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H & H CVC Club Mag July 2015 - Edition N° 282 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 1


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282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 2


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Club Mag. For July 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT It may be ‘big-headed’ of me to say but without doubt this year ’s Peaks and Dales was the best ever. Many people congratulated Richard Burnham on presenting the best and prettiest run ever and as always it was very accurate. It has to be said that the whole operation operates like a well oiled timepiece; well it should be as we have now been doing it for nineteen years! I have to thank the many club members who helped out with duties in the Scout hut both before and after the start of the run and for marshalling at Buxton. I apologise for not naming you all as I would be sure to miss someone out and cause offence. Also thanks must go to the Committee for their various roles with a 100% turn out. We had about 100 vehicles booked in and most turned up , the few who didn’t make it was due to mechanical failure but on the day we had a few last minute arrivals who turned up at the door, no problem. There was a bit of difficulty at Buxton as we arrived in that we were double booked with the Triumph Sports Six Club but thanks to a great deal of cooperation between us and them we managed. It would appear that the organisers at Buxton had two booking-in books, one by the manager and the other by the assistant manager, need I say more, but to add to their confusion the guy from TSSC who booked them in was a P.Dale. The High Peak Deputy Mayor and 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 3


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Mayoress arrived at Buxton in good time to have a look at the cars and present an award to the vehicle they liked best, that being the Ford Anglia of Helen and Dave Bowden. And the weather just about held good. At the start point, the vehicles were flagged of by representatives from our Charity for 2015, the Glossop Mountain rescue Group. At the time of writing I do not know the precise figure raised by us for them but it looks like being slightly higher than the amount raided for last year ’s Charity. I will report later. The Charity will be attending our show at Marple Garden centre in September and the cheque presentation will be made then. I have to thank our many sponsors for the P&D both from companies whose name appeared in the route books and for the private sponsors all as follows. COMPANIES MARPLE MOTOR COMPANY EDEL CARPET AND FURNITURE SUPPLIES OF MARPLE MORGAN WOOD TESTING FACILITIES OF NEW MILLS D&S WHITE (BUTCHERS) OF MARPLE HG STEPHENSON CATERING FACILITIES OF STOCKPORT SHAKESPEARE GARAGE OF BUXTON STEVES TYRES OF BUXTON MCV MOBILE VELTING SERVICES OF HIGH LANE HIGH LANE GARAGE PURRFECT PETS OF MARPLE SAVILLES AUDIO VISUAL COMPANY WHO KINDLY DONATED THE RALLY BOARDS RUSSELLS TROPHIES AND SHOE REPAIRERS WHO KINDLY DONATED THE TROPHY THE ROLLING PIN OF CHEADLE HULME WHO SUPPLIED THE BREAD ROLLS AT COST PRIVATE SPONSORS T.EINSTEIN, E.TAYLOR, F.DEAN, I.BOOTH, J.LONGWORTH, P.CLARKE, B.BRAMHALL, B.RICHARDSON, A.LINDSAY, C.JOHNSON, D.JONES, F.HILTON AND ONE ANONYMOUS. ALSO THANKS TO HIGH PEAK RADIO FOR THEIR BROADCAST AND TO THE PAVILION GARDENS FOR ALLOWING US TO USE THEIR FACILITIES. 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 4


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On the subject of the show at Marple, judging awards this year will be grouped more or less as last year but rather than having separate sections for sports and saloon cars we will group them together starting as always with those from the pre-war years followed by those after 1945 in ten year groups with a runner-up and winner award for each group. Motor-cycles and commercial vehicles and individual awards will be as before. I have had an interesting e-mail from Andy Stobbie regarding replacement tyres for his Panther Lima which is fitted with wire wheels. He needed 185/70R13 tyres with tubes and had great difficulty in finding a known brand supplier. Fitting tubes to tubeless tyres is not recommended as the tubeless tyres have a raised steel band on the inside of the tyre which in time will rub through the tube and cause it to fail. Andy phoned round many of the well known and less well known companies without luck but eventually found that Ashton Tyres would supply and fit Firestone tyres at £45 each including fitting and VAT. Thanks Andy, looks a good deal! And so to the next Club night on July 15th at HQ which will be the annual vehicle display and barbeque event. I urge you to come on or in your classic, maybe a Vespa might even be there! As I always ask if you are not coming in your classic, please park off site. Liquid refreshments in great variety will be on hand from the bar as always (I have a request from Dave, the steward, in that if you want a coffee with your order please ask for it first as they take a little longer) and burgers from the grill will be available with those two useless individuals on hand partaking of chef duty. (Me & Mike Coffey, of course) And so it’s goodbye from me, goodbye! ‘Level Crossings’ THE AVERAGE TIME IT TAKES A TRAIN TO PASS THIS CROSSING IS TWELVE SECONDS = WHETHER YOUR CAR IS IN IT OR NOT. A scrap-iron merchant with premises near a level crossing consolingly advertises: GO AHEAD AND TAKE A CHANCE. WE’LL BUY WHAT’S LEFT OF YOUR CAR. 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 5


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Tatton Park Show 2015 – 22nd/23rd August We have enough entries for the Passion for Power show now. We will hopefully not only be next to GVEC, but TVVCCC too. We are going to have a designated Marshal on the stand both days to ensure neat parking so that we can optimise the space & produce an attractive stand. By the next magazine we should have the passes. If you have your magazine by email I will hand them out at the August club meeting or arrange to get them to you. Chris Howarth 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 6


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282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 7


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Editorial July Magazine Cover New Club member Deborah Bradbury about to start on the Peaks & Dales Charity Run in her 1963 Austin Mini Minor. Would you like a digital copy of your magazine, instead of receiving it by post? You can request this by sending an email to hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk Please can you say a big thank you to Richard ( vehicle Support ) who came to me and my friend's rescue as our ‘knight in shining armour’ when two damsels in distress broke down on the first steep hill we encountered on Buxton Old Road in my little red 1963 mini on the Peaks and Dales run. This was my co-drivers first experience as navigator and was worried it would be the last time as we couldn’t have broken down in a worst place, in the middle of the road on a very steep hill. Fortunately some kind passers-by did push us to the side of the road. At this point I did think we were going to have to be towed home, and that our day was over before we had even got going, but then Richard appeared, and with a little twiddle and some emery paper, he saved the day. Not only that he gave me the confidence to continue on the run but also decided, to follow us just in case of further trouble. Needless to say, we flew along after that and had a fantastic day. So, huge thanks to all who helped us and we look forward to more good runs. Regards Deborah Bradbury (new member) At this time of the year, it’s time to start planning for next year’s club evenings and other events. First of all, we are looking for speakers. That means anybody who can come and give an interesting presentation to the members. We would prefer the subject to be transport related, but any ideas would be considered. If you have anybody in mind please tell the Secretary or any committee member. Many thanks. 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 8


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New Club Members Steve Bagnall - Steve has a 1992 Bentley Mulsanne ‘S’ Paul Robinson - Has a 1972 MGB Roadster, both of these gents applied to come on the Peaks & Dales Run, hope yopu found it enjoyable. Anthony Sidebotham - has a 1977 Mazda MX5 Ian McDowall - Has a 1990 Jaguar XJR & a Bentley RT, with his son, Robert McDowall - He’s got a 1994 Jaguar XJS Philip Collies Welcome to you all. Oddpics - a set of strange vehicles are going to be shown over the next few months. 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 9


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Hope Motor Show - from the Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club. Held at the Travellers Rest, Brough, Hope Valley. This show’s returned, after last year’s event was cancelled due to mayhem caused by visitors misbehaving when leaving the Showground after the show. This time police, and security staff were on duty in numbers, with retaining fences helping to prevent crowd overspill. We arrived around 4pm to find several club cars already lined up, and the weather, or numbers, was not looking promising at all. However, as the day wore on, arrivals increased, and they were really pouring in by tea time. This really is a fantastic show, with vehicles of all ages, from the fastest, to the slowest, from the oldest, one of these being the Simplex, a locally made car, of which there are only two in the world, to Rally and Race cars, owned by S&H members, of the present. Everybody was catered for. Food was available from the pub, and plenty of burgers, which were super, as usual. The club stand was very well attended, with at least 30 cars, our best ever, and there were a lot of vehicles to look at, and the weather more or less stayed fine Note - Future Event News Club Show 6th Sept - Form with this magazine. Due to Secretary’s hospitalisation last year, there wasn’t a programme, but now all’s back to normal, and a programme will be produced. Please fill out and send in the forms again, or just say, I do have last year’s forms. Then, just turn up on the day. Poynton Show Sat 29th Aug. - There are still a few spaces left please apply to Steve Divall on 0161 483 4475 The Gold Cup at Oulton Park Sat 29th -Mon 31st August. We are to have a club stand allocated. If you would like to watch some classics racing, and take your classic, admission's free, but passengers have to pay. Please book with CP by August 1st, as tickets have to be organised. Your Vehicle & Reg N° please. Contact Chris Parr please 0161 427 1363 or hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk to check your name’s on the list. Woodsmoor Classic Car Rally Mon 31st August - H&H CVC members (not at Oulton Park) seem to gravitate towards this event, organised by Carolyn Boe & Andy Stobbie. Members assembling from 10am. - Public at 11.00. It’s held At Stockport Georgians Cricket & Football Club A charity event held in support of St Ann’s Hospice and Tommy’s charities For details Email wccr2011@hotmail.co.uk 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 10


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. 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 11


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Arriving at Marple for the Peaks & Dales Charity Run. The Noble was delayed at the starting line as Carl & Tracey stopped for seconds as they tucked into the crispy bacon butties brilliantly fried up by the Butty Team, well done the club. Mountain rescue helped strap the intrepid sailors into their harness and the Noble fired up first time. Ray Etchells shouted right turn, but was drowned out by the howl of two turbo chargers at four hundred horse power on full chat shoving a featherweight 975 Kg. Super run back past Lime Park and thanks to that giant rear wing the back was still on the ground by Rainow. Gosh, how tight did those lanes get. Right turn following the purple Bentley and brakes on. ‘No!’ said Tracey, that’s the wrong way, Loads of lock on the tiny steering wheel, Carl had it turned round in 117 points to face back the other way. Navigator Tracey par excellence with a big grin. Traffic jam time, gauges into the red, heater on, Carl had sweat in his eyes when he smiled ear to ear to find the classic red Fiat 500, what a sight between the limestone walls. Some wicked straights and met up with the red Volvo estate racer boys. Low flying birds of prey at the reservoir toilet stop. Police diversion did not deter Tracey the Royal Logistics Corps navigator with her expertise to understand the dots, turns and signposts. View of Thor ’s cave over the Manifold was epic. Got smelly in the Noble, heaters still full on, the vents full of grass but the Southern Ocean sailors pressed on without an ice berg in sight. (for those who don’t know, Carl & Tracey nearly lost 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 12


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their lives when their yacht sank in the South Pacific. Ed) Darley Dale to check the speed cameras and then a coffee stop at Tollbar racing before a run back into the hills. A very friendly Silver Bentley parked on the right hander run off area of the hairpin had the picnic tables out and Sue had a slice of pork pie waiting. Tummies full from new friends in the club and up that steep hill for Lady Manners School. Twisty fun between the Derbyshire limestone walls, Brierlow Bar, even time for refuelling at the Buxton Esso before the grand showcase at the Gardens. How good did that ice cream taste after those heaters in the tiny cabin of the Noble? Tracey had the deputy Mayor strapped in before he had chance to say no! Smell of hot grass, Manifold mud and a bit of Carl may have been helped by a car air freshener but this was two racy for the fury dice. Smiles were still from ear to ear with a lucky number in the raffle, which prize? A huge slab of the breakfast bacon, Wicked. Tracey Hollinsclough with the Deputy Mayor all strapped in the Willans belts at the Pavilion Gardens at the end of the long stage club car run from Marple. ‘The run was a joy to behold on the dry roads of Derbyshire in the June sunshine.’ Carl Lomas 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 13


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas This month has started off very busy. Four MG's and dare I say it 1 Mx 5 and a Nissan Juke took to the hills in the Lake District for a weeks relaxation? The weather was mixed shall we say! Snow over Shap on Sunday then several days of sunshine. A visit to the Lakeland Motor Museum was on the cards and well worth the visit. A brilliant collection of Cars, Motorbikes, Bicycles and lots of car and garage memorabilia on display. There is also a separate a exhibition dedicated to Donald Campbell and his family with a replica Bluebird and showings of archive film and interviews A couple of nice runs also included one my favourites to the top of Hartside Pass, often named as one of the best drives in England. A winding road takes you over to Alston with a Cafe at the summit and opportunity to admire panoramic views over Cumbria. Now if you haven't been on this road it should be top your list of runs to do. The Hard Knot Pass a 1 in 3 single track road with hairpin bends on both side of the pass 1st gear a must and keep it going or you may have a clutch that complains! On the down side the road disappears on the bends but the views are stunning I don't think I would like to drive it in main Tourist season! There's chance to recover with more sedate motoring before reaching Dalegarth Station at the bottom of the Pass. Here a small gauge Steam train takes you over to Ravensglass, a scenic journey of approx 40 minutes - a nice change from driving. H&H joined Glossop VEC at Ashton under Lyne for it's first car show, proceeds in aid of ' Wish upon a star' charity. It was a cold day but 70 + cars turned out including around 10 MG's. Bank holiday Monday saw approx 14 members at Gawsworth Hall in nice sunshine in our usual spot above the Hall. I think numbers were down this year mainly because of the cost of entry having increased to £5 per Person from £3.50 which to be fair does include a look around the hall but the increase putting off quite a few people Any comments please ??? We all have had enough of Politics and the Election so GVEClub organised a evening run on polling day. We enjoyed a lovely drive around the Yorkshire Derbyshire hills with visit to an Excellent Chinese restaurant then home to catch up with the election results (or maybe not!) This Month I've been helping some of our members with MGTF's to change the shock absorbers /springs. The reason is that post 2002 TF's had fitted, as standard, very harsh springs. The later post 2005 models had a soft ride or comfort kit fitted. The job is straight forward at the front but the rear ones are, to put in mildly, difficult! The job entails having to disconnect the anti roll bar on both sides and trying to manoeuvre the ECU on one side and the expansion tank on the 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 14


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other It all turned out well except for finding a tyre with a bulge in on one car. We looked at the tyre age and them being 12years old decided it's time for a change The overall ride of the cars appears to have improved and pot holes don't seem to bottom out the same so I think a worth while expense??? I mustn’t forget this a very important Day in the Classic Car year, Drive it Day, Twenty seven cars turned out meeting at High Lane. Setting of on approx 40 mile run into The Cheshire and Derbyshire lanes passing into Prestbury (footballers homes territory) a little confusion at a road junction but soon back on track. We then passed into Derbyshire, the Goyt Valley and out towards Buxton and back to our destination at the Royal Hotel Hayfield for a well deserved lunch. Thanks to Richard Burnahm for a excellent run into lovely countryside!!! The Chesterfield MG Group are running the Marcham run again this year and we have always supported them. We have won the award for the most members of any one club to attend so can we try and win it again?????? IT' S OPEN TO ANY CLASSIC CAR and usually end's up at a show. The date is SUNDAY 26th JULY. Please go to Chesterfield MGOC group site for a form. If anyone does not have access to a Computer and would like to go please contact me and I will print you one But don't leave it to late ??? Last month saw a plethora of events so I will try to fit in as much information as possible. On election night we got away from the all the politicians and had a run out to a Chinese restaurant. Also 4 Mg's turned to Hollingsworth festival with GVEC. Glossop show, in it's 6 year attracted over 300 cars and entrants Neville Oliver's beautiful MGA winning 2nd prize in the sports car section. Our monthly club meeting at H&HCVC was a treasure hunt organised by our deputy chairman John Walker. He made it a little easier this year! The 'MG corner' were the winners, liquid refreshment being the prizes (wine) We joined forces with Tame Valley car club to attend Stockport Market show this a lovely historic indoor market in a lovely setting with the old Dungeons and Staircase House dating from 1490. Also being in easy reach of the shopping precinct for our other halves!!!! Unfortunately we were outside but around 40 cars attended including 4 MG's the weather picked up as the day went on and a very good day for all. Six members of our club ventured off to the Jersey Motoring Festival at the beginning of June taking in a 4 day tour of Guernsey and then on to Jersey for 5 days, a 600 mile round trip. The weather started off a little poor the first day but we then had glorious, top down motoring. The event consists of hill climbs sprints and a classic car show. Nice to see a MG 6R4 racing around the streets of St Helier. Jersey is a beautiful island with some excellent roads BUT a 40 MPH speed limit, oh well can't have everything perfect! 282 HHCVC Club Mag July'15, Page 15



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