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H & H CVC 1991 2016 Club Mag January 2016 - Edition N° 288 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 1


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Club Mag. for January 2016 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT Happy New Year to all and welcome to 2016, a year that is set to be action packed and the greatest ever for the Hare and Hounds Classic Vehicle Club. On the front of this magazine you will have noticed a picture of a man on a tractor. This is Club member Michael Stephenson who is often seen at our shows and other events with one of his classics and indeed sometimes, he has been seen in a Mark one Mini-Cooper which belongs to his mother. The picture was taken at the Poynton show last August before he drove it around the ring as part of the tractor display. At the extremely successful Christmas Party, as mentioned in the last magazine, I was delighted to announce that Honorary Membership has been given to Fred Dean in recognition of his outstanding contribution to our charities each year. Thank you Fred for your help, which as always has been well received. Can I ask please that if you have need to contact any Committee member or indeed any other club member by e-mail you begin your header with a relevant statement like H&H MGB brake light help or something relating to your need. I like many of us get several spurious e-mails after a site has been hacked and as you know, opening them can give rise to more hacking. Thank you. 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 3


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Please take note. I am reliably told that if you take a child out of the country who is not your son or daughter, e.g. grandchild, niece, nephew etc, (not sure if it applies to mothers in law) upon re-entry to the UK the Customs require written authority from the child’s parents that you have their permission to take the child out and come back in to the UK. No problem however as I understand it upon leaving the UK or entering another country. On the subject of replacement LED lamps for your vehicle, an acquaintance with a 10 year old Volvo decided to buy a complete set for his car not through the official Volvo sites but from the Internet. These appeared to be much cheaper than from official channels and as with a lot of things these days are made in China. Having fitted them to the car he was delighted with the smaller replacement lamps as installed in sidelights, interior lights, brake lights, trafficators etc but when it came to the headlights and fog lights etc he found the lamp output was only about 70% of the previous filament lamps. Obviously not at all satisfactory so if you are going down this route, take care. Has anyone noticed that when you buy touch up paint for your modern car you now get a miniscule quantity of paint, a container about the size of nail varnish, and it is so thin you need about six coats to cover up a stone chip or whatever before applying the lacquer. The stuff I got for the BMW recently had the consistency of water and I think it is water based to boot. What happened to the quarter pint cans of Duplicolour proper paint I could buy not so many years ago? And so to the next meeting on January 20th where once again, I present the Chairman’s quiz. As I said in the last magazine, teams of only four please as six heads are better than four. Please bring a pen. See you then. 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 4


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288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 5


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Editorial – Happy New Year PLEASE NOTE From Andy Robinson. Beware all of you who licence your vehicle online. If you receive an email pro-porting to be from the DVLA asking you to update your details as they have a database problem.... DON'T! It will tell you that if you fail to do so, your license will be invalid. It will ask you for your name, address, vehicle make. along with your credit card details including your 3 digit security number. It certainly looks genuine, and even has a real link to the DVLA website. IT IS A SCAM TO ROB YOU!!!' New Year Run Is everybody ready to go on our New Year Run, meeting at High Lane on Sunday 17th January, 10.30 for 10.45 start? About 54 miles in length finishing at a PH just North of Congleton for lunch, or, of course, you could take a picnic. See you at High Lane. Anyone joining the club will receive the current month’s magazine, which will be sent with the Membership card, and display draft copy, which they need to return to the Secretary. From then on, they will receive the magazine by email. The Spring run will be on 6th March. Approx 40 miles finishing at Dagfields Crafts and Antiques Emporium Nr Nantwitch. There is ample parking, plenty to see and Tea rooms and restaurants. I would suggest that people may wish to take a picnic if the weather is decent. The run will start from High Lane Con Club, 10am for 10.30 start, taking in A roads and Cheshire country lanes. Andy Robinson. Note - Subscription Payments If you receive your magazine by email, and have renewed your club subscription, please note that your membership card will be in the Secretaries briefcase, so please come and ask for them. 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 6


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New Members A warm welcome is extended to Aaron Savage, and to Richard Whitehurst, who was previously in the club. Aaron has a Mazda MX5 Richard has a Toyota Supra.. Brilliant. Answers for the Christmas Crossword in last month’s Magazine. Across 1. Michelotti 7. Classic 8. Tread 9. Evo 10. Flavias 13. Tuscan 14. Jalpas 17. Sleeper 18. NSU 20. Paint 21. Cortina 22. Electronic. Down 1. Meadows 2. Cast 3. Excells 4. Octavia 5. Itals 6. Accents 11. Majestic 12. Asturas 15. Pontiac Kei car 17. Space 19. Iron Hoping there were successful entries — Just a bit of a challenge! Now, Shows News from Chris Howarth. Lymm Transport Festival 26th June 2016 Lymm Transport Festival includes not only cars but motorcycles, commercials, cycles, steam engines & narrow boats (on the canal!), transport related displays & live music. I have had good reports about this & there is a suggestion that we should arrange a club stand. I’ll investigate further & let you know next month. They say that it can fill quite quickly, being booked up by the end of February last year so we will need to move fairly soon. It is the last day of their week long festival & includes a parade through the village. The timing is to be there by 9.30 – 10.00 & leave after 4.30. Their website is lymmtransport.org.uk. More news soon. Tatton Park Show 4th & 5th June 2016 We are planning to share a stand with GVEC so please only book with one club to avoid confusion. Hopefully we’ll have room for at least 20 cars between the clubs. More news next month, but commitment will be needed. Listen out for announcements at the club meeting in January & February. 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 7


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Didsbury Car Show – Probably the 2nd Sunday in July. We went to this show last July & shared a stand with GVEC. It was a most enjoyable day – laid back & relaxing & I would thoroughly recommend it. More info when available. _____________________________ Odd pics Whoops’ “Had a slight mishap Sir.” 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 8


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Result from our 2015 Charity An insight into the life of the Glossop Mountain Rescue Team. Glossop's Swift Water Rescue Unit raced from supporting Santa to saving lives as the flood crisis in Cumbria became critical. Glossop Mountain Rescue Team was busy raising badly needed funds with their Father Christmas float when the call to Cumbria came in. Within minutes four members were travelling through Saturday afternoon's wild weather in the team's Land Rover to search and rescue headquarters.at Penrith fire station. It turned out to be the start of a massive operation which saw Glossop Mountain Rescue providing an unbroken 48 hours emergency cover. Glossop's water rescue skilled volunteers were joined in Penrith by colleagues from Kinder, Woodhead, Edale and Derby. It became a combined Peak District team which operated as a water rescue unit throughout the two day operation. Team member David Morgan. who was part of the Glossop response, said: "The team was put into operation on Saturday evening responding to a number of flooding incidents in the Penrith area. "After a short break it was requested around midnight to relocate personnel and equipment to Carlisle. "Under blue light escort, the team attended the city centre where the River Eden had burst through the recently built flood defences causing rising flood levels. "On arrival, the team went into action, immediately responding to calls for help to evacuate residents from their flooded homes and other locals still out and about but becoming surrounded by the rising flood water, "he added. The team managed to snatch a few hours rest, but as dawn broke, it was sent to begin the mass evacuation of a heavily flooded residential area near to the Brunton Park home of Carlisle United. David said rescuers were kept busy as shocked residents woke to see the extent of the flooding and the depth of water in their houses. Working methodically they checked door-to-door, street-to. street, searching for vulnerable people who needed immediate evacuation, ensuring those who wanted to stay in their homes had sufficien1 food, water and blankets to remain safe and trying where possible to confirm that, in houses where there was no response, the residents had already left. At lunchtime, as the flood waters were still rising, power boats from the RNLI and RSPCA were deployed to attend locations the mountain rescue teams couldn't reach. As the Glossop team left the area they helped an elderly woman who had started to become hypothermic. They used self heating insulated blanket panels specifically bought for hypothermic casualties. The team returned to base more than 24 hours after first getting the call for help, arriving in Glossop at 4.30pm, followed by two hours of cleaning and decontaminating the kit used As the initial team returned to Glossop, another 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 9


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three Glossop Mountain Rescue Team members interrupted a water rescue training weekend to head to Cumbria to work with rescuers from Water Safe UK. hey continued to search for and evacuate people in flooded parts of Carlisle overnight and through Mon- day before returning home on Monday evening. This second team meant that Glossop MRT had provided an unbroken 48 hour presence in the area. David said the team was over- whelmed by the gratitude and appreciation of all the people rescued. He added: "The team's Facebook page was updated as opportunities arose and are grateful for all of the inspiring messages of support received. Members of the team in Cumbria recently. 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 10


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas Well, December was a quiet month with all the Christmas and New year celebrations. Our annual Christmas party was on the 10th of December and a good time was had. I unfortunately could not attend but I understand a good evening all round. A Happy New Year to you all. We are looking forward to our New Year run on the 17th weather permitting. I'm sure Richard will be finding a route for us all to enjoy? I have been researching our charity for next year and thanks to all our members who have passed on information, it has all been looked at and will be discussed. I have been looking this month at an article in Classic Car Buyer re the MGF It is probably closely associated with the initials MGF. But it was also a best seller for over a decade. Quite a controversial sports car, the MGB was the last mass produced sports cars or MG after Abingdon closed in 1980 Ideas for a 'proper' MG came and went through the the Eighties and early Nineties but most did not succeed due to budget restraints. But the MGF was based on 2 metro subframes,it also made use of the Metro and 200 series parts bins. It proved at first not to be popular with the public, but the motoring press loved it, which I suppose is quite rare after all Rover group still had the history of British Leyland behind it. Next month I will look at what is good and bad about the MGF I will update Chris as soon as possible regarding all MG runs for next year as they become available. 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 11


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288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 12


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HANDS ON HEART 2016 CHARITY This years charity is one that supplies Defibrillators to schools and colleges, all money raised goes to the cost of purchasing and installing. The charity has a terrific record of making Salford the first Heart safe community in the UK all 97 schools now a have access to a defibrillator. The aim of the Charity is to prevent deaths of the young people who die each year due to a sudden cardiac arrest. To educate young people about SCA and train them in Basic Life Support and how to use defibrillators. Since 2011 Hand on Heart has placed over 400 fully and partially funded defibrillator packages to schools across the UK. For each of these schools they also trained 8 school staff to use defibrillators and educated 30 children per school on basic life support. 12 to 16 children or young adults die every month in the UK from Sudden Cardiac arrest 80% of the victims will have no prior symptoms so it will be of great benefit to local schools near to us. I would like to thank Breda Johnson (club member) for information re the Charity. We will be able to present the defibrillators to the schools of our choice later on in the year. Anyone who is interested in or would like more information please go to www.handonheart.org 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 13


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288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 14


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Superchargers Courtesey of ‘Classics Magazine’. Supercharges have been around almost as long as the internal combustion engine and essentially are compressors designed to force the intake air into the engine rather than letting it suck it in at atmospheric pressure. Pressurising the air means more oxygen is forced into the combustion chamber and can be mixed with more fuel to create a bigger bang - essentially generating the power of a much larger engine. Superchargers are driven mechanically from the engine which is one of their main drawbacks -a significant amount of power can be lost in simply driving the supercharger, which is why exhaust gas-driven superchargers were invented, or turbochargers as we know them. Turbos of course come with their own disadvantages. chiefly the fact that they don't produce much boost until the engine is spinning quickly -turbo lag, in other words -but that's another story. The classic supercharger is known as the Roots type after its inventors Philander and Francis Roots. Designed back in 1860 to ventilate mine shafts and first used on a car by Gottleib Daimler in 1900, it's essentially two rotating lobes meshed together inside a housing which create a basic air pump as they spin and ,compress the air into the intake system. It's your classic drag racer supercharger sitting on top of the engine and is great for low-down torque but it has several disadvantages: it moves air in a series of separate 'bursts' and is inefficient, creating a lot of heat. A Roots blower with two-lobed rotors. Most real Roots blowers' rotors have three or four lobes. Key: 1 Rotary vane 1 2. Pump body 3. Rotary vane 2 a. Intake b. Pumping c. Forced air or air-fuel mixture into intake manifold A development of the basic Roots type of blower is the twin-screw supercharger, which as its name suggests, uses a pair of tapered helical screws meshed inside the housing to compress the air inside a series of pockets machined into the screws. ______________________ 288 HHCVC Club Mag January'16, Page 15



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