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H & H CVC Club Mag September 2015 - Edition N° 284 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 1


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284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 2


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Club Mag. for September 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT HELP NEEDED PLEASE After serving for around 15 years as Treasurer Ray Etchells has alas decided to stand down with effect from the 2016 February Annual General Meeting. Obviously I am sure you will join me in thanking him for his work and dedication to the Club during that time. And so, we need to find a successor and I would ask that someone comes forward to take over the reins. The person does not need to be an Accountant or even a book keeper, but someone who has a tidy mind with accuracy for figures. The work involved is really book keeping entering figures perhaps on a weekly basis of income and expenditure and Ray will be on hand to help out if needed. At the end of the year figures are verified by our Accountant, David Rainsbury before they are submitted to Companies House. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested either by phone to me or through Chris Parr. For the benefit of new members and as a reminder to all on behalf of the Committee I re-state our policy in respect of details held on computer. These amount to your name and address, phone number(s), e-mail address, membership renewal date and vehicle details. This information is strictly for Club Administration and will not be passed on to any other party whatsoever. If a Club member asks for 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 3


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any detail of another member that information is not passed on without permission. May I remind you to keep CP informed of any changes to phone details as in the event of a show being cancelled for instance, a committee member would contact you to stop a wasted journey. As you will have know noted, I have attended several meetings regarding the Stockport show around the Market Hall which due to the number of groups involved has meant that achieving an acceptable date has not been without difficulty. I am pleased to confirm that it looks like being August 14th and obviously will keep you informed as time proceeds. This is the preferred date by H&H as no shows take place during the early part of August. This year around 35 members turned up and I am hoping for a better turn out in 2016. Richard Lomas is our new Charity Co-ordinator and would like to set the ball rolling for 2016. As you will know, we only support Charities which operate on an entirely voluntary basis and are not in the habit of collecting money to pay peoples salaries and perks as happens with many, many Charities. If you know of any suitable charity for Richard to consider then please contact him, his number is on the back page. Alternatively you can send Chris Parr an e-mail and he will pass it on. In submitting a nomination to Richard please let him have contact details and the name of a contact. What a great show we had at Poynton on 29th August. I think we had 36 vehicles on the stand, a great turn out and thanks to all of you who came. The weather was kind to us with only one brief 5 minute shower and we got everyone in the parade ring in the right order. I think for next year we need to keep the vehicles write ups shorter or maybe I will do the commentary. The car of the show was the MGB GT of Peter and Edna Ludlaim, a well deserved award for an excellent car, I have never noticed how well everything fits on that car; a credit to Peter. Now then, about 120 members each receive their Club magazine by post which comes in the form of a letter with a stamp on it. That means we send out close on 1500 stamped letters a year. You can see where I am going! We collect stamps for the training of guide dogs for the blind and do get some support for the membership but I would really like to see a lot more. Of the stamped envelopes we send out I reckon either Eric or me get less H&H stamps back than you could count on one hand. Not difficult – please inundate us. A bit early I know but a reminder about our Christmas Party which takes place on Wednesday December 9th at the Conservative Club. The format will be as for last 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 4


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year with tickets at £7 each, and will be on sale on October Club Night. Apologies for not mentioning shows at Tatton and Wyevale but hopefully there will be reports elsewhere in this issue. Also our club show at Wyevale garden centre will have been and gone and again we should have some reports elsewhere. I am writing this on August 30th to get it to CP in time as we are off to Kefalonia immediately after the Club show and I am short of time. The next Club night is on September 16th and I might think of you whilst basking in the sun but you will be in the capable hands of Mike Coffey. It takes over 2000 nut and bolts to assemble a car - but it only takes one nut to scatter it all over the road. The trouble with bucket seats in cars is that not everyone has the same size bucket 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 5


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284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 6


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Tatton Park Show – 22nd/23rd August Well, a bit better than May, but things could have been improved. Our stand was next to GVEC, & this worked well, however, although we had 2 x 10 cars stands, & had 20 entries fo r Saturday & 24 for Sunday we had nowhere like that on either day. I went on Sunday & there were 16 between the two stands. Some were registered twice & went on another stand or as an individual entry. Of the 16 only 5 were not members of both GVEC & H&HCVC, so at 10.30 we shuffled some of the vehicles around & produced a good display. Mike Radcliffe had set up the GVEC inflatable gazebo (very good it is too) & we had a comfortable amount of space to make a presentable stand. I feel, & discussing it with other members they did too, that having this arrangement for adjacent stands, especially as some many of us are members of both clubs, was really successful, & that it is the way to go in the future. Chris Howarth TVVCCC Grand Show at Buxton 2015 – 30th August GVEC was invited to join TVVCCC show in the Pavilion Gardens on the Sunday of Bank Holiday weekend. The GVEC members who went were also H&HCVC members, & a number won trophies. Richard Lomas’ MGRV8 & Tony, Kathryn & Tony’s Rolls Royce 20/25 wore big smiles after the prize giving. It was an enjoyable event & I hope that we receive an invitation to join them next year. 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 7


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Editorial September Magazine Cover Surprise winners of the Stockport Mayor ’s Cup at Woodsmoor Classic Car Show. John & Margaret Garlick with their 1946 Bedford KD Truck! New members, with email addresses, will now receive the club magazine by email (it can be printed off quite easily). In future, the option of receiving a hard copy will have to be requested. Poynton Show went really well, as the Chairman commented. A photograph of the winning car will be on the front of the next magazine. Regarding other events of the Bank Holiday weekend, One of our members was shocked to discover that occupants of his car would be charged entry into the Ruston Spencer Country Farm Fair - Which was very unfair, costing, like £30+. Something which our members are not accustomed to! New Club Members Steve & Karen Plant - Have a 1986 AMC Rambler, and a 1977 Ford Mustang. Welcome to you both. Oddpics - Easy, if you get taken short??? 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 8


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A very successful club show, with lots of people attending, about 100 exhibitors, cars and Motorcycles, the weather was just what was ordered. The cars were judged in classes, with first & second prizes for each one. They are listed below. Presentation to the charity shown overleaf. 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 9


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A representative from the Glossop Mountain Rescue group was presented with 2 cheques on Sunday, the first from the club, money raised by ourselves from the Peaks & Dales Run Etc., and a Cheque from Sponsors Saville’s Audio, who paid for our Rally Boards. 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 10


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284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 11


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Delarge Continuing the brief history. 1918/23 Sees introduction of 4.5 litre 6 cylinder cars, followed by the popular 2 litre 4 cyl side-valve engined type DE (3,600 built). A 6 litre GL series is also produced to rival the best cars in the world. Sporting interest is maintained with 5 and 6 litre sprint/hillclimb cars, and a 10.5 litre V12 Land Speed Record car. The DE is given an ohv head for the Le Mans event (designated type 2LS), and this development heralds introduction of the popular Dl series of cars to be produced from 1923 to '28. 1923/25 sees Grand prix car design with five 2 litre V 12 cars being built, power output reaching 190 bhp. 1926/27 sees the ultimate achievement; Delage becomes "Champion du Monde" with 1.5 litre straight 8 GP cars that "sweep the boards." 1927/29 The OM series of 3.2 litre 6 cyl high quality cars is produced (total 2567), and a side valve 2.2 litre version proves popular with over 5000 sold. 1929 The 08 series of 4 litre straight 8 cars is introduced and production continues to 1933 (around 2000 examples). These cars attract coachwork by famous makers and win prizes in Concours d'Elegance around the world. Six cylinder variants (type 06, 3 litres, and OS, 2.5 litre) are available from 1930/33 1932/34 sees a new range of 4, 6, and 8 cyl cars with engines designed to the "square" bore and stroke formula. 1927/29 The OM series of 3.2 litre 6 cyl high quality cars is produced (total 2567), and a side valve 2.2 litre version proves popular with over 5000 sold. 1929 The 08 series of 4 litre straight 8 cars is introduced and production continues to 1933 (around 2000 examples). These cars attract coachwork by famous makers and win prizes in Concours d'Elegance around the world. Six cylinder variants (type 06, 3 litres, and OS, 2.5 litre) are available from 1930/33 1932/34 sees a new range of 4, 6, and 8 cyl cars with engines designed to the "square" bore and stroke formula ..' 1935. The fortunes of the Company decline. Close to bankruptcy, the Oelage Company is bought by Walter Watney, the owner of the principle dealership in used Delage cars in Paris. The main factory in Courbevoie is sold to a machine tool company, and the right to manufacture cars under the Delage name is bought by Delahaye 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 12


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1935/39 Cars employ a very successful series of engines I derived from a sixcylinder ohv unit developed by Oelahaye. This is available in 4, 6, and eight cylinder versions. The Oelage models for this period include the very popular 06 70 range, and the 08 120 that attracts exotic and luxurious coachwork. The sporting aspect of Oelage is maintained with a coupe version of the 06 75 built for Le Mans in 1935, and leading to a three car racing team managed by Watney who's leading driver is Louis Gerard. A V12 car is built employing two 6 cyl. blocks, but its career is short lived. 1945/53 Production resumes with the 06 3 litre, known prewar as the 06 75. A three-carburetter version of the engine (in the "Olympic" chassis) produces 100 bhp. A single example of a 08 120 is built in 1947. In 1953 The Hotchkiss/Oelahaye/Oelage organisation ceases car manufacture. Ed Burke on left with his 1925 Delarge 2 LCV Replica. (Alongside Graham Knowles’ Ford Model ‘T’) 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 13


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284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 14


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas The Hare and Hounds Classic Vehicle Club BBQ went really well with our members showing off their cars with the usual burgers and hot dogs on sale. Later in the month we were booked in with the MG Group over in Chesterfield for the Marcham run a really great scenic run which ended up at Ashover Show unfortunately the weather the was not kind the rain started around noon and never stopped. As we arrived I think everybody was leaving One small bit of good news was that one of our members won the raffle. A BMW Z4 for a weekend compliments of a Derby BMW dealer so congrats to Trevor. We also retained the trophy for the most represented club which I think we have now won for 4 years well done to everybody. August saw the Snowden run and 5 MG's booked a long weekend in Llandudno for the Snowden run this is my 8 th year I have been on this run and It never disappoints. A big thank you to Llandudno MGOC for another brilliant drive they even ordered the nice weather! Finishing in the grounds of Conway Castle. As a car club based in Stockport I recently realized that Cecil Kimber attended Stockport Grammar School and Manchester Technical School as his father then ran a Manchester based printing machinery business were he studied Accountancy at evening classes. We also joined up with Glossop Vehicle Enthusiasts club for a evening run to a Fish and Chip Restaurant in Pontefract a 40 mile drive into Yorkshire for a feast of Fish and Chips followed by for me a Knickerbocker glory ( not had one since my teens) worth the wait. 284 HHCVC Club Mag September'15, Page 15



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