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JAN –APR 2016, VOL 4. NO. 10 INSPIRATION God's Battle Axe Ministries Online Magazine Inspiring you to a higher level


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INSPIRATION Prophetess Choice Nwachuku Ph.D Executive Director/Editor in Chief Welcome to INSPIRATION magazine, an online publication of God’s Battle Axe Ministries. Inspiration has within the riches of its pages a wealth of information in different sections called corners that is set to minister to your body, soul and spirit. It has the marriage, leadership, praise and worship, youth, children, and women’s corners. Each corner focuses on the subject matter. Although the goal of Inspiration is to minister to your body, soul and spirit, we want to emphasize that of these three, the ministration to the spirit man is more important, because when the spirit man is ministered to from God’s word; it enables the soul and body to function right and thus prosper In Inspiration, various interesting and useful information will be featured as the Lord leads us to write. It is important to note that whatever subject matter featured in Inspiration is not given to replace, criticize or condemn any medical, financial or any other advice received from your professional personnel. The purpose of Inspiration is to provide a different avenue of perspectives to the information already received, or will be received from a professional in that subject matter in order to inspire you to try another method of approach to that situation if applicable. We encourage you to follow us on Inspiration and broaden your perspective on different issues as we bring them to you within the comforts of your home, office or even in the field. We are just a click away online. We pray that as you read this magazine, every part of your life will be impacted and you will never remain the same again in Jesus name. Amen Inspiration is part of the media outreach ministries of God’s Battle Axe Ministries, a 501c (3) Corporation. Visit us on for information about our other ministries. Prophetess Choice Nwachuku is an anointed teacher of the word of God. She holds a Masters and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in microbiology and biology from Howard University Washington D.C. She is an author, an entrepreneur, an ordained and licensed minister and the Steward of God’s Battle Axe Ministries. She is married to George Nwachuku, the President and C.E.O of Chuks Insurance In c. 2


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TEAM INSPIRATION Choice Nwachuku, M.Sc., Ph.D. George Nwachuku, M.B.A, Ph.D Belinda Abrianna Brown-Darko Kevin Emah, M.HSc., M.B.A Oluchi Nwanajuobi, Pharm.D. Scholastica Wilson Olagunju, M.Sc., ChMc Anita Erhabor, B.Sc. Kathleen Chinenye Mbanefo, B.A. Executive Director/Editor in Chief Director/Coordinator: Marriage Corner Editor/Coordinator: Children’s Corner Coordinator: Praise & Worship Corner Coordinator: Prayer Corner Coordinator: Leadership Corner Coordinator: Women’s Corner Coordinator: Youth Corner 3


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FEATU Page 20 Page 10 SPECIAL FEATURE MARRIAGE CAN BE EASY A Year to Grow and Expand G Praise & Worship Corner Leadership Corner Marriage Corner Page 14 Page 26 Let Me Talk To You About Sarah THE POWER OF PERSISTENT PRAYER M Bu Praise & Worship Corner 4 Prayer Corner


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URES Page 44 FATHER to the Fatherless Page 32 GRATEFUL OR Children's Corner GREAT FOOL? Women’s Corner Page 51 GUEST WRITER Flu Season-no worries, knowledge is helpful Page 36 Minding Your Page 54 GUEST WRITER ANSWERS ON US TAXES. usy Ness Youth Corner 5


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PROPHETIC WORD FOR 2016 AND THERE AFTER Celebrate God’s Power in You, Enlarge Your Tents (Capacity to receive) Lengthen your Cords. Be Radical for Me saith the Lord in the Season that we are in. 6 Given December 18, 2015 (All Night Praye Meeting) By Prophetess Choice Nwachuku Ph.D


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Prophetic Word given through Prophetess Choice Nwachuku Ph.D Date: January 3, 2016 5am Prayer Line I am sovereign and I reign over your life in a way that you have not seen before saith the Spirit of God. And yea saith the Lord, 2016 shall mark many turning points in the life of my people. For I have said, “Celebrate My power.” “Celebrate My power saith the Spirit of God. The power that is within you, the power that is great in you, the power that is able to do what you have ever imagined saith the Lord. Unleash my power that lies within, in the inside of you. I am the Lord your God and I reign sovereign over you, over the will of men, over all things saith God. I am the same yesterday, today and forever and I do not change, I changeth not said God. Yea! People change their gods because there are not God. People change their gods because they were made by men. But I Jehovah, I changeth not. I am the same yesterday, today and forevermore and I say to My people that you have stepped into the dispensation of events where My glory will be seen, where My Power in the Church will be seen that the people who do not know the Lord saith God will begin to know that I Am God. I am sovereign over all things. For so many have gone their ways, to do what they want: thinking that they have created themselves, or that they have made themselves. Ah saith the Spirit of God because I am full of mercy and I give time to change. And so said God, because of My mercy and My love, and My grace and peace, so many that have dared and in My face have said where is God? Yea saith the Lord, they will see that I am God. For I am God, and I am sovereign over the affairs of the world: over your life and over creation. For I created the heavens and the earth. Is it not written in My Word that I Jehovah, I neither sleep nor slumber? Have you not seen it in My Word that I, the Lord your God, I changeth not? Have you not seen it in your Word that I am the same yesterday, today and forever? Have you not seen it I ask my people? 8 A WO FRO GO


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For yet even people have questioned the scriptures. They have questioned it and said, after all it is written by mere men, and so they have taken the bible, they have done away with it what they want. Ah! I am God! And even as we go into the days of the end times that we are in, My sovereignty shall be seen by men because I am God. Yea saith the Lord, I begin to shut so many doors. I shut some churches, I shut some churches saith the Lord God. I the Lord God , I shut some churches because they have gone away from the very foundations and the teachings of My Word and they have taught what they want to teach, and they have taught what they perceive as truth And they have the pervasion of their heart and they have taught their agenda. So I the Lord God Jehovah I shut churches down; because I cannot be mocked neither can I be played with. Yes, I am a God of grace but I am still a God of fire. Yea I say to my people, let everyone work out their salvation with trembling saith the Lord. Why, so that they do that which is righteous before me. Yes I am graceful, yes I am merciful but yes I tolerate not sin saith the Spirit of the Lord God. For yeah when those that ought to know the truth and should teach the truth begin to wallow in their self-gratifications and continue to teach things that are not My Word, do I turn away My ear and pretend like I have not heard? Do I close my eyes as if I did not see? Nay saith the Lord, my ear has heard it and my eyes have seen them. And yes saith God, for I have given them time that they may turn around and yet there is none. Therefore saith the Lord God for as many that have gone their ways and have deliberately deceived My people and try to sway them from the truth of my Word. I Jehovah, I will revenge. For did I not say in My Word that vengeance is mine. But yea saith the Lord I am God of many, many, many aspects. Indeed it is not my desire that any should perish. No saith the Lord and this is why I sent My Son to die but when they will take that which My Son has done on the cross and trample upon it; I give them time but there is nothing, then they remaineth no more sacrifice for sin; for I am God and I am a consuming fire. I am a faithful God and I am a consuming fire. I am a merciful God and I am a consuming fire. One did not stop because of the other. So I say, let every man know and remember who has created them. That I am sovereign over the affairs of men and I will do what I will do and none can stop it saith the Spirit of the Lord God. A ORD OM OD 9 Welcome to 2016


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MARRIAGE CORNER MARRIAGE CAN Hi 10 everyone welcome again to our marriage corner. I am really glad that you continue to read this corner as well as other pages of our magazine. It is my prayer that as you read, your marriage will grow stronger and more fulfilling; and for those that are not yet married, I pray that this corner is helping you prepare to have a great, fulfilling, and successful marriage in Jesus name, Amen.


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George Nwachuku Ph.D N BE EASY it is true, or if it is the best way to approach marriage. The conclusion that we arrive at, will help us to determine if we will continue to agree to this saying or if we will totally trash it. My prayer is for you to embrace that which I will suggest to you is the best way to make your marriage easy and trash the popular saying. Here is the popular saying. “In a marriage, it is 50-50 (fifty-fifty)”. What this saying means is that the couple (husband and wife) brings 50% each into the marriage to make a 100%. It means that they each contribute half of whatever they have to the marriage to make it successful. They look at this concept from the perspective of “well, we have both come together to make one (1)”. So to make that one, half of each of us or what we own/ have is required to make that one (1). WOW!! What lack of understanding. This is one of the major reasons why many marriages are not successful. Of course if you look at the concept of 50-50 from the world’s perspective (it is from the world anyway), it seems to make sense, doesn’t? After all, these are two people coming together to make one, so it should make sense that half is expected from each: since half plus half equals one, right? Wrong! In mathematics of course, half plus half equals one and 50% +50% = 100%. But, in spiritual things; in the things of the kingdom of God, this is not always the case. In fact this is never the case. You see spiritual calculations are different. In God’s kingdom, 1+1 does not equal 2. Today God has laid it in my heart to talk about a major way that can help to make marriage easy. ‘MARRIAGE CAN BE EASY,’ Yes! Your marriage can be easy. The question, therefore, is how? The way we are going to answer this question is by us looking at a popular saying and then evaluating this saying to see if 11 You see spiritual calculations are different. In God’s kingdom, 1+1 does not equal 2. Instead 1+1 is always greater than 2, except in the marriage union. Hold this thought we will get back to it later.


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In God’s kingdom the calculation system is that of sowing and reaping; which means that whatever you sow (which is what you want to add something to) is reaped bountifully (plenteous). The metric system of God is in multiplications of many fold increases. It is about giving (bringing) and you will have good measures pressed down and shaken together; so as one sows/gives/brings even sparingly, you reap sparingly as compared to bountifully when you sow bountifully. Even when you reap sparingly, it is not one seed in the ground and one seed out. No, it is one seed in the ground, but a fruit (many seeds) out, even if it is not many fruits out (Luke 6: 38, 2Cor. 9:6-8, Prov. 3:9-10). So ry, stay with me and you will get this principal of God. Why is 1+1 =1 and not 2 in marriage? Because one (1) here represents not just a number, but that word whole. So whole plus whole equal whole (whole + whole=whole). Did you get it? You see, because a whole is already complete, it cannot be more whole than it is. So it is, when a man and a woman get married. The way God designed it; they each come whole (with everything) and become a bigger whole, a bigger one (1). I pray God gives you understanding as you read, You see, when we see marriage as 50-50, then each come into the union, looking to be fulfilled by the other person, looking to be made whole or complete by Therefore, we come into the union of marriage complete (not as a half). So whole plus whole equal whole (whole + whole=whole). you see when you give/bring to God, His system of adding to you is indeed many fold increase. It is also important to know that in God’s system of numbers there are no halves. Half signifies something that is not complete. But, with and in God, everything and everyone is complete and therefore made whole. The scripture says that we are complete (or made whole) in Him (Colossians 2:10). Now, knowing this truth that there is only whole with and in God, let us apply it to the world’s concept of 50-50% in a marriage. Because, we are made whole in God, and marriage is of God, when we come together as husband and wife, we each come whole. Therefore, we come into the union of marriage complete (not as half). And complete also means with everything that we are, have and own, we come in with a 100%. The man comes with 100% and the woman with a 100%. Remember that thought I told you to hold before, well, let’s bring it back to use now. Mathematics says that 1 +1=2, but spiritual laws of marriage says 1+1 =1. Confused? Not to wor12 the other person. And when your spouse cannot do this for you (which indeed they cannot, because only God completes a person), there is problem in the marriage. Also, the 50-50% world concept places in the mind of those who believe it this notion we have to share everything in marriage equally: from paying the bills, taking care of the kids and headship in the house. Please do not get me wrong, of course marriage is sharing everything, but not everything is to be shared equally. For example, headship in the marriage belongs to the husband, the man. I know that some people, especially, women will not agree with this, but the Bible is very clear on it (1 Cor. 11:3). And the burden of financial responsibility is not to be shared equally either in a home. This burden falls on the man, being the head of the household (1Timothy 5:8). This is not to say that women do not or should not help financially in their homes; of course, they should and do help, and we know that sometimes they make more money than their husbands. But, this


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does not absorb the man of his financial responsibility. A man in this kind of situation needs to appreciate his wife for what she does, for being a wonderful help-meet. And whenever the mindset of that man becomes that of ‘well, you are doing this because this marriage is 50 -50 anyway,” then a mix for disaster in the marriage is being brewed just the same way if the wife’s mindset becomes one of “we are both the head of this marriage; after all I pay the bills even more than you do.” A marriage where each think and believe that I only have to contribute my half and wait for the other to bring their half, will not last. And if it does last, it is not a happy one. To have a lasting successful happy marriage, it must be one of giving yourself whole, giving of yourself 100%. What this translates to is that you do not wait for the other to give, before you give, you do not wait for the other to do, before you perform. This in itself is love and sacrificial giving. When both spouses have the mindset of bringing/giving whole, then the marriage has more than enough to make it work and succeed. However, one important and great thing to remember is that wholeness comes from God. So a marriage that wants to succeed must understand that they cannot achieve this wholeness by themselves. It is only God that makes us whole/complete in Him. If we really embrace God, follow His recipe for marriage, put self-gratification under us, master the act of forgiveness, and learn to love our spouses unconditionally, we will be giving 100%. And by His grace, that marriage will succeed in Jesus name. God bless Written by Prophetess Choice Nwachuku Ph.D CONGRATULATIONS! God’s Battle Axe Min. Congratulates the DEAN of their Ministry School George Nwachuku M.B.A, PH.D. On the completion of his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biblical Studies To God be all the Glory! George Nwachuku who has an apostolic calling is an author, the President and C.E.O of Chuks Insurance Inc. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (M.BA.) and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biblical studies from one of the major universities in the USA. He is the husband of Dr. Choice Nwachuku. 13


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Let M To You Abo Praise & Worship Corner O ften, when Sarai or Sarah is mentioned in the bible, our first thought goes to the woman who had a child at a relatively old age, whom God divinely designated as mother of many nations (Genesis 17:16). We also recognize that Sarai was a very attractive woman, even in her old age (Genesis 12:1113). Her husband, Abram came from a family of idol worshipers. He grew up being exposed to the concept, manner, and attitude of idol worship, until God called him out of his father’s house to worship the true God. That, in and of itself is a testimony that all of us can probably relate to. Only God could have called us out of our roots and nature, into son-ship, where we no longer live and worship the way we used to, but now worship the only true God. The idea and concept of worship is critical to our dealings and relationship with God. 14 Sarai is usually not mentioned in our conversation as a worshipper, but there is a very important lesson of worship we must consider in her life. Now Sarai, Abram’s wife, had borne him no children. But she had an Egyptian slave named Hagar; so she said to Abram, The Lord has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my slave; perhaps I can build a family through her. Abram agreed to what Sarai said. So after Abram had been living in Canaan ten years, Sarai his wife took her Egyptian slave Hagar and gave her to her husband to be his wife. Genesis 16:1-3 (NIV) In most world cultures, it is expected that that after a woman marries; she should begin to have children right away. The pressure to give birth may arise from both sides of the family,


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Me Talk out Sarah and even from the community. In such cultures, having children is the hallmark of fruitfulness as well as the stamp of approval of the lady’s womanhood. Not having children spells trouble, especially for the woman in the marriage. The sense of distress, worry, unhappiness, and lack of being fulfilled that Sarai felt at this point in her life is evident in the tone the scripture uses. You would get the impression that Sarai is deeply troubled by the fact that she has not had any children until this point in her life. She has come into what one can perceive as her “now” season. NOW… The pressure is not only mounting internally, but also externally. Sarai has a very high regard for Abram as it was the culture. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to adorn themselves. 15 Kevin Emah They submitted themselves to their own husbands, like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her lord. You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear. (1 Peter 3:5-6) She regarded him as lord or king. So giving birth was a big deal for Sarai because that would help gain her favor in the sight of her husband and the community – culturally speaking. There is a very interesting encounter between Jesus and a fig tree as recorded in Mark 11:12-14. It was clearly not the season for figs fruits yet, at the time Jesus came across the tree. You would think that Jesus of all people should have been okay with the situation considering that He created this fig tree to begin with, and built time



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