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LIFESuite ultraclean ventilation for operating rooms

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CLEAN. CONTR OL. COMFORT. Protection of patient from dangerous particles Protection of staff from surgical smoke Rapid, precise temperature in the OR © 2016, Precision Air Products Co.


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Is the air in your Operating Room Particle Sources  Even with HEPA filtration, particles released from the staff can have an Particle Paths  SURGICAL TEAM It is estimated that up to 90,000,000 skin cells are shed during a typical 2 - 4 hour surgery  UNDERSIZED DIFFUSER ARRAY Coverage quickly dissipates as border mixing occurs  DUCTWORK COVERAGE VOIDS Without terminal HEPA filtration, leaking ductwork can be a direct path for dangerous particles   Improper placement of booms and access panels give particles a free path to the patient INDUCTION HALLWAYS & ADJACENT SPACES Every time someone enters the OR, particles are carried with them Acceleration of cooler air causes most systems to pull perimeter particles directly over the patient   OPERATING ROOM SURFACES CHANNEL PENETRATION Even a thorough cleaning is temporary as airborne particles settle on surfaces and become airborne with movement Systems with lights between diffusers allow paths for particles deep into the critical zone Take Control SURGERY MODE Provides ISO Class 5 air quality at the patient ADVANCED TEMPERATURE CONTROL Selectable control with RAPID heating/cooling FILTER STATUS INDICATORS Built in redundancy, auto recovery mode, customizable settings, communication with BMS, 5+ year SUPPLY filter life, 99+% reduction of particles at the patient


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m actually clean? You can’t do it without understanding the principles of particle management. n OPEN path to the patient. How do we stop the particles? An effective method of providing generally clean air, but on its own, cannot stop particles released from the surgical team DILUTION Saturation of the surgical space with particle free air forces dirty perimeter air outward DISPLACEMENT As particle free air reaches the patient, a “cushion” of air is formed that diverts particles (released from staff) around the patient DIVERSION As free floating perimeter particles reach a wall of particle free air, they are immediately directed downward away from the patient DEFLECTION The “way” the system is configured is called DISTRIBUTION. It defines all aspects of airflow and is critical to eliminating particles at the patient.


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Logic THE LOGIC TRAIL We follow simple logic when it comes to infection reduction: 1. Hundreds of thousands of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) occur annually in the U.S. causing pain, suffering and death 2. There is a 1 - 3% mortality rate for Surgical Site Infection 3. Costs are in the billions 4. Dangerous particles are released by both the patient and staff and are pulled into the operating room through entry/exit 5. If dangerous airborne particles can cause SSIs, then we must stop ALL particles from reaching the patient STOP ALL PARTICLES Surgical Cleanroom? OPERATING ROOMS ARE NOT CLEANROOMS While the end game is the same (stop the particles), operating rooms can’t be treated like a standard cleanroom. Operating Room protocol calls for unique designs that optimize requirements for staff and equipment. While corporations spend millions to protect their products with particle free air, hospitals are led by standards that don’t address particles in the Operating Room. A Surgical Cleanroom is an Operating Room that meets ISO Class 5 certification WHILE the surgical staff is present! About us PRECISION AIR PRODUCTS COMPANY has been an innovator in Operating Room ventilation for over 40 years. We are 100% dedicated to providing the best systems with the ultimate goal of ZERO infections. Please contact us to learn more about LIFESuite™ Surgical Cleanroom. P r e c iCo. sion Air Products Co. ©2014, Precision Air Products 800 -404-0931 Form # SLS004



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