Winter Newsletter 2015-2016


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Forest Hills Winter Newsletter 2015-2016

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Forest Hills Ranger Review Vol. XXXVI No 2 Winter 2015-2016 With the start of the new year the construction project is moving full speed ahead. Structural steel is erected, three sections of the building are temporarily enclosed, and interior wiring, plumbing, and HVAC is almost complete. The mild winter provides the contractors the opportunity to avoid delays and remain on track.


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~ SUPERINTENDENT’S MESSAGE ~ Greetings everyone and Happy New Year. Another year has come and gone. Every year at this time, my first order of business is to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Forest Hills community for their continued support and express my sincere thanks to the students and school board members for making my three and a half years as your superintendent a positive experience. In addition, my wish to all individuals living in our community and surrounding communities is that the 2016 New Year brings an abundance of joy, prosperity and good health. I am excited to announce that the Forest Hills School District has exceeded the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s expectations in 5 out of 6 assessment areas. The district's demographic information, statistical data, and student test results indicate that the School Performance Profile for all three schools shows evidence that each building met the standards for Pennsylvania growth and students accomplished the academic success at all levels. I am proud to say that, after reviewing the Forest Hills School District’s school performance profile data, the district ranks 5th out of 14 area schools. I would like to publicly commend our administration, professional staff, parents, and students for the effort they put forth in the PSSA and Keystone testing initiatives. We will continue to strive to be the very best in all we do each school year in an effort to meet the testing requirements and mandates of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and exceed prior year’s accomplishments. Sincerely, 2014-2015 HIGH SCHOOL PERFORMANCE PROFILE SCORES (Buildings with Grade 11 students) DISTRICT STATE Edwin Bowser Superintendent of Schools Richland Penn Cambria Ferndale Conemaugh Valley Forest Hills Central Cambria Windber Portage Cambria Heights Westmont Conemaugh Township Blacklick Valley Northern Cambria Johnstown 92.9 88.1 81.9 79.2 79.1 77.1 75.9 71.6 70.7 70.3 69.3 67.3 63.8 48.2 PSSA 2015 PERCENTAGE OF STUDENTS PROFICIENT AND ADVANCED SUBJECT Mathematics English Language Arts Science DISTRICT 41.5 63.1 75.9 STATE 39.7 59.9 67.9 KEYSTONE EXAMS 2015 FIRST TIME TESTERS PERCENTAGE OF STUDENTS PROFICIENT AND ADVANCED SUBJECT Literature Algebra I Biology DISTRICT 75.9 59.1 47.1 STATE 68.0 50.7 58.8 2


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points. Test scores, progress in closing achievement gaps, and degree of student growth over time are factored into the scoring while other identifiers of high achieving schools are also considered: The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently graduation, promotion, and attendance rates, as well as, evidence of offering rigorous courses facreleased the Pennsylvania School Performance tor into the calculation. Schools may also earn exProfile. tra points beyond the 100 point scoring system for This public site ( those students who have earned advanced scores provides an academic performance score for public on the state, industry, and Advanced Placement schools in the state. This performance score is Exams. designed with several purposes in mind: In addition to the scoring aspect of the site, the To inform the public of school performance; public can compare schools within and across the To provide a building level score for educators state. For schools, the site also offers supports for as part of their evaluation system; schools to consider as they identify needs in the academic profile. For an overview of the Forest To allow the public to compare schools across Hills School District’s School Performance Profile, the state; To give schools a methodology to analyze their go to and click on the School Performance tab on the homepage to link to strengths and needs. Pennsylvania’s School Performance Portal. While public schools across the state have previForest Hills School District’s School Performance ously received designations under No Child Left Behind (i.e., Made Adequate Yearly Progress, Mak- Profile Scores for the school year 2014-2015: Forest Hills Elementary School score – *N/A ing Progress, Warning, School Improvement, CorForest Hills Middle School score – *N/A rective Action), schools will now receive an academic performance score based upon many data Forest Hills High School score – 79.1 Score Key: >100 Significant evidence that the school exceeded the standard for PA Academic Growth 90-100 Significant evidence that the school exceeded the standard for PA Academic Growth 80-80.9 Moderate evidence that the school exceeded the standard for PA Academic Growth 70-70.9 Evidence that the school met the standard for PA Academic Growth 60-60.9 Moderate evidence that the school did not meet the standard for PA Academic Growth <60 Significant evidence that the school did not meet the standard for PA Academic Growth * The Pennsylvania Department of Education received a flexibility waiver from the United States Department of Education stating that schools without a grade 11 will not receive a new School Performance Profile score for the school year 2014-2015 PA SCHOOL PERFORMANCE PROFILE WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE FOREST HILLS SCHOOL DISTRICT ~ DISTRICT RETIREMENTS ~ The Forest Hills School District proudly recognizes three retirees. These individuals shared their knowledge and life experiences with many students each year. The Board of School Directors, administrators, staff, and students thank these individuals for taking the time to make a difference in the lives of our young people. Diane Pcola 37 years of service Helen Cabala 24 years of service 3 Marion Kohler 8 years of service


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~ SCHOOL BOARD NEWS ~ At the December 2, 2015 School Board Reorganization Meeting, two newly elected members, Dr. Richard Knavel and Mrs. Corina Long, joined current members Mr. John Bopp, Mr. Galen George, Mrs. Tracy Helsel, Mr. Robert MacTavish, Dr. Timothy Ondrejik, Mrs. Deborah Petrunak, and Mr. Fred Russell to complete the 2016 Board of School Directors. Mr. Jared Cronauer and Mr. Rick Daniels retired from the Board at the end of their terms. The District would like to thank Mr. Cronauer and Mr. Daniels for their years of dedication to the District and welcome Dr. Knavel and Mrs. Long. Say Thanks to Our School Board Members! Public education is more than just learning the basic math, science, English, and history; it’s a platform for students to reach their potential. It inspires hope for a new generation and a successful future. This institution exists in part because individuals volunteer their time to make informed decisions about the issues facing public schools. Every January we celebrate these everyday heroes —the nine elected school board members who serve our students and educational system. School directors volunteer, on average, 20 hours a month to help run the schools in our community. The school board makes difficult decisions for the betterment of our students. They vote on multi-million dollar budgets, hire staff, select textbooks, review bus schedules and curriculum, to name a few. These dedicated volunteers reside in our community. They are our friends, neighbors, community leaders, parents at your school, and engaged senior citizens. During this month of recognition we ask you, the school directors’ fellow community members, to show your appreciation for their service. Please show your gratitude in some way for their time, effort, and dedication to public education’s advancement. Thank them for advocating on behalf of our collective interests and making the difficult decisions. Most importantly, thank them for being everyday heroes and making our students’ success their priority. 4


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~ HIGH SCHOOL ~ Principal’s Corner ~ Mr. Curt Vasas Hello! It may be hard to believe, but the course scheduling process for the 2016-2017 school year will soon be underway. Course selection is one of the most important events for a high school student. As students begin to form ideas about future endeavors and aspirations, the classes they take in high school can help pave the way for future success. Many options exist for our students. Courses in core subject areas (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts), elective areas such as the arts and technology, and vocational options are all available. Students have the ability to earn college credit through dual enrollment courses with local universities as well as through our Advanced Placement curriculum. AP courses exist in all core subject areas. For the 2016-2017 school year, the high school is looking at also offering an AP United States History course and a statistics course. The scheduling process will begin with our guidance counselors meeting with groups of students in their Language Arts classes. Information will be discussed and course selection sheets along with a course description booklet will be distributed. Students will review courses and, with the help of their parents or guardians, select classes that meet our graduation requirements and allow them to further explore a variety of interests. Counselors will review course selections with students individually and verification sheets will be sent home. Again, scheduling is a very important aspect of our students’ academic career. If you, as a parent or guardian, have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your child’s guidance counselor or the high school administration. The scheduling process requires input from all parties involved so our students can be in the best position for future success. Thank you. After Prom Committee Hard at Work The Forest Hills Prom is scheduled for April 30th and the After Prom Committee is hard at work to make the party afterwards an excellent time for the kids. Each year, the After Prom provides a safe place for the students to attend after the prom. After prom is available to any 11 th and 12th grade student and their guests. Guests must be in 9th grade or older (but under 21). This year’s after prom theme is Glow Big or Go Home. There will be bouncies, games, movies, bands, a photo booth, lots of food and more. In order to fund the party, the after prom will be hosting a basket party on February 13, 2016. Basket donations are needed. If you are interested in donating a basket or attending the basket party, please contact us at or you can contact Jen Miller (814) 254-5544, Danielle Russell (814) 341-5493 or Laura Docherty (814)248-8358. You can keep up to date with what is going on with the After Prom at and you can also Like us on our Facebook page https:// If you are interested in donating to the after prom, you can send your tax deductible donation to FH Parent Care Committee, PO Box 192, Sidman, PA 15955. FH Helping Hands Students in Mr. Evans’ 5th-period 11th grade World History class are completing a voluntary community service project to help the homeless in and around the Forest Hills School District. The homeless project is called FH Helping Hands and was organized by 11th grader Nicole Wright. Nicole was inspired by Mr. Evans’ challenge to his students to make a positive impact in the world. The goals for the project are to collect small donated items (ranging anywhere from socks to hand sanitizers), put the items in book bags or cloth shopping bags, and distribute as many bags as possible to local homeless shelters and community centers. The students have been working on the project since early December and the project will conclude at the end of January 2016. 5


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High School Drama Club to present: This winter the Drama Club is proud to present The Wedding Singer, the hit Broadway musical. The Wedding Singer is based off the PG-13 rated, Adam Sandler comedy of the same name. The members of Simply Wed: Sammy (Wyatt Bromley), Robbie (Garrett Bunn), and George (Gage McCall). Waitresses and fans of the band: Holly (Brianna Facciani) and Julia (Katie Vitez) Over 70 high school students are currently preparing for opening night. Some are practicing vocals and dance routines, while others are constructing and painting the set. A wide array of students comprise the musical cast this year and they are excited to present this fun show in their own way. Garrett Bunn and Katie Vitez play the romantic leads Robbie and Julia, while Wyatt Bromley and Gage McCall portray band members. Brianna Facciani plays Julia’s best friend, Holly, while Joel Barton plays her fiancée Glen. Alyssa Peretin and Kylie McAfee portray Robbie’s grandmother and fiancée respectively. And Shannon Kudlawiec and Claudia Shrefler are the dance captains. As the excitement builds we hope you join us on one of those cold winter nights. Come out and see parachute pants, leg warmers, and Flock of Seagulls hairdos as we take you back to the mid-80s. Shows will be performed the evenings of February 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th at 7:30 pm. There will also be a 5:00 PM performance on Sunday, February 14th. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on January 23rd. Tickets cost $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for high school students and younger. Ticketing information is available by calling 487-7613 ext. 7500. Performed by special arrangement with MTI Robbie (Garrett Bunn) composes a song for his grandmother’s (Alyssa Peretin) anniversary party. 6


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Robotics Club Headed to States! Congratulations to members of Forest Hills robotics club! The team is headed to the Western Pennsylvania VEX Robotics State Championship in March after a very successful showing at the Sarah Heinz House VEX Robotics competition in Pittsburgh earlier this month. Students spent countless hours designing, building and testing their robot designs. Students also were required to program the robot to perform autonomous routines along with controlling the robot with a joystick during a match. The team collaborated with their peers from Windber Area School District before, during, and after the event. Windber will join Forest Hills as the only two schools in the area at the state championship. Students participating in the competition: Left to Right: Alyssa Murphy, Ethan Penrod, Shane Dell, Trevor Smith, Nick Borelle, Simon Bernecky, Dasha Kirby, Chris Brown, Chester Spaid-Middleton, Greg Josephson, Adam Bambino, and Zack Long (not pictured). 7


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Spirit Club Serves the Community The Spirit Club sent students to participate in Discover Downtown Johnstown Holiday Window Painting Contest sponsored by the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. This year, four students participated during the fall/Halloween season and created two beautiful windows and received 3 rd place for their efforts. Students participating in the fall included: Elyssa Nagy, Shayla Kanuch, Jacqueline Zangaglia, and Bri Wellwood. As the winter season began, the Spirit Club was once again invited to participate in the Window Painting Contest. The weather was warmer than usual so some students chose to participate. The competition came down to a wonderful $75.00 donation to every school that participated because it was too difficult to judge all the beautiful windows. The donations were made possible through a donor requested distribution from the William L. Glosser Family Fund, a fund under the umbrella of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The students that participated included: Eva Golden, Noah Simpson, Carley Chiodo, Courtney Cecere, and Alexis Briggs. All the windows can be seen on the High School Art Department’s webpage. 8


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~ MIDDLE SCHOOL ~ Principal’s Corner ~ Mr. Ed Alexander Happy New Year from FHMS! Like homework, quizzes, and projects, standardized tests are part of life for middle graders. And these big tests can be stressful. Depending on what tests your middle grader has taken in the past, he or she might notice a few differences, like more writing and more multi-step math problems. Common Core-aligned tests may also include performance tasks – items that ask students to apply what they have learned and use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. For example, instead of reading a passage and answering questions about it, your tween might be asked to read two passages and compare the themes. Or rather than answering multiple-choice questions about a historical time line, he may have to create a time line of his own. A standardized test is intended to measure how much your middle grader has learned in a school subject, such as English or math. It’s also one tool schools use to see how well their academic programs are working – and what changes could be made to help your tween get the best possible education. For example, if a lot of students struggle with reading comprehension questions, the school might make some adjustments to the way reading is taught. During this semester, attendance is critical for success on the PSSA or Keystone Exam. Best of luck in Semester 2! Student Council The month of December has been exceedingly busy for the Middle School Student Council in their efforts to have a positive impact on the community. We have sponsored several different events for charities. First, in the beginning of December, we held our annual Christmas dance. In lieu of an admission fee, students were asked to bring a toy for the Toys for Tots campaign. We collected lots of toys for children in need and we thank each family that donated. Many were extremely generous in the items they gave, making us especially proud of our Forest Hills family. Then, throughout the month of December, we sponsored the Million Pennies campaign to benefit the Easter Seals here in the Johnstown area. Easter Seals aids those with disabilities. Each classroom contained a jug where students were encouraged to deposit spare change, with the premise of the classroom with the largest donation winning a party sponsored and paid for by student council. Our third event entailed several of our student council members visiting the St. Vincent DePaul Family Kitchen in Johnstown to serve lunch on December 23 rd. This act of kindness shows that helping others doesn’t always happen by just giving money, but it includes the efforts of others that put their own comfort aside and give of their time to aid those in need. Finally, student council donated $1000 to United Methodist Human Services. This charity helps families in the Forest Hills area purchase shoes and winter coats. 9


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We Honor You, We Remember You, We Thank You On November 6, 2015, a formal assembly honoring our Veterans was held in the Forest Hills Middle School auditorium. The school was decorated with patriotic signs, banners, and cards created by our students prior to the assembly. Patriotic stars with a veteran’s picture or name was displayed proudly in the lobby, and served as a way for our students to personally honor their veterans. The assembly included the Pledge of Allegiance, led by middle school Boy Scouts, musical performances by the middle school band and chorus, and a 21 gun salute performed by men from our local legion. The entire assembly was led by 9th grade students. Students, teachers, and staff were proud to honor and recognize our veterans and look forward to honoring them again next year. Middle School students also participated in Operation Ranger as part of a fitness challenge to honor all veterans. Students walked a one mile course around the Middle School each week during activities period. An average of 240 students participated in the walk each week. The theme of Operation Ranger was “May No Soldier Walk Alone.” This year’s miles were accumulated through the weekly walks, the mile run in physical education classes, and miles biked by the 8th and 9th grade students. This year students set a new record of 2,621 miles in honor of our veterans. The culminating activity was a military obstacle course competition for students at each grade level. A total of 290 students in grades 7-9 participated in this event. Fred Russell, escorted by grandson Jacob Russell, at the Middle School Veterans Day Assembly. Row 1 Row 2 Abby Josephson, Blane Smay, Isaac Shirt, Anthony Stigers, Blake Roberts, Forrest Wolfhope, Lindsay Miller Tony Zangaglia, Courtney Pisarski, Alyssa Penrod, Mason Rodgers, Jacob Shope, Lance Everhart, Alayna Plaza, Ryan Latshaw, Dale Long, and Jason Wissinger 10


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Middle School Art I Students Work with Video Artist In December 2015, Patrick Adachi, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) video artist, served as a 10-day artist-in-residence at Forest Hills Middle School. Adachi, who is currently a freelance video shooter, editor, and producer, spent over 20 years working in the film and television industry, including the Phil Donahue Show. With Adachi, middle school Art I students experienced video production, including crewmember roles. Students were challenged to communicate using moving images and edit photographs and video using digital tools in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. During the residency, students engaged in the art of broadcast journalism, involving guerrilla-style interviewing and acting, while considering lighting, audio, and camera angles. Two Art I classes, or crews, collaborated to create the mini movie Early Morning Heroes. The mini movie echoes the American comedy Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. Similar to Groundhog Day, Early Moring Heroes utilizes a time loop to tell a story about multiple characters’ day. Early Morning Heroes’ storyline highlights the daily efforts of Forest Hills School District staff members who wake up early to accomplish duties that contribute to ensuring a safe and productive learning environment for middle school students. A ringing alarm clock and wake-up call serve as transitions between character introductions and symbolizes the start of students’ school day. While FHSD staff members are busy at school, students are still in bed. Early Morning Heroes features Principal Mr. Alexander, Reading Teacher Mr. Branas, Math Teacher Mrs. Curry, Cook Mr. Canavan, and Custodian Mr. Schrock. Each hero/heroine shared his/her morning tasks along with personal stories about what inspired him/her to enter the education field. Early Morning Heroes recognizes the daily collaborative efforts of FHSD staff that help middle school students’ experience a positive school day. At the end of his residency, Adachi encouraged Art I students to continue developing their photo and video editing skills using their personal technologies as tools for video production during the winter break. Students were challenged to create video diaries of family and friends they visited with during the holidays in order to preserve special memories of their loved ones. Art I students embraced working with Adachi and video art, as it was a new unique learning experience. Patrick Adachi with period 5 crew members while Rosie Plaza interviews Mr. Branas. Family and Consumer Science On November 23 and December 7, 2015 Mrs. Boyer, Food Service Director, had the opportunity to speak with two of Mrs. Hite-Irons' Family and Consumer Science classes about the National School Lunch Program requirements. A brief history of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs opened the discussion, followed by an explanation of the evolution of the programs' federal guidelines through the Healthy Hunger Free Act of 2010. With both sessions, there was a question and answer time followed by food sampling. The students asked Mrs. Boyer many thought provoking questions about the school lunch program. This was an excellent opportunity to reinforce what was taught in the eighth grade FCS class. 11


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Forest Hills Middle School “Something Cool” Reading Competition The Forest Hills Middle School “Something Cool” Reading Competition team earned a first place ribbon and trophy at the Fall competition on Tuesday, November 27, 2015. The teamed tied for first place with a remarkable score of 66 points. The team consists of the following avid readers: Natalya Teno, Sydney McCormick, Abigail Seese, Rebecca Williamson, Ashley Pauley, Kelsey Josephson, Daniel Velasquez, Kainen Walsh, Alexis Noon, Christina Goral, and Madison Waters (absent from the picture – Haelie Shaffer.) Molding Our Future The Women’s Help Center provides a multitude of free services for families in need, communities, and school districts. Services provided by the Women’s Help Center include: Information and referral services, counseling, child/teen programs, legal advocacy, community education/prevention programs, and parenting sessions. The ninth grade students at the middle school had the opportunity to hear important information from presenter Samantha Eisenhuth. There were two separate presentations made to the students, one targeted to the girls and one for the boys. The program called “Real Men in the Making” was presented to the 9 th grade boys on September 23, 2015. This program was geared toward teenage male students and focused on reducing and eliminating gender bias. Key elements of the presentation include: attitudes and behaviors, showing respect, and the use of social media and language as indicators, and more. The program identifies and defines dating violence and the varied forms of abusive behavior that can be imposed on a victim. It also equips teens with information on what to do if they are in an abusive relationship or if they know someone in an abusive relationship. “Real Men in the Making” teaches young men responsibility, accountability, and how to effectively deal with aggression. The program spotlights the many and varied forms of gender bias and how that is communicated in day-to-day activities. “Real Men in the Making” is an interactive program that requires young men to participate in conversations on sensitive issues that including dating violence, respect issues, and responsibility of physical strength. This valuable information will serve as a platform for development of respectful interactions with women and girls in all relationships. The goal is to hopefully lead to futures and families without violence. “Unhealthy vs. Healthy Relationships” was presented to the 9th grade girls on September 11, 2015. This program featured a video presentation focused on students discussing a variety of relationship concerns. It went through the steps of an abusive relationship and what signs to look for as well as where to go to get help. 12


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~ MIDDLE SCHOOL MUSIC ~ Forest Hills Middle School Hosts County Chorus On November 12, 2015, 185 student singers in grades 6-9 from across Cambria County spent the day at Forest Hills Middle School in the 2015 Cambria County Junior High Chorus festival. In all, 20 different schools were represented. Students arrived around 8:30AM and rehearsed all day in two ensembles: a 6/7th Grade Chorus directed by Ed Harkless (Mr. Parlock’s former choir director) of Cabell Midland High School in WV; and an 8/9th Grade Chorus directed by Jeff Webb of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. 13


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The day culminated in a 7:30 PM evening performance in the Forest Hills Middle School auditorium with a packed house of around 540 audience members. The 6/7th ensemble performed five songs including a piece written by Mozart and the fiddle tune “Old Joe Clark.” The 8/9 th ensemble performed six songs including the spiritual “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?” and the jazz tune “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” Both accompanists for the concert were Forest Hills alumni: David Hammond and Evonne Yanzetich-Homway. Forest Hills Middle School was represented by the following 7th grade students: MacKenzie Sherry, Lucas Boring, Samantha Zatek, Alexzya Bjornberg, Isaac Webb, Elizabeth Dobbins, Carley Csikos, and Cammy Baer. Also pictured are 6th Grade Forest Hills Elementary students who sang: Nora Cabala, Lexington Koeck, and Bre Lyn Clifford. The following 8/9th grade students: (kneeling) Daniel Velasquez, Dara Edwards (standing) Hadon Staller, Rebecca Williamson, Gary Hostetler, Natalya Teno, Anthony Stigers, Winter Ehrhart, Alex Hof, Alyson Jamieson, Mandi Bearjar. Rebecca Williamson earned a solo, despite competitive auditions, and performed it in the piece “Someone To Watch Over Me.” Mr. Parlock would like to thank the Middle School and District administration for their help in making the day a success. He would also especially like to thank Mrs. Marian Boyer and the Middle School cafeteria staff for helping to provide a very positive experience for all of the students who participated in County Chorus. This year Forest Hills sent 23 students to County Band, held at Cambria Heights on December 3rd and 4th. Eight students represented the Middle School. They are: Hannah Croyle-Piccolo, Rebecca Williamson-Flute, Mandi Bearjar-Clarinet, Alexus Bobak-Trumpet, MacKenzie SarkaFrench Horn, Lauren Lampel-Timpani, Julie Douglas-Clarinet, and Alissa DamianClarinet. Fifteen students represented the High School. They are: Eva Golden-French Horn, Shannon Stains-Saxophone, Garrett Bunn-Percussion, Steven Dusack-Tuba, Marisa Matlin-Clarinet, Gabby ShaulisClarinet, Shaila Stormer-Flute, Sam BearTrumpet, Haley Cook-Clarinet, Jared Montague-Baritone, Alyssa Madison-Flute, Sidney Kakabar-French Horn, Alexis Briggs -Trumpet, Reno Facciani-Tuba, and Zack Long-Bariton Saxophone. 14


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The Middle School Bands and Choruses gave their annual Christmas Concert on December 8th. The Concert was well attended and the audience was treated to music by 7th grade Chorus, 8/9th grade Chorus, 7th grade Band, and 8/9th grade Band. These students also performed for the Middle School student body in December. The Choruses were both accompanied by Forest Hills alumnus David Hammond on piano. 8/9th grade Chorus also sang for the Veteran’s Day program and for senior care centers in Ebensburg and Windber. 9th grade Band students Mandi Bearjar, Alexus Bobak, Hannah Croyle, and Phillip Yuhas performed an arrangement, written by Mandi Bearjar, of Stars and Stripes Forever for the Middle School Veterans Day Program. Alexus Boback and Courtney Roxby performed Taps at the program. The Middle School Spring Concert will be Thursday, May 12 at 7:00 PM. In November, Middle School Band students participated in the IUP Junior High Honors Band. They are: Alissa DamianClarinet, Hannah Croyle-Flute, Lauren Lampel-Percussion, Mandi Bearjar-Clarinet, Alexus Bobak-Trumpet. Not pictured was Alexzya Bjornberg. 15



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