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H & H CVC Club Mag May 2015 - Edition N° 280 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 1


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280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 2


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Terry McCaughey 17.12.1940 to 06.04.2015 Like most of us, when Terry learned to drive, many of the cars that we now consider to be "Classics" had not been thought of, and although his work often required him to own modern vehicles, he never lost his love of "proper" cars. only in retirement was he again able to indulge this love of exciting vehicles which ranged from a Porsche 944 through motorcycles and more recently a fast Polo GTI and of course the lovely Wolseley Hornet Special. Although he did a few shows, his real love was to drive and he would take the "Wooler" out whenever he could. Many outings were planned for this year but sadly Terry passed away on Easter Monday after a short illness. Unfortunately he wasn’t a member of H&H CVC long enough to enjoy coming out on their runs. Alan (Mervyn) Evans. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 3


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Club Mag. For May 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT A great turn out for our ‘Drive it Day’ run on 26th April. CP and I agreed that 30 route maps and rally boards would suffice but with only a handful left at 10.45 a touch of mild panic set in but we were OK as only, only? 27 vehicles turned up. Thanks to all of you who came and supported us and of course the FBHVC. Another great route from Richard Burnham with only one direction causing the driver and navigator to ‘do the splits’ – direction arrows in two directions but it was very easily sorted. Thanks Richard for a nice run through the countryside and on a sunny day to boot, ending for an excellent lunch at the Royal Hotel in Hayfield where we were well received and looked after. I have been rabbiting on about changes to the regulations about MOT testing for older vehicles and contacted the Secretary at the FBHVC for advice. She kindly referred me to an EU Roadworthiness Directive together with an FBHVC report and several others on the Internet. I had a look at this and one site suggests that a 30 year cut off period is under consideration and another indicates that the whole matter is under review. The document itself is rather long winded but is worth a visit but do it when your brain is not fuddled and in good working order. Words now from our Secretary about the Peaks and Dales charity run. ‘The downloadable entry form to be sent to Ray Etchells includes a note in red ASKING FOR APPLICATIONS TO INCLUDE A SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED C5 ENVELOPE. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 4


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Applications from some members and others have not been received with the requisite envelope. The reasons for this are that it helps keep costs down and pass more on to the Charity and makes sending out documentation less time consuming. If you omit to send the requisite envelope you will be contacted by email and told to send one by post to Ray Etchells.’ On the matter of P&D sponsorship despite more than a few pleas we are sadly lacking in you, dear member, coming up with the goods. Again I ask please get your act together and surprise me with lots of sponsors. As I have said on more than one occasion you must have a friendly grocer, butcher, car spares shop or DIY shop where you are well known and you could ask for help. If you consider £25 is too much then try going for less! We still have some space left for the Stockport show on May 24th but time is running out to get your application in. The reason for passes being sent out with a site entry map is that we have two car entry points and one motorcycle entry point. Your site entry map will show you which ‘gate’ to enter from so that we do not incur long queues at one entry point and risk vehicle overheating. You can try sending me a late entry and you never know your luck or just turn up on the day and maybe if the gate entry steward is kindly disposed she/he might let you in. In previous magazines Anthony Boe in his very interesting articles (thanks Anthony) has made reference to both the NSU prinz and the Trabant amongst other vehicles. In 1968 I owned what was probably the worst 123E Ford Anglia super ever made or most like the most abused. I decided it had to go and remember looking at an NSU as it seemed quite a cocky car but on the test run the ride was much worse than described by Anthony and I bought a Hillman Imp. In my view the Imp was very much underrated and was streets ahead of the Mini and yes we had one of those later. With reference to the Trabant not a lot of people know this but the very first one to come into the UK was imported by a member of the Rotary club of Stockport (Lamplighters) and the said car is now in the Holker Hall vehicle museum. Some members kindly collect postage stamps for charity and it would be nice to see more of this please. The stamps collected go a volunteer organisation named Pathfinder Dogs who train German Shepherds guides for blind people in the UK. It takes about 2 years and £36 000.00 to train each dog so the stamps are well received by them. You can have a look at their very informative web site for much more detail. Please continue to give them to me on club nights. For our meeting on Wednesday 20th May we have our annual table top treasure hunt and quiz night from John Walker which is always very good and by popular request is more quiz than map reading. I look forward to seeing you then. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 5


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This from Chris Howarth:Tatton Park Shows 30/31st May & 22nd/23rd August Bad news. Tatton show has been significantly oversubscribed for both shows this year & a number of clubs & some hundreds of individual entries have been unsuccessful in getting passes, including H&H CVC & GVEC for May. The club sites for August are nearly all filled too, but we have been offered two 10 car pitches, one for each club, which I have accepted with alacrity. If you would like to go to the August Show please let me know as soon as possible. Obviously we need to fill the stands on both days & to be fair to everyone, as far as possible, it could mean that passes may not be available for the same vehicle for both days. Please let me know your name, the vehicle make, model, year, registration number, which day you want to go & your mobile number. Either send an email to me at chris@c-plus.co.uk or give it to me on a piece of paper, preferably at the May Club Meeting. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 6


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Editorial May Magazine Cover Former Chairman Barrie Griffin's Wolseley 1100 was the star car on the Wolseley stand at the NEC last year. Would you like a digital copy of your magazine, instead of receiving it by post? You can request this by sending an email to hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk Note:- The item on the left is a ‘QR’ Code. Read the note below from Webmaster Martyn Faulkner. ‘I found a website the other day which creates QR codes which you see on many magazines and brochures now and therefore I created one for H&HCVC.’ In future any documentation we create for passing out as hard copies should have this code included so people can easily scan it with their phones and go directly to our website. The code shown will appear on the first page of addresses of the magazine commencing the June edition. Classic Cars on TV Been watching TV at all recently? I hope you’ve been watching the ‘Classic Car Show’ with Quentin Wilson (motoring journalist) & Jodie Kidd (Exsuper model & now racing driver). The first series covered everything to do with classic cars. From collecting and collectors to polishing up those rust buckets gathering dust in barns, to cars as investments, and low-cost starter classics. - Well worth watching. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 7


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For the love of Cars (Channel 4) Has recently returned to our living rooms with actor/car enthusiast Philip Glennister & restoration expert Ant Anstead, buying, restoring cars, and selling them at auction, with measurable success Each show begins with a quick discussion of the car that is to be featured in that episode. Some of the history, and why it is important to British motoring is covered. This is followed by Anstead attempting to locate one of these cars, typically through a barn find, to restore. As the car is restored by Ant and his team at his car restoration company in Hertfordshire (Evanta Motor Co, although this is never mentioned in the show), Phil looks into the social side of the vehicles, meeting owners' clubs and attending events to get a feel for how the restoration should progress. Phil takes the lead in guiding Ant as to how he would like the restored project to look, but often has his mind changed through discussions with enthusiasts at events. New Club Members Adrian Chadwick has a Dax Rush (Rocket) Colin Etchells has rejoined the club following a long-term restoration of his MGA. Welcome to you both. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 8


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Motoring oddpics - Continuing the succession of wheel-related pictures. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche shows off the ‘People’s Car ’ to Adolf Hitler in the ‘30’s. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 9


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From the Treasurer If, like me, you find it impossible, or difficult to attach a Rally Board to your vehicle, then the answer is to use suction cups which can be attached to the board via four holes. (The cups have a screw and nylon nut). To fix them to the car, you need to moisten the cups, and then press them onto the bodywork. When you remove them you may notice a faint ring where each one has been, but I find they are easily removed when the car is next washed and do not leave any lasting marks. These can be obtained from EBay for the modest sum of £4.90, post paid. The details to put into your browser are as follows:4pk x 52mm Suction cup screw with separate nut. This will take you to the correct point where there is an illustration of the items. For those of you who don’t have access to the internet, I would be pleased to order them for you. Hope this is of value to members. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 10


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280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 11


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas This month looks like we all will be very busy, with start of the show and run season lets hope the weather is going to be kind. We visited the Practical Classics restoration show and had a very enjoyable day out. Decided to go by train - Yes Train!! To be honest it turned out to be a good move. We booked on line and reserved seats from Macclesfield to Birmingham International for £26.00 each return. There were no parking worries or long drive home allowing extra energy for walking around the NEC. It turned out to be very well organized event with some good lectures and programs on restoration. There were numerous stands and goodies being offered from Car Insurance to complete workshop equipment, welding sets, English wheels etc Well worth a visit next year. This month's Club guest speaker was Kevin Dranfield of Stockport Heritage Society. He gave a very interesting talk on the importance of tramways and locks around Marple and their vital role in transporting coal and limestone to help fuel the industrial revolution in the region. I was so inspired that I decided to follow the canal and have a walk over to the aqueduct at Marple and look for myself. Quite impressive, considering the technology available at the time. A little unnerving walking across with no barrier on one side but well worth the walk I have been doing a little research into LED lights and bulbs this month and information has been quite good. LEDs are a good replacement for filament bulbs in most cases. The benefits include low power consumption and brighter lights for older vehicles. While not being cheap to buy they will last a lot longer than filament bulbs and can be fitted to both Positive and Negative earthed vehicles, they can be bought as bi- polarity bulbs. But every bulb must be connected the same polarity or they conflict with each other. Earth connections are also very important and must be well made. The fitting of two bulbs is important so two stop lights two bulbs etc. Regarding headlights there are two different types Cree and Samsung LEDs. They don't get hot, an advantage there, and unlike a halogen bulbs you can handle them without damaging them. Your headlamps must be in good condition reflectors and silvering must not be dull as this will affect how good the light is. LED headlights take very little power only around 1.5amps (12v). In fact you can obtain bulbs for every type of light for vintage &classic vehicles. A big thanks to Chester Maddocks for help on this. He has replaced a number of 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 12


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bulbs with LED's and led boards so please have a look at his MG next time you see it. I think you will be impressed. Elaine and I had a Christmas present for afternoon tea over at Holmfirth Vineyard, the most northerly Vineyard in England -unless anyone knows different! We waited until the weather had improved to take advantage of the gift and had good afternoon with a lovely drive over Woodhead. The present also was included a tour and wine tasting, not too much for the driver! A nice place to visit in some of Yorkshire's finest countryside. Please don't forget to book for Llandudno MGOC run as it gets booked up early??? The police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, and the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off! 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 13


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280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 14


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Chris Howarth reports, next 3 pages. Drive it Day 2015 Drive it Day dawned bright & sunny & full of promise. We made our way to High Lane anticipating a lovely run & were not disappointed. The first challenge was the railway crossing at Middlewood, which was inconveniently closed for a train for long enough to create quite queue on both sides, & those who use it will know that there are some nasty bits sticking out at the sides of the road to catch the unwary – fortunately we were all wary! Going down the lovely country lanes we passed the entrance to our friends at the Anson Museum & on across country to Prestbury, where the biggest challenge was set. One instruction was a little “confusing” shall we say, but for those of us who were in the know, a couple of instructions further down mentioned the Cock & Pheasant, which is on the edge of Bollington near where our younger son & his family live & which we pass regularly, & gave us a clue so we were back on the route. Through Bollington we crossed the Macclesfield/Whaley Bridge road near the Highwayman & wandered past Jenkin Chapel & down into Kettleshulme. In Chapel-en-le-Frith we turned over the tops to Dove Holes, where we crossed the A6, going through Peak Dale to Peak Forest, where we did a jink across the road & went along the Old Dam Road eventually coming to the Wanted Inn where, as far as I was concerned we went “off piste” along a single track road through Blackbrook (fortunately not meeting anything) & dropping down opposite the Chestnut Centre on a road that I didn’t even know existed. We crossed the main road & continued on a most unclassified road which, after giving us lovely views came out by the Chapel under the viaducts on the Chapel to Chinley Road. I’d always wondered where that road went… After that it was simple, as we knew that we were going to The Royal at Hayfield, so right under the low bridge & up the hill, managing (just) to forbear from stretching the old girls legs to pass the other members cars in front of us. This may have been a mistake as the carpark at The Royal was almost full, & certainly was when the four cars arrived. Obviously we weren’t the only ones who thought that the weather was nice. Blocking in a number of fellow members cars we went inside, to the warm welcome that we have come to expect. The meal was as good as ever & we had a lovely, relaxing time chatting & occasionally breaking off to eat. It was a Run that I will remember for a long time, especially the section from the Wanted Inn to Chinley. Photographs will be found in the Photo Gallery on the Website. 280 HHCVC Club Mag May'15, Page 15



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