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H & H CVC 1991 2016 Club Mag February 2016 - Edition N° 289 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 1


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289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 2


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Club Mag. for February 2016 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT On the front cover of the magazine for this month is a photograph of dear Fred Dean in his Morris Oxford on his way to the Club Show last September. Fred’s car has only covered a little over 20 000 miles and is like new. What I most like about it is the smell of the interior, a delightful aroma of leather. Now Fred is a great supporter of H&H and turns out to many shows come rain or shine, in his words ‘it’s only a drop of water and won’t hurt anything. Thanks Fred. An excellent turnout for quiz night in January, thanks to all of you who attended. Congratulations to Margaret K, Chris H and team, who won. I try to make the questions easier each year but not sure if I achieved that but certainly I managed a degree of variation. And yes you heard it right; the MG corner did not know what an MG Boxer was! Also, the New Year run on Sunday 17th was well attended, despite the snow which as I understand was very limited, and did not cause any problem. Many of those who took part enjoyed the run and said that the food in the pub was ace. Thanks to Richard B for organising it. I didn’t make it as I was tramping around the Stockport Market Hall with Kevin Dranfield sorting out parking arrangements for the August Show as we should have more vehicles coming this year. More later. 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 3


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I learn from the Telegraph of Saturday 16th of January that Genoa, the birthplace of Enrico Piaggio, has slapped a ban on all Vespa Motor scooters built before 1999. The ban takes effect from April 1st and is between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. Apparently the owners of some 20 000 Vespa’s are affected as they use them to get to and from work. The ban is to try to reduce air pollution in the city which is reaching high levels and is part of a nationwide campaign which also affects Milan, Rome and Naples. Obviously there are many huge protests going on in all cities as people lose the right to use their only means of getting to work. No mention is made of course of the pollution from diesel engines and having had a look at the comparative figures for pollution figures from a diesel engine against a Vespa it takes nine Vespas to equal that of many cars! Interestingly enough, I learn of an issue with regard to the key card used to gain entry to many hotels and also used to activate the electricity supply in the bedroom. I always thought that these cards were programmed to unlock and lock the door to your room for the period of your stay. Wrong! The strip on these cards also contain a lot of information about you not only having your name, address, phone number etc but also more importantly your complete credit/debit card detail used when paying. These details remain on the card until used by the next guest when they get wiped off. So when you leave the hotel, clear your room and lock the door having twice checked you have all your goods with you, to remove the data all you have to do is run the card across a magnet. On that subject Christine came back from the Garden Centre the other day and said that her handbag seemed unusually heavy and upon examination found a large circular magnet attached to the zip which appeared to have hooked itself on. Got a magnet now for hotel trips! I am intrigued as to the reasoning behind the BBC in deciding to take their somewhat limited F1 broadcasts off the TV as a way of saving money. The other day I was browsing the channels as one does and noted one sports game being broadcast on three channels at the same time and the same camera was used for all three broadcasts. Two of these were BBC! The sport shown was my least favourite but I won’t mention it as I might upset a few members. And so we mourn the passing of the Land Rover Defender. The original was designed by one Maurice Wilks mainly for use in an agricultural mode with a central steering wheel like that of a tractor and it was felt it could be sold for left or right hand steer. However only one prototype was built which no longer exists. Of the many thousands of the various variants built over 50% still exist. The reasons given for its discontinuance are that the vehicle is very labour intensive to 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 4


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build, that it does not meet current safety standards and the power units used are inefficient. Having known that all of these issues were relevant to its continuance, one would have thought that they all could have been addressed to the current vehicle or that the manufacturer would have brought out a completely new vehicle as an immediate replacement when the previous model was stopped. There is some vague talk of a replacement being available inside two years but by that time will all have been lost? (More on the Defender later) At this point I make a plea on behalf of CP for articles for the magazine please. We have so many rare and interesting vehicles in the club and some with unusual history so what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to get your name in print: this is your club, please prove it. And so to the next meeting on February 17th which is the AGM and with a complimentary hot pot supper. I look forward to seeing you then, and to your continued support. 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 5


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289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 6


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Editorial H & H C VC Ltd. Annual General Meeting To take place at the Conservative Club, High Lane Wednesday 17th February, 2016 at 8.15pm Minutes with this magazine. AGENDA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Apologies Introductions The Chairman’s report. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting The accounts of the club showing receipts and expenditure for the previous financial year. The election of the officers to the club. The appointment of Directors of the club. The remuneration of the officers of the club Any other resolutions put before the meeting pursuant to these Articles. 6. 7. 8. 9. 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 7


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New Members Gavin Johnstone - Is the proud owner of a 1998 BMW Z3 . Geoff Arnold - Has been involved with H&H CVC virtually since the club’s inception. A member for a few years, and owned several different classics, has now rejoined us with a modern Mini Cooper ‘S’. Roger Stones - has also rejoined the club following about a bit of a break. He owns a 1974 MG MGC, y’know 6 cylinders, 3 Litres. He’s also been on several Peaks and Dales Runs, over the years. Welcome to you all. Shows News from Chris Howarth. Gawsworth Hall Classic Car Rally Monday 2nd May A Show that we have attended for many years. We have our usual stand area. As last year it is £5 for car & driver & £5 per passenger. We have been asked to limit numbers to 12. Entry of PRE 1970 vehicles encouraged, & entry forms are now available from Chris Parr, or their website. Gawsworth Hall Youngtimers Classic Car Rally Monday 30th May A Show for 1970/80s Vehicles & ones where the production started in those decades e.g 1997 Bentley Turbo R is eligible as they started in the 1980’s, with some flexibility such as MG RV8’s We hope to have our usual stand area. This event is being supported by Carole Nash Insurances & if you register with them they will send FREE passes for the car & occupants. Entry forms will be available soon. Again we have been asked to limit numbers to 12 Glossop Car Show – Saturday 21st May 2016 Contact GVEC to register. £5 per car to pre-register. Show & Autojumble Tatton Park Show 4th & 5th June 2016 We have applied for a shared stand with GVEC so please only book with one club to avoid confusion. As of the start of February between the 2 clubs we are getting close to ¾ full so if you want to go but haven’t completed a form please contact me I will send one to you, but commitment will be needed. Listen out for announcements at the club meeting in February. It is likely that we will be full before the end of February. Lymm Transport Festival 26th June 2016 Is full. I have been in touch with the organisers. It was full by the 10th of January, , but they have said that they would be happy to have us next year – I’m awaiting their reply to say when the opening date is to register a club stand for 2017. 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 8


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Stockport Classic Car Show 14th August 2016 Show in Stockport Market Place. GVEC & TVVCCC invited. Details to follow. Always watch this space for future events. Didsbury Car Show – Sunday 10th July. We went to this show last July & shared a stand with GVEC. It was a most enjoyable day – laid back & relaxing & I would thoroughly recommend it. If you would like to go please let Mike Radcliffe know on prideandjoy1@btinternet.com or Chris Howarth. Stockport Classic Car Show 14th August 2016 Show in Stockport Market Place. GVEC & TVVCCC invited. Details will follow. Tatton Park Show 20th & 21st August 2016 Details later. The plan is to have a joint stand with GVEC. February magazine Cover Picture . Fred Dean off to the Club Show last September in his 1960 Morris Oxford. Odd pics 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 9


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NEW TREASURER As most of you will know, for the past fourteen years, the job of club treasurer has been held by Ray Etchells who has, without doubt, completed the job in a very professional manner. It goes without saying that the club and all its members, both past and present, should applaud Ray for all the time and effort given to the club over the years. Credit should also go to Jan, Ray’s wife, for her help and support whilst he carried out his role as treasurer. I think most of you will know me (Jim in MX5 corner as Steve describes me.) I have been with the club a number of years and did spend some time serving as a committee member for the modern classics section of our club. For the past couple of months I have been working with Ray, familiarizing myself with club finances, in readiness to take over from him as club treasurer. I have made one or two changes that I hope will benefit both the club and its members. The club bank account is now accessible on line and this will allow payments to be made to the club in a number of ways, BACS, direct debit, or direct transfer. It’s pleasing to note that some members have already used this facility and I would encourage other members to please try and do the same. All the clubs financial records have been put onto spread sheets, to make them more accessible to those who need them, through the email system. As club treasurer I hope to introduce some new initiatives to help the club to move forward and hopefully keep costs to a minimum. To this end I would ask those of you who can to take up the choice of having your club magazine sent via email. This would benefit all of us in a number of ways, saving greatly on one of our most expensive outlays, postage; it would also reduce the expenditure on stationery goods needed. It may be that shortly the magazine will be produced by a contracted outside printing company so again a reduction in numbers would help tremendously. Please remember that every year as a committee we have to look at the possibility of increasing the member’s subscriptions, so every penny saved reduces the possibility of an increase. If you can take your magazine via email please let myself or Chris Parr know as soon as is possible. Hope to see you all at the AGM. 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 10


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289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 11


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas The Hare and Hounds have had a quiet month taking in two New year runs. On Sunday 17th we set off for the leafy lanes of Cheshire on a 50 Mile drive, the weather was not kind to us, the night before, we had snow. A very good turnout even so, but a number of us used our every day cars so a mixed bag all together. Thanks to Richard our route master for another great run, how he keeps on finding roads we haven't travelled before I don't know. Our destination a lunch at the Wagon and Horses (any excuse to go to the pub for some ) the weather improved as the day went on and we had an enjoyable day . We have now made a decision on our Charity for the year. This will be HANDS ON HEART it provides defibrillators for schools and training for children in life saving technics. We are hoping to provide enough funds for 2 schools in the clubs local area. Our PEAKS AND DALES CHARITY RUN on the 19th June will be one of the main ways to fund our charity. The monthly meeting which our Chairman’s quiz was well attended with new rules applying. All teams must be no more than 4 members. A very interesting night. We split the MG Group into 2 teams but lost out into 3rd place, but we all had a very good evening. Our other run with the Glossop Vehicle Enthusiasts club took us around Greater Manchester into some nice parts of Lancashire and back into the City centre, past a very famous football club who play in Blue. Our destination being Gorton Monastery a very interesting talk on arrival, and a tour made a very good day with the weather behaving itself . A good turn out with 4 MG's on the run and on to the Roe Cross for Lunch. WHAT WAS GOOD ABOUT THE MGF /TF? Last month I started a review of the MGF/TF The success of the MGF does really speak for itself. It could be a comfortable and practical car for daily use or as weekend car for the enthusiast. Introduced in 1995 it was in production until 2002 in the ‘F’ guise before having a revamp in 2000 under BMW. It then went to be produced until MG Rovers demise in 2005. After Chinese takeover it started limited production again. The first 500 being hand built at Longbridge known as The LE after that limited production continued until 2011. 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 12


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It quickly became the best selling sports car in the UK. Against strong opposition from the likes of Mazda MX5, Fiat Barchetta, and the BMW Z3 it retained this position The MGF and its TF replacement was very successful as had been the MGB, the last new model from MG up until MGF production started in 1995.The B having a production run from 1962 to 1980. It looked good, it was priced to be affordable yet inspirational, it Hand enough performance to be a sporty car yet not to much or overwhelming, it's road manners were sharp enough to provide thrills if you wanted it but did not put off and average car buyer. It was a comfortable car like the MGB and practical. The MGF managed to hit the sweet spot by being remarkable advanced going away from the Austin type sports cars and hatchbacks of the sixties era. It's underpinnings are all from the Metro providing the Hydrogas suspension this is one the superb things that makes the handling so good on the F being comfortable and excellent roll control. It features interconnecting pipes front and rear greatly reducing any fidgeting which a lot of short wheelbase cars suffer from but giving it nimble handling . With the mid engine configuration the interconnections helped remove some wayward tendencies of the rear / mid engine layout. It boasted a 45/55 weight distribution, mainly because of the lightweight K series engine. The 1.8 K series only weighed in at 100kg thanks to the clever aluminium sandwich construction being also all aluminium, available in 118bhp and 143bhp tunes the later with variable valve timing VVC, also giving excellent economy with its free revving nature Later on in production the MGF 's life the range was expanded into several directions, A automatic version called the Stepspeed was introduced using continuously variable transmission very similar to the Daf 66 and later Volvo 300 series. A trophy model also arrived with a 160 bhp engine giving quite a power boost with engine suspension and brake upgrades. A spoiler was fitted to both front and rear to make appear more sporty the front one decidedly helping to keep the front end down at speeds over 60 mph. In total 117,000 MGF's and TF's were built and has always been praised for its driving manners but build quality was not its best feature. More Later. 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 13


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289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 14


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True Romance? Anthony Boe - February 2016 With Valentine's Day in the offing I thought it an appropriate time to wax lyrical on the subject of love. It's a strange and undefinable thing isn't it? It's been mused over by philosophers, artists and scientists since time immemorial. It's that mixture of hormonal and sensory stimuli that marks out those people or possessions in our lives for which we'd do irrational, extraordinary or even stupid things. Actions that would, ordinarily, be totally out of character. How many florid poems have been written, lachrymose songs composed or flattering portraits painted on this most ethereal of themes? Too many to count I'd wager and not all of them good. And around Valentine's Day, even for the staunchly unromantic, love still somehow induces you buy your better half an expensive card and a box of gooey chocolates even if it is because the people at Clinton's Cards have guilt-tripped you into it. You could argue that the same irrational process applies to the purchase and subsequent care of a classic car. Think back. Did your induction into classic ownership start with an aching yearn for the car you eventually came to own? Perhaps there were happy memories of prior ownership or of distantly remembered road trips in the long-since rusted away family car. Alternatively, it was possibly a long remembered ride in the company car of a friend or neighbour. A gleaming motor complete with that new-car-smell that you really admired. Maybe it was simply a car you always wanted from a magazine or your favourite TV show, an exciting vehicle that at the time was just out of reach because circumstances or cash prevented you from having it. All are routes to the eventual purchase of that very same machine years later especially when it's been redefined as a 'classic'. In the run up to that moment, when you finally hand over your cash, I'll bet that every time you saw someone driving your desired car the empty feeling of not owning it grew, and the burning desire to one day drive your very own, flared just that little bit hotter. Sounds a lot like love to me. So, eventually, the happy day arrives and you buy your car, even before the cheque's cleared and the money's gone, the relationship is well underway. And it couldn't be more perfect, a lifelong ambition achieved. Such joy fills your heart made even sweeter as you see others pointing with admiration whilst you smugly drive around in your new classic amore. Just like having a stunning supermodel on your arm as you nonchalantly stroll into your local. Nothing is too much trouble as you regularly polish, preen and vacuum your four-wheeled significantother ensuring every alluring curve of its exquisite body has felt your loving 289 HHCVC Club Mag February'16, Page 15



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