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H & H CVC Club Mag October 2015 - Edition N° 285 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 1


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Club Mag. for October 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT HELP NEEDED PLEASE A bit late but we had a great day on September 6th at Wyevale Garden Centre. The sun shone on over 100 vehicles and about 15 motorcycles turned up. Thanks to all of you who came and to Committee members and other Club members who turned out to help. Thanks also to the Garden Centre for allowing us to use their facilities and to those who brought raffle and Tombola prizes and to our sponsors. The show just about broke even which is all I ask .A list of winners was published in the last magazine. On the website Martyn has started a vehicle museum appraisal to help you, if you are so inclined, to visit a vehicle museum when out for the day or on holiday. Martyn has asked that if you visit a museum not listed, you put together a few lines for him to include on the website. Sadly for me, one of the first things I do when on holiday or out for the day is to have a look on the Internet to see what is available. I read in the free paper that a plaque has been erected at Dumplington or better known as the Trafford Centre remembering the efforts of factory workers who helped the RAF defend Britain from the Nazi bombs. This site was once the location of a Ford factory supplying engines for Spitfire fighters and Lancaster Bombers. At its peak the huge factory spread over several acres employed more 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 3


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than 17000 men and women who produced some 34000 engines under licence. The role played by those men and women working on the site is now commemorated with a blue plaque which cites the major contribution to victory in the Battle of Britain. Things are proceeding well in connexion with the Stockport Show planned for the agreed date of August 14th next year. At present the Victorian society and the Market traders are very much ‘up for it’ together with the local branch of VMC run by Kevin Dranfield. I get the feeling that some interest is coming from other quarters and at our next meeting on October 13th I should get some more definite information which I will pass on. May I repeat that Richard Lomas is still wanting nominations for our 2016 charity so if you have any thoughts please let him know. As I said before please give him contact details for your nomination and the name of a contact, but whichever charity you fancy must be staffed by volunteers as we are not in the habit of raising money for employee’s salaries and company cars! He will then carry out an appraisal to present to the Committee in January. At this point I come up with another of my pleas for help. Notwithstanding the input from our regular magazine contributors, CP is always in need of articles and tips from club members so please put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and let CP have your articles. He would love to be bombarded; this is your club please prove it! As winter approaches and you decide to ‘rest’ your vehicle(s) for the winter a timely reminder is to change your engine oil now to afford maximum protection during the cold spell rather than leave it until the spring. I have been looking at the price of oil for older vehicles and find that the specialist suppliers are charging towards £40 for 5 litres. I have had a look at local car shops and find you can get the self same oil for around £20 for 5 litres. A bit untimely and one for the memory bank is with regard to sun screen oil and modern car paint finishes. A while ago my daughter slipped whilst getting into the car and put a hand out for support and left some finger marks on the car which I could not get off. Most modern cars are finished with a clear lacquer for added protection and shine and this lacquer is easily damaged by sun screen oil so make sure that your bodywork kept out of contact with oily hands especially of course young children. For our next meeting, yes I will be there, so no cardboard cut outs please, we have 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 4


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a return visit from Ray Ashton who will give one of his very interesting ‘men and motors’ presentations. In conclusion may I mention our annual Christmas bash on December 9th as advertised on the ’Forthcoming Events’ page in this issue. Factfile 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 5


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285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 6


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Editorial October’s Magazine’s Cover Poynton Show Car of the show, 1972 MGB GT owned by Peter Ludlaim The trophy being presented by John Henshaw (Henshaw Waste Management) who sponsored the event. With wife, Edna, staying in the passenger seat. A note about GVEC Runs. Hare & Hounds members are invited to take part in all runs put on by Make Radcliffe for Glossop Vehicle Enthusiasts Club. Please contact Mike if you wish to attend, by telephoning 0750 6463621, or send an email to:- prideandjoy1@sky.com Of course, we organise some runs ourselves, starting in 2016, with the New Year Run, with The ‘Peaks & Dales’ Charity Run taking centre stage, and all of these will be advertised in the ‘Forthcoming Events’ section at the back of the magazine, and on the website. Tatton Park Show 2016 - Chris Howarth After the last Tatton Show We’ve had a chat with both GVEC & Stuart Holmes. Our consensus is that the best plan is to have a big stand between both clubs, which would allow a better layout of the cars as they arrive, rather than having to re-arrange the cars when it becomes obvious that all that are coming have arrived. Nearer the time we will have to work out how the entries will work so that we avoid the situation that has applied for many of the last few shows where there have been too many entries that have received passes but haven’t arrived on the day. 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 7


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On pages 13 & 14, we have articles about Panther Cars. We usually get a piece from Anthony Boe, but he’s taking a short break, and his pal Andy has chipped in with Panther bits for us. Now, Andy is the Treasurer of the local branch of the Panther Club. It’ll be back to normal with Anthony Boe next month maybe. New Club Members Andy Scarbrough has a Mazda MX5 Stephen Cashmore-Tranter is a proud possessor of a Toyota Cera. It is believed that the Cera was made for the Japanese market only. And Chris Hulme who runs a Porsche 968 Welcome to you all “I’m going to buy a car.” “Why?” “I’ve just found a parking place.” 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 8


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285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 9


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285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 10


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TVVCCC Port Sunlight Show Chris Howarth Tame Valley Vintage Classic Car Club invited H&HCVC & GVEC to attend their annual show at Port Sunlight on the Open Village Day & Founder’s Day Celebrations, on September 13th. The car show is held on the Museum Green, a central position in the village, with, not surprisingly, the Museum on one corner, & the Lady Lever Art Gallery opposite the Museum. There were about 70 cars from Mercedes & Jaguar clubs, individuals, & the usual wide selection from the three local clubs, ranging from 1930’s Rolls Royces to modern classics. Whilst it was enjoyable as ever chatting to fellow enthusiasts & the visitors, the village itself is very well worth a visit. As many will know, Port Sunlight was developed for the Lever Brothers soap works & the village was built to house the employees, but that is to greatly understate to whole project. The site was developed in the late 19th & early 20th Centuries from a very unprepossessing area of 56 acres of marshy land with numerous streams running through it. The location was between the river & railway & had room for the factory & houses with room for expansion, & with the great redeeming feature that it was CHEAP! From this sow’s ear William Lever produced what still looks to be a silk purse. Almost all the buildings in the village are listed, mostly Grade II, including almost all of the 900 or so houses & public buildings, although a few are Grade I listed, including the War Memorial, which is one of only 5 in the UK to be so listed. The layout of the village, which now covers 130 acres, with wide lawned areas, trees & works of art includes 2 areas on the English Heritage Register of Parks & Gardens of Special Historic Interest. As part of the Open Day there was a guided tour, taken at a gentle pace, around the village, including being shown round a couple of the houses by their owners. Unfortunately this Open Day often coincides with our Annual Show so when it didn’t this year it seemed a golden opportunity to go, & if this is the case again next year I would recommend anyone to go. As Richard Lomas & I agreed, we could live there – it is that nice. Pictures will be found in the Gallery on the website. 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 11


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas Here follows the report sent the MG Owners Club Magazine by Richard. The Hare and Hounds classic vehicle club have had a very busy month. We booked in to Tatton Park to one of the biggest classic car shows in the North West. A great weekend of anything car related. From classics to brand new cars, and this year a display of super cars including Alpha Romeo, Lotus, And McLaren. We had our monthly meeting and this month a very simple Quiz from Andy Robinson, name as many Ford cars as possible. It’s surprising how your mind works, so many obvious ones when you get the answers! A pleasant evening it was with a good bit of banter. Poynton Show was next which H&H have supported for many years. We usually have to get out the umbrellas on this one but this year a wonderful sunny day The car of the show was won by the lovely MGB GT owned a by club members Peter and Edna Ludlaim We joined up with Tame Valley Classic Car club at Buxton pavilion gardens over the Bank holiday and I have to mention that my MG RV8 won 2nd in post war sports class Port Sunlight on the Wirral near to Liverpool was our latest venue. We joined up with Glossop Vehicle enthusiasts club for a visit to the Model village built by Lever Brothers to accommodate workers in its soap factory. It contains 900 Grade 2 listed buildings and has been suggested for a world Heritage site. Well worth a visit, I personally will be going back as there is so much to see and a glimpse of how workers lived in the 19th century ? 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 12


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Chesterfield MG "Goodnight Sweetheart" Run 27th September Over the past few years we have been well represented on the “Marcham Road” Run held by CMGG, & lovely routes they have been, so it was with some optimism that a number of H&H members took part in this run. The start was at The Snooker Centre at Clay Cross, who did a very enjoyable bacon butty & coffee – always a good start to a run. The route quickly turned off the main Derby Road & we were into uncharted territory. It is a constant surprise how many roads there are that are so close to home but are a revelation when you follow a tulip into an unknown side road. As we left, Roger Garnett, who had set the route, suggested that “Big Blue” might find some of the roads a little narrow, or that was the gist of the comment, which included “Good Luck”. After a short time we took a right over a small bridge & began to see what he meant. Closely followed by Mike C in his XJ8 we wended our way for about a quarter of a mile & came to the drive to a couple of houses. With a little shuffling we turned round & returned over the bridge to the route. After a little distance we found an altogether more substantial bridge over the same stream – that’s better. As we knew that the finish was to be at The Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, we had no worries about finding our way. The route around Matlock & Cromford was quite challenging but the views were fantastic. There was one steep, single track, hill near Rowsley which would have been a challenge for many – even Big Blue changed down a gear! We zigzagged across country, via Hartington, where there were MGs parked around the pond & village green, Longnor, then up to Flash Bar & Axe Edge. Nearly there, we thinks. Not so. Left over the moors to The Cat & Fiddle & a couple of miles later right, down to ‘Salters’ Ford & over the top to The Goyt Valley dam & up the Bunsall Incline to Long Hill. No, I didn’t know that was the name for that steep hill out of the Goyt Valley either. We were accelerating up it & “suggesting” that Mike should get his toe down, but he was having the same problem with some underpowered MGs in front of him! The Pavilion Gardens was hopping as it often is on a sunny Sunday. About 60 cars arrived, mostly MGs, but a selection of other makes. As is usual we received a warm welcome both at the start & finish from the Chesterfield MG Group folk & seeing a number of familiar faces from the H&H was as good as ever. I have to say that the routes of all the Chesterfield MG Group’s Runs that we have been on over the last 5 years have been most enjoyable, sometimes challenging & have taken us to parts of Derbyshire that were new to me. I would commend their runs to anyone (except perhaps Dave & Sue in the Austin 7 – Go in the Nissan!). Chris Howarth 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 13


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285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 14


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Panther Six update From Andy Stobbie There have been articles in the H&H magazine about the six wheel 8.2 litre Panther Six. Panther built 2 of them, the first is somewhere in Saudi Arabia, probably in some sheikh’s collection that he is not even aware he owns. The second was tracked down about 5 years ago, and we had it on the Panther Car Club stand at the NEC show, where it was awarded Car of the Show, it was such an unusual beast. It wasn’t running and had to be pushed into place and be insured for £150,000, the owner was so neurotic about it. The owner then tried to sell it for £150,000 but no takers not surprisingly so he ended up putting it up for auction where it sold for about £40,000, I heard to someone in Austria. I thought that’s the last we’ll see of it, it will probably be in some museum or other. How wrong I was, it has been seen at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este which is a posh car show on Lake Como in Italy. And it runs! There is a video on youtube showing it in action which certainly surprised me. Mind you it does sound a bit like a truck but then given the size of engine it’s not that far from one! To see the full article go to you-tube and search for ‘Six Wheeler 1977 Panther’ 285 HHCVC Club Mag October'15, Page 15



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