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H & H CVC Club Mag November 2015 - Edition N° 286 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 1


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Club Mag. for November 2015 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT The magazine cover picture for this month shows Dave and Helen’s Ford Anglia 105E at Buxton Pavilion where they were presented with the award from the High Peak Mayor, this not only for being a superb example of the Anglia but also as the vehicle the Mayor would most liked to have taken home. The Anglia was of course made famous in the Harry Potter films. In total just over 1.6 million Anglia’s were built with just over 1 million of these being sold in the UK. To me there has always seemed to be an Anglia at whatever show I have been to but to my extreme surprise the DVLA website is currently showing just 20, yes you read that right, 20 taxed and on the road at present with a further 10 on SORN. As you know, I have often scorned the accuracy of the DVLA information but they can’t surely be so wrong. Yes it’s that time of the year again when Christmas is upon us and of course the now legendry H&H Christmas Party will happen on Wednesday December 9th at the usual place. Tickets are on sale from Margaret at £7 each (same price as last year) if you wish to dine with us or £2.50 each if you would prefer not to. The choice of food includes a Beef hot-pot, a Chilli or a Vegetarian hot pot. As always a vast array of drinks are available from Dave at the bar including tea and coffee of course. Events during the evening include background music, spot prizes, a few games and a raffle (any suitable contributions will be well received). If you 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 3


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have not got your tickets already, Margaret will be pleased to sell you some at the next club night or I am sure if you phone her she will be pleased to let you collect them from home. For the November meeting we have a visit from Justin Farrington from the Stockport College Automotive Department and I understand he will give us a well informed presentation on the work that they do including how apprentices are taken on and the training they receive. I am not sure if they did it this year but in previous years they have had an open day which we attended with our classics. On the subject of guest speakers we are always looking for more for next year. Please, if you know of anyone who would come and talk to us or indeed if you yourself felt able to come and talk, do not hesitate to make contact. Subject matter does not necessarily need to be vehicle related. I thank those of you who continue to give used postage stamps which go to help training guide dogs for the blind. I know that a lot of post these days comes by franked mail but every little helps including the stamp attached to your magazine if you receive it by post (hint hint!) I continue to have meetings with Graeme Vout from Stockport MBC for the proposed show on August 14th next year and at the moment things are proceeding well. The Victorian Society is on board and this together with some other input groups, should make for a great day out for the family. Graeme tells me that the Mayor is booked to present awards for the car and motorcycle of the show but as yet we don’t know who he or she is! I am planning to make entry easier this year with only one point of entry but that is for the future. It is still not too late to nominate a charity for 2016 and our ace Charity Coordinator, will still be pleased to hear from you if you have any suggested nominations but time is running out for him so if you have any suggestions please let him know by the end of November. As said before, only charities operating on a voluntary basis are acceptable and please give Richard Lomas some contact detail and phone number of your suggestion. I conclude on a sad note. There cannot be many Club members who have attended our annual show at Wyevale Garden centre and failed to notice the green 1930’s C type MG Monterey with the boat tail rear end owned by Robin Gordon. Alas Robin passed away on September 19th and as I understand he just sat down 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 4


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and left us. He was a great bloke to chat to as many of us did on many an occasion and Robin was a great supporter of classic vehicle race meetings especially where MG’s were involved which is hardly surprising as he was a retired racing mechanic. He had owned the MG for over 50 years and was a great member of the MG car club. I am grateful to Chester for this information who tells me that his MG will live on either through his sons and grandsons or through the MG car club. Our thoughts are with his family. And so to the next meeting with Justin Farrington on November 18th and by the by, if you have any suitable items or contributions for the raffle at the Christmas Party, Margaret will be pleased to relieve you of them. I will see you then. 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 5


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Editorial November’s Magazine’s Cover Peaks & Dales Charity Run 2015 David & Helen Bowden showing off the trophy awarded by the Deputy Mayor of High Peak Peaks & Dales Run 19th June 2016 This from Chris Howarth, on the spot! Whilst we have booked our “slot” at the Pavilion Gardens for the finish of the Peaks & Dales Run, some of you may have heard that The Octagon Hall in the Gardens is having much work done on it. It closed at the end of October & is planned to be reopened next October – assuming there is no asbestos he says cynically. In order to do this substantial amount of work a Contractor’s Compound has been built around the Octagon, taking a chunk of the Promenade, &, to provide some space to replace the Octagon, a large marquee is being erected alongside the café, taking another chunk of the Promenade. I’ve had a few conversations with the staff at the Gardens & the latest one was that they don’t think that there will be enough space left on the Promenade. After a double take I asked if there was anywhere else that we could use. “There is the Event Field” – Ah the old bowling green! This is a large patch of well drained flat grass at the end of the Gardens near the Opera House, opposite the Old Hall Hotel which – bit of history now – was originally Buxton Hall, & the gardens of the Hall were given by the Seventh Duke of Devonshire to become part of what are now the Pavilions Gardens. There are two gates, one each at the corners where the area abuts the road. Whilst the grassed area, which has been used for other events with heavy wheeled vehicles, such as horse boxes, would probably be big enough to take about all the entrants vehicles, we will also be able to use the roadways around that too. All the other facilities of the Gardens will still be available to us. It looks as though this fits the bill well, & could be an interesting change. 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 7


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Christmas Party Reminder See the ad. On the Forthcoming events page (28) Tickets can be purchased on club night or can be reserved to collect at the door on the night, by telephoning Margaret - 0161 427 1363. Oddpics 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 8


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286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 9


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas I thought this picture might provoke a few comments (Jules) I find it very entertaining as the season starts to slow down some of us are going to get stuck into some maintenance of some kind i.e. change oil, grease etc. I was going to give some information on the Morgan Factory yes I know it's not an MG but it has the letters in its name. A visit can be made and a factory tour of the oldest car production on the same site in the world at Morgan Cars in Malvern. The visit we had included a 2 hour tour of the factory, museum and shop followed by a lunch or afternoon tea. 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 10


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Old Timer Museum from Martyn Faulkner On a recent trip to France we decided to visit Ypres in Belgium which in itself was amazing as it was completely destroyed in the First World War when the Allies defended the town. The most awe inspiring was of course the Menin Gate where 54,389 names of officers and men from United Kingdom and Commonwealth forces who fell in the Ypres Salient before 16th August 1917 and who have no known grave. At 8pm every night since 1928 the last post is sounded by the buglers of the local Fire Service, the only break was during the Second World War when Ypres was occupied by the Germans. While in Ypres I picked up a leaflet about the “Old Timer Museum” which just happened to be on our way back to Dunkirk where we were staying, so could we miss the opportunity, of course not! The website for the museum is www.oldtimermuseum.be which can be changed into English from Flemish and gives full directions of how to find the museum, opening times, charges (currently € 8 each), etc. The museum consists of a collection of 95 cars from1899 to the 1970s plus about 25 old motorcycles and many other “old” items which the owner seems to be collecting. I know its not a museum you would go to unless you were over in France/Belgium but if you find yourself in the area try to ensure you make some time to visit as I have never seen so many vintage vehicles in such wonderful condition, obviously many are still used and there is a cabinet showing various rally plaques that the cars have partaken in. To me the top exhibit must be the “Fawcett Flyer”, seen on the next page, which before you say “What??” it is a 15,500cc (no, its not a misprint I did mean 15.5 THOUSAND cc) 6 cylinder car from America built in 1918 and it is superb though goodness knows how many gallons to the mile it uses! Also it is only a three seater – two in front and one behind and the only “windscreen” is a circular glass disc in front of the driver though I’m not sure it would go too fast for you to get wind burn. Overleaf there are some photos and I will also include some more of the museum exhibits on the H&HCVC website. 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 12


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As Easy as One, Two, Three Anthony Boe - November 2015 Hello again! I've been away for an issue or two trying to come up with some car related ideas to assail you with. During the showing season it's often easy to come up with a theme as I tour the various car-filled fields of Cheshire encountering something that piques my interest and pretty soon an article splurges forth. However, outside of the annual motoring firmament, things are more challenging. It seems this problem of inspiration is a common issue and there are others who are often tasked with coming up with ideas on a consistent basis. Whilst I was on holiday recently I happened across the Car Stuff podcast on the How Stuff Works website. The presenters Scott and Ben have had the unenviable task of finding a new car related subject to discuss every week for the past few years. And what ground they've covered. I won't list any here but it's worth a listen to some of the subjects they've tackled. It's interesting that they have addressed some of the same themes I've had a go at whilst writing for the H&H mag, developed independently of each other I might add. Proof positive that 'great minds think alike' or indeed that 'fools seldom differ'. So onto business, and another subject covered by the Car Stuff boys, but one I've been considering for a while. A few articles ago I wrote a little about a couple of well-known three-wheeled vehicles: the Bond Bug and its sibling the Reliant Robin. Indeed, when you ask most people in the UK to name a famous threewheeler, most would state (erroneously) the 'Robin Reliant' before bursting into hysterical laughter. Soon after you'll be talking about Del Boy and Rodney and their 'Robin Reliant' van. Again completely wrong because, as we all know, they actually drove a Reliant Regal Super Van iii. Then, a la Clarkson, they'll talk about Reliants being prone to falling over in corners again, mostly wrong, as the Robin JK abused on TV had been heavily modified to make it tip aided by some over-vigorous driving. The overall impression though is not good and perhaps not without good reason. However, there are a quite a number of other none-Reliant three wheeled cars (TWC) we could mention, some we're familiar with, and others more obscure that, in spite of their lack of a fourth wheel, are worth discussing. Let's have a brief review of some of the luminaries in this category: Morgan Three Wheelers Morgan Motor Company have a long illustrious heritage of producing TWC starting in 1911 with the V Twin. Unlike the delta format of Reliant and Bond models, Morgan used the tadpole configuration for their cars: two wheels in front and one at the back. Arguably, some would say this is more stable given that the 286 HHCVC Club Mag November'15, Page 15



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