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4 th Quarter 2015 ZAFCO USA Rejoices Family Day Picnic ZAFCO Launches New Patterns at SEMA 2015 OTANI – ZAFCO Dealer’s Convention – 2015 METZELER Marches On with ZAFCO Irish Drift Championship OTANI Launches E-Commerce Platform


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ZAFCO Launches New Patterns at SEMA 2015 November 11th, 2015 Las Vegas, NV – There was a lot of traction around the ZAFCO booth this year as the company unveiled two brand new patterns: the all-season ZEETEX ZT3000, an eco-friendly alternative in the PCR category that offers exceptional wet grip and balanced driving behavior, and the slick ACCELERA 651 Sport, the brand’s first racing tire engineered with the R-Compound. Maintaining a presence at the SEMA Show for the past decade, the ZAFCO umbrella has expanded and now boasts four brands, ZEETEX, ACCELERA, FORCEUM, and ARMSTRONG, all of which showcased a wide range of patterns under PCR, TBR, SUV and Winter categories. “The traffic this year was exciting,” says Giovanni Arrigone, COO of ZAFCO International. “With the current market situation and raging price wars, our brands, which are manufactured primarily in Indonesia, continue to provide an attractive alternative to the drivers looking for superior quality at value-driven prices. That’s what ZAFCO does best.” The booth also featured Café Zee, a creative concept introduced by ZEETEX, inviting attendees for some tire talk over a cup of coffee. The four-day agenda at SEMA was dedicated to deepening existing relationships and cultivating new ones.


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ZAFCO USA Rejoices Family Day Picnic ZAFCO USA celebrated the holiday spirit by inviting all the employees and their families for a picnic and some tropical fun at Jungle Island in Miami Beach, Florida. The guests enjoyed mingling with the jungle animals including snake, baby alligator, lemur, baby kangaroo, and parrots, along with dancing to some Polynesian music and learning the Hula. Face-painting was an anchor activity for the children on that day, as they got their favorite characters painted with much enthusiasm. The guests were seen leaving positive remarks for the event, as the day concluded with a sumptuous Hawaiian buffet and group photo-sessions.


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METZELER Marches On with ZAFCO It’s been a year now since ZAFCO acquired the distribution rights for METZELER in the UAE region, and the response has been splendid this past year. Continuing the distribution expedition for METZELER, ZAFCO has walked an extra mile to market the brand in a refined way – just to endure the brand image in the market. In collaboration with one of its key dealers, ZAFCO launched a concept store for METZELER at Al-Ibdaa Motorcycles in UAE. The store has been branded with METZELER all over – where bikers can spend a good time by watching TV and savoring supper edibles, while their bikes get serviced. ZAFCO understands how noteworthy it is to offer a classy service experience to the customers, which can yield lucrative benefits like improving brand loyalty, word-of-mouth, and increased share of wallet of the customers. OTANI Launches E-Commerce Platform Online Ordering Goes Live! After the successful launch of OTANI in Europe this year, the brand has taken pace in its quest for growth in the region. OTANI has gone live with its new online portal www.otanityresonline.com – to provide a complete online ordering solution to its customers. Tyre dealers would be able to sign up their accounts to have access of different elements including the list of the tires, assortment available, prices, and delivery time. They can simply select their required products and book orders online in no time whatsoever. The dissemination of information is fast, accurate, and available around the clock where no query goes pending.


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Irish Drift Championship Paul Kennedy – our ZEETEX sponsored drifter achieving new heights in Irish Drift Championship where he led the brand name to the next level by competing in 5 competition rounds of Irish Drift Championship in 2015. The most recent competition event was held in Mondello Park, Ireland, having 11,000 spectators that is one of the highest attendance in history. Paul Kennedy outshined among 80 top drivers to qualify for Top 32 battle. Having awe-inspiring drifting skills and never-ending passion, he managed to end up in the top 8. Zeetex is pleased to announce the renewal of drifting sponsorship for Paul Kennedy for the year 2016, where the drifter would be in action with a car having an extra 140hp. ROADSTONE – Redefining the Customer Experience One of the top brands from our portfolio – ROADSTONE – is striding forward at a better and faster pace than before. In UAE market, the brand has substantial customer base where the brand loyalty plays a major role. Adhering to the top-notch quality standards, ROADSTONE’s customized product offerings yield sizable benefits to the customers based on their requirements in this particular market. Tire dealers in the region are leaning forward to have ROADSTONE in their basket and brand it all over their shops. Tapping the right opportunity at the right time, ZAFCO completely rejuvenated the store of its key dealer – MAYSAM TYRE – with ROADSTONE theme where customers can relax, have refreshments, and avoid standing in scorching heat. Shop Branding On the other hand, ZAFCO continues to market its portfolio brands through its authorized dealers, not only in UAE but in OMAN as well. ZAFCO offers them with exclusive pricing, branding and exclusivity in their areas and sign sales contracts for mutual benefit. All this helps in increasing the sales, advertisement and popularity of our brands.


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OTANI – ZAFCO Dealer’s Convention – 2015 Bangkok, Thailand – Taking care of the customers is always the utmost priority, be it in terms of product quality, marketing, or technical services. OTANI in collaboration with ZAFCO arranged a magnanimous trip in Thailand from 4th till 10th of October, in which key dealers from all across the globe participated. The trip started off with a welcome dinner by ZAFCO in Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel. Next day, the dealers were taken to the state of the art OTANI Radial Tire Factory to demonstrate them the manufacturing and the quality control process. The key idea behind it was to understand the latest measures being taken for Quality Improvement and Technological Advancements. To appreciate the dealers for their extended cooperation throughout the years, a ceremony was held at the same hotel where they were rewarded with the mementos as well. Next day, everyone headed to the scintillating province, Krabi from Bangkok to savor the sea trip that included cruising, kayaking, swimming, and sightseeing. “These three days with full of fun-packed & recreational activities were surely a breathtaking experience for our valuable customers, which they can never forget. The trip ended with a sumptuous Farewell party dinner that was venerated by the dealers, where everyone vowed to keep increasing market share of OTANI by collaborating with each other as always”, says Mr. Ekachai Limpichotipong – Director Otani Tyres. ZAFCO Healthcare Program with NMC As part of the CSR and employee well-being program, ZAFCO took an initiative of health awareness campaign for its employees. ZAFCO partnered with NMC Healthcare to conduct heart screening program at the Head Office premises in Dubai. The idea behind this was to promote a healthy lifestyle where the employees got their BMI, Blood Pressure, Sugar, and Cholesterol level checked, for Free! They were given complete reports on these indicators along with the recommendations to overcome the shortcomings, if any.


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Product Development at ZAFCO The Product Development remains progressive at ZAFCO, as the assortment of our portfolio brands was enhanced to match the changing needs of the customers. To strive ahead in cut-throat competition, being proactive in Product Development is deemed to be a crucial approach that always works out. Diversifying its product category, Zeetex stepped into ATV segment and launched a new range of tires that comprises of 7 unique patterns. The superb combination of Radial and Bias Tires in our ATV Range yields a variety of options for the customers to choose from for their various ATV models. Be it rough terrain or off-road, each pattern is specially engineered and has unique tread designs and characteristics that take care of the rest. Accelera – Accelera 651 Sport A new pattern – Accelera 651 Sport – was launched that is positioned as a pure racing tire suitable for drifting purposes and is specially engineered with R-Compound. It offers a tremendous alternative as it adheres pretty well, balances-up nicely, and is a niche that is going to differentiate against the competitors in this category. Focusing on the current range, OTANI extended the SKU’s for its previously-launched patterns to fit the requirements for different driving applications. As a result, for the first time in ‘All Position’ pattern, OTANI launched a new size 225/80R17.5 in OH-112 that is meant for Regional Applications.


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