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H & H CVC Club Mag January 2015 - Edition N° 276 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 1


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276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 2


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Club Mag. For January 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT Greetings dear members, and as always wishing you the compliments of the season. I hope all went well for you over the festive season and that you saw the new year in properly; none of this creeping off to bed early without watching Andy Stewart and Moira Anderson bring in the New Year! In December we had a great Christmas Party, and thanks to all of you for coming. It was the most well attended in the new format with lots of silly fun and games, spot prizes etc,, I also have to thank Ian Booth for his kind remarks of thanks to the Committee for the work put in not only on that night but over the year. For the benefit of new members, and as a reminder to existing ones (or maybe older) I would confirm the situation with regard to your name, address, telephone number and vehicle details which are held on file. This information is strictly only for the use of Committee members for Club business and should they wish to contact you for any reason. Also details of your membership renewal date are held. This information will not be passed on or given to anyone else whosoever for any reason whatsoever. If a request is made to a committee member for member ‘A’s contact details to be given to member ‘B’, member ‘A’ will be contacted by that committee member to ensure that is acceptable. In respect of 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 3


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members telephone numbers, please make sure that the information given is readily accessible so that if contact need be made, in the event of a run cancellation for instance, to prevent unnecessary journeys or whatever. In the past, members have given office or place of work telephone numbers which obviously is not a lot of good. Something that kinda baffles me is the apparent lack of communication between various vehicle clubs. I have recently contacted the appropriate club relating to the Reliant TW9 (Ape) that I wrote about last year to pass on the information and have also contacted the leading Club for Mk 1 Ford Consuls to enquire about a car once owned by my late Father. In both instances I began by telling them a few words about H&H and my position but alas no response from either. Now I have to say that if any of our committee receives any enquiry relating to members, vehicles or whatever it is always dealt with. The meetings with Stockport etc regarding the proposed show around the Market Hall are proceeding well for Sunday May 24th, and I have another meeting set for the end of this month. At the moment motor cars etc will be on display to the front of the Hall and to the left hand side in front of Staircase House with motor cycles roped off on the raised section in the area opposite the Market Hall. The area in front of the shops by the Bakers Vaults pub will also be used for vehicle/motorcycle display. For this month and into February we have the New Year run on Sunday January 17th starting from 10.15 ish at the High Lane Conservative Club with the Chairman’s’ Quiz on club night on Wednesday 21st with nice easy topical questions. The AGM follows on February 18th with complimentary hot pot supper. Whilst management has been indisposed I have had, amongst other duties, had charge of the washing machine. I have to say what a complicated device this is but it is not that about which I comment. In this house ones socks and undergarments are washed separately and then tumble dried. I have decided that 2015 should be designated NOSY – National Odd Socks Year! I put in 15 pairs of socks but only 29 come out! What happens to one that got away. If we all got together with our odd socks and did some swapping we could save a fortune! And on that note I conclude. 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 4


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276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 5


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Editorial Would you like a digital copy of your Newsletter. You can request this be sending an email to hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk We plan to implement this next month. To ensure that you continue to receive a copy of The Mag please can you let me know the email address to which we can send the PDF version in future? _________________________________________________________________ This from Bill Gray The world’s worse designed car Designated the most poorly designed car in the early days of motoring, this was the ‘Pennington Raft’ of 1899. The raft was steered from the back of the vehicle. Drive was at the front with a twisted rope belt. The engine had no form of cooling, and was mounted in the centre of the chassis well away from any current of air, and it’s Crankshaft was vertical, so that the primary drive chain was perpetually tempted by gravity to fall off the sprockets, which it frequently did. Tightening the chain loosened the belt, and vice versa. It had neither a steering wheel, nor a tiller, just a vertical lever like a handbrake moving fore, and aft, giving a totally unnatural motion for steering. Fuel feed was by a simple drip valve, which let neat petrol into the immensely long Cylinder. It got through spark plugs at a tremendous rate. In 1899 Hubert Edgerton (first man to ride a motorcycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats) set out to drive a Pennington Raft from Manchester to London. - He gave up after having covered 16 miles in 9 hours. He had used up all the spares on board, and burnt out 48 spark plugs. Edward Joel Pennington’s Raft at Crystal Palace in 1897 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 6


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New Members Welcome to Franco Angrisani - Franco’s the proprietor of Bevenuti Resteraunt in Hazel Grove, and a friend of the Chairman His Classic interests pictured below. Yes, you’ve seen them at the Club Show. 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 7


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Motoring oddpics Continuing the succession of strange wheel-related pictures. Details of this weird contraction aren’t known - did it ever get off the ground???? - Obviously the idea’s right, but!!!! 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 8


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Minutes of Annual General meeting Wednesday 19th February 2014 The Secretary opened the meeting mentioning the fact that the minutes of 2012 AGM had been sent out with the club magazine, & all paperwork relating to the AGM in accordance with Company’s House. . Apologies From John Holmes, who’s not well, and John Walker. Chairman stated that John Walker was on holiday in Abersoch, and that he would be assigned some unpleasant task in payment for his A.G.M. absence! He can be seen at the Table-Top-Treasure Hunt, of course. Minutes Minutes of AGM dated 20th February, 2013 delivered with the February magazine to all members was approved by the floor. Treasurer's report. Distributed on a separate sheet. Ray Etchells distributed copies of the accounts which had been audited by Mr. David Rainsbury. No queries from the floor. Chairman Firstly the Chairman introduced the committee: Ray Etchells - Director and Treasurer Chris Parr - Director, Secretary, Company Secretary, magazine editor etc. Mike Coffey - Vice Chairman and Club Stand organiser. John Walker - Assistant Chairman, Director - Modern Classics Representative Richard Burnham - Routemaster & photographer John Holmes - Commercial Vehicles representative. Helen Bowden - Publicity Sec. Chris Howarth - Show Co-ordinator David Bowden - Regalia and club Sales Jill Dewsnap - Minutes Sec. Eric Dewsnap - Committee Member & Stamps for charity collector Membership Secretary 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 9


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Chairman’s Report Started by acknowledging & thanking David Rainsbury for Auditing & checking annual accounts. There was also appreciation shown for Bob Plant’s efforts in locating a suitable charity for the club to support. It was agreed at the last committee meeting that will support the Stockport Talking Newspaper. I will be visiting their office on 5th March to have a talk about their activities, and to record a news item about the club which will be used for publicity purposes, and an edited version will appear on their Newspaper & on CD. In addition Vincent Knowles will come on a club night to talk to club members. The Peaks & Dales Charity Run in 2013 was very successful with about 100 entrants being flagged off from the Memorial Park in Marple, by the Mayor of Stockport Councillor, Chris Murphy. The event was heavily publicised by High Peak Radio, whom I have thanked, with a brief announcement from yours truly. On the run we were joined by the Mayor of High Peak, Tony Kemp, in his Humber Sceptre, and at the Pavilion Gardens he presented the ‘car of the event’ to Richard Burnham for his Sunbeam Alpine. We are already receiving entries for the 2014 Run, which is hoped to be as successful as the 2013 Run. The Club Show at Marple Garden Centre resulted in fine day, thanks to weather Guru, Cliff Procter, with an attendance of around 100 classic cars & motorcycles. Contributions to the Raffle and Tombola coupled with Jim Lavery’s persuasive efforts in extracting cash from entrants again resulted in a slight profit, which always brings a smile to Ray’s face. The Trophies for the various groups of vehicles were well received, with the Ian Law Trophy being won by Stuart Lomas. The Scott Jones award went to Ivor David, the Garden Centre choice went to Andy Stobbie for his Panther, the High Lane Garage prize to Robert Ashley, Lotus Excel, with the Chairman’s Cup being presented to Bill Gray. At this point I need to thank Marple Garden Centre for allowing us to use their facilities, and you’ll be pleased to note September 7th is already booked for 2014. 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 10


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Thanks must also go to David ‘Gee’, High Lane Garage and Benvenuti Restaurant, who will, no doubt, be supporting us for the 2014 Shoe, and I am pleased to announce that CTL Engineering, with thanks to Ian Booth, will be sponsoring the Peaks & Dales Run. We continue to get excellent turn-out on club nights, especially on our BBQ night, and on club runs, some organised by various club members throughout the year, with a variety of guest speakers, and ‘Noggin & Natter’ Nights. Which go down well. At this juncture, I would like to thank our ‘Dinner Ladies’, Jan, Helen, Margaret and Jill for taking care of Sandwiches on club nights. The sandwiches being paid for by the club draw, which I urge you to support as this also helps with the Hire of the room. Thanks must also go to Chris Moxon, who is the son of member Paul Moxon. for his care & management of the club website, and many thanks to the many members for organising various shows, and runs, throughout the year, and finally to Kevin Pickles, Steward & keeper of the Bar at the conservative Club, and to his wife, Maxine for pint pulling dities. Treasurer Balance sheets given out Peaks & Dales Fee to remain at £15.00 No questions Election of Officers etc Club Directors. Currently John Walker, Ray Etchells, Richard Burnham, Chris Parr & Steve Divall. Mike Coffey proposed as a Director, and all six persons nominated & seconded by the membership. We have a slight re-shuffle of the committee in the best parliamentary tradition in that John Walker, and Mike Coffey are effectively swapping roles, John becoming Chairman’s Assistant, and Mike becoming Deputy Chairman. All this brought about by John’s extreme teaching workload. 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 11


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Chairman - S Divall Treasurer - R. Etchells Secretary - C. Parr Dep Chair - M. Coffee Ass. Chair - J. Walker Show Co-ordinator - Chris Howarth Mins Sec - J. Dewsnap Publicity - H. Bowden Committee - E. Dewsnap J. Holmes D. Bowden R. Burnham . All elected en masse. Remuneration of Officers of the club. Complimentary membership for Chris Parr, Bill Gray, Barrie Griffin, Phil Maddocks and Wilbert McKee to be continued. Nominated & Seconded from the Floor. AOB Statement from the Chairman In 2012 I introduced the ‘Hall of Fame’ award given to members for exceptional input into the club. The first recipient of the award was Chris Parr, and I now wish to extend this honour at this time. The person to receive the award has been a member since 1999, joined us on the committee as ‘Motorcycle Man’, and his input regarding investigation of charities we might support, makes the award long overdue. I now introduce the next member of the ‘Hall of Fame’ to be Robert Plant. Meeting closed at 9.00pm, with thanks to all who attended. 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 12


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276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 13


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Our William Anthony Boe – January 2015 Every now and again you hear some information that leaves you, as the vernacular goes: 'gobsmacked!' It doesn’t often happen to me and that’s not to claim I know everything by the way, I’m simply more blasé than most I suspect. However, when I recently discovered that Woodsmoor in Stockport is ground zero for Jaguar cars you could have slapped my face and called me Susan in the time it took for the info’ to register. Talk about confused! Questions revolved in my head: Woodsmoor? In Stockport? The Jaguar cars? Here? Where I live? Are you sure? Really? What? How? Errrhm? And its true – who would have thought it? The narrative goes that William Walmsley, the son of a wealthy Stockport coal merchant, returned from serving in World War One and started to make motorcycle sidecars in his shed in the grounds of a Victorian villa in Flowery Fields in Woodsmoor. Yes, that Woodsmoor: in Stockport. And what creations they were. So beautiful and so elegant that they sold like the proverbial ‘hot cakes’. He called them Swallow Sidecars, also known as ‘Stockport Zeppelins’, due to their dirigible airship-like structure and shiny aluminium cladding. Soon Walmsley had to move to a unit in Heaviley just off the A6 to scale up production in order to meet the ever-growing demand. It was only when William’s family moved to Blackpool taking the fledgling sidecar business with them that the story really moves on. Enter one William Lyons. He was younger than Walmsley and much more entrepreneurial. He spotted the commercial potential of William’s creations and formed a partnership with him. Soon they built up the sidecar business and further diversified into building bespoke coach-works for established manufacturers, including the Standard Swallow, all to great effect. As the business progressed it eventually moved to Coventry to be nearer the epicentre of British car manufacture and in this journey the Stockport storyline starts to lose its grip. In 1935 Walmsley, a somewhat reluctant businessman had had one too many squabbles with Lyons and chose to dissolve the partnership. 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 14


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He sold his shares, moved back to Blackpool and quietly removed himself from automotive history choosing instead to start a small company designing caravans and trailers. Lyons on the other hand pounced and went on to form Jaguar cars. Eventually he was granted a knighthood for creating an international prestige car brand. Over the years Walmsley’s contribution was gently edged out of Jaguar’s official canon giving most the impression that Blackpool, Lyon’s birthplace, is where Jaguar had its genesis. We know better now don’t we and perhaps you’re as surprised as I was? You see, my Dad had a Mark 10 Jag in the early seventies – it was a huge whale of a thing I don’t know how he drove it. My father-in-law had a yellow XJS in the eighties which I’m pretty sure is now a pile of rust. Inspector fictional detective Inspector Morse famously drives a cranky old Mark 2. Enzo Ferrari described the E-Type Jag as one of the prettiest cars ever made. All impossible if it wasn’t for the efforts of a bored ex-serviceman living and working in the post-industrial northern mill town many of us call home. How can we know how many Jags have cruised down the M60 under the Stockport viaduct in the intervening decades? How many Big Cats have been parked in Woodsmoor the owners ignorant of the historical thread that extends from years earlier, snaking through the borough, from the old century into the new, coiling ever tighter until coalescing into the high-end motor they will fret over as they leave it at the kerbside. History is a beguiling thing. It’s the collective story of how tragedy, ambition, accident, stupidity and serendipity collude to instigate the events that form the future. And in this process, alongside orthodox history as we know it, if one cares to look, there are also parallel stories of small beginnings, unsung heroes and also rans: the victims of bad luck or misplaced credit. Walmsley's story just happens to be closer to home than most and to us here in Stockport is maybe that bit more interesting. 276 HHCVC Club Mag Jan'15, Page 15



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