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Curriculum Vitae Krzysztof Herman PERSONAL INFORMATION Krzysztof Herman Office address: Warsaw University of Life Sciences Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Department of Landscape Art ul. Nowoursynowska 166 building no. 13, room 39, Warsaw, Poland +48 22 59 322 25 +48664002144 Sex Male | Date of birth 30/08/1982 | Nationality Polish WORK EXPERIENCE February 2012 - present Assistant professor Department of Landscape Art (Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture), Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW) Courses taught at Warsaw University of Life Sciences: BA level landscape architecture: drawing and sculpture; theory and history of urban design; contemporary trends and ideas in landscape architecture, low-budget design in landscape architecture BA level landscape architecture for foreign students (in English): garden design, community gardening and garden as an event MA level landscape architecture: theory of sculpture in gardens and landscapes; artistic design; art of the garden and landscape (practical workshops), public participation in landscape architecture, master thesis seminar MA level regional planning: urban design; parks and gardens design; creative processes in public space Main research interests: theory & history of urban design, land / landscape art, public sculpture, temporary interventions, low-budget urbanity.  As a member of research teams,  working on two grants from the polish Ministry of Science and Education: “Landscape art  and art in landscape in XX and XXI century”, “Temporary gardens in collective spaces”. Research / Education March 2012 - present Designer, researcher and head of the Foundation council NA MIEJSCU (“On Site”) Foundation for the Local Communities Revitalisation & regeneration of urban spaces, work with Project for Public Spaces, Skanska and the Wola and Srodmiescie Districts in Warsaw. • Expert in community-led participatory projects, adviser for the city officials, mediator, moderator. • Expert in two grants from Batory Foundation (Citizens for Democracy Program, EEA Norway Grants): 2012-2013: „Działanie Na Miejscu” („Working On Site”) – social revitalisation of two public spaces in Warsaw; 2014-2015: „Zoom na rady Seniorów” („Zoom on the Seniors Councils”) – creating involevement and participation in the decisions about public space among senior citizens. Website: • Design / Research / Expertise / Community work © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 1 / 5


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Curriculum Vitae October 2010 – December 2011 Krzysztof Herman Technical assistant in a research grant European Federation for Landscape Architecture (currently: IFLA Europe) Research assistance and administrative/technical work in the EU-founded project: “Implementation of relevant European teaching contents in the studies of landscape architecture (EU-Teach)”. Research / Technical work April 2003 - present Free-lance designer, educator, gardener, guide and landscape artist. Various: Museum of Warsaw, Promotion and Environmental Protection departments of City of Warsaw Council, Allegro Event Agency, Kursar Agency, Kylemore Abbey & Garden (County Galway, Ireland), Teresa Murak (land art artist), SDIS architecture office (Internship) • Installation, performance art presented both in art galleries (e.g. Heppen Transfer Gallery, Galery El, Kordegarda Gallery) and outdoor art festivals. • Revitalisation & regeneration of urban spaces with NGO “Odblokuj”. • Cooperation with Centrala Design task force (architectural office: • Projects of temporary gardens, scene design, simple furniture (e.g. gardens for presentation of cars). • Consultant for scientific conferences organization (series of Green Debates), publications (editor of Green Debates Raport) and events (Parking Day 2009) • Gardener and restoration assistant in a Victorian garden (internship). • Assistant for highest regarded Polish land artist, responsible for taking care of technical specifications for the projects of art pieces. Design / Art / Landscape architecture / Gardening EDUCATION AND TRAINING October 2006 – November 2011 PhD in Landscape Architecture Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW) Full scholarship at the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, PhD in Agricultural Sciences (specialisation: Landscape Architecture); thesis title: “Temporary gardens in Collective Spaces” defended in November 2011 at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). September 2008 – March 2009 Junior Fulbright Visiting Researcher Harvard Graduate School of Design (Cambridge, USA) Fulbright Fellow at the Department of Urban Planning and Design, academic adviser: prof. Margaret Crawford. level 8 level 8 October 2001 – July 2006 Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW) level 7 Combined Bachelors/MA degree studies in landscape architecture, specializing in “the art of gardens and landscape” (defended thesis in July’06); TEACHING SCHOLARSHIPS September 2014 Erasmus teaching scholarship Akdeniz University in Antalya, Turkey © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 2 / 5


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Curriculum Vitae PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue(s) Other language(s) Polish UNDERSTANDING Listening Reading SPEAKING Krzysztof Herman WRITING English Russian Spoken Spoken interaction production C1 C1 C1 C1 C1 TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a foreign language) - 110 out of 120 points Cambridge Advanced English Certificate A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Computer skills ▪ good command of Microsoft Office™ tools ▪ good command of Creative Suite tools (Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign) ▪ fair command of Google Sketch Up ▪ Fair command of AutoCAD ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Honours and awards • 2 Award (in a design team) – design competition for the elements of small architecture and greenery on the main city square in Ostrowiec (Swietokrzyski (organised by the municipality of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, November 2015) nd • • • • Runner‐up in the national competition “Polacy z Werwą” (“Poles with Verve”) ‐ in  the category of Environmental Protection. (October  2014)  2nd Award (in a design team) at the Urban Design competition/workshops for the  revitalisation of the central area of the City of Lodz. Lodz Branch of the Society of  Polish Town Planners, along with the City Planning Office in Lodz. (December 2012)  Award for teaching excellence from the President of Warsaw University of Life  Sciences (September 2012) Honorary award on Polish nationwide competition for architecture, landscape  architecture and fine arts students organized by “Architektura‐murator” magazine. (March 2006)  President of the regional (Warsaw) chamber of Polish Association of Landscape Architects. Member of the National Council. International Federation for Landscape Architecture Europe, member of communication group - editing publications, newsletters, news & events. Created the EFLA Student and Young Professional Competition ( Member of the Harvard Club of Poland. ( Memberships • • • © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 3 / 5


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Curriculum Vitae Krzysztof Herman Publications Selected scientific articles Full list at: Downloadable papers: Peer-reviewed articles (in English): • Herman K., 2015: Practices in low-budget landscape architecture, in: Bialski P., Derwanz H., Otto B., Volmer H. (eds.) ” Ephemera. Theory & politics in organisation: ‘Saving’ the city: Collective low- budget organizing and urban practice„, Eephemera 15(1), February 2015 ISSN (Online) 1473-2866 ISSN (Print) 2052-1499, ISBN (Print) 978-1-906948-26-9, p: 279-289 • Herman K., Gawryszewska B.J., 2014: Place in cultural landscape: house garden and temporary garden, in: Bedyński W., Povedák I. (red.) Landscape as a factor in creating identity, Papers from conference held in Jaroslaw, Poland, 22-24 June 2012, “Dance House” Society, Warsaw, s. 87-91 • Herman K., Kühnau C., Reinke M., Seidel J., 2012 EU-teach – implementation of relevant European teaching contents in the studies of landscape architecture. Results and perspectives. Ann. Warsaw Univ. Life Sci. – SGGW, Horticult. Landsc. Architect. 33, 2012: 89-98 • Herman K., Kühnau Ch., Reinke M., Seidel J., 2012, “EU-Teach – implementation of relevant European teaching contents in the studies of landscape architecture. Results and perspectives” in: Dymitryszyn I., Kaczyńska M., Maksymiuk G. (red.) “Peer Reviewed Proceedings of ECLAS 2012 Conference – THE POWER OF LANDSCAPE at Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW”, Warszawa s. 486-491 • Herman K. 2009 “The role of temporary gardens in built environments. A visual preference study” in: Guney Y.I., Yildiz Hulya (red.) “IAPS, CSBE Housing Network, Revitalizing built environments International Symposium Proceedings” • Herman K., 2008 “The role of temporary gardens in urban landscape.” in: „Urban Green Spaces – A key for sustainable cities”, Conference reader for international conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, April 17-18. Wydawnictwo Green Keys Project, Sofia, Str. 103-106 Other (in English): • Herman K. (editor) 2013, IFLA Europe Students & young professionals landscape architecture contest and catalogue, Published by IFLA Europe • Herman K. 2009 “The role of temporary gardens in urban landscape” w: A view on Harvard GSD, TANK Form Ltd. For Harvard Graduate School of Design, London Book (in Polish): • Herman K. 2011 Ogrody tymczasowe w przestrzeniach kolektywnych (Temporary gardens in collective spaces). Warsaw: Wyd. Sztuka Ogrodu Sztuka Krajobrazu. Chosen peer-reviewed articles (in Polish): • Herman K., Myszka-Stąpór I., Rybak K., Skibińska M., Zinowiec-Cieplik K. „Contemporary trends in landscape architecture” in: Element szczególny w otoczeniu – tożsamość miejsca : Międzynarodowa Konferencja Artystyczno-Naukowa KRAJ art 2013 : Zakopane, 10-13 września 2013. – Warszawa : Wyższa Szkoła Ekologii i Zarządzania, 2013. – S. 54-70 • Herman K., Łepkowski M. 2013, „ Social campaigns and public initiatives for the clean public space” in: „VI Konferencja Zarządzanie Zielenią Miejską” red. M. Siewniak, Wyd. Dendros, Bydgoszcz, str. 35-41 • Herman K., 2012, “Inna zieleń przyuliczna. Tymczasowe dekoracje roślinne: stragany, ogródki piwne” w: Zielone miasto – przestrzeń i komunikacja : materiały konferencyjne : 20. Międzynarodowa Wystawa „Zieleń to życie”, Warszawa, 23-24 sierpnia 2012. – Warszawa : Agencja Promocji Zieleni, s. 95-110 • Herman K., Brzozowski G., 2012, “Tymczasowość sacrum w krajobrazie miasta. Analiza przestrzeni praktyk związanych z obchodami Bożego Ciała i żałoby po śmierci Jana Pawła II w Warszawie.„, w: Prace Komisji Krajobrazu Kulturowego nr 17 “Sacrum w Krajobrazie” Plit J. (red.), Sosnowiec 2012, Wyd. Komisja Krajobrazu Kulturowego Polskiego Towarzystwa Geograficznego, str. 162‐170 • Herman K. 2011. Temporary gardens as an event, green intervention, promotional activity In: Dyrska M., Filipczak J. (eds.) Zielone Miasto. Metamorfozy [Green City. Metamorphosis] Wyd. Agencja promocji Zieleni, Warsaw, 2011: 107-116 • Herman K. 2011. Roots of the contemporary landscape architecture In: Zinowiec-Cieplik (ed.) Projektowanie obiektów Architektury Krajobrazu [Designing landscape architecture objects], Wyd. Wyższa Szkoła Finansów i Zarządzania w Siedlcach, Warsaw, 2011: 85-93 • Herman K., 2008 “The role of temporary gardens in urban landscape. Urban Green Spaces – A key for sustainable cities”, Conference reader for international conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, April 17-18. Green Keys Project, Sofia, Str. 103-106 • Herman K., 2007 Garden behind a window editor of the book – article “Temporary Gardens as a source of inspiration in home garden design”, Ideagrafia publishing house • Herman K., 2007, “Theme village concept and problems of cultural landscape protection case study: Stara Wies near Przedborz”, in: Rylke J. (editor) Przyroda i Miasto IX” (City and Nature) magazine, Wyd. SGGW • Herman K., 2006, „Restoration of Victorian Walled Garden in Kylemore (Ireland)”, w: Rylke J. (editor) Przyroda i Miasto VIII (City and Nature) magazine, Wyd. SGGW © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 4 / 5


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Curriculum Vitae Krzysztof Herman Presentations Conferences Seminars Speaker at international scientific congresses, workshops (selected) ▪ March 13-16th 2014: „A-Wide-Field-Forum” organised by the European Network for Applied Landart and Hochschule Anhalt University at the BUGA Festival headquarters in Premnitz, Germany. ▪ March 25-28th 2013 “Low-Budget Urbanity. Frugal Practices Transforming the City” PhD and post-doctoral researchers Early Career Laboratory at HafenCity University in Hamburg, Germany. ▪ June 11 ‐15th 2012: 6th ICON LA International Conference “Green Infrastructure: from global to local”, St. Petersburg (Russia), Uppsala and Stockholm (Sweden) ▪ November 2-4th 2011: EFLA Regional Congress “Mind the Gap: Landscapes for a NewEra” in Tallinn, Estonia ▪ June 7-8th 2010: The 2010 MOVE international seminar “Mobile Constitutions of Society”, PhD workdops. University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 5 / 5



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