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crusader ewsmagazine the · lgbt students · supreme court decision n salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · may 2011 · vol 60 issue 6 p 20 13 11


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2 · table of contents the crusader crusader the newsmagazine in this issue on the cover 10 news supreme court decision the az supreme court questions the constitutionality of tax credits 22-23 features lgbt students the crusader investigates the implications of questioning sexuality in a catholic school 26-31 sports tennis and lax lancer tennis teams take state lax turns season around above left the supreme court has the final say on the lawsuit against arizona photo google images above the gay pride flag is a symbol of acceptance photo google images far left lauren amos makes a return in the playoffs photo sean logan left kyle bakewell attempts a shot in the playoffs against gilbertphoto sean logan right aj alexander prepares to pitch against ironwood ridge photo sean logan


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may 2011 table of contents · 3 columns 07 09 21 26 la vie en rose claire s conundrum the dignoti deal the logan lowdown tomorrow caring less it s been real salpointe the pretty picture inside opinions 05 06 editorial letters to the editor supreme court decision stuco elections and drama class of 2011 by the numbers introduction graduation speakers featured seniors encouraging acceptance reviews and entertainment news 10 11 13 14 15 16-20 22-23 24-25 senior section features entertainment sports 26-27 28 29 30 31 opening tennis baseball/softball lacrosse volleyball/track and field


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may2011 opinions · 5 crusader volume 60 2010-2011 may 2011 newsmagazine national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 aipa second place general excellence fall 2010 editorial the the time time for change and moving on s ummer it seems an impossible dream that will never get here fast enough long road that lies at our feet in addition while this is the end it is also the beginning the beginning of the rest of our lives for our seniors the beginning of a summer of relaxation and recuperating and the beginning of a new school year in just two months time while we yearn for the summer air and freedom we will have to realize as the august days wind down that this too will end but when it does what will we do we will continue summers come and go and while this may be a dismal thought it helps us to remember that we have to make the most of the time that we do have here for as our seniors are fast finding out it will end far too soon however even if time does seem uncontrollable we have to remember that while we cannot change how fast or slow time moves we can always change what we do with our time if we ever find that we do not like how we are spending our time we can change it this is perhaps the most comforting thing to realize during a time of such drastic and unexpected changes no matter how much we fall out of love with life we can always change that by changing what we are doing with our time so embrace these changes accept the fact that things change and change with them see you next year lancers however when we wake up from that dream we realize that it is finals week the final stretch the last line the days grow longer and the nights grow shorter as time moves on no matter how hard we try we cannot lengthen nor shorten the amount of time in our final days here whether we want more time to study and set things right or to say good-bye the result is the same no power on earth can do it for us however there is still something we can do we can make the most of it we can make the most of the little time that we do have left here in this way we lengthen our own days and find a little sense of security left in feeling able to control the one thing that seems uncontrollable our lasting enemy time when we face such uncertainty in our lives we have to make the most of the things we can control time is running out but this is both a good thing and a bad thing because time goes on it makes the hard parts of life move faster and the good parts of life all that more enjoyable as we realize that we must make the most of every fleeting moment we have even if we feel as though time is moving too fast we can take control of it and slow it down by making the most of every second we can think ahead at the the crusader is published by the salpointe newspaper class circulation is 2,000 and it is distributed free to students and faculty copies are mailed to parents and select high schools throughout the u.s to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or the school administration editorial board editor-in-chief natalee dawson `11 assistant editors c laire danielson `12 s ean l ogan `12 opinions editor kyle d ignoti `11 news editor c laire danielson `12 features entertainment editor c laire danielson `12 sports editor s ean l ogan `12 copy editor art editor kyle d ignoti `11 z oë u rcadez `12 news staff members brandon bavier `11 zoë urcadez `12 emily monroe `14 features entertainment lauren furrier `11 kyle dignoti `11 emily monroe `14 zoë urcadez `12 tom butler `12 jenna ortiz `12 sports luke bakewell `13 joshua pettigrew `12 questions comments send your feedback to adviser ms michelle mathews head of school fr bob carroll o carm.


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6 · opinions the crusader l etters eens today have it much harder than i did when i was in high school because competition for everything business resources jobs even education is becoming increasingly global back then we d have an occasional foreign exchange student nowadays our colleges and grad schools are brimming with international students and here is the double whammy too many of our kids aren t even applying to college who could argue with the big push for education reform but consider the side effects if the proposed reform is grounded in standardized tests we must first recall that an exam is just one tool to help us track the quality of our teaching and learning as such test results cannot accurately depict a student in terms of aggregate skill level or potential and they certainly should not govern a teacher s employment status if students parents teachers and administrators put their entire weight behind exam scores then our core understanding of to the e ditor tardy detentions feel that the tardy system could be better after a mere four tardies in one entire semester one will receive a detention what happened to actually deserving a detention by disrespecting teachers or vandalizing school property instead some of us that have back to back classes on opposite sides of the school and happen to leave class a little late or not run to class are being penalized the same way as someone that talks back to a teacher i have a friend who is in jazz band period 0 who has to get to school a 7:25am he has had a few detentions this school year solely based on tardies by being late to jazz band i m not asking for the tardy system to be completely revoked but there should be a less strict punishment why not have a lunch detention or having to stay after school to help clean the teachers room for 30 minutes after school one day instead of having to wake up at 7 am on saturday morning to pay the school for being tardy austin l eeser `13 education reform before we leap t learning will be relegated to getting the right answer to a given question consequently our kids will simply memorize definitions rules and shortcuts even answers to practice test questions this passive mechanical process will supplant creativity critical thinking and personal conviction when the dust settles we ll have the numbers to determine who makes the cut but how will all this affect our kids ergo our society in the long run ingenuity initiative two inherent qualities that launched our nation into global prominence in two short centuries how will our young people attain them contributed by dean westwood author of o rganic sat a study guide dedicated to help students optimize learning skills eliminates poor study habits influenced by excessive exam preparation i in session byzo ë u r c adez


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april 2011 opinions · 7 l a vie e n r os e tomorrow knowing where i m going rom the window of my host s common room i watched the sun nestle into the purple mountains that ring williams college tree branches still empty of leaves spread out like long-legged spiders across the hill leading to the dormitory it was mid-april i had only been on the campus for a few hours but i knew this was it a place looks different when you are ready to leave it books too look different when they have been read you look at the cover and suddenly you can see everything inside every moment that led your heartbeat to accelerate every droplet of slow sadness i walk the halls of salpointe now and i scarcely see it the linoleum floors the cinderblock walls the green circle of junior patio this school is as familiar to me lately as the pitted steering wheel of my car when i reach out for it i know what i will find it wasn t always like this before my freshman year i came to school to take my spanish placement test i went to the drinking fountain during a break and when i turned around the hallway shrank and expanded fuzzily before my eyes it seemed like a maze like the physical representation of the change i was so afraid to encounter i thought then quietly someday i will know where i am going in the first few weeks of school i walked into room 425 for the first time a slight blonde girl a junior looked up from her desk with wide frazzled eyes i did not think to myself someday i will be friends with this girl i did not imagine the late nights in room 425 the inside jokes and the sound of a football game as its events blared f across the parking lot and through the windows of our classroom or the way the lights of times square would etch themselves into my view i did not imagine then that i would one day write a last column that i would leave my vibrant graduation gown in the drawer of my editor s desk overnight never did i dream that i would stare blankly as the flickering cursor of microsoft word entreated me to write a graduation speech if i could have anticipated these things it would have dulled their splendor if i could have known i would not have trouble saying goodbye i would not worry about the pain of leaving them behind i would feel ready these years have been a gift one i did not earn or ask for they will inform my choices they have set me on my path later on during the same night in april a group of about one hundred williams college pre-frosh hiked the sharp incline of a muddy hill in the darkness my breath gushed out visibly into air when i reached the top and i turned around the lights of the college and its amoebic town blinked far below further the mountainous horizon rose to greet us that mountain said our leader looks like a whale it inspired herman melville the mud was congealing on my shoes in my exhaustion i could only breathe and stare and think someday i will know where i am going natalee rose dawson `11 editor-in-chief editor s note have an opinion about an issue at school write a letter to the crusader it must be 150-200 words typed we do not accept anonymous letters the preceding letters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the crusader or its staff.


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may 2011 · news 9 the 9 news ·crusader c laire s c o nund ru m caring less ith school winding down and the summer sun starting to burn our shoulders we are reminded that time is the enemy mainly because we are running out of it running out of time to catch up on homework study for exams and fix our grades which may be hanging by a thread while we want to relax and start enjoying the summer air this time of year can be overwhelming with stress most of us aren t the average stereotypical teenagers lazy uninvolved slackers we have been conditioned to be quite the opposite we are a hybrid of active young shakers and movers in the community through our service athletics and academics throughout the school year we always give our best efforts and then some at everything we do normally it s this time that an editorial piece is reserved to remind us that although summer is in the air we are still in school and must remain focused however i am here to tell you that with our perfectionism and ocd that make us the shining students we are at salpointe it s okay to care a little less sometimes yes you read that right it s okay to give ourselves a break at times times like these when our grades are almost perfect our attendance record nearly spotless is the time to take a deep breath and say that we ve tried our hardest only when we ve tried our hardest is it okay to look back and decide that there is honestly nothing more that we can do no more time effort or brain cells that we can give sometimes it s healthier to give ourselves a break it s healthier for us physically and mentally so even though we might have a huge exam tomorrow cramming and having a melt down is not productive like all the sat and act books say a good night s sleep and relaxing is more helpful than studying until dawn even then we have to have faith in ourselves that our best efforts all year have been the best way to study almost all of us have experienced the feeling of being down to the wire and having an 89 in a class we would practically be willing to sell our kidney for some extra credit to get that last 1 of perfection however that class and grade that are probably starring in our nightmares will not make or break our transcripts seriously it may seem like the end of the world now but i can guarantee that life will move on if we get an 89 that may be the most important thing to remember during times like these life moves on perhaps what is our foe time is actually our friend because it moves on with or without us with each standardized test out of the way and eventually each day of finals conquered time helps us to move on and realize that there is nothing more we can do we ve tried our hardest this year and if that gets us an 89 then there is simply w it s okay to give ourselves a break claire danielson `12 assistant editor/news editor/features editor


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may 2011 news · 10 supreme court resolves constitutional dispute the supreme court of arizona decided on the constitutionality of tax credit scholarship programs benefiting private schools by claire danielson emily monroe rizona taxpayers recently tried to sue the state of arizona for the tuition tax credit program that gives an income tax break of up to $500 individually or $1000 for couples who donate to a school tuition organization sto the case of arizona christian schools tuition organization v winn and garriott v winn were denied by the state court system the plaintiffs represented by american civil liberties union of arizona asked the supreme court of arizona to review the decision the lawsuit was based on the fact that the government cannot directly aid any religious institution the plaintiffs claimed most sto programs aid religious schools these programs include catholic tuition organization cto arizona catholic school tuition organization acsto and catholic tuition schools organization ctso which benefit tucson schools and specifically salpointe however there are a few sto programs that benefit secular schools under the 501c 3 irs tax code donors get a dollar-for-dollar tax break for donating governor jan brewer signed a law earlier this year to raise the allowed dollar amount to be donated to compensate for inflation proponents of the law say that the sto programs help students who could not afford a private education it also relieves a burden on the already taxed public school system by allowing more students to go to private schools the plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue that those students would not have gone to public school necessarily because not all sto programs award scholarships on needs based however the ctso program that benefits salpointe is entirely needs based with over 30 percent of the student population receiving a financial aid the generosity of local contributors have allowed us to continually increase funding to local catholic schools awarding scholarships to students with the greatest need who wish to choose a catholic education says ctso on their website the opponents of the law also claim that donors who give money to specific religious organizations force students who need financial aid to attend religious institutions thus infringing on their rights fifty million dollars was awarded last year to religious stos that mandated students receiving the scholarships to go to religious schools however money given to secular schools was twice the amount of families needing financial aid and wanting to attend a secular school this shows that the reason most donations go towards religious institutions is because that it is the main choice of students who need take away the students we have here who require financial aid and we would be less of a school not in terms of numbers but in terms of diversity and humanity -fr bob carroll head of school financial aid what a terrible thing not to allow our citizens the freedom and means to profess and grow in their faith said fr bob carroll o carm phd head of school who is on the ctso commitee that distributes donated funds the supreme court decided in a 5-4 decision that the suit was invalid because the plaintiffs were not negatively affected by the tax nor had any stake in the case therefore it could not go to federal court justice anthony kennedy said that the plaintiffs had no standing to continue the suit challenging the law under the establishment clause because the money a taxpayer donates to an sto belongs to the taxpayer not the state the main question brought up by the plaintiffs was the constitutionality of the government giving dollar-for-dollar tax breaks to people who donate to non-profit religious institutions the majority decision relies on a distinction between tax credits and direct government spending said daniel mach director of the aclu s program on freedom of religion and belief since the constitution prohibits government aid to any religious institution this law could be seen as donors basically using government money to donate to non-profit religious organizations however the law is not specifically for religious institutions but for any non-profit organization which happens to include private schools cash grants and targeted tax breaks are a means of accomplishing the same government objective to provide financial support to select individuals said justice elena kagan.


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september 2010 news · 11 stuco elections next year s servant leaders gear up for a year of change by claire danielson w change creative ith a new moderator and new officers student council is expecting a new year of and the winners are student body president greg gilles vice president harry hwang treasurer jason azar corresponding secretary maryssa ossowski recording secretary mckenzie jerman after a few weeks of hanging colorful posters and campaigning candidates were anxious for election day campaigning strategies included using popular social networking sites such as facebook and eye catching posters when the votes came in at the end of the day the students had a new board of servant leaders to guide the school into a new year full of excitement bright election posters photo emily monroe campaign freshman patio was covered in president of senate amanda seaney congratulations to drama students thespians take home the top state rankingby claire danielson s alpointe s thespian troupe was recently ranked number one in arizona by the arizona thespians and arizona interscholastic association aia out of 80 troupes department has received in the past two years the last award was the proclamation from the governor of arizona given last year the number one ranking certainly applauds our department s incredible devotion to the craft of acting and performance and it is a testament to the fact they have built a strong community of leadership and support among families students and teachers said fr robert carroll o carm phd head of school the drama department puts on many thrilling and entertaining one acts radio plays musicals and full plays every year for the community theatre teaches our students life skills far beyond the classroom it teaches them a sense of responsibility and commitment said mr steve halper retired drama teacher and supporter of the thespian troupe this group has shown tremendous leadership skills and stepped up to the plate they are very deserving statewide this was the first time that the award was given the selection was based on attendance at state and regional thespian festivals participation in the individual events at a festival showcase awards ranking of state one act plays and the work of drama teachers in the community according to linda phillips arizona thespians chairman and aia theatre advisory chair this distinction is not just the result of the dedication of our theatre troupe but is in fact a result of the salpointe culture it fosters diversity creativity collaboration our theatre program candid drew milne and jennifer rojewskicelbenefits from the holistic approach of our ebrate the thespian sfantasticaccomplishment and community community which seeks to develop the well rounded individual said dana milne drama teacher this is the second top state ranked award that the drama


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may 2011 senior section · 13 seniors 2011 by the numbers the class of 2011 is made up of 297 students 99 of the class plans to attend college next year 72 will go in-state for college 27 will go out-of-state the class of 2011 includes 74 salpointe scholars 3 national merit scholars 3 military academy appointees and 1 flinn scholar.


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14 · senior section the crusader a class apart the class of 2011 is a class of scholars of athletes and of artists a multitude of personalities and characters made up this year s senior class still their legacy is united they have provided support for one another and the entire school they have set an example for the underclassmen no matter what they took part in at salpointe they will look back on these years with fond memories the class of 2011 has led or participated in nine kairos retreats attended countless classes sat in the audience at numerous assemblies cheered for the lances at innumerable athletic events and attended four formals and two proms the class has also been accepted at nearly 200 institutions of higher learning in the united states and abroad we are thrilled to see that members of the class of 2011 have been accepted to 187 colleges universities and military service branches said college counselor mrs lynn ossowski this was an unusually competitive year in college admissions seniors applied to more colleges than usual and earned scholarships at many as they searched for affordability however the financial constraints of our economy are forcing more students to stay in state and to attend the university of arizona or pima college this class will be the sixtieth to graduate from salpointe catholic high school since its inception the class of 2011 graduates on may 21 at tucson community center d students feature the students featured on the pages that follow were selected by members of the school faculty based on their ability to represent the class of 2011 the students on page 15 will be the two student speakers at graduation and were selected by a committee from a pool of salpointe scholars.


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may 2011 gpa 4.062 attending university of arizona your favorite high school memory kairos 211 and 213 do you have any advice about high school for underclassmen be yourself open up and meet new people make as many friends as possible describe your dream job to start my own clothing and shoes line what superpower would you like to have i would like to fly what s your favorite place in tucson the mountains where i can see the city lights at night what was your favorite class at salpointe fr rick s dying and living and holocaust classes senior section · 15 marcia pineda you know her as soccer player nhs officer track and field player ball of endless sunshine gpa 4.07 attending williams college go ephs your favorite high school memory spending way too long at school trying to finish the paper talking for hours at prom with my friends the snack table at kairos star-gazing laughing at all the amazing jokes high school has generated do you have any advice about high school for underclassmen don t walk too close to doors in the hallway get to know the incredible people you re in class with if and when you can drive do not park in the faculty s reserved spaces by accident natalee dawson you know her as editorin-chief of the crusader newsmagazine kairos leader publications nerd the facebook status girl describe your dream job something that allows me to travel write eat good food and take part in good arguments without being elizabeth gilbert what s your favorite place in tucson the airport just kidding the easternmost end of any road where the stars are visible.



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