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January 2016 Vol. 2016, Issue 5 Member of CGCI A Publication of Modesto Garden Club, Inc. Valley Lode District – Pacific Region Speaker – Dan Smith From PACIFIC GROVES After college Dan Smith worked in the Armstrong Retail Nursery chain (forerunner of the Armstrong Garden Centers) for five years, their specialties were Roses and deciduous Fruit Trees. He then moved to their wholesale division covering first the Midwest and later, for eighteen years, Northern and Central California. Armstrong Nurseries was the largest grower and premier developer of Roses and deciduous Fruit Trees. He left Armstrong, after twenty four years and began his own wholesale Rose growing Operation in Wasco CA (Kern Roses) and represented May Nursery; a large Northwest Grower of deciduous Nursery Stock; fruit, flowering and shade trees, flowering shrubs, grapes and cane berries. After four years he sold the Rose operation and began a Deciduous Nursery Partnership with Frank Nieto, who had been the head of production at May Nursery. Thus was born PACIFIC GROVES, again a Northwest grower of deciduous Nursery Stock; fruit, flowering and shade trees, flowering shrubs, grapes and cane berries. Pacific Groves has been in business for twenty eight years. He currently lives in Orinda CA with an office in Moraga CA.  By Joyce Smith & Linda Pedego Happy New Year   The Luncheon Committee would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to all the volunteers and hostesses for their hard work in making this year’s Elegant Holiday Luncheon in December a success.   The luncheon is a huge event and it wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of countless people who help prepare ahead of time, work during the event itself, and help with a multitude of tasks. Committee members and volunteers worked hard to prepare printed materials, publicize the event, make reservations, sell viewing tickets, collect raffle prizes, sell raffle tickets, provide refreshments, take pictures, act as docents, and act as our wonderful cart jockeys. Thank you to each and every one of you for helping to make the day possible.    And we especially want to thank all of the hostesses who provided us with an opportunity to see their beautiful tables during the Elegant Luncheon. It is “no small task” for a hostess to put their table together and to make it as interesting and captivating as they do year after year.  This event would not have been a success without your involvement!      The Luncheon Committee appreciates your gift of time, energy and enthusiastic support and wishes all Modesto Garden Club members a wonderful New Year.


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Page 2 Over the Garden Gate President’s Message By Dan Yockey INCREDIBLE, that is the best word I can use to describe this last week. The week started on Wednesday at Del Rio Country Club with all of the table dressers bringing in and setting up their tables. It wasn’t long before the entire room was transformed by our talented members into a fairyland of color and texture. As I have said before I did not think they could top the last year’s luncheon but to my surprise they did it again. Thursday was again a delight to see our guests arriving and taking in the beautiful sight of all of the decorated tables, guessing how they did it and where they found all of the items on the tables. This was followed by a sumptuous lunch selected by our luncheon committee and impeccably served by the Del Rio staff. Congratulations to all of the lucky raffle winners. Then came Saturday boarding the huge white bus for our tour to the Los Altos area for the St Francis holiday home tour. We visited three of the most elegant homes imaginable so many beautiful decorations too many to describe. Then it was off to Santana Row for lunch and shopping. If you ever get a chance to visit there especially at Christmas do take it. What an exceptional venue. I can’t wait for this Saturday the 12th for our own tour of four decorated homes for Christmas. See you there! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and I wish you a very happy and healthy new year. Yours in gardening, Dan Calendar of Upcoming Events • • January 5, Planters and Groomers, 9 a.m. Club Office, 622 14th St. January 11, Memorial Rose Garden Annual Rose Pruning, 8:30 a.m., Roosevelt Park on West Orangeburg. Bring pruning shears, gloves, pitch fork, broom, and water. Call Beverly, 549-1664 for more information January 12, Hackers and Whackers, Senior Center 9 a.m. January 12, Multimedia, Club Office, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. January 14, MGCI General Meeting, One Church, 2361 Scenic Drive, Modesto Hospitality: 10:15–11:30 a.m., Snack & Learn: 10:30 a.m. –1:15 p.m. - Dan Balsley - Bonzai Trees; Meeting and Program:11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m., Dan Smith PACIFIC GROVES Nursery – What’s New and what to plant in Modesto, Admission: $10.00 Guests January 19, Planters and Groomers, 9 a.m. Club Office, 622 14th St. January 20, Hands on Workshop – Rock Painting, Time: 10 a.m. – Noon, Club Office, 622 14th Street. January 26, Hackers and Whackers, Senior Center, 9 a.m. • • • • • • January 26, Multimedia, Club Office, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. January 28, MGCI Board Meeting, Club Office, 622 14th Street, Modesto, 9 a.m. – Noon. January 31 - February 3, CGCI Winter Board Meeting, Costa Verde District February 9, Valley Lode District Meeting, Host: Manteca Garden Club February 11, MGCI General Meeting, One Church, 2361 Scenic Drive, Modesto Submit events and articles by the 5th of the month preceding the event. If you have questions call Mary Lou Rice at 209-869-3584, or submit the article directly to newsletter@modestogardenclub. org. Submit photos, fliers, or advertisements to Mary Lou Rice at • • • • • • • Snack and Learn Dan Balsley is a Bonsai expert. He will be doing a demonstration on making a bonsai tree. He has been teaching classes for the last 10 years. By Judy Crisp


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Over the Garden Gate Page 3 By Joanie Campbell, Linda Masuda, Irene Morimoto,  and Mabel Sugiura Lavender Library This month the Lavender Library will be featuring some of our books on trees. • GROW A LITTLE FRUIT TREE Simple Pruning Techniques for Small Space, Easy Harvest Fruit trees THE TREE AND SHRUB EXPERT The World’s Best Selling Book on Trees and Shrubs EASY, PRACTICAL PRUNING Techniques for Training Trees, Shrubs, Vines, and Roses THE COMPLETE BOOK OF PRUNING Knowing what to prune, when and how is a vital skill for any gardener.  Pruning is essential for many plants, not just to improve their appearance, but also for their health and vigor A CALIFORNIAN’S GUIDE TO THE TREES AMONG US …a guide that will not only enable you to identify the trees that shade our parks, green our yards, and line our streets, but will tell the amazing stories behind them. • Shrubs Provide Privacy on Busy Country Road Modesto Garden Club has selected the home of Janice Vella at 5136 Dale Road as the January Garden of the Month. Janice is the former owner of Vella Farms. Vella Farms began as a roadside fruit stand in the mid1950s and grew into a one-of-a-kind bakery, curio shop and produce market. The home was built in 1972 and renovated in 1994. It features a circular driveway with new pavement. The property has a well-established landscape of trees, including birch, fir, maple, citrus and crape myrtle. The birch and maple trees add fall and winter color. A hedge of shaped xylosma placed in front to help with noise and privacy Other landscape features include ground cover of ivy and ice plant, topiary cedar, yucca, palms and artistically placed boulders. The front porch is decorated seasonally and had 3 wrought iron reindeer. The St. Francis statue in memory of Janice’s mother – Janice donated it to an auction and won it back so it was meant to be in her yard. • • • Update Renee Newell’s phone and e-mail change.  Phone: 805-450-8508. Renee’s e-mail is:  November New Members By Shirley LaBass Joan Bischoff 11/12/15 Victoria M. Stewart 11/12/15 Nancy Strausser 11/12/15 Published 10 times a year, September-June, by the Modesto Garden Club, Inc. Over the Garden Gate President: Dan Yockey. Contributing Writers this month: Dan Yockey, Sharon Ross, Cheryl Carmichael, Joyce Smith, Linda Pedego, Shirley La Bass, Gerry Yockey Text Editor, Advertisements, Fliers and Photos: Mary Lou Rice (209) 869-3584 Website: Office: 622-14th Street, Email: 529-7360 (Wed., 9 a.m.-Noon) Modesto, CA. 95354-2505


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Page 4 Over the Garden Gate Thank You for a Successful Christmas Home Tour I am so pleased that the Christmas tour turned out so successful. I hope all of you felt the same way.  I want to start by thanking all the homeowners for their contribution by volunteering their beautiful homes.  All the time and energy that went into decorating. What a wonderful job they did! I am so proud of the docents.  Thank you all for being there.   Our committee thanks all of you for volunteering. Thank you Mary Lou Rice for doing the Posters and doing up the paper work.  Judy Spencer for the wonderful tickets.  I always get comments on how nice they turn out.  Deanna Clark, I want to thank you for selling the tickets down at the office.  I also want to thank my husband for putting up with me during this time.  It can get very hectic.  And I want to thank the Garden Club members for buying the tickets. Without you we would not have a tour. Thank you everyone!! By Gerry Yockey


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Over the Garden Gate Page 5 Christmas Spirit in Abundance at Modesto Garden Club’s Annual Holiday Luncheon


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Page 6 Over the Garden Gate Return Service Requested 622 14th Street Modesto, CA 95354-2505 Planters and Groomers By Gerry Yockey A Festive Wreathmaking Workshop We took December off because of the holiday.  When we returned in November, after Thanksgiving, it really needed some tender loving care.   Of course, the leaves have all came down and you could barely see the flowers.  It was so nice to get outside again and work in the yard.  A little cool and the wind was blowing.  But, it was still nice outside!  Pat Williams even called me in December to see if we could work in the yard.  She loves yard work and getting out.  It always helps when you have other people working beside you.  It is a new year and i hope to see some new faces in the garden.  Maybe some new members who would like to get their hands dirty.  Plus we have great coffee made by Judy Crisp.  The food is good too! I want to get serious for a moment.  Ann Arnold who has worked for us in the garden is in the hospital and she will go into a convalescent hospital afterwards.  She had a stroke.  I want everyone to send her a card at her home address and let her know we care. Thanks. Memorial Rose Garden Annual Rose Pruning Monday, January 11, 8:30 am Roosevelt Park on West Orangeburg Bring pruning shears, gloves, pitch fork, broom,water Call Beverly, 549-1664 for more information.



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