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H & H CVC Club Mag June 2015 - Edition N° 281 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 1


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281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 2


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Club Mag. For June 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT Several vehicle shows have been and gone since my last report with various updates coming and going in this magazine. As I arose on Sunday morning of May 24th , the day of the Stockport Town Centre show, I was pleased I had put the roof on the TR but by about 10.30 the rain had stopped and although not the sunniest of days, the rain held off. Our members are a hardy lot and most of those who said they would come did indeed turn up with thanks to you all. Not only did we have cars present from H&H but also a few members from Tame Valley and GVEC. About a dozen bikes turned up from VMC so in all we had a goodly selection of vehicles but we still await the promised crates of beer from Robinson’s brewery who brought their classic delivery wagon. Thanks must go to Helen and Dave and to Martyn for helping with marshalling; to Kevin from VMC for organising the bikers: to Graeme Vout from SMBC for getting support from traders etc and to the Mayor of Stockport attending his last function of his year together with the Lady Mayoress for presenting the awards. The car of the show went to David Howard for his Austin Seven ruby and the motorcycle award went to Barry Cook for his Matchless. The Manchester Evening News was present with a photographer but at the time of writing I have yet to see anything published. I am attending a feedback meeting at the end of the month. 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 3


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I note that the paper counterpart to your plastic driving licence is no longer valid but the plastic photo card bit still holds good. As near as I can find out, if you still have one of the original paper booklet type licences these are still valid but Graeme Vout told me that on a recent trip to France when he came to hire a car he had an awful lot of bother in getting the hire company to accept his very old style licence. Yes I know it is nice to hold on to things from the past but it looks as though if you want to hire a vehicle in both the UK and abroad, it will be worthwhile changing it. Of course when you become of age like some of us, you automatically get a plastic card type replacement to keep with your bus pass and B&Q discount Wednesday card. But please make sure your name and address on the licence is correct because that nice Mr Plod will fine you £1000 if it is wrong! Applications for the Peaks and Dales are going very well, by the last count we are up to about 80 applications. It is most likely that you will struggle to get a form in by the time you read this but our erstwhile Secretary always has a few spares for those who turn up on the day. One of the companies who are sponsoring us is my friend Ian who does the trophies for our shows and he has kindly donated the trophy for presentation by the High Peak Deputy mayor at Buxton. Ian not only supplies trophies etc but also mends shoes and boots, cuts keys etc and has recently replaced the zip on my tonneau, He can be found at Russells in Hazel Grove. I will present a list of our sponsors in the next magazine. A tale via Fred Dean regarding your remote locking/unlocking device for your modern car. He went to Church with management and upon leaving couldn’t get the door to unlock on his Ford. The AA or RAC were summoned and the chap solved the problem in an instant. The church had a mobile phone transmitter installed in the tower and it would seem that the operating gubbins stops remote transmitters in the immediate vicinity from working. The Vicar turned the gubbins off for a few minutes while Fred was able to open the car. Strangely enough this happened to me at the local garden centre but I had my emergency old style key with me and was able to open the door. I recently took a look at the amount of tax we pay on a litre of petrol. At 116p per litre we pay 58p in duty with an additional VAT cost of 23 pence making a total of 81 pence. The cost of a litre to the fuel station proprietor is around 30 pence and he makes around 5pence per litre profit. I wish I hadn’t looked! I remember when you could by a gallon for 6/4d and that was after that nice Mr Wilson increase fuel duty by 6 old pence per gallon. I think this excuse about buying fuel by the lire in line with the common market is a scam because if we still bought fuel by the gallon it would be in the order of £5.16 per gallon. 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 4


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And another thing I have looked at recently is how car manufacturers get the so called average consumption for each vehicle. First off all oils and lubricants are replaced with the thinnest possible and the vehicle has the least amount of fuel possible to be carried for the test. All interior trim, i.e. door panels, visors, seats,(except the drivers) carpets etc are removed and even the driver’s seat is replaced with a very lightweight unit. In fact anything that could reduce weight is removed. On the outside again and unnecessary trim is removed, the lightest possible tyres and wheels are fitted with no trims. Then all exterior gaps i.e. doors, boot, bonnet etc are taped over as is any gaps between bumpers and bodywork. The driver of the vehicle is as light as possible and has sponges fitted to his/her shoes. The test is not carried out until the vehicle is up to the desired speed. We don’t have a chance which is why the manufactures figures are totally fabricated. I have learned of a further problem or scam with the new ‘no tax disc’ system. As you will gather I am not in favour of it but we should be, hopefully, assured with the present government that the rolling ‘free’ road tax system. Now six people each buy, for example, a similar blue Ford Focus. One of these is top notch and the other five are bobbins. The top notch car is taxed and MOTd each year and the other five are not. The number plates on the good car are reproduced which is not difficult, and I have done it for a trailer, and fixed to each of the duff vehicles. Along comes Mr. Plod with his ANPR equipment and has reason to check out one of the duff cars. Tax, Insurance and MOT all OK. Say no more! For last month’s meeting we had an excellent turn out for the annual John Walker table top rally which was won by the MG lot. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to JW for the quiz which was indeed easier than those previously. For the next meeting we have a visit from the Glossop Mountain rescue group who as you cannot have missed, our Charity for this year. In conclusion I am sure you will join me in thanking CP, our editor for producing this magazine each month but he needs your help please. He is always short of articles and would very much appreciate something from you and so I implore you all, fingers on keypads please or even pen to paper, CP needs your input. See you at the next meeting or the P&D. 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 5


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Tatton Park Show 2015 – 22nd/23rd August Just in case anyone didn’t notice the piece in last month’s Newsletter If you would like to go to the August Show please let me know as soon as possible. Obviously we need to fill the stands on both days & to be fair to everyone, as far as possible, it could mean that passes may not be available for the same vehicle for both days. Please let me know your name, the vehicle make, model, year, registration number, which day you want to go & your mobile number. Either send an email to me at chris@c-plus.co.uk or give it to me on a piece of paper, as soon as you can as it is filling pretty fast. Dave Ogden, Chairman of Tame Valley Vintage Classic Car Club, has proposed that for next year we should do as we are doing with GVEC in August & see whether we could have adjacent stands & optimise the number of cars on show. TVVCCC had a stand in May, although not as large as they had hoped for. As many of you will know TVVCCC share a number of members with GVEC, as do H&HCVC. More news when we have some. Chris Howarth 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 6


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281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 7


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Editorial June Magazine Cover Jean Knowles proudly displays her trophy, Runner up second prize with her Austin A30 at Capesthorne Hall. Would you like a digital copy of your magazine, instead of receiving it by post? You can request this by sending an email to hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk Stockport Classic Car Show We would like to say how surprised and delighted we were on Sunday 24 May 2015 to be awarded the prize for the Show Winner at the H&H CVC Car and Motorcycle Show held in Stockport Town Centre Marketplace. The weather that day was not promising, but how we enjoyed seeing such a variety of interesting vehicles and chatting to their owners; and also to meet many people and share their tales and fond memories of the Austin Seven. We enjoyed also the chance to visit the Stockport Dungeon and to spend time at St Mary’s Church looking through their collection of old photographs. Even the stallholders were friendly and cheerful, warming us up with a cheering hot cuppa and a sandwich. Ruth was thrilled to find a vintage dress in a shop nearby to add to her collection that she wears at the 1940’s events that we attend. David & Ruth Howard, proud winners. 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 8


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All we want now is the viewing public! Barry Cook collecting his Trophy for the best Motorcycle See all the photos on the website 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 9


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281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 10


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New Club Members David Jones brought his Vauxhall Viva HA to the Show in the Market Place, and joined the club as well. (Looking at the scarcity list, there are only about 19 left of this model) Richard Amott currently doesn’t have a classic. John Longworth has rejoined the club , with his son Tom, after a break, John’s got a Frogeye Sprite, 1959 vintage, and Tom owns a 1990 Mini, he is to navigate John on the P&D this year. Richard Burton has a 1974 Triumph Stag Philip Lowery joins the club with a 1999 Alpha Romeo GTV Deborah Bradbury owns a 1963 Austin Mini. She has regularly taken part in the Peaks & Dales Run since 2008. She also owns an MG TF, likes going on runs, and now she is joining the club too. Welcome to you all. 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 11


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281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 12


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Saw this on Facebook’s ‘Talking Classic Cars’. I’m sure it’ll interest some of our members The people running some shows should never be allowed to speak and deal with the public:It is a shame that people running Cornwall Festival of Motoring don't take time to learn all about the venue. It was a very hot sunny day when it was transmitted on the speakers, “Will dog owners please put their dogs in the cars they are not allowed on the site.” I being a responsible dog owner would never put a dog in a car in the heat of the day. So I went and ask for my £5 entry fee back, as I had to go. I would not have my dog left in a hot car with no shade. Reluctantly I was handed a £5, followed by the words. “NOW F... OFF AND NEVER COME BACK. WE DON’T NEED YOUR KIND”. Lovely place Cornwall. 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 13


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas This month looks like we all will be very busy, with start of the show and run season lets hope the weather is going to be kind. We visited the Practical Classics restoration show and had a very enjoyable day out. Decided to go by train - Yes Train!! To be honest it turned out to be a good move. We booked on line and reserved seats from Macclesfield to Birmingham International for £26.00 each return. There were no parking worries or long drive home allowing extra energy for walking around the NEC It turned out to be very well organized event with some good lectures and programs on restoration. There were numerous stands and goodies being offered from Car Insurance to complete workshop equipment, welding sets, English wheels etc Well worth a visit next year. This month's Club guest speaker was Kevin Dranfield of Stockport Heritage Society He gave a very interesting talk on the importance of tramways and locks around Marple and their vital role in transporting coal and limestone to help fuel the industrial revolutionI in the region. I was so inspired that I decided to follow the canal and have a walk over to the aqueduct at Marple and look for myself. Quite impressive considering the technology available at the time A little unnerving walking across with no barrier on one side but well worth the walk I have been doing a little research into LED lights and bulbs this month and information has been quite good. LEDs are a good replacement for filament bulbs in most cases.The benefits include low power consumption and brighter lights for older vehicles While not being cheap to buy they will last a lot longer than filament bulbs and can be fitted to both Positive and Negative earthed vehicles, they can be bought as bi- polarity bulbs. But every bulb must be connected the same polarity or they conflict with each other. Earth connections are also very important and must be well made The fitting of two bulbs is important so two stop lights two bulbs etc 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 14


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Regarding headlights there are two different types Cree and Samsung LEDs They don't get hot, an advantage there, and unlike a halogen bulbs you can handle them without damaging them Your headlamps must be in good condition reflectors and silvering must not be dull as this will affect how good the light is LED headlights take very little power only around 1.5amps(12v) In fact you can obtain bulbs for every type of light for vintage &classic vehicles A big thanks to Chester Maddox for help on this. He has replaced a number of bulbs with LED's and led boards so please have a look at his MG next time you see it. I think you will be impressed. Elaine and I had a Christmas present for afternoon tea over at Holmfirth Vineyard, the most northerly Vineyard in England -unless anyone knows different ! We waited until the weather had improved to take advantage of the gift and had good afternoon with a lovely drive over Woodhead . The present also was included a tour and wine tasting , not too much for the driver! A nice place to visit in some of Yorkshire's finest countryside Please don't forget to book for Llandudno MGOC run as it gets booked up early ??? 281 HHCVC Club Mag June'15, Page 15



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