about educational opportunities and careers. MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCE The PTO sponsored Middle School Dances will be held Friday, April 8th and the theme is Glow in the Dark. The 5th/6th Grade dance will be from 6:00-7:30pm followed by the 7th/8th Grade dance from 7:30-9:30pm. The admission will be $4 with a FREE Raffle ticket. Pizza, pop and glow bands will be available for purchase. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative glow contest and there will be raffle drawings. Additional Raffle tickets will be sold for $.50 each and prizes will be drawn for during each dance! Volunteers are needed! Donations are appreciated! Please email chandraflattebo@yahoo.com for donation or volunteer information. Norsemen !3 !


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 ! Sixth Grade: Show ‘em your GRIT!! The sixth grade class recently adopted the acronym GRIT to encompass their core values. GRIT stands for Growth, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity. First, we needed to clearly define what was meant by these buzz words for our students. Growth: Students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents can change and improve over time. ! ! ! Resilience: Students use their capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Integrity: Students exhibit the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Tenacity: Students display the quality or act of being very determined; determination. ! Recently, we asked the students to write “super goals” to start off the new year. They were inspired by a goal setting video from Super Bowl quarterback, Peyton Manning and goal games conducted by the Roland Story Middle school staff at a recent school assembly. Following the assembly the sixth graders were asked to align their goals to the sixth grade GRIT core values. The following are some examples of what our sixth graders wrote as their “super goals”: ! I will show growth by improving my grades. ! I will show tenacity by setting aside a time each night to do my homework. ! I will show resilience and be more confident in myself ! I will show integrity by getting my assignments in on time. ! I will show resilience by ignoring those people who are trying to annoy me. ! I will show tenacity and try new things. ! I will show tenacity and do my best even if there is an obstacle in my way. ! ! Sixth Grade: Show ‘em your GRIT!! ! Norsemen The sixth grade teaching team supports these students in their “super goals” and continues to promote our core values of Growth, Resilience, Integrity and Tenacity each day with this wonderful group of young people. !4


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 5th Grade Science ~ Matt Weiss ! As digital natives progress through the school curriculum, Roland-Story teachers are attempting to merge educational content with students’ preferred method of delivery. 5th grade science students are currently piloting a digital science curriculum called Inspire Science. Inspire delivers Life, Earth and Physical science topics via an on-line textbook. It is designed to spark curiosity in the next generation of innovators and inventors. ! Inspire Science aligns with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), which are currently being implemented in middle school science classes. Inspire also promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers. STEM instruction provides hands-on, real-world problem solving scenarios designed for 21st century standards and learners. By utilizing their Chromebooks, middle school students have access to detailed and specific science content that previous generations could only dream of. Digital learners gain knowledge on specific topics and then make sense of it by engaging in the the type of collaborative learning environment that most STEM careers require. ! ! While there have been some growing pains in implementing this digital science curriculum, the general consensus is that this is the most effective way to meet the ever changing needs of RolandStory science students. ! Norsemen NO SCHOOL ! ! March 14-18 !5


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016   5th  and  6th  Vocal  Music  ~  Jodi  Friest     What’s  new  in  the  music  room?    Well,  after   our  Christmas  concerts  it  is  back  to  our   curriculum,  which  includes  learning  many   different  melodic  and  rhythmic  elements.    The   Cifth  graders  have  also  been  learning  the  notes  on   the  keyboard  as  well  as    practicing  their  known   rhythms  and  working  on  sight  singing.    They  have   been  doing  a  great  job  of  singing  5-­‐part  rounds  in   their  classes!   ! The  sixth  grade  has  also  been  working  on  sight  singing  as  well  as  exploring   chords  and  the  chromatic  scale.    After  their  concerts  in  May,  they  will  then  begin   work  on  compound  time  signatures  and  will  continue  to  do  this  until  the  end  of   the  year.    They  will  soon  be  participating  in  a  STOMP  unit  in  which  they  are   required  to  write  their  own  music  (within  certain  parameters)  that  they  will  then   perform  in  teams,  on  common  household  items  or  unpitched  instruments.      Much   like  the  famous  STOMP  group  that  visited   Ames  last  year!   ! We  are  very  fortunate  to  be   able  to  participate  in  an   honor  choir  this  spring.    On   Friday  March  11th,  twelve  5th   and  6th  graders  ,who  were   chosen  to  represent  Roland-­‐ Story,  will  travel  to  Webster   City  to  perform  in  an  ICDA   honor  choir.    The  students   will  prepare  music  ahead  of  time  and  then   we  will  rehearse  in  the  afternoon  and   perform  in  a  concert  that  evening.         Upcoming Concerts ! 2nd grade…..March 31 ! 3rd grade.….April 4 ! 4th grade…..April 12 ! K-1st…..April 14 !   Please  make  sure  to  join  us  for  our   spring  concerts  on  Monday  May  9th  with  the   5th  graders  performing  at  6:45  and  the  6th   grades  at  7:30.    It’s  sure  to  be  an  evening  of   wonderful  music  and  as  always,  we  thank   you  for  your  support!   Norsemen !6


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016     I  was  inspired  over  the  summer   while  out  record  shopping  to  make  a   project  revolving  around  them.  Lately,  I’ve   come  across  many  albums  with  designs   located  on  both  the  cover  and  the  record   itself.    One  record  in  particular  that  resides   in  my  home,  led  me  to  create  an   assignment  on  radial  symmetry.  The  album   is  clear  instead  of  the  usual  black,  and   appears  to  have  been  brightly  painted  on   some  sort  of  spin  art  contraption.    With   vinyl  making  a  comeback,  I  took  this   opportunity  to  revive  something  that  was   perhaps  considered  a  lost  art,  into  a  new  visual  piece  of  art.     Analog  Art  ~  Amanda  Starrett   !   As  a  frequent  customer  of  thrift  stores,  I  often  come  across  crates  Cilled  with   scratched  up  albums.  Due  to  the  inClation  of  used  album  prices  lately,  it  has  been  a   struggle  for  me  to  locate  75+  records  at  a  reasonable  price.  I  was  frantically  searching  for   enough  records  to  carry  out  this  project  at  the  beginning  of  the  year  until  I  received  a   very  kind  tip.    Thanks  to  The  Sister  Act,  and  to  those  individuals  that  pointed  me  in  the   direction  of  Ellsworth,  I  was  able  to  provide   each  student  with  a  record  and  sleeve  or  case   to  work  with.     ! Upcoming Concerts ! 7/8th Band…April 26 ! HS Band…May 3 ! 5/6th Band/Vocal…May 9 ! 7-12 Vocal…May 10 !   Students  were  each  given  a  record  at   random,  and  very  random  it  was.  I  had   acquired  a  collection  of  music  from  Hawaiian   guitar  hits  to  Czechoslovakian  folk  songs.  The   task  at  hand  was  to  use  only  colors  found  in   the  original  record  cover  design  to  create  a   mandala  inspired  image  on  their  album.  For   some,  this  offered  a  limitless  color  scheme,   for  others,  a  very  limited  one.         As  we  begin  to  wrap  up  phase  one  of   our  two-­‐part  upcycled  project,  I  have  written   it  down  in  the  record  books  as  a  success.  I   have  plans  to  either  continue  on  with  the   record  project,  or  look  to  other   unconventional  canvases.  To  close  with  a   shameless  plug:  If  you  come  across  an   abundance  of  scratched  records  or  an   abundance  of  anything  for  that  matter,  please   keep  the  6th  grade  art  curriculum  in  your   thoughts.  Any  and  all  tips  are  greatly   appreciated!     !7 Norsemen


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 PK - 4TH GRADE PHYSICAL EDUCATION ~ Cathy Braathun Physical Education is the planned development experience for children through vigorous and concentrated movement. The physical education program involves the total student and includes physical, mental, social, and emotional growth experiences. ! The goals of physical education in PK through second grade are heavily weighted in the direction of cooperation and social interaction. Games and activities are selected which allow the students to work together and which allow for success by all varying levels of ability. They will demonstrate competency in locomotor movements and non-locomotor skills. The students will understand a vocabulary of basic movement concepts and identify a variety of relationships to objects and people. Also included in the curriculum are the practicing of manipulative skills (catching, throwing, kicking, dribbling, volleying, and striking) and performing rhythms (movement to a beat, creative movement, and dance experiences). ! The third and fourth graders will be participating in a variety of team sports (soccer, bowling, indoor hockey, and basketball). Some goals are to develop basic skills and fundamentals in the form of challenging drills and leadup activities and to learn the rules and strategies of the games. They will be involved in dance units. Within a two-year span they will perform social, line, aerobic, and favorite dances. Hopefully the students will acquire rhythm, coordination, and balance from these units. Another important aspect is to incorporate the importance of attaining and maintaining proper fitness into many activities this year. The students are strongly urged to engage in physical activities both during the school day and outside of school (at least 60 minutes a day). They are involved in many stations that increase the different phases of fitness (cardiovascular fitness, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, power, speed, and reaction time). So far this year, my PK - 4th grade classes have been talking about healthy habits. We made three Fitness Walls in the gym. Included in these walls were fitness logs, fitness Norsemen !8 !


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 shoes, and fitness bears. The 3rd and 4th graders kept track of all the physical activities they did on a weekly exercise sheet. The 1st and 2nd graders wrote down their physical activities on a tennis shoe. The PK and kindergarten students had a fitness bear, and the teachers wrote down, "I feel 'bear' fit when I ____________." We have been discussing the importance of healthy habits: exercise regularly, eat well-balanced meals, eat nutritious foods, do not skip meals, get plenty of sleep, no smoking, no drugs, and aerobic exercises keep the heart and lungs strong. Win with wellness! Two highlights at the end of the year are Go The Distance Day and the Little Norsemen Relays. My students prepare for this track meet by practicing the field and running events during their PE classes. This spring our Go The Distance Day will start with me briefly talking about the importance of daily physical activity and that fit is fun! Then we will do 30 minutes of continuous physical activity: 15 minutes of dances (The Hokey Pokey, The Chicken Dance, The Conga, and The Macarena) and 15 minutes of walking/jogging around the practice football field. ! ! In my classes I emphasize the importance of: demonstrating good sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork; showing respect for teachers and classmates; demonstrating safety; giving a great effort when participating in class; following directions and the rules of the class; and showing a positive attitude. ! Norsemen !9


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 ! 4th Grade Highlights ~ Michelle Carpenter, Chad Gilroy and Jane Bauman September: Everyone has settled into a routine. The students were busy mastering those basic math facts. With the new standards in Science heading our way, the Science teachers were working on new ways to teach kids during the Science time with more hands on activities. We completed our first FAST testing of the year. Even though we were proud of the results, we still had work to do. ! ! October: READ, READ, READ!!! That was what was being stressed. The kids were practicing being a fluent reader on a daily basis and learning comprehension strategies. The kids enjoyed a Bike presentation sponsored by the PTO. The Character Counts Assembly involved several kids from the high school. It is great to see how the kids that have moved through the grades still continue to show great character! ! November: The kids were able to show their parents what they were learning in Music with their Informance. The kids enjoy showing off skills. We learned how to do long division. The kids are always excited to learn new skills. The Thanksgiving meal was a hit with parents and students. December: This was a wild and crazy month. Thank goodness the weather cooperated this year. Trying to get everything done before the Christmas break is nuts. We continued to show lots of growth in the area of Reading, and in math we are preparing to work with fractions. Things are changing quickly but everyone continues to do a great job. January: It is hard to believe that we have finished the 1st semester. Thanks to several community members, we enjoyed Science Makes Sense in our rooms. The kids learned the importance of why we need calcium and they were able to bounce eggs. Talk to a 4th grader if you want more information. We are also preparing for the big Endangered Species Project. To kick everything off, we had a presentation on Endangered Species from a naturalist from the Story County Conservation. The kids learned ways that they could help with these animals. The second screening of FAST happened and we LOVED the results. The teachers are very proud of what the kids are doing. ! ! ! ! ! As far as the rest of the year goes, we are looking forward to our field trip in April, another presentation by the naturalist called Shocking Discoveries, learning new things in math, reading, science and social studies and taking a trip to the Middle School. Norsemen !10


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS There are many local scholarships given to graduating seniors to help them with college costs. Some of these are awarded to only Roland-Story seniors, while for others Roland-Story seniors will compete with seniors from other area schools. Students need to be willing to write about themselves and to show what personal and academic qualities differentiate them from the other applicants. Students planning to apply for several scholarships should keep copies of all the completed scholarship applications, because often the information asked for is similar and can be reused. New scholarship applications are received throughout the year. Following is a partial list of local scholarships that were received last year: ! Roland-Story Seniors: Bartlett-Kinne Outstanding Senior Award (no application) Lorraine Amlund Memorial (handed out in Government class) William Applegate Volunteerism Johanna Finch Memorial (handed out in Government class) William (Bill) Hennessy Softball Award (no application) Judge Story Theatrical Troupe Roland-Story Foundation Technical/University (10 awarded) Rose/Shafer Family Trust (handed out in Government class) Key Cooperative P.E.O. Chapter FZ Roland American Legion Auxiliary Roland-Story Silver Cord Roland-Story Community Club Roland Friends ‘N Service Roland Days Scholarship RSEA Education Association Story City American Legion Story City American Legion Auxiliary Story City Lion’s Club Story City/Roland Kiwanis Key Club THRILLS Scholarship Area Seniors: Altrusa International, Inc. (Ames Chapter) Bethany Manor (Bethany Manor distributes) Delta Kappa Gamma MGMC HS Select Health Careers MGMC J. Ben Buck MGMC Anna May Allan MGMC Employee/Volunteer Health Career Masonic Grand Lodge of Iowa-College/ University Masonic Grand Lodge of IA –Tech Boone County Pork Producers Story County Pork Producers Story County Soil and Water Conservation Story County Master Gardener Story County Voiture 40 & 8 (Nursing) OTHER SCHOLARSHIPS Information on all scholarships that come into the Counselor’s Office is now located on the Roland-Story CSD website (rolandstory.school). These scholarships may be accessed by going to “High School” and then clicking on the “Counselor” link on the side menu bar. This will bring up another side bar on the left that contains “Scholarship Opportunities”. Both general scholarships and local scholarships are listed. Norsemen !11


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ~ Colton Calvert My, how the year has flown! It seems like just yesterday was August. This year has been a very eventful year for Social Studies. Since my time here, I have picked up a couple new classes to teach. World History, American History, and Contemporary Issues are the three courses I am in charge of. It has been an eventful first semester, and looking ahead to this semester here are the topics we are dealing with. ! This year in U.S. and World Affairs, which is a semester course, we are discussing terrorism and its origins. Right now, we are discussing how the Arab Spring is what influenced our war on terror. Questions we are dealing with are: Should we be involved in Middle East affairs or stay out? How can we combat terrorism? And, how should we handle the Syrian Refugee Crisis? ! In American History we started the year off with the Industrial Age and then went into the Progressive Era. From there we discussed World War I and the Roaring 20s, finishing the semester with the Great Depression. Now, we are in the middle of World War II and getting ready to discuss the European Campaign. The rest of the semester we will be looking at the Cold War and the Civil Rights movement. This year in World History we have worked our way from the Origins of Civilization to Ancient Empires and the Middle Ages. Right now, we are discussing the Renaissance and Reformation and how it impacted Europe. The goal for this semester is to be able to make our way to the Industrial Revolution and World War 1. Much of what we have covered has been looking at thematic questions such as: What does it mean to be civilized? What are the roles of governments in society? And, how has religion impacted society? ! ! ! It is hard to believe that March is here and Spring Break is just around the corner. Before we know it graduation day will be here. I'm looking forward to finishing this year out right. Norsemen !12


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 ! ! !   ! ! ! ! ~MikeBoman   Another  semester  has  Clown  by  again  this  year.  In  American  Government  we   started  the  year  off  with  The  Revolutionary  War,  our   Founding  Fathers  and  the  Constitution  Era.    After   that  we  analyzed  current  campaigning  methods  and   how  to  be  an  educated  voter  as  best  as  possible.    We   then  spent  several  weeks  on  how  Congress  operates   and  we  are  now  looking  into  current  national  issues,   including  the  ‘Election  2016’  dynamics  and  players   and  of  course  the  Iowa  Caucus.  After  Christmas  break  we  had  a  short  unit  on   Economics  and  personal  Cinance.  In  the  second  semester  we  will  cover:  The   Executive  Branch,  The  Judicial  Branch  and  State  Government.  We  will  end  with  the   Criminal  Justice  System.   !   In  Psychology  we  have  covered  three  ‘schools’:   Biological-­‐Medical,  Environmental-­‐Behavioral  and   Freudian-­‐Psychoanalytical.  We  have  researched  many   psychological  disorders  and  treatment.  And  done   several  Case  Studies  with  students  attempting  to   comprehend  treatment  options  and  the  difCiculty  the   Cield  of  psychology  has  and   its  successes.     In  US  History,  we  started  the  year  with  the   Industrial  Age,  which  lead  to  the  reform  efforts  known   as  the  Progressive  Age.  We  then  spent  a  few  weeks  on   WWI  and  followed  that  up  with  the  decade  long  party   in  the  USA,  known  as  the  ‘Roaring  Twenties’.    We  are   currently  on  the  Great  Depression  and  hope  to  preview  a  glimpse  of  the  causes  of   WWII  before  Break.  After  break  we  will  cover  WWII,  The  Fifties  and  the  Cold  War,   Vietnam  and  the  hippie  Generation  gap.  Finally,  we  will  move  through  the  70’s,   80’s  and  90’s.   ! ! Norsemen !13


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 WELCOME TO THE BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT – 2015-16 ~ Kathy Hovick ! ! Keyboarding students have used Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) software. They have learned to format business letters, tables, unbound reports, e-mail messages, and memorandums. During second semester, students will be using more advanced features of Office and create presentations. Students will create a web site using Weebly. ! ! Accounting students have studied the accounting cycle for a service business organized as a proprietorship and a merchandising business organized as a partnership. Students are completing manual and automated accounting problems. Students are using online accounting software for the automated problems in the text. ! General Business Management students are learning about our economic system, labor & government, consumerism, banking, credit, savings and investments, money management, and insurance. Guest speakers in the areas of credit, investments, and insurance will provide students with real world information. During first semester, Computer Applications students focused on using Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) applications to complete a variety of assignments & desktop publishing activities. Second semester students completed the Excel unit and will be using iLife to create projects. iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, and Garage Band will be used to create projects. Students will utilize Weebly and Google sites to create web sites. Students are also using digital media such as digital cameras and camcorders for their projects. ! ! ! ! Junior Job Life focused on 21st Century Skills including financial literacy. Units included: financial values, paychecks, budgeting, financial institutions, savings, identity theft, credit reports and credit cards. Norsemen !14


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ROLAND-STORY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT March 2016 The juniors prepared presentations for the Healthy Lifestyles unit. Topics included were: CyberSafety; Dating Violence; Depression; Drugs, Alcohol, & Tobacco; Eating Disorders; Family Life & Relationships; Fast Food; Nutrition; Friendship and Dating; Green Living; Grief and Loss; Mind, Mood and Emotions; Nutrition & Fitness; Pregnancy; Obesity; Shoplifting; Stress; Suicide; Tanning and Skin Care; Vitamins and Supplements. ! Addie Rasmusson, Community Health Consultant for the Iowa Department of Public Health, provided the juniors with important information related to sexual health and adolescent development, including bullying, harassment, and relationships. By giving students information and allowing them to reflect, while thinking about their own values and personal goals, they are becoming prepared for young adulthood. The Story City Industry and School Collaboration team scheduled visits from IndoShell Precision Tech., Prairie Brand Seeds, American Packaging, Erickson Machine Tools, Bethany Life, Eby, Stor y City Water Plant, and Winfield. Representatives from each company gave a presentation to all Juniors. The school visits were followed with a site visit to each of the companies. The school and site visits are a valuable experience for students to learn more about career opportunities in our community. ! ! ! ! Freshmen Job Life included 21st Century financial literacy skills. Units included: values, paychecks, budgeting, banks, savings, identity theft, and credit. An Internet Safety unit, taught cooperatively with Mrs. Katie Heubner, Librarian, provided students with safe methods to use social media and the Internet. Students completed and presented a Career presentation on an occupation of their choice. Addie Rasmusson, Community Health Consultant for the Iowa Department of Public Health, provided the freshmen with important information related to sexual health and adolescent development, including bullying, harassment, and relationships. By giving students information and allowing them to reflect, while thinking about their own values and personal goals, they are becoming prepared for young adulthood. ! ! Norsemen !15



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