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H & H CVC Club Mag August 2015 - Edition N° 283 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 1


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Club Mag. For August 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT During the days before our Club show and BBQ the weather was as usual, wet and horrible but as I emerged from my pit on Wednesday morning it looked to be a fine and sunny day. And as the day progressed things only got better. We had a great turn out of members both with and without vehicles and thanks to all of you who turned up. It was July 15th, St. Swithin’s day and as rumour has it if it rains on that day we get 40 days of wet to follow. Somehow it didn’t work this year. I took quite a few photos having got a stand in for BBQ duties which should be on the website and by way of popular request included people and several groups of conversationalists. Some shots of the BBQ and catering staff are also included. I have to thank Dave Betts for collecting and returning the BBQ and gas from Wright Hire it having been organised by CP. Also thanks to Head cook, Mike Coffey and to his assistant, Dave Rawson who actually volunteered and thanks to Margaret for onion and sauce duties. Also a big thank you to Stan from the Rolling Pin in Cheadle Hulme who donated the rolls and thanks to Ray for taking the cash. I also have to thank Dave for bar duties and me of course for cutting the rolls – sorry if you got a bit of glove with yours but it could have been worse! A great evening. I have been trying to get an update on the situation MOT testing for older vehicles 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 3


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which at present gives exemption for those made before 1960. The detail available to say the least is rather woolly but the best information I can get would appear to suggest that an EU ruling indicates that changes will have to come about in 2018 when a 30 year old rule will be instigated. There are several websites scratching around the topic so I would ask if anyone finds anything more positive then please let me know. We all know what a great fan I am of the new wonderful vehicle tax system and of course that you have to be careful when buying and selling vehicles that you don’t get ripped off by DVLA. What has occurred to me is when you go to hire a car or van how do you know it is taxed? And another thing, make sure the tyres are good. You should have received your show pass for Poynton with this issue and for those of you who receive the magazine by e-mail they will have or will be sent out by post. If you have not received one and asked me to include your vehicle in the show I apologise but please contact me and we will sort it out. I still have a few passes left which I will bring with me to the next club night if you would like to come. Also please remember to bring a write up with you about your vehicle or at the very least a pen and paper to write something down. As with last year you will be asked to enter the ring in number order, the numbers to coincide with your write up so please please do not go out of order! Alas the announcer does not know the difference between a Vauxhall Viva and a Bentley so strict number entry is essential. I will try to make sure the announcer doesn’t lose any of the write ups as well which happened last year. Something that has begun to p--- me off is the number of show organisers who have started to say that the vehicle entry pass only includes the vehicle and the driver. These organisers do not seem to appreciate the effort put into a vehicle by one’s partner and that the vehicle is one of the ‘draws’ to the show or whatever. I have written to the FBHVC on this matter who suggested that we should vote with our feet which is what, if I remember correctly, happened at Gawsworth recently. It would be a shame if this began to spread like a rash but some of the organisers look to be getting rather greedy! I have not got a final date yet for our show around the Stockport Market for 2016 as it is proving hard to get the Traders, the Victorian Society who Graeme Vout wants to include, The Vintage Motorcycle Club organised by Kevin Dranfield, other shows taking place, and of course ourselves. I have put forward early August as an option, as I can see a ‘car’ window, but so far this is not looking 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 4


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good with the rest. Watch this space for more detail please. I continue with my plea for both articles for the magazine and for any help that can be given with guest speakers. We have had some input apart from our usual subscribers in respect of articles but more are needed. This is your club; please do your bit for us! Last thing is please keep those stamps flowing. I know not a lot of our mail comes stamped these days, so it is even more important to do our bit for training dogs for the blind. For the next meeting on August 19th I am told we are to be treated to one of Andy Robinson’s quiz nights which are always delightful and easy. Thanks Andy and I look forward to seeing you then. 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 5


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Editorial August Magazine Cover Club member David Broomfield's newly restored (by himself) Ford Escort Mk1 which he brought to the BBQ Night. There's a catch to this, he's since sold the car! Would you like a digital copy of your magazine, instead of receiving it by post? You can request this by sending an email to hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk First, just a reminder about Woodsmoor Classic Car Show. They are expecting about 100 cars, and about 20 Stalls. They would like a bit of help, if possible, so volunteers please see Carolyn Boe, or Anthony Stobbie. (They’re also wanting raffle prizes please). Setting up from 10am - Show starts at 11.00. So, go to Woodsmoor playing fields. It’ll be well signposted, and there will be marshals in the road as well. For details Email wccr2011@hotmail.co.uk Right then, it’s the club Show on Sunday 6th September, and the usual plea for items for the Tombola, and Raffle prizes if you can please. These can be handed in on Club Night, or any time at Bramham Road. Jim Lavery will be welcoming all visitors at the entrance to the Garden Centre with his bucket—he’d like some help if possible please. Gates should be open from 9.30, and they will make bacon butties available to club members in the morning. Looking at the advert for Huddlestone Locks etc., on page 23. About 1½ hour’s run from High Lane. Apparently all classics will be welcome. Interested parties, please contact CP, so the organiser’s can be given an idea of numbers. 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 7


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Chris Howarth I understand that we will not only be next to GVEC, but TVVCC too. Mike Coffey has agreed to be our designated Marshal on the stand both days to ensure neat parking so that we can optimise the space & produce an attractive stand. If you receive the paper version of the magazine you should find your pass enclosed. If you have your mag by email I will hand them out at the August club meeting or arrange to get them to you. Tatton Park Show 2015 – 22nd/23rd August New Club Members Paul Crowther - Paul is the proud owner of a 2003 Mercedes SLK 230. Steve Sullivan - Steve brought his beautiful 1955 Ford Thunderbird to the BBQ, and has since joined us. He also has a ‘58 Cadillac Sedan De Vllle, and an 1987 Ferarri Testarossa John Ireton - John has a 1992 Tempest Vantigue, a Classic in it’s own right. Signwritten for his business (John has become an advertiser in this Magazine alongside Dave Ryan’s A1 Autospray - A1 MOT Station) The van was also seen at the BBQ. Welcome to you all. Oddpics - (Not one of the new member ’s vehicles!) 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 8


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Didsbury & South Manchester Car Show – 12th of July 2015 Two friends of mine from the ‘60s, Paul & Helen, are involved with the organisation of this show. I’d heard good things about it & a number of us went this year. GVEC had a stand area & we shared this. Mike Coffey went in his newly restored Rover 2200 with the Rover Club. It was a lovely sunny, calm, day & the venue was Didsbury Park, which is a haven of peace & tranquillity. There must have been about 200 cars of diverse makes, some one marque clubs & one model clubs, & multi marque clubs & many individuals. It was a very laid back day & we, mostly Mike C & I, wandered around chatting to various folk & looking at their cars, watching folk playing ball with their dogs (Penny was jealous) & enjoying butties & very good coffee. There were a couple of entertainments for little people, like small go-karts. Talking to Paul at the end he said that they were very pleased with the way that the day had gone. It is to raise funds for charity, this year for Francis House Children’s Hospice. There is no charge for entering your car & no pressure to spend on anything. I would thoroughly recommend this show & hope that it becomes a regular on our calendar. The area that is available is quite considerable & numbers are unlikely to be a problem. Chris Howarth 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 9


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At Buxton Mini Club's "Buxton Classic Mini and Classic Car Show 2015" on Sunday the 5th of July. Chris Howarth A number of members spent a most enjoyable day in the Pavilion Gardens. Three of our members were asked to judge & there were a number of prizes awarded. One was for "Best Engine Bay" which was in interesting one to judge & there were many cars that were in the running for that. Very few of the cars were as they left the factory, but there was a 1963 Smoke Grey Morris Mini Minor which was very original, & must have been one of the last with a floor starter button. Others that caught my eye were a really pretty Morris Minor Convertible with only 15,000 miles on the clock & in lovely condition, & a very original looking 1971 Escort Mexico that looked as though it had just come out of the showroom. Peter Farrow's Morris Eight was sparkling & was, I think, the only pre-war car there. Another that is really nicely restored to a very high standard is Neville & Pauline Oliver's MGA Roadster, which deservedly won Best Classic Car of the Show, to Neville's surprise & delight. It quite put the icing on the cake for the H&H members there. . The turnout was apparently significantly better than last year & the Mini Club hope to make this an annual event. The 2016 show is planned for July, the date will be notified as soon as it is set. Pictures on Website. 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 10


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283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 11


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Delarge Manufactured by Automobiles Delage, Courbevoie, France The Delage car factory was involved in racing from its foundation in 1903. Even the first single-cylinder car of Louis Delage was entered for races. After the First World War the company tried to make its mark in the luxury range. A big six-cylinder model with a 1 litre capacity for each cylinder was built. The camshaft, located in the cylinder head, was driven by a vertical bevel drive shaft. However, the car was a commercial failure. Bigger successes came with races. Delages came 2nd and 3rd in the 1924 French Grand Prix in Lyon, and a year later the outstanding racing driver Robert Benoit won this event in a Delage. In 1927 Benoit won the Grand Prix of Montlhery, the Monza, and the San Sebastian, making Delage the most successful racing cars of the year. At the same time, the company kept an eye on the so-called Concours d'EIegance, which were popular at that time. At the 1929 Paris Motor Show a new model, D8, was introduced. It had an in-Iine eight-cylinder 4060 cc engine, with bore and stroke of 77 x 109mm. The touring version developed 59.2kW (80hp), the sports 66.2kW (90hp). The four-speed gearbox and the engine were one solid block. The rigid front axle was suspended on semi-elliptic leaf springs. The car weighed 1440kg (3175Ib). In 1934 a 12-cylinder Delage won the perfection contest in Cannes, where it was exhibited in a coupe-de-ville version. In 1939, the jury in Monte Carlo was so impressed by the Delage D8/120 that this car, fitted with Villars cabriolet body, almost 5.5m (18ft) long, was awarded the first prize. In spite of all this success the company suffered from financial difficulties, and in 1935 Louis Delage had to sell out to the Delahaye car factory. Emile Delahaye had been producing up-market cars since 1894 and his company was known for fast motor boats and the taxi cabs it supplied to New York City. Delage cars were produced under that name even after amalgamation, but both Delage and Delahaye disappeared from the 1`market in 1954. We’ve actually got one in the club. Ed Burke has a Delarge 70 Replica 1925 in the style of 2 LCV racing cars (which fetch millions nowadays. This car will be at the club show on a trailer. Hopefully! More on the subject next month. 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 12


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Delarge A Brief History 1905 - 26 1905 Louis Delarge forms Company to design an build cars And engages Augustin Legros as chief engineer. From the outset, Quality of design and manufacture is their watchword. First cars, Types A and B, are produced using single cylinder de Dion engines 1906 Types C and D. Sales improve with first racing success, and Company expands facilities. 1907/8 2 cyl de Dion used in model G. 4 cyl engines introduced with H models (de Dion) J (Ballot or de Dion), L (Chapuis Dornier) and M (Chapuis Dornier then Delarge’s own). 1909 Winner of the Coupe de l’Auto race in car with unique egine design by N. Causan 1911 Winner of Bolongne Grand Prix 1913 Winner of Amiens Grand Prix 1914 Winner of Lyon Grand Prix with 4 Litre desmodromic ohv engined car 1914/18 Army vehicle production 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 13


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas I thought would start this month with a small item I found on a recent trip to the Lakeland Motor Museum. I'm sure that we all know MG made cars but what about Cycles ? Well what about The Bowden Spacelander . British born Benjamin Bowden originally designed the Spacelander in 1946 as part of the "Britain can Make it" Exhibition. It proved to be a hit, thanks to its unique space age design and futuristic features. The 1946 prototype had a dynamo that stored energy long before F1 cars had the technology ? going downhill and released it going uphill. It was the first bicycle to have a frame made from fibreglass, also featuring built in front and rear lights and an electric horn button. The prototypes for the exhibition were made by - you guessed it the MG Car Company, however the bicycle was extremely expensive to make and would not be produced in volume until 1960 in Muskegon, Michigan, USA. Unfortunately the spacelander sold for $89.50 -making it one of the most expensive bicycles in America. The Bowden Company went bust in 1961 with only 522 spacelanders ever being made. The colour choices were Charcoal Black, with brighter colours named Cliffs of Dover White, Meadow Green, Outer Space Blue, and Stop Sign Red ! A number of the big car manufactures now have bikes with their names on, a good bit of marketing, but MG were ahead by the looks of it ? Mountain Rescue. David and Helen Bowden won the car the High Peak Mayor would like to take home for the weekend, so well done to David and Helen ( Ford Anglia's and Harry Potter can't go wrong !). Hope show was back on the circuit this year after being cancelled last year due to a small minority of people spoiling it by racing on public roads after the show. The weather wasn't to great but a good evening. Three MG's joined up with Mike Radcliffe and the GVEC club on a evening run out to Dukker Roods Hotel. We enjoyed a 30 odd mile run around Yorkshire and then an excellent meal. The Hotel is the former home of Sir David Brown of Aston Martin and David Brown Tractors. I would highly recommend a visit. I had contact with Buxton Mini Club asking if we could support them at a show in Buxton. Several members from H&H gave their support. Three MG's turned out, Steve Kimber in his B, my RV8, but the star of the show turned out to be Neville 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 14


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and Pauline Oliver's beautiful 1958 MGA which won Classic car of the show. Well done Nev and Pauline!! The trophy was presented by Gerry Poulton of G. And T Motor spares of Buxton. Lancaster Insurance recently set a new Guinness World Record at Rockingham Oval circuit in Northampton for the largest parade of MG's (In case you don't know ‘Lancaster’ is the preferred insurer for the MGOC) Well done! Can it be beaten? I'm sure it will in the future. The H&H BBQ this month was well attended with the usual burgers on sale. Thankfully the weather held out and the evening was a success with many member's cars on display .Maybe we should have the best car of the evening next year ?? Take NoteH&H CVC won the Trophy at the Marcham Run for the highest number of entries from a visiting club. Next MGOC Run will be the ‘Goodnight Sweetheart Run’ - 27th September All types of Classics Welcome. 283 HHCVC Club Mag August'15, Page 15



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