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February 2016 Vol. 2016, Issue 6 Member of CGCI A Publication of Modesto Garden Club, Inc. Valley Lode District – Pacific Region Russian River Flower School in Healdsburg provides a European twist to its “unstructured formality. Dundee Butcher, the founder and teacher at Russian River Flower School and our February speaker, gives students a strong understanding of basic floral design techniques to support creativity using local, seasonal ingredients with practical and easy to follow demonstrations. She says, “I opened Russian River Flower School in 2013 after training and working with some of the top floral design houses in London for many years. As well as teaching, I was privileged to create arrangements for a variety of events and occasions, including private parties, intimate dinners, corporate functions, weddings and even a palace!” She explains that her vision has been to fuse what she learned working in a more formal style of floristry in Europe with the excitement of the natural beauty and materials found in abundance in Northern California, to teach a form of “unstructured formality.” “It is also to teach people to wander with their eyes open, see differently and enjoy the creative process,” Butcher explains. The classes are designed to offer beginners, enthusiastic amateurs and even florists looking to catch up on new trends, classes in an inspirational setting. Blending what she has learned, working with the good and the great in London, with the exquisite natural resources in the wine country. “We offer students a unique learning experience in a very special part of the world,” she concludes. Speaker of the Month: Russian River Flower School’s Dundee Butcher I want to remind everyone that our February meeting will celebrate the 92nd birthday of the Modesto Garden Club and Valentine’s Day. To celebrate please wear your special hat and outfit at the meeting - the more colorful the better. Thanks everyone, Dan It’s Valentine’s Day & Our 92nd Birthday Don’t Forget the ‘New-to-You-Table’ Contest


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Page 2 Over the Garden Gate President’s Message By Dan Yockey Happy Birthday Modesto Garden Club. 92 years young and still a vital part of the Modesto community. I hope everyone is ready for a new year. Spring is just around the corner. Almond trees will be the first of the trees and bushes that will have leaves and be blooming. Our major fundraiser, the Spring Garden Tour, is on Saturday, April 16, 2016. It seems strange to write 2016 –– seems like yesterday we celebrated the year 2000. Tickets go on sale for the Tour on March 1. There will be seven very diverse homes this year featuring a Modesto icon, try and guess where it is. February is also Valentine’s Day month and again, for this meeting, I would like to see everyone in their finest hats or bonnets and dressed in red. I know we always look sharp in our hats. Our last meeting in November featured Bob Bigham who did a fabulous job. Kudos to those of you who won his creations to take home. Snack and Learn in November was also a success. 100 members enjoyed learning about Japanese Maples. I look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting and to meeting new members as well. Yours in Gardening, Dan Calendar of Upcoming Events • • • • • February 2, Planters and Groomers, 9 a.m., Club Office, 622 14th St. February 9, Valley Lode District Meeting, Host:Manteca Garden Club. February 9, Hackers and Whackers, Senior Center, 9 a.m. February 9, Multimedia, Club Office, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. February 11, MGCI General Meeting, One Church, 2361 Scenic Drive, Modesto Hospitality:10:15 – 11:30 a.m., Snack & Learn:10:30 – 11:15 a.m., Gwen Bauer and Lauren Holmes — Floral Design; Meeting and Program:11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m., Dundee Butcher – Floral Design for everyone! Admission: $10.00 Guests. February 16, Planters and Groomers, 9 a.m., Club Office, 622 14th St. February 23, Hackers and Whackers, Senior Center, 9 a.m. February 23, Multimedia, Club Office, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. February 24, Hands on Workshop: Bird Cage Terrarium, Time: 10 a.m. – Noon, Club Office, 622 14th Street. • • February 25, MGCI Board Meeting, Club Office, 622 14th Street, Modesto, 9 a.m. – Noon, March 10, MGCI General Meeting, One Church, 2361 Scenic Drive, Modesto. April 16—Spring Garden Tour Submit events and articles by the 5th of the month preceding the event. If you have questions call Mary Lou Rice at 209-869-3584, or submit the article directly to newsletter@modestogardenclub.org. Submit photos, fliers, or advertisements to Mary Lou Rice at mlour@ msn.com. New Members Attending in January • • • •


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Over the Garden Gate Page 3 Raffatunity Makes It Fun to Win We hope you are all noticing the wonderful Raffatunity prizes Dede and Cyn have been out collecting from our sponsors, or in some cases designing themselves. Please take the time to say Thank You to our vendors when you visit their stores. Aside from the fact that it does raise some money for the Club, it’s just so much fun to win! Why I Like the Modesto Garden Club . . . Published 10 times a year, September-June, by the Modesto Garden Club, Inc. Over the Garden Gate President: Dan Yockey. Contributing Writers this month: Dan Yockey, Cheryl Carmichael, Joyce Smith, Linda Pedego, Shirley La Bass, Gerry Yockey Text Editor, Advertisements, Fliers and Photos: Mary Lou Rice (209) 869-3584 Website: www.modestogardenclub.org Office: 622-14th Street, Email: newsletter@modestogardenclub.org 529-7360 (Wed., 9 a.m.-Noon) Modesto, CA. 95354-2505


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Page 4 Over the Garden Gate January is the month we prune and clean the Memorial Rose Garden on the Virginia Corridor and the City Rose Garden at College and Briggsmore. It is a training session for those interested in learning how to prune and shape roses. This year the crews were not large but they were efficient and got the job done. We will all be enjoying the wonderful flowers in the coming months. Thank you Bev Schlegel and Pat Williams for your dedication to maintaining those lovely gardens. This month our speaker was not with us. The meeting was surprising as our members took up the slack. Dan took his time with all the announcements and introductions; the Reality Show was especially long - had to get in all 31 lovely tables from the Holiday Luncheon. Patté Williams took the microphone and entertained us with what happened with her 2015, “This year I’m going to enjoy the Holidays, NO MATTER WHAT!” Members were invited to share their reason for joining the Club and what they have gained from their membership experience—it was great to hear how much the Club has enhanced our lives. Cheryl Carmichael took the podium and answered horticultural questions. It has been a rainy month (hip, hip hooray) so not much has been done at the Club Office. Gerry and her girls are looking for some sunny Tuesdays. They start at 9:00 on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays if you want to join them.


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Over the Garden Gate Page 5 January – Always a Surprising Meeting for Modesto Garden Club Members CHECK THE CALENDAR OF EVENTS for what is coming up in the next month. Think pretty dresses and red hats for February


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Page 6 By Joanie Campbell, Linda Masuda, Irene Morimoto  and Mabel Sugiura Over the Garden Gate Lavender Library This month the Lavender Library is featuring three .new books. Edible Perennial Gardening, by Anni Kelsey.   This is a guide to growing edible perennial vegetable in low maintenance polycultures - an ideal way of growing food in small urban or rural gardens. • The Beautiful Edible Garden, by Leslie Bennett and Stefani Biter.   The authors are co-founders of a San Francisco Bay Area landscape design firm focusing on aesthetic edible gardening. ‘ …they bring together ecologically Linda Masuda, checking in books during the January meeting. sound landscape design principles and small-scale urban agriculture, working with both ornamental and edible plants to create integrated landscapes.’ What’s Wrong With My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?), by David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth    “Dealing with a sick plant is one of the most frustrating situations a gardener or houseplant owner can face.  Fortunately, help is at hand.  This innovative, easy-to-use book enables you to recognize what’s plaguing your plant and then fix it.  Extensive color illustrations and photographs guide you to a diagnosis and a safe, organic solution.” • • Sherri McCoy is Volunteer of the Month Sherri is Vice President of Member Benefits and is responsible for being sure the tables at the general meetings are decorated and filled with food for your enjoyment. Be sure to stop by the kitchen at the meeting and let her know how much we appreciate the job she does.  Snack and Learn Floralicious Designs Gwen Bauer and Lauren Holmes, owner’s of Elle, a boutique and home décor store, will be giving us some floral design ideas at the next Snack and Learn during February’s club meeting. Multimedia at Work For a true foray into learning about photography, including equipment for terrific digital photographs as well as how to take the best photos possible, become part of the Modesto Garden Club’s Multimedia group. There’s a great carmaraderie among the members who help grace the pages of the newsletter and the website with their photos. Pictured at left are Margaret and Dede.


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Page 6 Over the Garden Gate Return Service Requested 622 14th Street Modesto, CA 95354-2505 It’s the Season to Prune the Roses in Modesto



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