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Member of the NIBE Group Process Heating


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Electrical Heating through decades With more than 50 years of experience SAN Electro Heat’s most valuable asset is special know-how about design, product development, and manufacturing of professional electrical heating equipment for industrial use. The company is geared to deliver 100% customized products, and thus functions both as a catalyst for a development project and as a supplier of the final product. At the same time we ensure and maintain the required quality level, mechanical and electrical dimensioning, approvals, and documentation. Being part of the Swedish NIBE Group gives us world wide representation - sales and production - and we are thus able to service our customers anywhere in the world. SAN Electro Heat a/s is driven by a desire to deliver advanced heating solutions to critical customer applications Today’s customers demand reliable and cost efficient solutions. We can deliver 100% customized products, and our close cooperation with our customers gives us a deep knowledge about each specific application. Thus it is our mission to understand our customers’ change in need and requirement and constantly adapt and develop our products accordingly. We are able to deliver products approved according to our customers’ requests. It is our vision to become all customers’ first choice whenever they need technical electric heating for their project. SAN’s know-how is today divided into four business areas: • • • • Wind Power Railway Systems Process Heating Heating Cables SAN Electro Heat a/s Gillelejevej 30b DK-3230 Graested, Denmark Tel: +45 48 39 88 88 Fax: +45 48 39 88 98 SAN Electro Heat P.O. Box 259 Herford, HR1 9AU Great Britain Tel: +44 1432 85 1999 Fax: +44 1432 85 1299 SAN Electro Heat a/s c/o Danotherm Electric A/S An der Drei Hasen 4 D-61440 Oberursel Germany Tel: +49 6171 887 724 Fax: +49 6171 887 719 2|


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All-Purpose Electric Heating Content Electrical Heaters for Liquids, Gas and Space Heating SAN Electro Heat a/s designs, develops and manufactures all types of systems for electrical heating of gases, liquids, vapours and solids. The company prides itself on working closely together with its customers to manufacture systems which meet the most stringent international standards. The company’s expertise in the field of electrical heating covers the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrol chemical (both on shore and off shore applications), steel, textile, glass, power generation and foodstuff industries. In fact, any application where process heating is required. The company is able to supply heating elements, pressure vessels and control panels/systems, all fully tested and certified to meet the required standards, including Ex-proof. Introduction 2 All-Purpose Electric Heating Heating for Cold Climate External Heater 4 5 6 Resistors 7 Fan Heaters Glycol Heaters Anti Condensation Heaters Silicone Heaters Immersion Heaters Cartridge Heaters Temperature Sensors Heating Blanket Heating Elements 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 |3


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Electrical Heaters in Off Shore Versions Background heating of working- and living-quarters. Manufactured in acid-proof stainless steel, fitted with IP 65 terminal boxes with built-in thermostats for temperature control, and prevention of excess surface temperatures on the heating elements. All electrical heaters are specified and manufactured in accordance with IEC 79-85-92 CENELEC EN 50040. In each group, one of the elements is equipped with an internal thermo couple monitoring temperature rise as overheat protection in the event of reduced air flow or failure. Technical Data: Output: From 5kW to 132kW Voltage: 3x440V Op. parametres: -15˚C to +22˚C Temperature class: T4 Casing: IP 65 Electrical Heater for Nitrogen Built into a certified welded pressure tank with inlet and outlet flanges. Raised terminal box with built-in thermo couple. Technical Data: Output: 230,6kW Voltage: 3x600V Operating temperature: -35ºC to -15ºC Operating pressure: 13.5 bar Casing: IP 55 High Voltage Heater for Heating of Process Air in Spray-Drying Plants in 3 groups, with special flanges, tested at 75kV impulse voltage and 10kV Megger. Technical Data: Temperature out: 340ºC Air: 70.000 kg/h Material: Stainless steel, AISI 304 Output: 2,4MW - 3x800kW Voltage: 3x10,6kV Dimensions duct: (HxWxL) 2 x 2 x 4,2m Insulation: 300mm Skamol Process Heater Output: 12kW Voltage: 3x380V Operating temperature: 450ºC Gas Heater Output: 21kW Voltage: 3x380V Operating temperature: 150ºC Operating pressure: 15 bar Variable flow: 0-300Nm³/h Regulation Thyristor control with zero scale. Information panel showing temperature, kilowatt meter, ammeter and reset function. 4|


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Highest Quality Duct Heaters for Ventilation Systems e.g. on Ships SAN’s duct heater for ventilation heating (35ºC) is manufactured from stainless steel with stainless steel heating elements. The ducts are equipped with perforated plates to optimize the air distribution. An anticondensation heating element is installed in the terminal box to prevent condensation when the heating elements are not operating. A double overheating protection and if necessary a fire thermostat are mounted. Process Heater for Air / Steam Manufactured from a special type of stainless steel which withstands temperatures of more than 500ºC. The heater is divided into sections. Controlled by a PLC regulator, which monitors temperatures, flow volume and composition of hot elements. Technical Data: Output: 275kW Voltage: 3x400V Operating temperature: 500ºC Electric Heaters for Preheating Process Air used in the Chemical Industry Manufactured from stainless steel and divided into 10 detachable sections for extremely easy servicing. The electrical heater is divided into 2 groups, respectively 157.7kW and 143.3kW. Technical Data: Output: 301kW Voltage: 3x690V Operating temperature: 350ºC Equipment channels: AISI 304 (W.1.4301) Heating elements: AISI 316 Ti (W.1.4571) Dimensions (HxWxL): 1000x1200x626mm Vacuum Heater Output: 65kW Voltage: 3x400V + PE Temperature out: 270ºC Casing: IP 65 Design codes: BS5500 |5


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Process Heater Output: 40kW Voltage: 3x400V+PE Temperature in: 25ºC Temperature out: max. 3500C Air flow: 360kg/h Materials: Stainless steel, AISI 304, 316 Protection: IP66 Thermo couple as over heat protection. Process Heater With replacable heating battery Output: 35kW Voltage: 3x575V+PE Temperature in: 20ºC Temperature out: 3300C Air flow: 400kg/h Materials: Stainless steel, AISI 316 High-Voltage Heater for use in Processing Raw Materials The world’s first high-voltage electrical heater was delivered by SAN in 1986. This equipment was developed by SAN’s engineering department, and won the Danish Engineers’ Association Prize for electrical innovation in 1988. The unit is built with 2 independent insulation systems, where the material itself is both an electrical and thermal insulation.To faciliitate service, each of the 14 sections is mounted on rollers, and can, with little effort, easily be rolled out of the heater. This equipment is fitted with pyrometers to measure temperature levels in the heating elements. Output: 9kW Voltage: 3x415V Temperature in: 25ºC Temperature out: max. 3500C Air flow: 80kg/h Materials: Stainless steel, AISI 304, 316 Protection: IP66 Thermo couple as over heat protection. Process Heater Technical Data: Output: 14,000kW Voltage: 3x10,600V Operating temperature: 430˚C Max press. in conductor: 17,500Pa High-voltage test: 28,000V Shock tension test: 75,000V Dimensions (HxWxL): 3 x 3.5 x 10m 6|


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World-wide Representation Process Heater Output: 14,5kW Voltage: 3x400V Specific Watt load: 3W/cm2 Mobile Load Resistor SAN mobile load resistor 1MW divided into groups. The load resistor is built as a mobile unit, to be tugged by a motorized unit at max. 15km/h - 10 mph. The dimesions of the trailer is approx. 3200 x 1500mm. The resistor is mounted with airfilled rubber wheels, a pole with appliance suitable for a standard ball on the tugging vehicle and a lamp arrangement for a standard trailer. Additionally, the load resistor is equipped with a parking brake at the back-end. The total height of the unit is approx. 2000mm The load resistor is built with control panel at the back end, the resistive part in the middle and the reactive part at the front. The resistive part is cooled by 4 fans, which are placed at the bottom with vertical out blow at the top. The reactive part is with natural cooling via gaps in the side plates. The resistive part is built by SAN tubular heating elements, which are divided into groups. The reactive part is built by coils divided into 2 off 3x50KVar and 21 off 3x100KVar. Preheating of Power Station Emission Gases: Electrical heaters for preheating emission gases. Manufactured from acid-proof stainless steel, with heating elements of the same materials, type BC, mounted on detachable flange plates with IP 55 cable duct, raised 250mm over the heat conductor. This type of electrical heater is for variating pressure and temperature. As safety, a thermo couple is mounted directly on the heating elements. Technical Data: Output: Voltage: Volume of gas: Operating temp.: Pressure range: Casing: Composition: 368kW 88kW 3x380V 3x380V 13,300kg/h 12,900kg/h 350ºC 20ºC 6500Pa 8500Pa IP 55 IP 34 AISI 316 Galvanized (W.1.4436) steel plate Flow Heater Unit Complete flow system for the heating of liquid. Consisting of OB pre-heater divided into groups, uninsulated with 2 1/2” in- and outletpipes with flanges. The unit is built in a steel frame for 20 feet container transport and comprises pressure expansion container with 2 off safety valves, air discharger, manometer, circulation pump and control panel. Technical Data: Output: 155kW Voltage: 3x415V Group division: 3 groups, 5 - 75 - 75kW |7


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Output: 3,5kW Voltage: 230V Temperature in: 100C Temperature out: 1400C Specific Watt load: 2,2W/cm2 Media: Air Air flow: 30kg/h Flow Heater Output: 60kW Voltage: 3x380V Temperature in: 00C Temperature out: 1800C Air volume: 779m3/h Insulated duct with flanges, stainless steel heating elements. PT100 sensor as overheat protection. To be controlled by a thyristor. Electrical Heater External Heater With motor, pump, and expansion valve. For heating of lubricating oil in gearboxes, e.g. in arctic areas where additional heating is required. The built-in pump circulates the lubrication oil through the gearbox. The flow heater is equipped with a pump, temperature limiter, and PT100 sensor. ETL approved. Steam Heater EX electrical steam heater Power: 12 kW Voltage: 380-415V corresponding to 15 kg steam/h at 2 bar. g. Complete with automatics, armature, instruments and cover. For EX Zone 1. 8|


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Advanced Heating Solutions Flange Heater for Hydraulic Oil Power: 6kW Voltage: 3x400V Specific Watt load: 0,75W/cm2 Immersion depth: 1180mm Material: Stainless steel with replacable heating element without draining the vessel. Power: 12kW Voltage: 3x690V Specific Watt load: 2W/cm2 Immersion depth: 950mm Media: Oil Operating temp.: 900C Connection box: IP65 Flange Heater Immerge Heater For hydaulic oil with magnets for fixation, 2000W - 3x690V - 1W/cm2. Available in other voltages and wattages upon request. Material: Stainless steel AISI 316. Flange Heater for Tunnel Ovens Output: 32kW Voltage: 3x400V Glycol Heaters Our glycol heaters are used for pre-heating of cooling water in the cooling/heating system in converters in wind turbines before start-up of the wind turbine. The glycol heaters are delivered in various materials and designs to meet customer requirement. Immersion Heaters All our immersion heaters are available in required voltage, power and length, with flange or thread. All the heaters are designed to comply with requirements and specifications for products used in the process industry. Also available as food approved versions. |9


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For Thawing Soil Used in church yards in connection with urn graves during winter weather with hard frost. Also applicable for other digging works. Power: 1200W, or other upon request Voltage: 230V Adjustable built-in thermostat 30-1100C and overheat protection. Low surface temperature upwards. Heating only downwards. Filter Housing For heating of oil in the process industry. Built-in adjustable mechanical temperature limiter. Pt100 sensor. Material: AISI 316 With built-in high temperature heating cable. Wattage according to customer requirements. Heating Element in Cast Material Power: 200W Voltage: 65V For dairy industry. Finned Tubular Radiator Industrial radiator for heating of rooms - garages cabinets etc., with great demands for a robust onstruction. Available in grey painted steel. Available as standard or in voltage, power, and length according to customer specification. SPECIAL VERSION: vibration- and shock safe, e.g. for use on ships. Protection class: IP55. Standard colour: RAL 7032 grey. Other colours upon request. Surface temperature: 120°C at 22°C ambient temperature. Panel Furnace For mounting on the wall or floor bracket, expecially applicable for heating of churches. Very low surface temperature and very low noice when operating. Voltage: Colour: Insulation: 230V, 400V or 3x400V white RAL 9016 (Standard) other colours upon request IP 22 10 |


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Highly Educated Engineers Controller consisting of PLC and Switches Programmed as a Pi-controller, containing a range of security programmes for monitoring safety, maximum flow alarm, maximum temperature, etc. The switchboard is equipped with control panel and meters showing voltage, current and temperatures. Flow Modules for Heating of Air and Liquids Materials used are according to the customers’ requirements and demands. Can be built-up easily and mounted as required. Pressure, temperature levels and materials used will depend on the specific project and application. After installation, the equipment is pressure tested according to the specifications. Self-Regulating Heating Cable This cable is often used as it changes emission of heat (Watt/m) in relation to the ambient temperature because of the way it is constructed. The cable can also be delivered as type EEx and with an outer PTFE jacket. Pipe Tracing Everywhere in the chemical industry it is necessary to avoid heat loss in pipelines. Previously steam was used but today it is an economical advantage to use electrical heating cables during installation as well as during operation. SAN offers a wide range of industrial heating cables up to 1000ºC as well as a complete range of controls and thermostats. Valve/Tube Heating Special design is necessary for optimum functioning, and to ensure minimum operation costs, SAN offers taylor made solutions. | 11


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Member of the NIBE Group • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Process Heating Heating Elements Heating Cables Finned Tubular Radiators Immersion Heaters Church Heating Frost Protection Ex-Material Oilfilled Radiators Drum Heaters Heating Pads Flow Heaters Air Duct Heaters High-voltage Resistors Controllers With more than 50 years of experience SAN Electro Heat’s most valuable asset is special know-how about design, product development, and manufacturing of professional electrical heating equipment for industrial use. The company is geared to deliver 100% customized products, and thus functions both as a catalyst for a development project and as a supplier of the final product. At the same time we ensure and maintain the required quality level, mechanical and electrical dimensioning, approvals and documentation. Nordkystens Bogtrykkeri ApS - Tel.: 48 300 300 Denmark, Mainoffice: Gillelejevej 30b DK-3230 Graested tel.: +45 4839 8888 fax: +45 4839 8898 UK: Harold Comerford tel.: +44 1432 851999 mobile: +44 7802 853862 Germany: Wolfgang Biehs tel.: +49 6171 887 724 mobile: +49 1622 793 484 2014/Jan 27th



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