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VA N R ACK I N G E QU I P MENT VA N R O O F R ACK S VA N F LO O R A N D WA L L S 1 Church Hill Leigh-on-Sea SS9 2 DE Essex Info@Rackbuild.eu +44 7444714551 Europe Calls +32 475587487


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Or products are all Germain and Belgium quality • Van Racking products • Van Roof Racks and Glass Racks • Van Floor, walls and Lasing


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Van Racking Equipment • Overview •1 •2 •3 •4 •5 •6 • Drawer units (for several drawers) 7 Perforated side panels Case units (for several cases) Storage trays and boxes Vario-Storage trays Side panels Termination angles 8 Floor termination angles 9 Side panels tops 10 Pedestals 11 Brackets 12 Storage and inspection boxes 13 Various accessories


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- Made in Germany - TQM – Total Quality Management - Accessories - Drawer units - Drawer accessories - Case units - Cupboards - Storage trays - Plastic boxes - Side panels - Brackets - Safeties - Working accessories - Special equipment - Examples


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The RackBuild complete development, construction and manufacturing are entirely in Germany in our company Due to state-of-the-art manufacturing and a wide range of manufacturing machines we are able to react very flexible and fast to satisfy our customer’s wishes. All products of RackBuild Equipment are characterized by their robustness and durability. The products are made of steel, aluminium and plastic. The fundamental main elements are made of steel to guarantee high strength and stability. Several inner parts are made of aluminium to reduce the weight and simple boxes and trays are made of plastic. Due to this design concept we guarantee highest robustness and durability and low weight at the same time. We also guarantee the availability to spare parts and components for many years. Made in Germany Extremely robust and durable Modular and expandable system The RackBuild Equipment’s are modular and expandable designed. This system allows individual combinations and arrangements exactly to your individual requirements. Moreover, it is possible to expand the system later or change or rebuilt it at a later period. We offer the complete assembling of the RackBuild Equipment’s at our factory or at the factory of our contracting partners. We can also send our technicians to you to assemble at your Factory Assembling-Service


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Our company is certified in accordance to ISO 9001:2008. Our Total Quality Management system includes the marketing research, development and construction, the prototype manufacturing up to the large scale production, the assembling of the RackBuild equipment's in our factory or at the companies of our customers until our after-sales service. TQM – Total Quality Management High manufacturing ability is our strength Due to our wide range of manufacturing machines we are able to control each part of the manufacturing by ourselves, in our own factories. Therefore we guarantee highest quality requirements, continuously high quality standards and a short delivery time. The complete manufacturing process is documented and controlled by Quality-Engineers and International-Welding-Engineers. For large scale parts we use laser measuring devices for the quality check. High quality and short delivery times are the basic requirements of our customers. We appreciate suggestions and ideas from our customers to improve or extend our product. Because your satisfaction is.


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Accessories Quality is our business The following accessories are available on your request: • Roof racks • Ladder racks • Brackets • Van space protection • Indoor covering • Floor and floor covering • Wall covering • Window grills • Ventilation • and much more….


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Drawer units Drawer units consist of one or several drawers. They are lockable on request. Our drawer units characterize themselves by very strong telescopic slides and a strong locking. We offer two depth and three width dimensions.


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Drawer unit accessories All standard drawers can be fitted with insert trays (see the left picture) for several tools and ma-chine tools. We also supply individual insert trays according to your request. We offer rubber inserts as slipping protection and for noise insulation.


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Case units We offer two types of cases. One case is possible with 5 different fixed compartment systems The other case has no fixed system. You can select the small boxes just as your individual requirements. We also offer Combi-Case-Units. Combi-Case-Units have one drawer and one case in a unit (in the picture down left).


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Shock resistance: Our cases are made of ABS (acryl butadiene styrene). This type of plastic is strong and resistant and perfect for cases on site. Quality: The very well manufactured cases are strong designed and suitable for the daily strains on-site. Injury protection: Due to the shock resistance and strong material the cases are almost unbreakable. Replacing of parts: We supply the inner parts, the compartment system as well as the small boxes as spare parts.


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Cupboards By using lockable cupboards you can secure expensive tools and materials. By using the flaps the storage space can be closed, so it looks always tidy and cleared up.


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Storage trays By using our adjustable Vario-StorageTrays the shelves can be assembled exactly into your van. Therefore you will have a perfect utilization of the space in your van. This system becomes even more flexible by using our flap-storage-trays. If the van is generally needed for the transport of goods and the space is required, the flap-storage-trays can be lifted up to use the maximum cargo space in the van (left pictures).



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