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Club Mag. For March 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT A very successful AGM once again, thanks to those who attended and for your continued support. It is good to see the room so full on club nights. At the Conservative Club they generally look after us quite well, but at times they just about cope with us in terms of parking and bar staff and I wonder if it is time to look for somewhere else but finding somewhere that meets the bill is quite difficult. If a change in venue occurs it won’t be quick and I will make sure you are all told well in advance. With this magazine is an update on the Stockport Vehicle show and also included is an application form. As I mentioned before, this is free of charge but I ask that you include an SAE with your application form ‘cos if you don’t include one I aint gonna send you a pass. Something that has been brought to my attention recently relates to your vehicle insurance. Some while ago I changed the direction indicators and lighting on the TR and notified my Insurer of the change which presented no problem. I learn however that some Insurers have become rather particular about this and can wriggle out of providing cover in the event of a claim on the smallest of details. 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 3


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Things like a change in colour of your vehicle from one shade of blue for instance to another to another shade of blue; that painting a different colour below a chrome strip or body line for instance; that adding ‘go faster’ stripes or non standard badges for instance, or even getting your name, initials added on the bodywork can let them wriggle out of providing cover. I have even been told that if you have external door hinges like on a proper mini and they should be body coloured and aren’t, this can still be a problem. Not sure about the addition of spot/fog lights etc but take care. You have been warned. Now that we do not have tax discs on our cars, for those who still have to pay road tax that is, you still get a reminder by post. One of the things I used to do was to look at the previous tax disc to find out how much I paid the previous year. You can’t do that anymore so you need to keep a record of how much you paid last year in some way. I note that the rolling tax exemption system is to continue but would remind you that under the previous government (not wishing to get political of course) the rolling 30 year exemption was stopped and was re-introduced albeit more recently by the present administration. I also read that there is a proposal on the table (I can’t remember where) that the present MOT exemption for vehicles made before 1960 is to be changed (Sorry FBHVC if I have not spotted it in your publication) so that if your vehicle is tax exempt it will also be MOT exempt. We wait and see! Sadly we have not been inundated with members coming up with sponsorship for the Peaks and Dales to be a part of the route map. Come on please dear member, it can’t be that difficult for you to come up with just one business that you regularly use. Come on now this is your club; please prove it! On that subject Ray Etchells son Colin has offered to pay for the rally plaques if they can have his company name on which was of course gladly accepted. Thanks Colin, very much appreciated. As given out by Bob Plant, he has now stood down after nine years as our Charity Co-ordinator having done a very good job for which we all heartily thank him. Each year Bob has received nominations from the membership for consideration as our local annual charity and has interviewed them establish their suitability. Now I am than pleased to announce that Richard Lomas has more than kindly volunteered to step into Bob’s shoes, so as to speak and no he was not pressed ganged either! Many thanks Richard for taking over that role. 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 4


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For our next Club night on 18th March we have Kevin Dranfield of Stockport Heritage fame and also sorting out the motorcycles for the Stockport vehicle show, coming to speak to us about the Marple Lock ‘flight’, and the Marple Tramway. I look forward to a very interesting evening, as Kevin is a very knowledgeable and interesting speaker. STOCKPORT TOWN CENTRE CLASSIC VEHICLE & MOTOR CYCLE SHOW SUNDAY 24TH MAY 2015 10 am – 4 pm The Hare and Hounds Classic Vehicle Club and the Vintage Motor Cycle Club (Manchester & High Peak section) are pleased to announce the above event which is being supported by Stockport Council. The event will take place around the historic covered Market Hall. On the day there will be a Vintage Market in the covered hall and many local shops will also be open including a wide range of interesting and exciting Vintage Stores. Nearby attractions include the Dungeons, Staircase House and Stockport Museum. Both within the Market place and surrounding streets and lanes there is a large selection of cafes and pubs offering food and refreshments to suit all tastes. Local Police will be on hand. The Mayor of Stockport has agreed to attend and will award trophies to the best presented car and motor cycle. GVEC and TVVCCC members are invited. Kevin Dranfield will be organising motorcycles from VMCC. All other vehicles will be administered by H&H CVC, including H&H CVC, GVEC & TVVCCC motorcycles but these will form part of the VMC display. All applicants through H&H CVC will be granted temporary day membership in order to comply with the PL insurance requirements. A total of 70 cars and 30 motorcycles can be accommodated so all classics are welcome on a first come, first served basis. Owners of vehicles less than 20 years old are welcome to apply but for reasons of number restrictions it may not be possible to include them. An application form will be enclosed in this magazine and this will include a request for an SAE for pass and entry details. Please ensure the SAE is returned. There is no charge for entry to this event. Closing date for applications for the event will be 10th May. Passes and entry gate details will be sent out after this date. 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 5


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278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 6


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Editorial Front Cover picture Lewis Barwick’s 1989 Ford Escort Displayed at Tatton Park last August Would you like a digital copy of your Newsletter, instead of receiving it by post. You can request this be sending an email to hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk A diary of dates, and events useful for club members, comes with this magazine. It always pays to check with the organisers that the event is definitely going ahead. - The following event overleaf is not on the list. Also, please note the Charity, Glossop Mountain Rescue, are coming to explain their workings to us in June, with John Walker’s Treasure Hunt in April.. New Members Roger Wood - Roger has a Jaguar XK Convertible - he’s a Jaguar Drivers Club member, and looking forward to coming to club nights, and on our runs. Welcome Roger. 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 7


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Show at Marple Garden Centre – Sat/Sun 21st /22nd of March 2015 We have been approached by a gentleman, Brian Lomas, who runs the miniature railway at Marple Garden Centre, or Wyevale, where we have our annual show in September. He is having an event to raise money for local charities, initially the Romiley Lions, on the Saturday & Sunday 21st/22nd March (quite soon!) He has asked if some of our members would like to take their classic cars, perhaps about 20, & he also has a kiddies fairground & other attractions & charity stands, to be located in the area that we use for our annual show. It will be running from 11.00 – 16.00 on both days, but it is not essential to be there all the time. If this is of interest to you could you please contact him direct on 07748 581166. Motoring oddpics - Continuing the succession of strange wheel-related pictures 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 8


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278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 9


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Spring Run 2015 Chris Howarth The morning of the Spring Run dawned grey & damp, somewhat at odds with the pleasant, sunny, day before. At least it was mild, & there was no sign of snow! 28 cars arrived at High Lane & set off through Norbury Hollow and Pott Shrigley to Bollington. In Bollington things went a bit pear shaped. Contrary to their website, which Steve had checked the day before, the roads from Bollington towards Macclesfield were closed for resurfacing. The diversion was convoluted & involved a number of turns through a housing estate & then apparently was to be through Pott Shrigley to the Legh Arms. It seems as though Mike Radcliffe was the only one to get round the diversion & onto the route. Everyone else, knowing that we were finishing at The Royal at Hayfield, made their way there by various routes through our beautiful, but rainsoaked, countryside. At The Royal, a section of the car park had been segregated for us. We had the use of the Function Room, which had plenty of room for us all. With a menu that included a wide range from sandwiches to full Sunday Roasts, most of us had a substantial meal, with good company, which was most enjoyable. As we left, the sun came out, & we had a Spring-like run home! After the most generous welcome, spacious facilities & car park at The Royal. I think in the future it will be on our “approved” list. 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 10


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas This is my first report for the Hare and Hounds club, having taken over from Cliff Proctor, and it's my first time into anything of reports so please bare with me if I make any mistakes!!! It has been a little quiet after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, but I have been readying my cars ready for the season ahead. Planning runs and shows we intend to go to. Our New Year’s run has been postponed till 8th March due to the bad weather, approx 10 turned up on the day at our meeting point , but we decided the snow and fog was too bad to carry on. A quick detour of a couple of miles took us to Weatherspoons for an all day breakfast instead. We also joined up with Glossop Vehicle Enthusiasts club for their Valentines Run on the 15th Feb. The turn out was 23 in total with 5 MG's, taking in parts of Derbyshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire approx 50 miles, and excellent lunch at Windy Harbour Hotel A few hiccups with our route but nothing we all couldn't work out, in a small village in Mossley we passed by Lovers Lane (not sure if anyone noticed). Then into Holmfirth and a steep climb to the tops. This is part of the route that was used on the Tour De France last year with the markings still on the road. 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 11


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Letters Dear Sir, I am having ignition trouble on my P5 B Rover. While cleaning the engine compartment I seem to have mixed the leads up, and now can’t get the engine to fire. Is there an easy way to sort this out? Yes .... you’ll need to borrow eight small children. Give each of them a plug lead to hold, and then turn the engine over slowly by hand (ignition switched ‘on’). As each child yelps, number them seqeuntually, using a felt-tip pen on their forhead. This will give you the firing sequence, which can then be transfered to the cylinders themselves. (It is important to impress on the children that they must not drop the plug leads, regardless of pain). 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 12


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The End Of The Road Anthony Boe - March 2015 Over the last couple of articles I've been musing about both the past and the future. I've pondered on how history has shaped some aspects of our classic car world, about unsung commercial vehicles and how modernity is inexorably eating away at our collective passion where the very act of driving may become as antediluvian as an eight track car stereo. I must be at that pivotal stage of my life where I have approximately equal amounts of both past and future which may be disquieting me a little bit and symptomatic of this is that nostalgia is no longer as comforting or entertaining as it used to be. The memories are getting just a little too far away now. But I try not to let dark thoughts distract me (most of the time). To do such a thing would be futile but it can't be denied that some day we won't be here. And soon after that we'll probably be taking our very last 'car' ride in a unique type of vehicle known as a hearse. Now here's a question for you. What type of vehicle is this? Is it a commercial vehicle? A long estate car? Public transport? A taxi for the existentially challenged? Or is it something in its own right? Probably the latter. What I do know is that when you join the back of a queue of slowly moving traffic you soon stop raging and swearing under your breath when you find its a funeral cortège as opposed to a milk float, learner driver or simply somebody who thinks doing 25mph is their civic duty. Respect in these cases is still, and always should be, due. No one would disagree that these cars should, by their nature, be stately, discrete and in some way classic; one of the final tributes to a person whose lifetime voyage has ended. We should all have our final journey in a vehicle of quality, distinction and taste. Classic hearses deserving of our admiration were coach-built Daimlers, Jaguars, Mercedes, top-end Rovers or even Rolls Royces. And yes, if you're asking, Citroen did a very nice DS version as well. All were top of the range cars carefully adapted for their solemn purpose with dignified veneered woods, fussy chrome 'thingies' on the roof, glossy black coachwork and discrete landau bars. Proper classy. But have you seen a modern hearse recently? What absolute mingers many now are! A good number I see are now based on bog standard Fords and even Japanese marques. Worse still, they have an unpleasant hydrocephalic look about them, all top-heavy and distended with far, far too much glass. Like some kind of grim mobile greenhouse. Reliable they may be but I'd have to confirm if you said I'd be on my way to the grave in one of these indifferent horrors I'd reply: 'over my dead body'. 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 13


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As with many things in life there's potentially a commercial angle here for the budding entrepreneurs amongst you. I would suspect, like wedding cars, there's a good business to be made from saving older hearses, restoring them to muster and hiring them to those who want to go out in real style and not in an ugly, generic, pared down modern version. The enterprising and mechanically talented of you might see the possibilities. But hey, if you're reading this and feeling a little blue, don't be depressed you're not dead yet, so smile and enjoy your life. Perhaps in this spirit reflect on the idea that instead of being considered something of the shadows we should acknowledge that hearses do as important a job as any other vehicle and always in difficult circumstances. What's more, many older versions are interesting, wellbuilt conveyances as much deserving of our admiration as any other classic you can think of. It's a pity we don't see more of them on the showing circuit. I'd certainly stop to admire one. Interestingly, I've already done several journeys in a classic hearse and not, as you might think, because I was an undertaker or the like. No! You see, in my fastdeparting youth I was a 'Goth'. I wore lots of black clothes, had long straggly hair and was pale as a vampire (and proud of it). I listened to noisy, dark bands that rarely graced Top of the Pops. As a sub-culture, 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 14


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Goths liked the stygian imagery of Transylvanian castles, misty graveyards and thunder-clapped skies. One of our most desired accessories, should we have been able to afford it, would have been a classic hearse to cruise around in. And I had a mate who actually bought one; a regal five-litre Daimler. Worse for wear but roadworthy. We had a day out in it once or twice: two ghostly young men laughing and barging around in a massive funerary vehicle visiting not a chapel or a funeral home but parks, supermarkets and pubs. The looks we got ranged from amused, bemused, confused to the outright horrified. But you know, in spite of what we were driving, we had a great time - enjoying our lives - and so should you... You can read more of Anthony's car-related ramblings at his blog: sylvianscribblings@blogspot.com “Has your wife learnt to drive the car yet?” “Yes, in an advisory capacity”. 278 HHCVC Club Mag Mar'15, Page 15



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