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Yamahas Outboard range brochure

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Yamaha Motor Europe NV is committed to providing you with the very best back up and expertise... Whether you use a lightweight F2.5 on your tender or our flagship V8 on an offshore powerboat you can expect the very best back up and expertise from Yamaha. We provide after sales and technical support to you through our highly respected network of authorised Yamaha outboard dealers throughout the UK, with direct access to a global network of information covering every Yamaha engine ever built. Our dedicated team of marine specialists not only boasts many years of experience in the marine leisure world, but have also worked extensively with the many professional marine organisations in the UK that choose to fit Yamaha outboard power. The professional users list includes the RNLI who have used a number of different models over the last two decades and most recently selected Yamaha F115 outboards for their new Atlantic 85 inshore rescue RIBs. The RYA, British Sailing Team also relies on Yamaha to power the Coaching support for the World Class Olympic, Youth and Junior Programmes, in addition to the UK Sport Funded World Class Sailing Events Programme. And recently the Landrover Ben Ainslie Racing Team have chosen Yamaha to power the support boats in their bid to bring the America’s Cup home. #BringtheCupHome Yamaha Motor Europe NV is able to supply parts and back up direct to the Yamaha Authorised Dealer network utilising a giant central European warehouse in Holland, ensuring that whatever you need is available. Industry leading support for you and your outboard. Yamaha Motor Europe NV are members of the British Marine Federation and MEEMA engine manufacturer association. Yamaha is an Official Partner and supplier of outboard engines and PWC’s to the RNLI. Yamaha is the official outboard supplier to the RYA British Sailing Team for all rescue and support craft. Yamaha is an official Technical Supplier to the Land Rover BAR team, racing for the America’s Cup.


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It’s The World’s Favourite Outboard... and that’s a fact. Yamaha customers all over the world love their outboards for many reasons, but they proudly tell us that one stands out above all others. In real terms, that means delivering unmatched performance in every sense of the word, then sealing the friendship with the legendary Yamaha reputation for premium quality and sheer turnkey reliability - a unique reputation forged over many years and unmatched by any other outboard brand. Visit any part of the world where there’s water, from the busiest marina to the quietest harbour, and you will see evidence of these great friendships all around you. Read further and discover why Yamaha is the only outboard you should buy. The Yamaha Difference F350 F300 - F250 - F225 F200 - F175 - F150 F130 - F115 F100 - F80 F70 2-9 10 - 11 12 - 13 14 - 15 16 - 17 18 - 19 20 - 21 22 - 23 24 - 25 26 - 27 28 - 29 30 - 31 32 - 33 34 - 35 36 - 37 38 - 41 Longer engine life and great value ... put that down to Yamaha’s proven durability. The unique performance and reliability mean that your investment will not be a one-season wonder. Extra-strong, corrosion-resistant engine components and freshwater flushing facilities. Special paint and patented protective coating systems inside and out. All advantages that significantly increase the life expectancy and value retention of a Yamaha outboard when measured against any other. F60 - FT60 - F50 - FT50 F40 - F30 F25 - FT25 - F20 - F15 F9.9 - F8 F6 - F5 - F4 F2.5 E-drive Flexible Rigging & Parts Specifications We’re there for you - whenever, wherever ... that’s Yamaha’s world class service. To match our unique record of performance, reliability and durability, Yamaha has a customer service set-up second to none. Yamaha Authorised Dealers form a Europe-wide sales, parts and service network that offers every Yamaha owner the very best advice, expert professional assistance and technical support - wherever you may be enjoying your boating. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind ... guaranteed by Yamaha’s turnkey reliability. Since introducing its very first outboard, the P-7, over half a century ago Yamaha has led the way in creating a range of outboards that will survive the harsh marine environment while delivering the features, reliability and performance you have come to expect from the world’s number one outboard engine manufacturer: Yamaha - the world’s favourite outboard.


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Economy – more miles less cost Why choose Yamaha? Good fuel economy is of increasing importance in the marine world. With fuel costs rising many boat owners, commercial or recreational, are considering how they can re-power and reduce running costs. Reducing fuel consumption without EFI gives class leading sacrificing performance is what Yamaha engineers have been fuel economy focusing on for the entire outboard range. Yamaha outboard engines are extremely economical giving your boat maximum range and ensuring that you are getting the most out of your tank. For commercial users this is particularly important as even a small improvement in fuel economy can make a significant difference over time. Choosing an economical engine is a decision that will keep rewarding you at every fill up, so make sure you choose Yamaha outboard power. ECONOMY POPULARITY Being number one in a specific country or region is one thing, but being the number one in the world is something very special. Yamaha has been the world’s top manufacturer of outboard engines for a very long time. To attain this position The world’s favourite is an achievement in itself. But to maintain this position outboard engines for such a long period requires a level of commitment and technological innovation which is unique. It is not just the quality of the technology which encourages people to choose Yamaha; it is also the passion and understanding that Yamaha has for the marine environment. Yamaha marine engineers work with all forms of marine products from engines to boats to PWC. Enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge keep Yamaha at the cutting edge of new marine technology and makes Yamaha the number one global brand. Being the number one outboard engine manufacturer in the world requires a commitment to innovation and the latest technologies. In the marine world innovation must also be matched with practicality; a demanding environment means Yamaha utilises the that any weakness in systems or technology will soon be latest technologies exposed. Yamaha has always worked hard at getting the right blend of innovation and practicality. Stringent testing and extensive research ensure that all Yamaha innovations are ready for the marine environment. Engineering innovation is at the heart of all Yamaha products and our research means that another bright idea is never far away. Intelligent innovation improves the core engine functions so that you get the most reliable, most practical technology which allows you to make the most of your time on the water. INNOVATION The world’s Number 1 outboard Development is the key to success Residuals – value that lasts RESIDUALS Because Yamaha engines are recognised as the number one outboard in the world everybody knows the quality of a product with the Yamaha name on it. Yamaha’s enviable reputation and reliability will pay dividends when the time Durability ensures comes to re-power or sell your boat as this has a very positive high resale values effect on the residual value. Your boat will be more attractive when it has a Yamaha outboard fitted and should achieve a higher resale price especially if your engine has high hour usage. The difference between selling your boat or not might be the engine manufacturer. Make sure you achieve the best return on your investment when selling your pride and joy by choosing a Yamaha outboard. Buying Yamaha simply gives you a head start in the used market as everyone in the world knows the quality of a Yamaha. When someone depends on you Trust is an essential component of any rescue operation. If this rescue takes place at sea then there is an even greater element of trust and urgency as every minute can be critical. The RNLI rescues on average 22 people every day and often Chosen by RNLI and operates in the harshest marine conditions. The RNLI has other professionals been using Yamaha engines within its fleet over the last 15 years and most recently it has fitted Yamaha 4-stroke engines onto its Atlantic 85 inshore rescue craft. They deliver the performance needed to get to the scene as fast as possible. And we supply the very same engines to the RNLI which we supply to recreational boat users. Buying Yamaha is buying professional quality that performs all year round in many conditions - just ask the professionals. PROVEN


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Over half a century of experience Yamaha’s first outboard motor – the P-7 - was released to the Japanese market in 1960, marking the start of over 50 years spent delivering the very best outboards that the boaters across the globe demand. Yamaha engineers share a boating Manufacturing passion with the many millions of Yamaha users worldwide, outboards since 1960 listening to what they have to say, and understanding how products are used in the real world. Whether it is a fisherman in Indonesia or a family on the Norfolk Broads, a Yamaha outboard motor will be the reliable partner that their boat needs. Over 9,000,000 outboard motors built over 50 years, by one company - that is a testament to the pedigree and talent that Yamaha Motor Corporation has and its commitment to the marine industry. First class outboard engines are in Yamaha’s DNA. Outboard power that suits you Outboard engines cover such a wide range of applications and boats that choice is a prerequisite for outboard manufacturers. Yamaha gives you more choice than any other manufacturer so you can get your outboard power exactly how you want it. More choice means By offering a wide range of models and options, Yamaha can better suitability ensure that there is a suitable outboard for every user and every application. Tiller and remote control variants, as well as a High Thrust range for pushing displacement hulls, are all available and all designed to get the most out of the boat they are rigged to. Specifying the correct engine to match the characteristics of your hull will reward you with optimal performance and economy. More choice means better suitability, which is better for the boat, better for the engine and better for you. PEDIGREE Quality – the best components Yamaha have always strived to ensure the best quality components and raw materials are used in its outboard engines. The unique YDC-30 alloy is a perfect example of how the very best materials are used in Yamaha outboard engines. Built using Yamaha A combination of aluminium, silicon, magnesium and titanium YDC-30 marine alloy provide industry-leading corrosion protection for significant components within the engine. Advanced manufacturing techniques and precision engineering can be found in every detail of every engine. Whether you are five miles out to sea or five miles down the river having a quality outboard engine will mean that you spend more time doing what you want to do and less time repairing and maintaining your engine. Yamaha delivers the quality that you can rely on. CHOICE Fast, efficient parts service Yamaha is a global brand, so that means global back-up which is great, but what you also need is efficient local support and that’s exactly what Yamaha is so good at - using global resource for practical local advantage. Genuine outboard Global parts supply parts are centrally stocked in a giant European warehouse and support network can be delivered to the UK very quickly. In the harsh marine environment service and maintenance is critical so having an efficient and effective parts back-up means that any time off the water while these tasks are performed is kept to a minimum. Important for leisure boaters and absolutely essential for every rescue and professional application; Yamaha’s first class back-up is something which is ready and waiting. Durability – essential for work From our ACP-221 paint process to the sacrificial anodes, Yamaha engines are built to last. ACP-221 demonstrates Yamaha’s dedication to durability. This unique 5-layer painting process is something which many have re-created but none 5-layer paint finish have been able to match. Combined with the YDC-30 alloy protects the engine ACP-221 completes Yamaha Ultimate Corrosion protection. A sequence of primers, undercoats and acrylic resins are baked for adhesion and hardness then sealed in by a final coat of clear urethane lacquer. But don’t take our word for it; consider the multitude of marine professional users who all use Yamaha engines because they know that Yamaha’s durability can withstand the most demanding use. Yamaha engines are built to last...and last...and last. BACK UP QUALITY DURABILITY Why Choose Yamaha? to find out the full story WHY? scan this QR code using your smart phone QR Code Reader or visit our website: www.yamaha-motor.eu/ uk/askmewhy/index.aspx


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Why choose Yamaha? ...the Yamaha difference V8 • V6 • 4 cyl • 3 cyl • 2 cyl • 1 cyl Our marine engines come in a variety of layouts because we utilise the optimum type of engine design for each different application so that it provides instant power in a relaxed, effortless manner. All Yamaha OHC outboards use a quiet and durable toothed drive belt to control the camshafts. The larger models feature VCT - Variable Camshaft Timing that boosts maximum torque,, especially in the cruising 2000-3500 rpm range. Much attention is paid to exhaust design to ensure that the engine is both quiet and efficient. Yamaha’s In-bank™ exhaust system for example has resulted in a more compact engine, while power surge chambers ensure maximum combustion. Intake length design is also critical to achieve the best balance of power and torque. Individual ‘pulse-tuned’ long intake tracks deliver air to the cylinder at the precise density and volume needed for optimum gas flow rates and efficiency. Motor mounts are often taken for granted but remain a vital component. Everything at Yamaha is built tough! Forged aluminium mounts and oversized mounting brackets add extra strength and banish noise and vibration. Ultra-tough gearcase lower units have super strong bearings, bearing surfaces and gears, while the hydrodynamic profile of our gearcases gives the optimum low drag streamlined underwater design while maximising cooling water pick-up. State-of-the-art 4-stroke Technology Many exclusive technical features set a Yamaha apart - and have helped create a unique reputation for user-friendly performance with reliability and durability, Shown here are just a few of the many advantages that create ‘The Yamaha Difference’ and which you can expect to enjoy on most models in the range. Our driving ambition is to combine the lightness and compactness of the reliable high-performance Yamaha 2-strokes with the economy, smoothness, sophistication and eco-friendliness of the 4-stroke engine. Innovation and development have produced a Yamaha Outboard range that is a complete line-up of ultra-modern, efficient 4-stroke engines, headed by the world’s first V8 production 4-stroke outboard, the F350. Each engine in the range uses the very latest Yamaha marine technologies, revolutionary and unique engine layouts, ingenious intake and exhaust systems. Overseeing all this is a system of micro-computer controls, monitoring every aspect - from fuel mixture, to combustion efficiency and maintenance scheduling. Above all, Yamaha’s 4-stroke development has been successful because we never tried to adapt or modify ordinary, everyday automotive engines, as many others have done. We build only pure marine-specification 4-stroke engines from scratch. To help preserve the marine environment Yamaha has pioneered the development of new clean-burn technologies, yet accepted no compromise on power, performance or usability. Our outboards are now faster, quieter and more economical than ever before. Only Yamaha gives you such a wide choice. From the handy, portable F2.5 to the adrenalin-raising performance of the F350 - with an impressive line-up of variants in between - we make it very simple to find the perfect match for your boat and your style of boating.


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Not just power. Rely on it. Yamaha’s Ideal Anti-corrosion Protection A unique 50-year long programme of dedicated research, development and testing has resulted in the most comprehensive, well-proven coating and protection system ever created for an outboard. 5 YDC-30 Unique, anti-corrosion aluminium alloy developed by Yamaha to protect all the exterior engine components. High quality stainless steel Special anti-corrosion steel is used for many components, such as drive and prop shafts, steering arms and through-tubes. Special zinc coating Applied to all non-moving stainless steel parts to increase resistance to galvanic corrosion. Also acts as a back-up to the anodes. Self-sacrificing anodes Fitted on engine casings, mounting brackets, lower units - and inside the engine block and waterways of some engines. High-grade alloys help control and minimise the effects of saltwater. 5 5-Stage exterior coating After oven-baking for adhesion and hardness, a sequence of primers, undercoats and acrylic resins are sealed in by a final coat of clear urethane lacquer. This gives your Yamaha its unique lustre and glossy, long-lasting, easy-maintenance finish. 3 2 1 5 4 Total peace of mind with a full 5 Year warranty period and the protection of the world’s number one outboard manufacturer. *Terms & conditions apply. UK Leisure users only. See website for full details 5 5 Year Warranty* Five warranty All 2008-2009 model year Yamaha outboard motors imported by YMUK, purchased for leisure use now carry a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty (commercial 1 yr). All four-stroke outboards purchased for leisure use in the UK and registered on the Yamaha warranty system will be eligible for an additional period giving a total of 5 years warranty cover. Offer open for a limited period, consult your dealer for details. All cover is subject to regular servicing as speci ed in the relevant Yamaha owners manual. Full terms & conditions available upon request from your dealer or visit www.yamaha-motor.co.uk year


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4-stroke Technology. Serious Innovation Many exclusive technical features set a Yamaha apart, and together they’ve helped create that unique Yamaha reputation for user-friendly performance, ultimate reliability and unrivalled durability. They are the advantages which together create the ‘Yamaha Difference’ - and which have made it ‘The World’s Favourite Outboard’. Motor Accessories ‘Start-in-gear’ Protection Prevents accidental engine starting when Forward or Reverse is selected and prevents the possibility of an unintentional pull-away on start-up. Dual Battery Charging System Charges 2 batteries at the same time so power is available for engine starting even after long periods at low rpm. Available option on F150 and up. PrimeStart™ As easy to start from cold as your car - simply turn the key! Exclusive to Yamaha, PrimeStart™ is standard on many models and eliminates the need for a conventional choke. Battery A Battery B Shallow Water Drive Enables safe manoeuvring in shallow water and protects the propeller. High-output Alternators Means power is available to start the engine even after prolonged periods of idling - or running at low revs using multiple accessories. Standard on most models. Warning Systems for engine protection & safety Oil pressure, engine temperature and other conditions are monitored, with various audio/visual warning devices. If a fault occurs, available rpm is automatically reduced for maximum engine protection while running the boat to shore. From the fresh water supply To engine Fresh Water Flushing System No need to run the engine. Just connect a hose to the easy-access, front-mounted connector to flush salt and dirt from the engine waterways. Reduces corrosion and extends engine life. Standard on F8 and up. Counter-rotating Propeller Models A standard twin-engine installation (both propellers turning clockwise) ‘pulls’ the boat towards the port side, making steering difficult, especially at higher speeds. A counter-rotating propeller, offers ‘neutral helm’ control when fitted alongside a standard model. Available on F115 and up. Fresh water 5 Micro-computer ECM (Engine Control Module) Standard from F30 upwards, your Yamaha engineer can simply hook up a laptop computer to the ECM for instant engine diagnosis. • Constant monitoring of data inputs and settings • Maintains smooth running, trouble-free performance • Advanced software optimises ignition timing in all conditions • Monitors and activates warning and protection systems Tilt up Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt Light and powerful system. Quick response push-button control makes trim and tilt swift, smooth and easy. Range of -4° to +16°. The negative trim setting (-4°) improves acceleration and brings the boat onto the plane quickly. Available option on F25 and up. 5 5 69˚ +16˚ or +20˚ Trim -4˚


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LAN wiring system and Digital Network Gauges For EFI models of 30hp and upwards a comprehensive range of multi-function DNG Digital Network Gauges is available. Using a LAN - Local Area Network - wiring system, with multi input Can-Bus hubs, the system is simple to fit and gives a variety of plug-in options for additional inputs. With compatibility to the NMEA 2000 marine data protocol, DNG gauges display real time engine data. For Premium gauges and electronic equipment a Yamaha Gateway device is required. See pages 34-35 for more details on Rigging. •  Multifunction Tachometer: RPM - Hours - Trim angle - Oil pressure - Warning lamps •  Multifunction Speedometer: Speed - Trip - Time - Fuel - Battery voltage • Fuel Management Gauge: Fuel consumption - Fuel economy and actual consumption Triducer Transom Mounted 6Y8-83688-01-00 Inhull Mounted Plastic 6Y8-83688-11-00 In-hull Mounted Bronze 6Y8-83688-20-00 Ignition Switch NMEA - compatible equipment Analysis and rigging check via PC Multi-function 6YC gauge for twin or single engine rigs Yamaha Gateway Multi-hub ECU ECU Multi-hub Multi-hub Multi-hub Standard on most EFI engines from 30-350hp, including tiller control engines, the Y-COP, Yamaha-Customer Outboard Protection system remotely locks the engine’s ECM at the touch of a button - just like on your car - ensuring the engine starts only when you want it to. • Handheld remote transmitter sends LOCK or UNLOCK signal • Receiver unit mounted in the boat passes the signal to the engine’s ECM • The ECM immobilises the engine • A single remote can be programmed to lock twin or triple installations Y-COP Remote Immobiliser 5


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F350 10


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F350 The world’s most powerful V8 4-stroke outboard There has simply never been an engine like this before. The 5.3 litre Yamaha F350 is the first-ever production 4-stroke, V8 outboard. Backed by Yamaha’s awesome technology, it’s a total performance package. Designed and engineered to deliver that raw energy you need to power a large, modern offshore boat, this engine delivers with smooth, quiet refinement to match today’s ever more sophisticated, soft-riding hull designs. Only Yamaha, with its unique market-leading position and legendary record of innovation, could have made the dedicated investment necessary to bring you such an engine. Make no mistake. This is an entirely new and revolutionary approach to the powering of larger boats, with engines specially designed to withstand the harsh demands they face. Supremely advanced 4-stroke technology, V8 configuration, huge torque and prop shaft horsepower - all come together in the F350 to deliver levels of dynamic performance never before achieved in an outboard. 8 The Yamaha Difference • V8 power with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) for clean performance • Digital ‘drive-by-wire’ electronic throttle control and gearshift system • Variable trolling RPM and multi engine synchronisation • Extra large propeller developed specifically to handle the V8 power • Enhanced Ultimate Corrosion Protection which will look after your engine 8 Premium Gauges 5 Unique V8 Engine Layout With a capacity of over 5.3 litres this 32 valve, 60° V8 is the largest most powerful production outboard engine in the world. 5 Helm Master system Joystick single lever control system option for slow speed manoeuvring of twin and triple V6 & V8 engine installations. Boat builder fitment. Premium Gauges Premium Gauges Electronic throttle and shift The electronic throttle unit provides “drive-by-wire” control and can be synchronised for both twin or triple engine rigs. Fitted to all F350-F200G. The new multi-function Premium gauge is fully programmable for up to three engines and utilises a colour, 5” screen. Option on F350-F200G. 11


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F300 // F250 // F225 12


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F300 F250 F225 The ultimate V6 for offshore performance The latest F300, F250 and F225 outboards offer the pinnacle of Yamaha’s latest generation marine technology. Designed for the demanding marine environment, these light and powerful V6 engines are made for serious offshore adventure. For clean, smooth performance, maximum fuel efficiency and easy starting, the advanced 24-valve DOHC engine features EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) as well as VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing) while Yamaha’s ‘drive-by-wire’ electronic throttle and gear shift delivers the smoothest, most precise control you’ll ever experience. These engines combine advanced technology with nextgeneration designs. And while the sleek outer styling is instantly recognisable, plasma-sleeved cylinder walls on the inside achieve higher displacement without any size increase of the engine itself. These walls are stronger than steel equivalents and significantly lighter. The Yamaha Difference • Three new generation, class-leading, lightweight high performance engines • V6 power with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) for performance and fuel efficiency • Micro-computer ECM (Engine Control Module) precisely adjusts the engine • Digital ‘drive-by-wire’ electronic controls for engine command and control • New Digital Network System II can use conventional and Premium gauges Premium Gauges 5 Big Capacity 4.2 litre V6 This 24-valve, 4169cc, 60o V6 with DOHC and VCT is compact and light, delivering the highest power to weight ratio in its class. 5 New Cylinder Technology Our Plasma fusion process on the cylinder walls is 60% harder than steel while offering lower weight, better cooling and less friction. Extra long inlet manifold Air is fed to the cylinders via extra long intake manifolds to ensure the engine delivers the best possible low rpm torque characteristics. Dual water intakes The lower case gearbox unit incorporates two separate water inlets that provide the engine with the best possible raw water cooling supply even at high speeds. 13


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F200 // F175 // F150 14


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F200 F175 F150 A new class standard for light weight and compact dimensions These exceptional engines set new class standards for low weight and compact dimensions. Performance RIBs and sportsboats will deliver their best with a lightweight engine on the transom and until now they have simply not been able to perform with a 4-stroke powerplant fitted. But the new F150 and latest F175 and F200 outboards change everything. The straight-four engine layout is slim and light, while our engineers have also been able to incorporate many of the very latest Yamaha marine technologies including Shift Damper System, Y-COP security immobiliser, VCT - Variable Cam Timing on the F200, plus the latest DNG - Digital Network Gauges with NMEA 2000 engine data interface. The new F150 along with the F175 and F200 outboards are destined to change this popular class forever. And for the ultimate driver control the F200G features a ‘Drive-by-Wire’ throttle and gear shift just like the V6 and V8 models. F200F_O ffset crankshaft The Yamaha Difference • New generation, class leading, lightweight and best power-to-weight ratio in class • F175 incorporates the same features as the F200F but without a VCT system. • F200F models use cable throttle and gear shift, plus DNG multifunction 6Y8 digital gauges *F200G models feature Digital ‘Drive-by-Wire’ electronic throttle and shift controls for engine command and control and can be used with the Premium gauge instrumentation system. Premium Gauges F200G model only: VCT, Electronic throttle & Premium Gauge option 55 O set 10 mm 5 VCT for increased power Variable Camshaft Timing alters the intake valve timing on the F200 as speed increases, to give optimum gas flow at both low and high rpm. In-line 4-cylinder engine The compact 4-cylinder engine is lightest in class. Features include DOHC, 16 valves, Electronic Fuel Injection and a powerful alternator. F200F_DOHC, L4, 16 valves Twin counter balancers Two gear driven counter-balancers are used to ensure that any vibration from the large capacity cylinder block is kept to a minimum. Offset cylinder layout The cylinder block is offset to the crankshaft centre line by 10mm to reduce friction on the piston and improve acceleration. 15



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