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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 277 | March 4th 2016 WIN! FREE TIX: The Easter Show A Bigger Splash Bard on the Beach Celebrate International Women’s Day Saving the Planet one outfit at a time Follow us on: @ciaomagazinesydney /CiaoMagazine SUSTAINABLE FASHION EASTER TRADING TIMES HAYMARKET 9-13 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 10.00AM-6.00PM WEDNESDAY 23RD – SUNDAY 27TH MARCH Austin Ave, Homebush West NSW GOOD FRIDAY 25TH MARCH SATURDAY FRESH FOOD 26TH MARCH EASTER SUNDAY 27TH MARCH 10.00AM-4:30PM 6.00AM-2.00PM 9.00AM-4:30PM FLEMINGTON WWW.PADDYSMARKETS.COM.AU


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Gruen Transfer – Too full for school – Sugar spree diet l Rumour WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie expresses some regret about trusting the word of a man who claimed to have been beaten senseless by bogans Dear LL – I just wanted to thank you for publicising the story of Louis, the sessional academic who pulled his car to the side of the road in Newtown to get some sleep after a gruelling late night lecture on ‘Interrogating gender: The phallus in vampire fan fiction’ only to find himself attacked by six bogans. I’ve got some Labor-voting friends who while doing everything possible to avoid coming into contact with tradie and truck driver types themselves, still clung to absurdly romantic notions about the decency of the common man and accused me of boganophobia. Well, I haven’t heard any of them championing the proletariat since your story of Louis being punched, kicked and urinated on by a mob of yobs screaming abuse such as, “That’s for supporting gender-neutral school uniforms” and “This is for boring us senseless about gay marriage” went viral on social media. I know the lamestream media does everything it can to hush up bogan-on-bohemian violence. It’s reassuring that there is still one commentator courageous enough to speak truth to blue-collar power. Pauline, Burwood LL replies: Thank you for your kind words, Pauline. While I have no doubt the kind of attack I so vividly described can and indeed has taken place, inconsistencies in Louis’ account have emerged post-publication. I had assumed, after Googling ‘Are all members of the working class violent criminals?’ and receiving several search results in the affirmative, I could believe everything Louis told me. In retrospect, the fact he was sporting a tin foil turban, lapsing into catatonic silences and muttering about being anally probed by an alien who resembled Mark Latham should have alerted me that Louis had mental health issues. However, I put these minor eccentricities down to his treatment at the hands of bogan berserkers. Ah well, we all make mistakes. My apologies to any non-bogans I needlessly alarmed. n Email your dilemma to FOOD Melissa Leong has it that now Supabarn in Five Dock has been successfully sold to Coles, we can expect a Coles-like frontage hitting Five Dock’s shopping strip in a few months. There is further speculation that a Woolworths will also be heading to Great North Rd, and that ALDI may be appearing in a new development on Lyons Rd. Newington has started a petition complaining that there is not an adequate amount of bus services to take children who live in the new suburbs to get to Concord High School. Sam Panozzo who started the petition wrote, “In 2015, Newington and Wentworth Point buses were packed to the brim. All seats were filled, people were standing in restricted areas and the standing capacity was almost double the legal limit. With the addition of new Year Seven students, parents have had enough. This is an urgent matter of safety for the bus and students.” Wentworth Point has been a sore spot for transport trouble; last year residents told SMH that it can take half an hour to pass through the DFO roundabout during peak hour. 2500 more apartments are being planned to be built in the area over the next three years. l A Mecca of frankenfood has opened its WINE Winsor Dobbin l The community at Wentworth Point and doors in Dulwich Hill, with the creators of the viral “Tella Ball” establishing a flagship store in the gourmet ’hood. On the menu are a range of unearthly delights including “GELATODOUGH” (a gelato-infused doughnut on a stick) “CRONUTS”, (deep fried croissant) and plenty of very intsagrammable monster shakes. Meanwhile the mammoth doughnuts from Doughnut Time are racking in a roaring trade on King Street. Cronuts are paleo, right? ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter LOCAL history The Art of Letterheads Letterheads used to play a more important role than they do today. Historical letterheads can tell us a lot about the time period they were released. Opposite is a letterhead for Marrickville’s Vicars Woollen Mill established there in 1893. Believed to be from the 1930s, the letterhead foregrounds the ‘product of Australia’ slogan, legitimately enough given the mill played a large part in the post-WW1 rise of Australian woollen manufacturing. Vicars managed to obtain lucrative military contracts during WWI and WWII leading to much success. However, the mill was forced to close in 1976 when increased competition pushed it out of the market. The site of the mill is now home to the Marrickville Metro Shopping Complex. EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Kassia Aksenov ASSISTANT PUBLISHER Just like an email signature, except on a dead tree Contributors: Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Cat O’Dowd, Olivia Mackay, Russell Edwards, Maani Truu, Madi Day, Hannah Craft and Emma McConnell. Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Local bloggers Alex van Os and Isabella Mamas, strike a pose in pre-loved garments. Leichhardt Council is hosting a Fashion Parade March 19th Image: Ben Cregan n Marrickville Council is now hosting the ‘Letterheads Uncovered’ exhibition. Marrickville Library, until Friday 18 March Things we love: Thursday the 10th of March 6-10 PM City Tattersalls Club, 194-204 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Topics Include - Commercial Pilot Training and the Integration of a Bachelor of Business Management/ Aviation. Government medical and licensing requirements, pilot training options, pilot aptitude assessments. Potential Career paths and future opportunities. Training options and costs. Question time -bring your questions with you. Paper Aptitude Testing? Everybody welcome Parents and advisors are encouraged to participate. Professional Pilot Training Pty Ltd ACN 105 360 834 AOC NSW 592748-05 45 Aviation Drive Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 PH: 02 66515199 Blessed are the chain fixers COMMERCIAL PILOT CAREERS SEMINAR Since mid-last year, Newtown and Erskineville Anglican Church has been running a community outreach program in the form of a Bike Shed. The program, which is located in the gardens of the Newtown St Stephens Church (located on Church street), aims to offer a space where community members can come with their bikes, free of charge, and receive assistance and guidance from friendly volunteers to help get their treadlies back on the road. Apart from the friendly service and expertise, the shed houses a number of tools and spare parts that may not otherwise be available to the average person. The Shed is open from 11am to 2pm every Saturday and they often put on a BBQ lunch so you can stick around and grab a feed and make some friends. 2 Petersham RSL helloworld, Petersham Travel Gloria’s Café Petersham Liquor Mart


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Emma McConnell Girls on Film Five women television characters that go beyond the staid stereotypes. Janet King RANT Empowering Counting sleep In today's fast-paced society, you'll often hear people chatting about how tired they are, and most of us know someone who loves to brag about how they function perfectly on just three hours of sleep each night. You could be excused for thinking that sleep was an unnecessary luxury, entertained mostly by those without something "more important" to do. However, if you're like me and are one of the 1 in 2000 people in Australia living with narcolepsy, this kind of talk can get a bit, well, tiring. Narcolepsy is a real, chronic neurological disorder that turns your regular sleep/wake cycles into an exciting game of "musical sleep states". Instead of having two distinct states (sleep at night, awake during the day) our brains will cycle randomly and frequently between the two, leaving us with both involuntary periods of sleep during the day and periods of wakefulness during the night. Despite the fact that we may appear to sleep more than others, our slumber is filled with exhausting dreams and we get far less deep, restful sleep than the average person. No matter how long we sleep for it will never be enough to catch up. If you're thinking this is some hilarious made up condition that lazy people use as an excuse to sleep all day, think again. Narcolepsy is caused by the death of specific brain cells that help to regulate sleep, and the testing is almost impossible to fake. Imagine how cranky you get when you haven't slept well for days, multiply that by your entire life, and now appreciate how difficult it is not to break into frustrated tears every time someone suggests I could solve the problem by doing some exercise or eating gluten free (which I already do, by the way). Of course, I do understand that other people are allowed to be tired and I don't hold a monopoly of all the problems in the world. What really bothers me is how our society has such little respect for the fundamental role that sleep plays in our overall health. We are pushed to work longer and do more, at the expense of our physical and mental health. I know what the consequences are for not having enough restful sleep, I live with them every day as I don't have a choice. For those who still think that they operate well while consistently getting less than seven hours sleep, science has proven that you are delusional; your brain is operating at a sub-par level. And for those who know that their 3am Netflix binges aren't helping their wakefulness, it's time to switch off. Maybe we should all just get some more damn sleep. From Crownies Marta Dusseldorp’s character in the ABC series Crownies is one that simply oozes confidence. As the Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Department of Public Prosecutions, King is an intelligent, career-driven woman who deals with her appointed cases in a competent and professional manner. I found her character quite appealing and relatable, especially in regards to the commitment she displays to both her position at the DPP and her family life. Kathleen Day-Knight From Kath & Kim Annalise Keating From How to Get Away with Murder The Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis plays the bold, profoundly self-assured leading actress in the drama mystery series How To Get Away With Murder. Her character, Annalise Keating, is a criminal defence attorney who enlists the help of five interns to assist at her law firm. Instead of simply playing the role of mentor she instead becomes intertwined within a twisted murder plot. I loved this character immensely, especially the overly honest advice she gives to her students: ‘when in doubt, shut your mouth.’ The ever-popular comedy classic secretly harbours one of the most empowering (and foxy) women in Australian TV. Played by Jane Turner, Kath needs no introduction – she is an independent woman and (former) single mum who perseveres relentlessly to hold the family unit together. With her unique fashion sense and charisma she strives to be the best woman she can be, a quality that I find to be particularly admirable. Dana Scully From The X-Files Gillian Anderson’s most beloved role is as Agent Scully, arguably the brains behind the FBI duo in the hit show, which has recently been resurrected. She is a hard-headed, strong-willed, inquisitive woman whose beliefs are dictated by fact and hard evidence. Anderson’s character helped create a phenomena known as ‘The Scully Effect’, encouraging women to pursue a career in the sciences, particularly during the show’s peak in the mid-1990s. Jessica Jones From Marvel’s Jessica Jones Played by Krysten Ritter, Jessica Jones is a strong-yet-silent type of heroine who is continually underestimated by those around her. Despite once being a superhero she exhibits characteristics that humanise her, particularly concerning the vices she indulges in. To me, Jones’ character is bad ass, sassy and a little bit rough around the edges. In reality though, there’s nothing more appealing than seeing a woman take control. The Scully Effect Sydney Royal Easter Show The Sydney Royal Easter Show is returning in March with its celebration of all things country, and this year promises to be the most spectacular yet. Headlining the show is The Man From Snowy River, which features over 80 animals. During the day roam the showground and enjoy the rodeo, horse-showing competitions, farmyard animals, more food than you could ever hope to eat and great live entertainment. Every night will feature a performance by legend Troy CasserDaley and conclude with a spectacular fireworks display synchronised to a live didgeridoo performance. “We're ramping up the cute factor with a baby puppy competition, the world's smallest rodeo bull, and over 800 free-range animals just waiting for a friendly pat,” says spokesman Matt Evans. Tickets range from $27 for a concession to $99.50 for a family pass. Book your tickets on Ciao is giving away four double passes to the show. Email us at or like and share the Easter Show giveaway post on our Facebook page for your chance to win! Community are en ev ts listings What’s on n Compiled by Hannah Craft. Email Sun 6th March FREE n Words by Eleanor Wales. Eleanor is participating in the Sleep In 2016, fundraising for Project Sleep, a NFP that promotes sleep health. You can donate at www. eleanorwales. For more information about narcolepsy go to Sat 12th March, 9am-3pm email info@ Attn: Hannah St Mark’s Easter Fete Team Up to Clean Up Where: Rodd Park, Rodd Point and Rhodes Foreshore Park, Rhodes. The St Mark’s Primary School Easter Fete will once more descend upon Drummoyne in a flurry of excitement. A local favourite, the fete is always a great day out with the kids. Kid’s Corner is jam-packed with art, cupcake decorating, face paint, play dough and colouring in. For the adults there raffles to be won and stalls to peruse selling vintage fashion, books, games, hampers and so much more. This year the proceeds will be put towards teaching resources and to much needed shade cloths for the playground. There will be a special appearance from the Easter Bunny himself. See you there! Where: St Mark’s Primary School, 31 Tranmere St, Drummoyne The City of Canada Bay is encouraging residents to get into the spirit of Clean Up Australia Day. Once again there will be two official clean-up sites at Rodd Point, where volunteers will be joined by City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas, and at Rhodes, where the Rescue Recovery Team will also be on hand. There will be a free barbecue for volunteers at both sites from 10am-12:30pm. Don't miss out on a chance to meet your neighbours and clean up your neighbourhood! 4 Day Leichhardt Council, Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre and the Women In Leadership Leichhardt group have once again brought us a wonderful community event in the form of Twilight Supper in the Park. The festivities include a light dinner with a complimentary glass of sparking, a panel discussion, performances from local schools and Honour Roll presentations, making for an inspiring evening. To RSVP call Tara on 9367 9184 or go to www.intwomensday.eventbrite. Norton St, Leichhardt Want to pick up litter with the Mayor? More fun than gorging on Easter eggs! Wed 9th March, 5pm Twilight Supper in the Park Where: Pioneers Memorial Park, In celebration of International Women's See page 6 for more what's on...


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Entertainment Free Fri 8pm Free Sat 8pm Free Sun 2pm Cash Housie Thu 10:45am Fri 8pm Sat 1:00pm and 7:30pm Mixed Bingo Cash Housie Mon, Tue and Thu 7:30pm Bingo Mon, Tues, wed, Fri 10:45 Raffles Tue Chook Raffle 7:00pm Thu Market Day 1:30pm & 7pm Fri Meat & Gift Card 1:30pm & 7pm Sat Meat Raffle 3.30pm Sun Chooks & Gift Card 7pm Entertainment


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n Local Gigs Wednesday 9th March n Local screens Colum Sands Start St Paddy's Day early with Colum Sands, who will be gracing Balmain to deliver his story-telling masterpieces. Enjoy the Irish singer-songwriter's eclectic approach to folk and his Wildean banter with the crowd at a classic local destination. Cat and Fiddle, $26 FREE TICKETS Win double movie passes Bridget Bardot in Contempt French Film Festival hotties Why are the French so open and honest about sex, and share so few of our own prurient inhibitions about naked bodies? Most likely that liberated attitude is not the only the reason the Alliance Française French Festival is so popular on Norton St. But then again, it could be… ★ Contempt Jean Luc-Godard’s supercharged 1963 satire of the movie business is compulsory viewing for lovers of both serious cinema and Bridget Bardot. Check the trailer on the AFFF website. Is that the world’s best ever film tease? ★ One Wild Moment An underage teen getting off with her dad’s best friend? Locally we’d turn that into a moralistic victim-story, but in France, it’s just light comedy. ★ La Belle Saison Forget our tame, PC-inspired same-sex slog-fests, this period pot-boiler set during the emerging feminist movement of the 1970s is both poignant and sassy. ★ Bang Gang Likened to Larry Clark’s Kids and likely to just as confronting, Eva Husson’s dreamlike debut seems destined to be considered one of the great films about sex. New (Guinea) Soul Ralph Fiennes and Dakota Johnson make waves in A Bigger Splash Friday 11th March Ngaiire A Bigger Splash Every now and then something wild and original blasts onto our screens and blows everything else away. Few of the superlatives you’ll read about Luca Guadagnino’s (I Am Love) devilishly clever psychodrama will do it justice, so just trust me: this is great – a thoughtful, sexy, full-frontal, loopily deranged thriller – and easily one of the most fantastically enjoyable movies you’ll see all year. Ralph Fiennes steals the show as Harry, a motor-mouthed record producer who drops in on his ex (Tilda Swinton), a Bowie-like superstar and her current beau (Matthias Schoenaerts) holidaying on a Sicilian island. Harry has his 22-year-old daughter (or is she?) in tow, played by Dakota Johnson, at last giving us the erotically charged performance we were promised (but never got) in 50 Shades... Old jealousies and new passions are ignited, unfinished agendas are slowly revealed. One of this privileged and gloriously decadent lot will leave the island in a body bag. But who, and how? MA15+ from Mar 24. The Lady in the Van What would happen if someone genuinely in need took your “Refugees Welcome Here” slogan seriously and parked in your driveway? That’s pretty close to what actually happens to playwright Alan Bennett (Alex Jennings) in Nicholas Hynter’s wry navel-gazing satire of gentrified manners. He’s a resident of a leafy North London (say Balmain) street, helpless with liberal guilt after a cantankerous homeless woman (Maggie Smith) deftly manipulates his bleeding heart while (literally) defecating all over his generosity. But you’d call the cops, right? M on now. Recently returned from her US tour, Ngaiire is playing an intimate gig at Newtown's favourite venue. See the soul singer belt out some beauties and take you away to a magical place. PNG-born, Sydney-based Ngaiire was a favourite on The Hottest 100. Newtown Social Club, $23 Sunday 13th March n At Palace Cinemas 1–24 March. Bookings and info: Mocambo Jam Influenced by old-school Italian songwriters, trio Mocambo Jam give you nothing but warm melodic tunes, the perfect way to cap the weekend. With lovedriven lyrics and dreamy piano they'll have you completely charmed. Django Bar, $27.70 CIAO's PICKS ★ Thanks to StudioCanal we have five double in-season passes to give away. Details below. "Let her stay!" So she does Some secrets should never be told Bard on the Beach The world's most iconic play is now coming to Marrickville's Greek Theatre. Independent theatre company Bard on the Beach are veterans of Shakespeare, with five years of performing at Balmoral Beach behind them. Bard specialises in historical renderings of Shakespeare. Their latest adaptation of Hamlet promises to bring refreshing realism to an old classic by emphasising the continuing relevance of the play's issues, taking its ideological questions and making them immediate. Ciao is giving away a double pass to see Hamlet at The Greek Theatre! Email us at info@ telling us where you picked up your copy and share our giveaway post on Facebook for your chance to win! Book at the Eventopia website. Runs Tues-Sat at 7:30pm, Sun at 6:30pm and matinees on 15th-19th at 12:30pm. Ticket prices are by donation, recommended $20.Where: The Greek Theatre, Addison Road Community Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville Sat 19th March The Daughter Premiering at last year’s Sydney Film Festival but inexplicably delayed, finally we get to see the Inner West’s own Odessa Young really shine. This young star didn’t even get to finish Year 12 at Newtown School of Performing Arts – the job offers were rolling in too fast. She’s also lovely in the stillscreening Looking For Grace, but it’s her revelatory gut-wrenching performance as the vulnerable Hedvig in Simon Stone’s adaption of his own stage version of Ibsen’s The Wild Duck that will cement her role as our brightest new It Girl. Easily holding her own amongst veterans Geoffrey Rush, Miranda Otto and Sam Neil, she plays a bright young teen whose family in a dying timber town is torn apart by some explosive revelations after an old friend of her dad (Ewen Leslie) turns up. Though beautifully filmed in NSW’s forests, some of the melodramatic flourishes are overwrought, and its climax could seem too obviously signalled. But you won’t feel that at the time, not choking through a veil of tears. M from Mar 17. Get thee to a nunnery! Sun 13th March, 10am-6pm Bairro Portugues Food and Wine Fair The aromas of Mediterranean cuisine will once again pervade the streets of Petersham when the Bairro Portuges Food and Wine Fair returns. A celebration of the thriving Portugese community of Marrickville, the fair has been going for 13 years and expanded to include Brazilian and more broadly Mediterranean fare. Each year is bigger than the last and this year’s array of meats, salsas, wines and cheeses will leave you trembling with longing. Where: Audley St and Fisher St, Petersham. Fri 18th March, 7pm SecondHand Saturday Eat, Taste, Create Bairro is back! 6 On the heels of last year’s success, City of Canada Bay is returning with their sustainable food events Eat Taste Create, a lavish dinner designed to educate residents about reducing food waste. The 'More Taste, Less Waste' dinner will be held at Angelo's On The Bay in Cabarita at 7pm. Enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner and polish Sustainable resources get saucy Each year Leichhardt Council brings you SecondHand Saturday, an enormous garage sale held in individual households. The idea is to reduce landfill whilst earning a penny and getting to know the locals. On the 19th March sales will be held Balmain, Balmain East and Birchgrove. Rozelle and Lilyfield will follow suit on April 16th and Leichhardt and Annandale on May 14th. your sustainability skills. Booking is essential. Call Angelo's On The Bay on 9743 2225 or book online at Cost is $60 per person. Venue is licensed and BYO (corkage applies). Where: Angelo's On The Bay, Prince Edward Park, Phillip St, Cabarita WIN Double MOVIE PASSES To be in the running to win one of five double in-season passes to A Bigger Splash, email info@ciaomagazine. with your name and address telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. Please remember to include your postal address. n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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Gym, Swim THE CENTRE & Group Fitness OU P WITH IT ALL! the centre with IT ALL! FI TN TR ESS . L A PERSON A I IN GET STARTED IN MARCH AND GO INTO THE DRAW TO WIN AN APPLE WATCH G . SW IM N GYM R . G Enmore Park, Black Street Marrickville NSW 2204 Proudly managed by 9565 1906 |


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n FEATURE March into LOST & MOST most exciting creative spaces. The tour will take place on Saturday March 5th from 2-5pm. n Reserve your place at Newtown Graffiti Tour with Culture Scouts Learn about Newtown’s unique graff culture with the help of some hip-and-with-it locals. Newtown’s backstreets hold veritable feasts of some of Australia’s most renowned graffiti artists and scuplturers, many who have artworks commissioned worldwide. The tour will take place on Saturday March 12th at 10.30am and costs $25. n Book your spot at mixed media. The collective are launching a concept pop-up store in Alexandria which starts on the 5th of March and runs for a limited time till 12 April 2016. n ‘The Alex’, Shop 14, 40 - 42 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria. Reserve a spot at their opening night at Makerspace & Co Take a peak around Marrickville’s very own collective artistic studio, where people learn and practise a variety of crafts. Makerspace will be hosting a variety of public wood, metal and ceramic workshops over the MOST weekend and you can witness member artists doing their thing. n 1/17 Barclay St, Marrickville. Home@735 Home@735 Gallery in Redfern are putting together a mixed media exhibition for Sydney Art Month including artists: Anthony Cahill (painting), Heidi Yardley (painting), Priscilla Bourne (sculpture), Nick Bannehr (photography), Dominic Byrne (video), David Greenhalgh (video), Petrija Pajic (video) and Zac Svendsen (video). The show opens on Wednesday the 2nd of March from 6-8pm and runs till Sunday the 27th of March Tali Gallery Tali Gallery is well-known for the beautiful artwork it exhibits by Aboriginal artists, including paintings, prints, sculptures and crafts. Artworks are sourced from Aboriginal Owned Community Art Centres, independent urban and regional artists. Take a look around their two floors of works in Rozelle during the LOST weekend. n 134 Victoria Road, Rozelle If you’re a connoisseur of the finer things in life, or you simply can’t live without art, then you’re in for a treat during the month of March. Marrickville’s Open Studio Trail (Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th) and Leichhardt’s Open Studio Trail (Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th) will fling open the doors to over 100 local artist studios for your perusal. 1.30pm – 6.30pm, and she will also be hosting a bookbinding workshop in French on Sunday. n 205 Old Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill n 735 Bourke Street Redfern, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 2-5pm. Miriam Cabello AT MLC Gallery Miriam Cabello is an oil painter who draws inspiration from activist movements in Australia and around the world. She will be launching her new studio series ‘Beyond the White Rope’, which explores the emotive qualities of cobalt violet. A palette of transparent oil pigments will be presented with the works. Exhibition takes place over the MOST weekend. n 408 Parramatta Rd Petersham Rita Orsini at Ateliers Orsini Rita Orsini is a painter, jewellery-maker and lamp designer. Her artwork has received many awards and is in private collections in Australia and Europe. Rita creates functional art by turning her painted canvases into unique artistic lamps. Her popular ‘Osso Buco’ jewellery and bowls are colourful and transparent, and convey the organic beauty of Sydney’s seashore. Her ‘Colours’ exhibition will be running during the MOST weekend, For more information on the workshop email Matchbox Project’s ArtIST RUN INITIATIVES Guide Matchbox Projects are running a free walking tour through Marrickville’s Contemporary Artist Run projects, where you will be able to meet the directors behind some of Sydney’s Bespoken Collective Pop Up Bespoken Collective brings together five crafts under one roof - exquisite woodcraft, glass making, canvas painting, textile working and MONO2 LARA SCOLARI Edgy, Mixed media on 640gsm Paper, 50 x 65cm 2016 Seed, Mixed media on 640gsm Paper, 50 x 65cm 2016 Liz, Mixed media on 640gsm Paper, 50 x 65cm 2016 MONO2 exhibition opening event 6.30pm, on Thursday 10 March 2016. MONO2 is contemporary visual artist Lara Scolari’s newest series of works. 48 Beattie St Balmain. Known for her considered abstract expressionist works on paper. Lara’s MONO2 works All Welcome. explore a limited tonal palette using developed techniques and processes. Building depth Learn more aboutlayers Lara’s MONO2 athidden her Artist’s Talks on through transparent of aexhibition variety of media revealing dioramas, these the 12, 19 & are 26 March, at 3pm in her studio space. coveted artworks beautiful in organic line, shape and composition. Dedicated artist and teacher discusses her work out of her new Balmain studio/gallery. How important are programs like LOST for the arts community? To participate in the LOST program is an amazing opportunity for local artists to embrace and share their passion of creating with the greater community. Art making can be quite a lonely practice as ultimately you work on your own. LOST connects local artists as well as art lovers and acts as a conduit to expand on new and old relationships as well as strengthening the community culture. Can you tell us a little bit about your new space? I am lucky enough to have recently secured a magnificent property in the heart of Balmain at 48 Beattie St. Built in the 1870s our new home/studio and gallery space has had a grand history including once being the local haberdashery store. What is your main exhibition for this period? I will be opening a new exhibition MONO2 at 6:30pm on Thursday 10 March 2016, in conjunction with LOST and Art Month. MONO2 is my newest series of works and has been developed and created over the past six months. in an Abstract Expressionist style exploring developed techniques and processes. It builds depth through transparent layers of a variety of media revealing hidden dioramas. The Mono works explore a limited tonal palette and focus on simpler considered compositional forms. They evoke the energy and chaos of the inner city. How long have you been teaching art as well as making it? As the Education Officer at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo for many years my love for sharing the adventure of art making with children will never cease. I have recently started “Art Gang” in Balmain which is an after school art program that promotes individual creative growth and expression through the joy of art. I have been making art all my life and currently love the fact that I can focus and work on my art making practice full time – an artist’s dream come true! MONO2 Opening Event is 10 March at 6:30pm, and all are welcome. The exhibition runs from 10 March – 28 April. The MONO2 by Lara Scolari Artist Talks are on Saturday 12, 19 and 26 March at 3pm. Listen to Lara Scolari discuss her new exhibition “MONO2” from her studio space. n 48 Beattie St, Balmain Opening 10 March 2015 6:30pm RSVP Mon 7 March to All Welcome A Dynamic New Artist Run Initiative in the Heart of Balmain Exhibition 10 March — 28 April 2016 Lara Scolari Gallery open for LOST 10am-6pm 12th & Heart 13th March a Dynamic New ARI in the of Balmain 48 Beattie StBALMAIN Balmain 48 Beattie St, - Open Thursday & Saturday 10am - 6pm or by Appointment. 8 0418 844 270 0418 844 270 As an action painter, my work is produced


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That FraminG Place Lynn Pearce, photographer and master framer, is inviting artist Helen Ross to exhibit at her framing emporium over the LOST weekend. Lynn, you’ve published a photographic book about Balmain and now a book about Rozelle. How important is community to you? L: The community is why I’m still in business on the peninsula for almost 30 years. The philosophy of ‘Live Local, Buy Local’ is entrenched in the understandings of people who live  and work here. It seems to be part of the charm for newcomers who move into the neighbourhood that their services and providers are also locals. You’re a photographer in the framing business. Do your two practices inform each other? L: My approach to shooting and, more importantly, my method of editing my photographic images definitely influences how I advise clients in their framing choices. Balance of composition, colour and tones are key in almost every piece of art I handle. Can you tell us about your involvement in LOST? What do you have in store for us this year? L: I really enjoy getting involved with LOST not just as an artist but as a local. There are numerous artists and Makers living on the peninsula that the community simply aren’t aware are working at their art in studios, garages or back garden sheds. LOST exposes them to the community, often in their raw but authentic environment. H: Lynn has kindly invited me to exhibit with her during LOST. I will have bright fresh and happy works on exhibition. You and Helen work in very different styles and mediums. How do you think your works compliment each other? L: Whilst our mediums are different, I believe Helen and I know how to fill a frame and when to leave a vacancy. This is particularly true of Helen’s landscapes where the ‘rules of thirds’ goes out the window. I love that freedom of expression and altered perspective it delivers. H :Both styles compliment, one vivid colour, the other black and white, all with simple white mat and frame. So, what’s on the horizon? L: After the LOST Open Studio, Helen Ross takes her work to the Balmain Watch House on May 7th & 8th, 14 &15th in a group exhibition called ‘In the Light’. I follow on at the Balmain Watch House on June 3-5th with a solo exhibition of photography entitled ‘Quietude’. n 216 Darling St, Balmain, NEWSAGENCY GALLERY and gentle vibe that just oozes love. How do you think Sydney’s lock out laws will impact the arts scene? I think the Sydney Lock out Laws are embarrassing, they are a knee-jerk reaction by the religious right who are the enemy of art and free expression. The impact of draconian lock out laws on the art scene is potentially devastating. Particularly if the only place left to visit are casinos which are hardly venues for art and culture and have the potential to ruin lives through addictive gambling. As a friend of mine says “a city without a night life, is a city without a soul” and I believe a city without a soul misses out on the true cultural experiences that artists bring to the world. Fortunately I’m old enough to know that this government too shall pass. What’s on the horizon for Newsagency Gallery? We have a full program in the gallery this year with local and international shows. We will participate in Head ON photo festival with artists from Scotland. Studios from Cambodia, China, Indonesia will have shows as part of our Art Editions Asia program. Local landscape painter Ben Cahill will have a solo show of big oil paintings. We are also discussing drawing classes, drag shows and film nights. I love collaborating with creative people so potentially anything could happen. I’m thoroughly looking forward to a great year of art and culture at Newsagency Gallery. n 332 Stanmore Rd, Petersham Bess O’Malley on love, lock out laws and LOST. How important are programs like LOST for the Sydney arts community? Cultural programs like MOST and LOST are really valuable for Sydney artists and audiences alike. They provide professional creatives a chance to liaise first hand with their community. It also helps demystify art and releases it from the elitism and snobbery that has been associated with the Sydney gallery scene for so long. Can you tell us about your show during LOST? We are showing Sydney Love Map and Landscape by Benoit+Bo, who are an important art duo and same sex married couple from China and France. They are visiting Sydney to feature in Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras also, performing with their Chinese big head masks.  Benoit+Bo are a true international collaboration, the fruit of two cultures, two sensitivities and two pasts. Using their combined heritage, knowledge and world views they create hybrid, contemporary visions, a mix of Asia and Europe, China and France. Newsagency Gallery is showing the ‘Sydney Love Map’, created for Mardi Gras along with other Love Maps of major cities. Love Maps are beautifully detailed digital paintings where places are imagined and filled with clever streets, intelligent parks and naughty buildings. I encourage everyone to come along and bathe in the magnificent colours Open Studio Weekend We will be open for LOST This Saturday 12th 9am-4pm & Sunday 13th 10am-3pm Newsagency Gallery Newsagency Gallery is an artist run space in a light filled old Newsagency at 332 Stanmore Rd, Petersham. As part of their Print Asia program Newsagency Gallery will be showing ‘Sydney Love Map and Landscape ’ by Benoit+Bo from Thursday 25th February to 30th March. A Village on the Harbour Lynn Pearce’s book of black and white urban photography captures the history within the local buildings and streets of Rozelle and Lilyfield. You can see more of Lynn’s work at her solo exhibition ‘Quietude’ at the Balmain Watch House from the 3-5th of June. That Framing Place: 216 Darling St, Balmain Tel: 02 9555 1392 Opening hours: Tues-Fri 9am- 5pm, Sat 9am-1pm LOST opening hours: Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 10am-3pm Newsagency will be part of the Marrickville Open Studio Trail on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 of March. 9


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n FEATURE Evie Group Alex and Dominic have been a permanent fixture of the Inner West since they started their design studio, Evie Group, in a local house. Now they have moved their studio to a store on Darling Street. What is Evie Group? Evie Group is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Alex Gilmour and Dominic Chong. We met while undertaking a bachelor degree in industrial design at UTS and have since gone on to receive their masters in design. Having a passion for simple, beautiful designs, we decided to create Evie Group to produce our own designs. Evie Group today offers a range of services in product and graphic design with a studio/store that also retail their unique design collection of homewares, lighting and furniture. Our pieces have been recognised locally and worldwide through design awards, museum curations and exhibitions and from established designers with some highlights include Marc Newson’s selection for the winner of Qantas SOYA Object Award in 2010, winner of the IDEA Awards for Spun lighting range in 2012 and selected to be a part of the permanent collection in the Shanghai Museum of Glass. How would you describe your style of design? Our style is minimalistic and refined and draws influence from the simplicity of Scandinavian and American modernism. We aim to create timeless, elegant pieces, ones which hope our customers enjoy and hold on to. The pieces we design are things we would use in our own home; smalls for everyday use or the ideal gift and then larger statement pieces that hold pride and place in the home. Our most recognisable design would be our Spun lighting range but our popular item is the small geometric keepsake Hex Boxes that come in a range of sizes and finishes. Customers love mixing and matching these and making their own unique combinations for their home or as a personalised gift. How long have you been in Balmain? The company formed in 2010 with us working out of a home studio in the Inner West. As this grew we needed a studio space and the Balmain East studio/store opened one year ago. People often come in and ask if we are a studio or a shop, we are both! The studio/store has also recently been featured in the new 2016 Louis Vuitton Sydney City Guide for lifestyle stores as a must see! n 57a Darling Street, Balmain East ART EST GALLERY Jennifer McNamara is the art enthusiast behind the Leichhardt’s very own art school come innovative gallery space. Art Est is so much more than an exhibition space. Can you tell us more about it? Art Est is an independent art school for adults and children. We hold daytime and evening classes and workshops for adults in painting, drawing and printmaking. School-age kids from five years can enjoy afterschool and Saturday term classes. Our school holiday programs are also really popular and give kids and teens a chance to explore fun activities while learning lots of new art skills. The Art Est Gallery is an extension of the school enabling us to provide engaging exhibitions for our visitors and provides a space for us to hold student exhibitions twice a year. What have you got planned for LOST and Art Month? In the gallery we have a group exhibition curated by Lisa Woolfe called Vantage Points. The term “Vantage Point” has many connotations: the view from a physical stand point, or a standpoint informed by unique experiences. This exhibition considers a variety of ‘vantage points’. Including painting, drawing, digital prints, ephemeral and installation. How important are initiatives like Art Month to Sydney’s arts community? Art Month and initiatives like LOST give galleries, art spaces and artists an opportunity to connect with the community. It encourages people to get out and take a look behind the scenes of the art world and gain access to places they normally wouldn’t see. And likewise, it gives artists exposure to new audiences – they might sell artwork or be discovered. What’s on for Art Est this year? This year we continue to with our regular term program and school holiday workshops. In fact Autumn holidays are coming up from 11-22 April, so time to book the kids in! Term 2 starts in May and we also have an excellent range of weekend workshops and master classes planned which is really exciting. In the gallery, we have a number of exhibitions coming up including a solo exhibition by emerging artist Rachael Helmore. We will again host the Greenway Art Prize, and last year’s winner Gauri Torgalkar will have her solo exhibition. And don’t forget WOOF! in July - a fun exhibition and competition for artists who love dogs! n 4/67-69 Lords Road, Leichhardt The shop is open 6 days a week: 9-5.30 Mon-Fri & 9.30-1pm Sat. Graphic & Product Design Studio & Store Evie Group is an award winning multidisciplinary design studio & store. Our experience covers a range of services in graphic & product design from small startups to multinational companies. Some of our services include: • Branding, logos and identity • Brochures, business cards & stationery for print/digital • Presentation design in PowerPoint or Keynote • Concept design • Prototyping/3D modelling • Custom designed furniture & products for residential or commercial use Shop online or drop into our Balmain East store to view our latest collection of homewares, lighting & furniture or to discuss your design project needs. 57a Darling Street Balmain East 2041 T. 9818 6735 10 Vantage Points Curated by Lisa Woolfe 5-31 March 2016 Vantage Points explores the unique ways in which six artists ‘see’. Featuring paintings, installation, prints, drawings and ceramics from Louisa Chircop, Leonie Barton, Maryanne Coutts, Lynne Eastaway, Julia Flanagan, Jody Graham and Michelle Perrett. Gallery hours: LOST 12-13 March: 10am-4pm Mon-Wed 10am-9pm Thurs-Fri 10am-4pm Saturday 10am-1pm Sunday 10am-3pm Closed Easter weekend. 9564 1519 4/67-69 Lords Rd, Leichhardt Julia Flanagan Ode to Night, 2016, acrylic on board, 61x61cm #1 on the LOST MAP Contemporary Art Festival


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One + 2 Artists Studios Pollyxenia Joannou and Lisa Jones, artists at One+2 Artist Studios - Balmain, share their thoughts on Sydney’s art scene and LOST. How important are spaces like One+2 Studios for artists and the arts community? P: For me, One+2 has always offered a sanctuary to concentrate on the progression and development of work I make amongst like-minded professionals. These studios have enabled me and other artists to exchange thoughts, practice and continue with a path that is by its very nature, an isolated existence. L: One+2 provides an environment that helps nurture and support art making practice, through a discourse and through the sharing of information and opportunities. Studios should be supported by local councils for many reasons - it is well documented, for example that where there are artist communities gentrification and regeneration follows. Why is it important for Sydney to run programs like LOST? P: Programs such as LOST provide an opportunity for art to be opened up to those who are curious and interested. L: They enable the public to engage with and develop a deeper understanding of art making practices. Artist are an invaluable asset to the community and open studios provide the public with a glimpse of the hidden treasures that are often unknowingly on their doorsteps. Can you tell us a little bit about what you will be showing for LOST?  P: I personally will have framed work on display plus, leave the work in progress as is. L: I will be showing works in production and also the drawings I recently exhibited in Kensington Contemporary. What inspires you about the Sydney arts scene? Speaking for myself, I find that the words “inspires” and “the Sydney arts scene” a bafflement. I have witnessed and been part of an ever-shifting “scene”.  There are artists who have constantly worked over the decades without being aware or included in a “scene” of any description.  This question is hard for me to respond to. Co-operation and practical valuing of the artist and the arts in our community would be a start. n 6 Mansfield St, Rozelle ROZELLE Studio. 483 Balmain Rd. Lilyfield NSW The Rozelle studio has 52 artists working in painting, glass, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, photography and drawing. The studio moved to its current location in February 2000, having opened 8 years earlier. Rozelle One+2 houses well known and established artists in one of Sydney’s oldest studios. The One+2 artist studios, Rozelle and Balmain, together accommodate the largest number of artists of fine art in Australia. The two studios foster a work environment for artists in all mediums. The Balmain One+2 was established in July 2007 in response to the demand for artist working spaces. This studio now affords space to 32 established artists in a warehouse distinguished by soaring ceilings and southern light. The studio environment is conducive to professional development. SKYFIRE Studio Skyfire Studio - art gallery, workshop space and local arts hub located on the upper level of Leichhardt’s Italian Forum. Can you tell us a little bit about your space? My husband/business partner and I met while at Columbia University in New York, in Chinese class. Skyfire is a fledgling commercial gallery which opened in June 2015. We attempt to walk a fine line between commercial gallery and vibrant collective. We curate shows, attempting to exhibit a mix of emerging, established, and mid-career artists. We run various workshops, as well as an artist in residency program that is designed to not only expose people to the artists’ work, but to develop a sense of our in-house community. How important is connectivity for the local arts community? It seems sometimes overlooked that a gallery can be a resource for the community itself. That’s part of what we’re trying to do with our Inner West Gallery Tour-By-Bus, engage more of the community in an area that has the largest percentage of artists per capita in Sydney. What do you have planned for LOST? We’re super excited about LOST as it’s our first year participating. During that time we’ll be exhibiting “In the Ides of Now”, comprised of all female artists. Our featured talents are Kathrin Longhurst, Lea Kennar, Amy Summer, and Shelly Anfield. We will have a pre-viewing on March 11th 7pm-9pmy. We’ll have a closing party on April 9th from 7pm-10pm. All works are for sale. What does the future look like for Skyfire? We have Life Drawing and Gypsy Jazz event coming up in April, produced in conjunction with Gadjo Guitars. A life model poses accompanied by a Spanish flamenco quartet, and supping on wine and canapes. n Shop 10 Italian Forum, Leichhardt Our LOST schedule includes talks and demos by artists and workshop teachers: March 12th 12pm: Artist talk with Kathrin Longhurst March 12th 1:30pm: Workshop demonstration- Cold brew coffee production (free coffee and hand roasted beans for sale!) SKYFIRE STUDIO Skyfire Studio - art gallery, workshop space and local arts hub located on the upper level of Leichhardt’s Italian Forum. March 13th 12pm: Artist talk with Amy Summer. March 13th 1:30pm: Artist talk with Lea Kennar BALMAIN Studio. 6 Mansfield St. Rozelle NSW 11


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n SPECIAL FEATURE Pre-Loved Passion Alex van Os and Isabella Mamas are local fashion bloggers who have made a name for themselves through their funky re-imaginings of secondhand garments. They give us the low down on how to nail sustainable and stylish. Name: Isabella Mamas Insta: bella.mamas Day job: I’m still at school, in year 11! Describe your style? I mix range of styles together to make my own Favourite place to shop: Markets and My Refinery Can a fashionista really ever be sustainable? Everyone can be sustainable if they try, the fashion industry included. Some of my favourite stylists and bloggers wear secondhand and recycled fashion all the time. It’s also good to check out what your mum/grandmother or anyone else might have, because chances are these items will come back into fashion in some way, shape or form. What’s your favourite recycled item of clothing ? A black double breasted blazer I picked up from Salvos. Name: Alex van Os Insta: Op_Shop_to_Runway Day job: Costume buyer on A Place to Call Home Describe your style? A forever changing eclectic mash of vintage, secondhand and new pieces Favourite place to shop? Red Cross Op Shops Less is more – does sustainable shopping mean buying fewer items? It does – but I would be lying if I say that is my case. I purchase around 85% of my wardrobe secondhand, and once I am done with an item I give it back to charity. I hope the process continues with the next person. Alex’s Tips for buying recycled: • Run your hand over the fabric, it has to feel good on your skin (I steer clear of polyester and go for natural fibres) • Try everything on and don’t be put off by brand or sizing • Know your body shape and understand what styles and colours flatter you • Pay attention to the condition garments are in as well as the quality • Visit your local op shops regularly to make sure you snag the gems • To find staple items that will get a lot of use look for black and white clothing that will go with any trend • If you are happy with paying a certain price, then the price is right • Purchase what you love, don’t buy items on a whim! • Know your price limit and don’t be afraid to bargain Bella’s Tips for buying recycled: • Go in with an open-mind and get creative • Keep an eye out for your favourite colours and prints • Try new styles on that you might not normally go for – it might look amazing on! • Avoid shoulder pads • Before buying think where and how many times you are going to wear each item, that will help decipher whether to purchase and how much you should be spending on it • Donate your clothes back to op shops when you are ready to part with them! Earth Hour Sustainable Fashion Parade Leichhardt Council are celebrating the creation of the Leichhardt Sustainable Shopping Guide and Earth Hour with a Sustainable Fashion Parade next Saturday March 19 at the Hannaford Centre. To get a taste of some of the styles that will be showcased on the runway, here is a rundown of the local designers, boutiques and market stalls involved. Red Cross Rozelle The Red Cross at Rozelle is renowned for its beautiful selection of designer clothing. One of the most upmarket of all secondhand stores in the Inner West, here you can bag the off-casts of some of Sydney’s most fashion forward individuals. Their wonderful selection of handbags and scarves always yields afew designer steals. selling her mother’s and her own old clothes, falling in love with Rozelle Market’s overwhelming atmosphere of family and community. Seeing the faces of customers when they find the perfect piece is the reason Ruth keeps returning to Rozelle Markets - also the smiles on her customers’ faces when they come back to her stall and tell her about the compliments they’ve received. Mollusc Designs Voola Taka-Symington’s love affair with Rozelle markets began when she had a garage sale there eight years ago, and sold some jewellery she made on the side. Now Voola has her own line of sought after jewellery, which largely uses recycled materials and is all hand-made in her Waterloo home. Her Rozelle stall also stocks a selection of high quality pre-loved designer clothing. Kim Kabat Vinnies Leichhardt The Leichhardt Vinnies is another go-to shop for upmarket recycled fashion with their stunning array of beautiful designer pieces. They specialise in jewellery, which they stock in abundance, both costume and fine. Their main focus, however, resides in women’s attire, and the quality of their stock renders this store far more like a boutique than a traditional Vinnies store. Zhinzonn Zhinzonn Enterprises has recently begun selling recycled fashion at Rozelle Market. Named after their beloved cat, Zhinzonn specialises in men and women’s fashion and all kinds of accessories from bags and jewellery to fabric and bric-abrac ornaments. Their selection is tasteful, and perfect for finding that special standout piece. Kim Kabat is a woman of many hats, both literally and figuratively. A silver smith with over six years of experience, Kim’s stall at Rozelle Markets features her handmade jewellery in sterling silver, polymer clays, leather and stones. She is also a milliner, with a beautiful collection of handmade felt hats, straw summer hats and fascinators to boot. Joanna’s gorgeous offerings Joanna Kopocinska Vinnies Rozelle The Vinnies in Rozelle is a veritable treasure trove. With a wide range of clothing that may not necessarily be by recognisable brands, they cultivate quirky items of good quality, with a smattering of vintage jewels. Outside their fashion options they stock a large range of home wares. Seven years ago Joanna stumbled upon Rozelle markets, and never looked back. Now a stall holder offering handmade necklaces and scarves, Joanna’s fascinating and unique designs have a long history. An alumni of the prestigious Academy of Art in Poland, she sources materials for her work during her travels abroad and draws inspiration for her designs from patterns in nature and her own imagination. businesses and community enterprises paving the way to a sustainable future. They all feature Fair Trade, waste-reducing, recycled and up-cycled choices in food, fashion, drink, furniture and services. There are over forty businesses in the guide for you to discover. Ruth Morris Ruth Morris has been a regular at Rozelle markets for nearly eight years. She began 12 Leichhardt’s Sustainable Shopping Guide Juicy jewels from Mollusc Designs The online Sustainable Shopping Guide Leichhardt has been made to promote local If you want to reduce the environmental impact of your home or business check out the “Sustainability Tips” on the Sustainable Leichhardt website. n Sustainable Shopping Guide Leichhardt is a two year project supported by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.


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EaRth hOuR SuStainablE FaShiOn PaRaDE Could you be the first Reuse Style Icon winner? WhEn Saturday, 19 March 2016 from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM WhERE Hannaford Centre 608 Darling Street, Rozelle Leichhardt Council presents a fashion parade with a difference to promote the benefits of textile waste avoidance, repair, buying secondhand and upcycling. Enjoy a glass of bubbles and nibble on local sustainable fare while liaising with other sustainable trendsetters before the show. Upcoming SUStainable Shopping eventS in leichhardt: Two Sustainable Shopping Safaris are planned for April and June to support local sustainable businesses. Visit Treading Lightly at Eventbrite to find out more. Booking for all events are essential as spaces are limited. Visit DRESSCODE Sustainable, recycled or vintage wear – get creative! there Will be a lUcky door prize for beSt dreSSed reUSe Style icon on the night. This is a free event however bookings are essential. Visit au/o/treading-lightly-3872044903 Join our Instagram competition to look for a Reuse Style Icon to win some fantastic prizes. #reuseStyleicon aqua4006 this project is a nSW epa Waste less, recycle more initiative funded from the waste levy.


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news Do you think we've achieved gender equality? “Not at all, not one bit. There's so many things, entrenched pay gaps, women not being at the top of industries, often being in more casualised roles, yeah. It's no good.” Peter, Leichhardt “No. Not at all. Just look at the rates of domestic violence, they are shocking.” Josephine, Russell Lea “I'm going to say no straight away. We live in a society that likes to look good and do nothing. People like talking the talk, in whatever context, whether in business or an organisation, or for example at my footy club, there is a whole lot of talk about wanting to do things to make the culture more inclusive, but when it comes to action that's another thing. I think people want to say we have a society that is gender inclusive or equal, but the reality is that it's not even close.” Jimmy, Marrickville "I would have to say no. Dad's still get a bad rap." Barry, Enmore. “I think we have a long way to go. People can say one thing but if you're not practicing... preach and practice, don't preach and not practice.” Mary, Lilyfield Don't be a drag, be a Retro queen! Fashion is synonymous with beauty, glamour and style, however that doesn’t exactly tell the full story. Spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing requires masses of energy, water and chemicals.The textile industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters, second only to oil. Unfortunately, our cheap, chain-store outfits are to blame. This is because the majority of new clothes we buy contain synthetic materials like polyester. The environmental impact of these cheap material is profound as they take much longer to decompose and are far more expensive to recycle than natural fibres. Local burlesque performer Zsa Zsa Lafine has been creating her own clothes for the past six years with the help of Inner West op-shops. “I make most of my own clothes from fabrics that are locally sourced or re-purposed from op-shops,” she says. Now living in Marrickville, Miss Lafine formally studied fashion design in London and is currently attending Sydney College of Arts pursuing fine art. “I do performance installation art and burlesque drag performances. I’m also in a punk band called Fishguts, as well as performing in a solo project,” she says. “I make my own clothes because I think fashion has become quite dull, as far as what’s available to the mainstream. I don’t like what’s available to people my age and my income bracket.” “When it comes to ready-to-wear clothes, they’re ill-fitting and unflattering and it’s built for one body type that isn’t me or my friends. It’s this weird homogenised concept of what human bodies are.” Retro fashion, especially in the Inner West, has never been so in vogue. To the point where stores will sell new items disguised as old ones. Zsa Zsa wants more vintage fashion Local man raises $10,000 for charity Opera singer Daniel Tambasco has raised $10,000 for breast and pancreatic cancer charities through organising two fundraiser events – Something For Everyone and Sweet Sounds – hosted throughout the Inner West in Balmain, Leichardt and Five Dock. The concerts, which took place last year in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in November for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, featured a number of talented artists, including the organiser himself. “I would like to thank these artists for their commitment and loyalty to help put on great concerts that raised this money,” said Daniel. “I would also like to thank family, friends and companies that helped to make this concert possible.” The proceeds have been donated to the Pancare Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Daniel said he hopes to keep improving on last year's proceeds and is already looking forward and dedicating time to planning this year’s events; “The concerts were a success and will happen again in 2016 to support both chairties," he said. “To be good at op-shopping, you have to know fashion history because you’re your delving into history and fashion is cyclical,” she said. “Look for fabric! Don’t look for cut! Be open to the concept of alterations. It’s all about silhouettes and the fit but you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time looking.” “It’s important not to be afraid of theatricality, you don’t need to have a certain personality to pull off a certain garment.” “In the past if you were an op-shopper you had a look that not many other people did. You had to hunt around for exactly what you wanted and you also had to compromise and be open minded,” she says. Over 80 billion new articles of clothing are created each year. Re-using clothes can help reduce this number as well as save money and help support local charity stores. n Words by Levi Parsons Dan is definitely The Man! Newtown Hotel sold The Newtown Hotel will be switching hands in March 2016. For the purchaser, Melbourne-based Colonial Leisure Group (CLG), this will be a first foray into the NSW pub scene, following the purchase of venues across Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and the United Kingdom. The hotel was previously under operation of The Keystone Group (TKG), who were not actively seeking to sell when approached by CLG with the undisclosed offer. TKG said the sale will allow them to focus on expanding their bar and restaurant portfolio, which includes big-name Sydney venues such as Cargo Bar and Kit & Kaboodle. Students Win Uniform Battle In the midst of widespread political debate surrounding the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA), a program that works with schools to foster an inclusive environment for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse young people, students from our local Newtown Performing Arts High School - a SSCA member - have successfully campaigned to remove gender rules from the school’s uniform policy. The decision, which is a first for Australia, came about due to extensive lobbying by students and now allows transgender, queer and non-binary students to wear any of the available male and female uniform options they feel most comfortable in. While previously, it was possible for students to gain permission to wear the uniform that best suited their identity, this was only following a lengthy process involving parental permission and notes from a psychologist, with the administration’s ground breaking decision simplifying the process and setting out a clear policy. The SSCA has taken this opportunity to call for all schools to review their current uniform policy, despite opposition from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and some Coalition backbenchers. (Prime Minister Turnbull recently requested an investigation into the taxpayer-funded program.) In response to the decision of Newtown Performing Arts High School, managing director of the ACL Lyle Shelton stated on ABC radio that the decision was based on “radical gender theory” and has questioned whether it has a place in our schools. Despite the debate, The SSCA currently has 516 member schools with over ten Inner West schools opting in to the program. n Maani Truu Jenny Leong calls for apology Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson for Sexuality and Gender Jenny Leong has called on the NSW Police to apologise to the 78ers for the violence inflicted on them during what would come to be the first Gay and Lesbian pride march in 1978. The call came during a speech following the NSW Parliament offering an historic apology to the group. The apology was due partly to the work of the Parliamentary Friends of LGBTI group (of which Ms Leong is a member) who worked with the 78ers to lobby police. “This apology acknowledges the wrongs perpetrated in 1978, by the NSW Police and thus by implication the NSW Government and following the disturbing and violent events, the wrongs that were perpetrated by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age,” said Ms Leong. “Police brutality against peaceful protestors was at the heart of why we are apologising today, so it is essential that we see the NSW Police also take responsibility and apologise.” Her calls were met with wide applause within the parliament. Safe School Advocates WHY GET A TAROT READING? Joy Aimee answers questions about her tarot readings. Q: What got you interested in tarot? A: My interest in people! When I was studying for my counselling degree some years ago, I read a book on Carl Jung that mentioned he believed tarot can give insights into the unconscious, in the same way that dreams can. I went out and bought my first pack of cards and taught myself to read them over a weekend. Q: Are you psychic without the cards? A: Yes. Even as a child I would know certain things would happen before they did. Understandably, I guess, this was confronting to my family and so I suppressed it for many years. The cards give me a timeline and structure for the information I’m receiving for my client. I 14 can also sometimes get visions from people’s jewellery. In a couple of instances I’ve also communicated with beloved pets of clients. Q: I’d come for a reading but I’m really scared I’d get the Death card! A: I think we’re all a little afraid of that card! I begin every reading by asking the client if there is anything he or she doesn’t want to know. Most people say “tell me everything” but occasionally they’ll say “don’t tell me about death or illness” and I respect that request. By the way, the Death card is really about transformation through ending: it could be the end of a relationship, or way of life, or a physical death. Q: Are some people easier to read for than others? A: I tell my clients that I am reading “the opportunities and challenges in their energy field right now”. Most people come to me because they want this information, they have some questions about their present reality. So people are open to me talking about their lives and most people are quite amazed by what I’m able to tell them. Occasionally someone blocks me and that can be challenging. Fortunately most clients enjoy what is a fun and enlightening experience. Q: So you would recommend a reading to anyone, regardless of religion? A: Oh yes! The tarot has been around in one form or another since the Italian Renaissance when they were designed to be a set of playing cards. I have always been “spiritual” and open to the other dimensions of life. I am respectful of all my clients and their beliefs and always sensitive to their world-view. My goal is to support them in making enlightened decisions by giving them information they may not have otherwise had. Email your question to Call Joy on 0417 821 260 or see For the full spread go to: https://www.facebook. com/TarotReadingswithJoy


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n PROMOTION DULWICH HILL HIGHLIGHTS These days Dulwich Hill is the place to be and to be seen. But where specifically? Think Dulwich Hill, think lifestyle variety. Here are delights for all the senses. Eva’s Hair & Body Boutique Eva’s Hair and Body Boutique has just celebrated its first birthday. Eva, who has 27 years experience in the industry, is back in Dulwich Hill and has created a Hair and Body Boutique with a difference. Her beautifully decorated salon is all about you from the moment you walk in. Eva takes pride in all her work and guarantees that your experience will always be an amazing one. Special packages for that special event – Birthdays, Hens Nights and group bookings, are available. n 407 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill The Delicatessen By GINO & MARY Despite the simplicity of its name, The Delicatessen By Gino & Mary is far more than a small Italian Deli! This award winning institution offers a slice of Europe to multicultural Dulwich Hill, with a unique selection of products that are the quintessential backbone of Spanish, Portuguese and Greek cuisines. It also provides an array of healthy options, including gluten free and organic goods, and supplies loyal patrons with superior Australian and European olive oils and vinegars. With many exciting changes happening in store, The Delicatessen has recently ventured into the gifting and catering arena, offering impressive personalized platters and hampers for any gift, event or special occasion. n 560 Marrickville Rd, Dulwich Hill Ph: 9569 1223 THE LARDER Epicerie fine The Larder specialises in local and imported cheeses. We can now offer you the opportunity to taste our wonderful cheeses with a glass or bottle from our wide selection of local and imported wines and beers. We are able to cater for 50 people. The Larder wine and cheese experience is open every Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday until 4pm. Santé! Hope to see you soon. n 489 Marrickville Road Dulwich Hill Ph: 9569 7546 ZEUS STREET GREEK The Zeus philosophy is simple – to use time-honoured methods and family recipes to make real food, with integrity, taste and freshness. We honour our Greek heritage and take joy in bringing our favourite foods to you. Zeus pays homage to the ‘God of hospitality’ and the Greek custom of ‘filoxenia’ or ‘showing hospitality to all’. April sees the launch of an exciting new menu that our chefs have been busily developing, all of the dishes have been created with yia yia in mind. We look forward to welcoming you into our home and sharing in the Philosophy of Food with you. n 2&3/362 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill Ph: 8315 5600 9572 9797 Facebook: Instagram: @ZeusStreetGreek Karmatecture We have been planning, designing and consulting on an extensive range residential, commercial, industrial and heritage buildings from our base in Dulwich Hill for just over 20 years. Our qualified designers Greg Prentice and Rebecca Popovic are well experienced in the particular challenges of dealing with Councils in the Inner west. All of our designs are based on the individuality of the client and of the site. Celebrating our first year in our new premises also in Dulwich Hill, we look forward to working with you on your next project. n 196a Denison Road, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203 15



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