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A PowerPoint made by HS, MB, BH, and CB.

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cells and their parts 6th grade edition i chose the project powerpoint because it was something that took both work ethic and collaboration to create i had to work with my team to come up with the full powerpoint and ideas while we had to fully work to get the powerpoint completed.


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the cell and it s parts nuclear membrane lysosomes chromosomes cytoplasm


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mitosis · prophase ­ chromatin condense and becomes visible ­ the nucleolus disappears ­ centrioles move to the poles of the cell ­ fibers extend from the centromeres.


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mitosis · metaphase ­ spindle fibers align ­ nuclear membrane is gone · anaphase ­ the paired chromosomes move to the poles of the cell ­ centromeres move apart ­ the two poles move farther apart


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mitosis · telophase · chromatids arrive at opposite poles of cell · new membranes form around the daughter nuclei · nucleoli reappear at the poles · the spindle fibers disperse


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mitosis analogies · prophase is like freshman year in new tech because we begin to develop just as a cell would · metaphase is like sophomore year at new tech because we are more developed and are still developing.


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mitosis analogies continued · anaphase is like when we are in our junior year in new tech because we are practically finished `growing but still continue as we go on through the last years · lastly telophase is much like our senior year because not only do we finish educating ourselves but do to the examples we set more students will fill the gaps we left.


p. 8

blooms taxonomy questions 1 what do you think about the plasma cell membrane s tiny holes purpose 2 what is the most important part of the golgi apparatus job 3 do you agree that the chloroplasts are the main source of food for a plant cell why or why not?


p. 9

works cited · · · · · · www.biologyforkids.com www.everythingbio.com www.chem4kid.com www.medterms.com www.emc.maricopa.edu www.suite101.com


p. 10

credits · created by · maddi burns · harlie summers · cameron buzzard · brock hollinger thanks for watching our power point!


p. 11

back cell wall · it is a hard outer coating/wall · it has little holes in it · in eukaryotic plant cells · the cell wall can be compared to the walls in new tech because they both divide something up


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cell membrane · · · · · lets things out and in the cell it is made out of lipids fats the membrane is selectively permeable it has little holes in it the door to our school is like a cell membrane because it controls what inters and leaves


p. 13

back cell/plasma membrane · the particles move through ­ osmosis ­ diffusion ­ other passive transports ­ active transports · transport proteins


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back cytoskeleton · gives shape and support · it connects organelles to the cell membrane · it runs all through-out the cell · the cytoskeleton is like the support beams in new tech because they provide structure and support


p. 15

back the nucleus ·the nucleus controls the cell ·we compared the nucleus to our new tech director mrs renier because they both control something



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