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H & H CVC Cub Mag April 2015 - Edition N° 279 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 1


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279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 2


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Club Mag. For April 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT On the front cover is a photo of Scott Jones on one of his motorcycles with two very interesting cars behind, a Jowett Javelin and a Triumph Dolomite – I am not sure where the picture was taken. You will find a write up about dear Scott in this magazine and I have asked Martyn to put it as a permanent feature on the website. The article about Ian Law is in hand but we have yet to get a good photo of him as to say the least he was very camera shy. Drive it Day takes place this year on 26th April with details later in the magazine and will start from the High Lane Conservative Club with yet another superb route through the Cheshire and Derbyshire countryside from Richard Burnham concluding at the Royal Hotel in Hayfield for lunch. The room is booked for us and if you don’t fancy the run you will be more than welcome to come to the Hotel just for lunch. Lunch comprises a traditional Sunday roast with two or three meat choices or they have both bar snacks or a meal from the menu and of course cater for vegetarians. All of these are of high quality and good value for money. And the beer is lovely! I once again mention the Stockport show on 24th May and so far have about 25 applications from members. Notices have been sent out to TVVCC and GVEC with application forms last week so we await the documentation from them. If 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 3


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you have yet to sent me your application form or have lost it then please contact CP, there is still time. I also make mention of the Glossop car show organised by our good friend Eric Pass on Saturday 16th May. They have a website from which you can get an application form or I think CP has some. The Poynton show is booked for 29th August again this year and I already have two applications to attend. I anticipate that we will be able to take around 30/35 vehicles as last year. If you want to go just give me a ring but I would ask that whilst modern classics are welcome these will be restricted to proper classics. I will attempt to get the announcer better organised this year which will most likely mean standing next to him to make sure he gets the right vehicle detail in front of him, without losing it, and please go into the ring in order so as to avoid even more confusion! If you could bring your vehicle write up with you that would be most helpful. I had a very interesting couple of hours with Dave Ogden, chairman of TVVCC last month and we hope to regenerate the interest between our two clubs. He tells me that they celebrate their 30th birthday this year with a show on 28th June. See the calendar for more detail and I believe CP has entry forms. We had a very informative talk last month from Kevin Dranfield from the Stockport Heritage Society about canals and the like in the Marple area. He tells me that due to the popularity of his talks he has had to restrict these to one a week and that he is booked up well into 2017. Kevin is also the branch secretary of the Vintage Motorcycle Club and is organising the motorcycles for the Stockport Show. For this month we are having a Natter and Noggin night on April 15th. I conclude with a couple of holiday tips. If you are flying from terminal one at Manchester having checked your bags in you then face another hour or so to get through Security. You can pre-book on line a speedy Security book-in at £3.50 each which having already stood for ¾ hour or more is well worth it. Do it on line before you check in at the desk, give the clerk your pass and away you go. Don’t be surprised to see this on your credit card bill as car parking. The second tip is to keep your mobile phone charger with your phone in your hand luggage. A friend had her charger in her suitcase which got lost and her phone ran out of charge, 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 4


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Dear member, your club really needs your help! As we have asked before, sponsors are needed for the Peaks and Dales charity run and so far we have only got half a dozen or so all raised by the Committee. You must have a parts supply shop, hairdresser, fruit and veg shop, DIY shop etc., that you use regularly and where you are known. Please ask them to support us by way of an advert in our P&D route map and contribute towards your charity. If you feel £25 is too much why not try for £10? Your chance to help - this is your club, time to prove it! Many thanks. 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 5


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279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 6


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Editorial Front Cover picture SCOTT JONES BIKER EXTRORDINAIRE The Trophy dedicated to Scott is given at the Club Show. See page 13 for his story. Would you like a digital copy of your Newsletter, instead of receiving it by post. You can request this be sending an email to hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk In addition to the list of forthcoming events on the last two pages, just want to point out that you need to apply if you want your car to be on display at the Manchester Airport Aviation & Transport Festival. Sat/Sun 11th/12th July. Interested??? - We’ve got space booked. Contact Chris Parr, get your name on the list. This from Chris Howarth:Tatton Park Shows 2015 – 30/31st May & 22nd/23rd August We are hoping to have a club stand at both these shows, but it is very important, after the abysmal turn up at the last show, that if you ask for a ticket you do use it, or there is a good chance that we won’t get a stand in the future. This is the last call for entries for May. If you haven’t yet, & want to go, let me know please send an email to me (chris@c-plus.co.uk) or telephone my mobile (07831 281788) before or at the April Meeting. Tame Valley Vintage Classic Car Club 2015 is the 30th year for TVVCCC & to celebrate they are holding a Historic Vehicle Show at Ashton Rugby Football Field on the 28th of June, starting at 10.30. In addition to the Historic Cars there will be side shows, stalls & the club bar will be open. An Entry Form comes with this mag, which must be returned to Chris Parr before the 1st of May. There will be a programme produced using the details that you provide. 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 7


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279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 8


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Club members’ vehicles on display at Marple Garden Centre in March Motoring oddpics - continuing the succession of strange wheel-related pictures. 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 9


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Departing from Marple, near Stockport, on an approximately 90+ miles adventure around the scenic Derbyshire Peaks and Yorkshire Dales, using an, easy to follow, ‘Tulip Route’. This entertaining day concludes at the Pavilion Gardens at Buxton where participants vehicles will be on display. A small memento will be given to commemorate the event along with a prize for 'the Car which appeals most to our guest speaker’. In past years the event has been a great success and in addition to enticing a number of people and their beloved vehicles out for the day, it has raised money for our chosen charities. The charity for 2015 is to be Glossop Mountain Rescue. A very worthy team of people, who take enormous risks to save stranded people. We want to help them. This year we are announcing the 19th run, again with a reduced mileage for the older vehicle if desired, So there are choices of which route to take. You are invited to submit your application on a form, which will be with this edition of the Magazine. Or found on the website http://www.hhcvc.moonfruit.com/ in the Peaks & Dales’ Section The entrance fee for the run is £16.00, for this you will be provided with the following. * Free Tea & Biscuits, at the start point. In Marple, (Bacon Barms will also be available for a modest price.) * Route pack, including detailed maps, check point cards and Rally Board. * A small momento, and Navigator’s Scroll given out with the Rally Pack. * Breakdown Back-up. 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 10


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas Our postponed spring run set off at around 11 am. We all had our umbrellas out at the start but 28 cars turned out. The Mg contingent was 6 cars. Good to see Trevor and Fay in the Roadster after major work over last year. We set off into the Cheshire countryside on a route that took us into Pott Shrigley and Bollington. Unfortunately we encountered Road works and all routes blocked .Anyway a bit of manoeuvring and we all found our way back for lunch at The Royal Hotel in the now famous Hayfield, the film setting for the popular BBC TV series The Village. A great venue as the car park is large and the food excellent. As things start to move in our calendar of events, this year looks very busy.If anyone wants information on any of the MGOC or MGCC meets or runs please contact me. Now news of work I've been doing on my own cars. The MGB has been into the trimmers this week and had the headlining replaced along with a repair to the drivers seat, something I have been putting off for quite a while. After contacting Auto Trim (Jim the trim - great name for a trimmers) I decide to put my hand in my pocket and get the work done. I have to say it has been well worth the expense a no nonsense talking man who does a good job and keeps you up to date !! The MGF had a clutch problem, very very little pressure required to press and biting low down. Checked Master cylinder and slave cylinder, no fluid loss. Gearbox lever arms are very suspect on MGF, but ok.The new arms have a grease nipple but replacement is a horrible job didn't want to do that so decided to replace cutch fluid, easy things first. A quick bleed through and keep on topping up and bingo back to normal I don't think the fluid has been changed since new so a word of warning on changing fluids probably should be changed every 2 to 3 years ???? (Comments please)? Next month I will look at LED light bulbs on classics any comments or experiences of them please let me know??? The H&H Auction took place in Buxton this month with a number of MGs for sale. One very interesting car which I had a particular interest in was a MG RV8, UK 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 11


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spec, one of only 30 cars coloured Le Mans Green and one of only 1,983 cars produced apart from pre production and prototypes. Nearly 80% of the MG RV8s were exported to Japan in Woodcote Green and all the production was sold in the first week. Anyway getting back to the car this one was quite special as it was the first one to be delivered to a customer the first being sent to the Gaydon Motor Heritage Museum. Its chassis number being 000252 All MGs started there chassis numbers with the digits 251 which was the telephone number at the Abingdon assembly plant in Oxford. The price to customers in 1993 was £26,000, quite a hefty price for a MG in middle of an Oil crisis . Well, it sold for £21,760 in Buxton. The reports said it had only travelled 14,000 miles but not sure how accurate that is According to ‘How Many Left’ only just under 500 are registered in the Uk, a number will be imports from Japan. If anyone has any suggestions or questions for articles they would like to discuss please contact me and I will do my best to research them 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 12


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SCOTT JONES – FORMER H&H CVC CLUB MEMBER Scott was an out and out biker. He was named by his parents, Cyril and Joyce, after the famous Scott motorcycle and his brother was similarly named Vincent, again after the legendary Vincent motorcycle. Scott was brought up with motorcycles all round him and his father (alas far from well at present) owned more than 75 machines of varying types during his motorcycling years. Scott had a real passion for motorcycles and during his life was always ‘messing’ about with them or indeed anything mechanical. His stable would include a great variety of machines from a Raleigh Wisp to the last bike he owned, a BSA A65 of 1967 vintage. The BSA A65 was a 650cc twin and was built between 1962 and 1972. He was very much inclined to modify his bikes to suit his requirements and this particular machine would appear as a road machine or a scrambler as the mood took him. This bike was originally built to a USA specification with a small fuel tank. At one time he sold it to Cyril, his father, who abused it and eventually Scott bought it back again. From 1966 to 2000 Scott owned a NSU ‘Supermax’ machine which he bought from an ex Polish POW and Scott rode this for more than 25000 miles. It had a habit of dripping fuel from the carburettor on to the crankcase which he was never really able to cure and it really didn’t bother him, not being able to fix it. He also had a ‘Montessa’ trials bike which he actually gave away to Eddie Allman’s son to encourage him as a budding motorcyclist. If you remember, Eddie was a Committee member for a while and being an ex-police motorcyclist wrote many an interesting tale of his experiences for the club magazine whilst on the road. Alas Eddie had to retire from the Police Force following a serious accident whilst on duty when a car pulled out in front of him and he somehow ended up on the front passenger seat. Scott also owned a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 which he used to tow his caravan as he greatly enjoyed the outdoor life, camping caravanning and other outdoor pursuits. He was also a very proficient Archer and during 1985/86 was the Cheshire County Champion Archer. Scott joined the H&H committee in 2003 and whilst being a club member he would organise many a Club run for H&H which were always very interesting and easy to follow but eventually gave this up due to lack of support. As previously stated, Scott was a very competent engineer and made a trophy comprising of two pistons mounted on a base, but where this is now is not 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 13


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known. Scott departed this world in 2009 in his early 40s. He was diabetic, he liked to smoke and enjoy a drink and whilst being more than aware of the dangers of his lifestyle made a conscious decision to ignore them and live life as he wanted. His legacy to the Club is the Scott Jones shield which is annually presented to the owner of the best motorcycle attending the Club show in September. With all of his problems he was always cheerful and was always ready to give help where it was needed and enjoyed his short life to the full. John Jenkins I am indebted to John for writing the above piece about Scott and also to Scott’s uncle Arthur for providing the photograph. It may not surprise you to learn Arthur was also a keen motorcyclist 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 14


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Trabi-tastic! Anthony Boe - April 2015 The last time I visited Berlin was in early 1990. The Wall had only just been breached by hoards of hacked off east Germans but much of this oppressive structure was still there. But by that stage it was no longer a political barrier and thousands of east-siders, free from years of soviet-backed tyranny, were flooding into the consumerist west to gorge themselves on the many desirable goods they'd long been denied. But there was still a restricted flow eastwards across this disintegrating divide and I didn't get to visit the DDR on that occasion. I could only peer at it, all grey and lifeless, through the arches of the Brandenburg Tor and wonder what is was like in there. Checkpoint Charlie, the heavily guarded interchange in the former American zone, was still an imposing military installation but in late 1989 it had witnessed the highly symbolic drive through of many Trabants as they burst, stinking and noisy, into a world where these cars were viewed as one of many travesties that could only be produced by a centrallyplanned, socialist economy. Happily we visited Berlin again recently and this time stayed in and toured the east. How things have changed. We visited the DDR museum and discovered that those living on the socialist side of the wall seem to have been trapped in a sort of time warp reminiscent of seventies Britain. They wore garish nylon clothes, suffered from intermittent hot water and heating in their gloomy, overcrowded flats as they watched joyless television on the three available channels. There was a constant air of paranoia as their society was being surveilled by anonymous Stasi officers ever-ready to imprison or interrogate recalcitrant citizens for failing to comply with the socialist orthodoxy. For those who fell victim it was probably a bit like the sinking feeling we got in the seventies when the power was cut just as Doctor Who was starting. And worst of all, they drove one of history's most terrible and miserable cars. Even crappier than the rubbish motors we bought in the days of Glam Rock. Admittedly, we in the UK had a choice of dodgy cars whereas those in the DDR really only had one choice: the Trabant, and they had to wait up to sixteen years before they could get one. Talk about adding insult to injury. When you research these cars you can only wince at how crushingly bad they were. The body was made of Duraplast which like was a cross between Bakelite and fibre glass. This stuff was absolutely indestructible and insidiously poisonous making it impossible to recycle cleanly. They had a tiny 600cc two-stroke engine requiring uneconomical levels of pre-mixed petrol and oil. 279 HHCVC Club Mag Apr'15, Page 15



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