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Green&Silver MAGAZINE EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY NOVEMBER 2015 Photo by Amy Waltner Page 4-5 Photo by Amy Waltner Student Veteran Invests in Her Community


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From the President Dear ENMU Family, It’s fall in Portales, and there’s no place I would rather be than eastern New Mexico. The weather is wonderful, we’ve had good rain this year, and enrollment is up for the 19th straight year. Life is good in Portales, New Mexico. And I can prove it: • Hundreds of new freshman and transfers are blending in with our “returning” students (5,946 in all) to form a strong student body. • 22 enthusiastic new full-time faculty joined the 144 “continuing” professors to provide an excellent educational experience for our student body. Our faculty have always been the greatest strength of the school. • Construction on Eastern’s new on-campus, multi-purpose athletic facility is going well. We will say goodbye to Blackwater Draw and play our first football game against Western New Mexico University in September of next year. It will be a great day! • Eastern’s planning for the renovation and conversion of Golden Student Success Center (GSSC) is on schedule. Our architects have detailed a wonderful learning facility that will retain the traditional services of a library while serving as a one-stop academic assistance center. The GSSC will become a true “destination” for our students and faculty. We hope to break ground in the summer of 2016. • ENMU’s academic support staff (of which I am one) continue to work together to accomplish the goals of the institution. Since my arrival at the University over 14 years ago, I have consistently been impressed with the professionalism and loyalty of our people. As I said earlier, there is no place I would rather be than Eastern New Mexico University. ENMU is also fortunate to have a strong alumni base and many other friends and supporters. Your generosity helps to make Eastern the strong school it is today. Our students, faculty, and staff are very grateful to all of you for your generosity. Thank you—and GO GREYHOUNDS! Sincerely, Steven Gamble ENMU President Green & Silver | November 2015 3


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Photo by Amy Waltner ENMU Student Veteran Invests in her Community Penny Ortega (Current Student) has a sense of adventure. The non-traditional student joined the U.S. Air Force in 1999 and was honorably discharged in 2011. “It had been my lifelong dream to join. I wanted adventure far away from Portales, my hometown,” said Penny. “Being a part of the one percent that serves their country is a great honor. I am very proud of my military service and would absolutely do it again. The military afforded me the great opportunity to see the world. Being from Portales, the world is really small.” Penny traveled to places she had never heard of, saw the pyramids of Egypt, experienced different cultures and has met friends all over the world. She spent much of her time overseas after working with the security of nuclear missiles at FE Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming. As a military police specialist, the Air Force stationed Penny in South Korea and Spain for three years each and was in a combat deployment to Iraq in 2008. She also spent six years in Colorado. Penny said that being away from family was a challenge while serving, because “birthdays and holidays come and go and the memories are usually shared over the phone or Skype.” 4 Green & Silver | November 2015 By Desiree Cooper The Air Force helped her make a difference in war-torn poor countries by doing community service-type events that broke language barriers. She explained that, “serving alongside some of the bravest people I have ever met was the best experience. The friends I met during my time in the Air Force are still good friends and are like family. You go through so much and spend a lot of time with your fellow service members you have a bond that cannot be broken.” She lost two friends while in the service: Staff Sergeant John Self and Sgt. Daniel Quintana. “Losing them shows how fragile life can be. However, losing my friends to their personal war at home is even more difficult,” she explained. “Today, an average of 22 veterans take their lives daily. We have lost more to veteran suicide than we have to combat. Losing a friend, mentor, or troop to their own personal demons is just horrible.” At ENMU, Penny served for a year as president of ENMU’s Student Veteran Organization (SVO), which provides an outlet for student veterans and gives them a place for


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Top L-R: Penny’s team in Baghdad, Iraq 2008, at Sadaam Hussein’s parade field, The Crossed Swords. Penny delivering clothes and toys to Iraqi children. Bottom L-R: Penny on top of the Al Rasheed Hotel, which was in the green zone in Baghdad, Iraq. Penny and her team in Kosovo, 2006. comfort. The graduation average is low for student veterans. The SVO hopes to bring that number up. “It is very different being a student veteran and the SVO is safe haven to the students. We want to be that listening ear for our student veterans who may be going through hard times. If we can stop one of those 22, then we have succeeded as an organization.” Penny is majoring in elementary education and chose to attend ENMU because of the Education department. She has always had an interest in education. She describes being a non-traditional student as “unique” since she is older than most of her classmates. She has found that they are interested in her experiences. life. She now finds herself more involved with campus organizations and more focused on her education. She explained that the most challenging aspect of attending ENMU as a non-traditional student has been working a full-time job while being a full-time student. As a veteran, Ortega qualifies for the program Troops for Teachers that will place her in school districts in need of teachers. She plans to teach at the junior high level. The Education Department at ENMU is rigorous, but it is preparing me for the difficult roles ahead. I also feel my military background will provide a unique experience for my students. Ortega first attended Eastern right out of high school but was not emotionally ready for the responsibilities of college “The education department at ENMU is rigorous, but it is preparing me for the difficult roles ahead. I also feel my military background will provide a unique experience for my students. I cannot wait to have my own classroom, using the tools I was taught to begin to teach the future leaders of America.” Green & Silver | November 2015 5


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Investigating Her Future Kelsi Hummingbird, a forensic science major with a focus in forensic chemistry and a minor in criminal justice, spent her summer in an intensive internship with the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the Artesia Police Department. Over the summer, Kelsi experienced first-hand the realities of scene investigation. Although the rigorous work schedule of eight- to ten-hour workdays, five days a week is not what many would consider a “summer vacation,” Kelsi found the experience invaluable. During her internship, Kelsi had hands-on training in all aspects of forensic investigation. This included everything from learning how to recognize and process evidence in mock crime scenes especially set up for her benefit to how to construct a mock search warrant, and shadowing seasoned investigators at real crime scenes. For Kelsi the most challenging aspect of the internship was “learning to effectively By Dr. Kerriann Marden separate feelings from the cases and finding ways to suppress her emotional reactions.” Kelsi was lucky enough to be trained on high-tech equipment but found Kelsi Hummingbird (front) with Artesia Police Department Criminal Investigation Dept. L-R: Sarah Bassett, Gracie Gonzales, Chantel Longway, Jayme Rhoades, David Rodriquez. learning to operate the camera to be one and collecting the greatest amount of of the most important parts of the job. evidence in the most appropriate manner. She learned important lessons about adaptability and teamwork. Watching the team interaction showed her there are multiple ways to do things, and a good team will examine each scenario, consider each piece of evidence and approach it in the best possible manner for those specific circumstances. Kelsi learned that creativity and flexibility are crucial to conducting an investigation This internship opportunity has helped Kelsi to better understand the concepts and methods that she has learned from textbooks, and will ultimately reach her long-term goal of excelling in a position in a crime lab and eventually becoming a mentor herself. She said, “I would highly recommend a similar internship to other students, and I look forward to a possible future CID career opportunity after I graduate in May.” Biotech Brilliance Dr. Gary Calton (MS 68, BS 65) is a lifelong entrepreneur with an intimate understanding of the Biotechnology field. Enzymatic production of the amino acids in aspartame marked Dr. Calton’s frist entry into biotechnology, a field whose importance will intensify as the 21st century matures. President of Calwood Nutritionals, LLC, Dr. Calton formed the company in 1999 “to produce good tasting nutraceuticals” a decade after the term ‘nutraceuticals’ first appeared. By Robert Graham Nutraceuticals are food-derived products that provide benefits beyond a food source’s native nutritional value. One of Calwood Nutritionals first projects was to develop palatable foods for kidney patients needing to restrict their protein intake. “This was a significant advance as the amino acids have been available for nearly 50 years and most of them have tasted so bad no one would eat them,” says Dr. Calton. Not only did he innovate in the field of nutritionals, but also in philanthropic giving. The Wall Street Journal in 2012, featured Dr. Gary and Sandra Calton’s (BS 68) donation as an exemplar in Nicole Wong’s “An Introduction to College Giving.” The Calton’s donated science equipment and instruments valued at $500,000.00. The instruments included ultra-freezers, incubators, centrifuges and beakers. “It would have been a long time until the University could have afforded equipment like this,” says ENMU Biology professor Dr. Manuel Varela. Effectively, receiving the equipment raised ENMU’s biomedical research profile while allowing the University to undertake research for which other New Mexico higher education institutions may not have the capacity. Dr. Gary and Sandra Calton with Clytie Calton and Dr. Steven Gamble at the George and Clytie Calton Lecture Hall dedication in 2005. 6 Green & Silver | November 2015


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Corporate Social Responsibility By Amy Archuleta As a vice president in Global Communications at Prudential Financial, Inc., Lisa Villareal (BS 89) is implementing public relations strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR includes the company’s philanthropy, impact investments, corporate contributions and employee engagement activities. She enjoys working with the best in the corporate Lisa Villareal world, having access to information that may not be readily available in other professions and prompting topics she believes are for the greater good. The Roswell native’s career, so far, has been an adventure. Lisa recalls when she graduated from ENMU with her degree in communications and television broadcasting, that many of her classmates landed jobs before she did. However, Lisa kept herself open to adventure and possibilities. At ENMU, one professor in particular impacted Lisa’s career the most. Dr. Phelps laid the first brick in Lisa’s career by pushing her to take an internship with Voice of America, which led to her start as a news reporter and videotape editor in Albuquerque, putting to use her experience from KENW at ENMU. Then she served as a staff assistant for The Honorable Jeff Bingaman, U.S. Senator for New Mexico. From 1993-1997 she served as a presidential appointee in several positions at the Cabinet level for the U.S. Government in Washington, DC. At the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Villareal worked in various communications and media related capacities. She also worked in the U.S. Executive Branch as scheduler in the Office of the First Lady in The White House. Lisa joined Prudential Financial, Inc. in 1997 and has worked in various capacities. She was responsible for generating publicity for Prudential Investment Management’s international investments business unit and managed communications for Prudential’s international insurance, wealth management and global derivatives areas. Lisa believes it’s important for students to make the most out of their educations, staying open to possibilities and seeking out people who encourage you. “A career needs to be approached as a marathon, not a race,” Lisa explained. Retired ENMU Professor Remembered Professor Emeritus of Finance Dr. William “Bill” Brunsen (BA 68) passed away in July of 2015. Dr. Brunsen met and married Judie Williamson (MS 67, BA 66) in February of 1964. An Airman, the United States Air Force deployed Bill during his undergraduate career. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs awarded him a Fulbright-Hays Scholarship to study Economics at Frei Universitaet in Berlin, West Germany during his undergraduate studies as well. After graduating, Dr. Brunsen moved his family to his hometown of Lincoln, NE where he completed his Master’s and PhD at the University of Nebraska. At this time, he also worked as a Financial Specialist for the Nebraska State Legislature. Dr. Brunsen began his college teaching career in 1983 at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC and also taught at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. Dr. Brunsen returned to ENMU as a finance professor in 1987. He spent 24 years at the University and retired in 2011. In the College of Business, Dr. Brunsen served as the Graduate Coordinator, Associate Dean and as the Secretary of the ENMU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society. He also activated the ENMU Chapter of Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in 1988 and went on to become the President of the National Executive Council. Dr. Brunsen was close friends with Emeriti professors Dr. Dale Davis and Dr. Gerry Huybregts. Students remember Dr. Brunsen as a caring professor who challenged students to realize their full potential. Upon learning of his passing, students established an ENMU Foundation scholarship in Dr. Brunsen’s memory. Dr. Bill Brunsen By Lori Brunsen Green & Silver | November 2015 7


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ENMU Mourns Passing of Greyhound Legend By Adam Pitterman B.B. Lees (MA 57, BA 52) passed away in August 2015. Over the years the former athletic director supported the programs he helped build and received numerous accolades. “B.B. Lees is the epitome of what it means to be a Greyhound,” said ENMU President Steven Gamble. “Steve Doerr once said that B.B. bleeds green and I know that’s true. I don’t know of a better friend the University has had in its history. The University will miss Coach Lees very much. He was truly an inspiration and a friend to everyone who knew him.” Inducted into the ENMU Athletics Hall of Honors in 1994, B.B. served the ENMU athletic department for more than 37 years as a coach, faculty member and administrator, including 18 years as athletic director. During his time at Eastern, he coached most of the teams and took the golf team to 12 consecutive NAIA District VII championships. In May 1995 the NAIA Hall of Fame inducted B.B. as a golf coach. He served as the chairman of the NCAA Division II Basketball Tournament from 1990-1993 and was among fellow committee members honored in 2012 during the Elite Eight at the Bank of Kentucky Center in Highland Heights, Kentucky. “BB set the bar for those athletic directors who followed him,” said ENMU Director of Athletics Jeff Geiser. “In my six years at Eastern I have not heard one negative comment about B.B.. Everyone loved him. He will be missed but his legacy will live on forever at his beloved ENMU.” “From the time I arrived at ENMU in 1982 as the director of News Services/Sports Information, B. B. immediately made me feel at home,” said ENMU Director of Media Relations Wendel Sloan. “I don’t remember a conversation with him without hearing his infectious laugh. “He epitomized the friendly spirit that makes ENMU such a great place to work. I will never forget him or the positive impact he had on me and everyone I know. I know the heavens are now enjoying his friendly laughter and loving spirit.” “B.B. was great pioneer of Greyhound football,” said ENMU Football Coach Josh Lynn. “There is no other previous ENMU football coach that did more for the community of Portales than him. He will be missed.” “’What’s up partner!’ always was his greeting to me,” said ENMU Volleyball Coach Sia Poyer. “I’ve known Mr. Lees since my days as a volunteer student assistant. He was always kind, supportive and full of wisdom. He wasn’t just a friend to Eastern, but a friend to me, Jennifer and my kids. I’m going to miss him so much.” Contact the ENMU Foundation for more information about the scholarship honoring the legacy of B.B. and his long time friend Carl Richardson. Top-Bottom: B. B. Lees at a recent Alumni Golf Tournament in Albuquerque; Halfback B. B. Lees, 1950 New Mexico Conference Champions; Coach Lees from the 1960 Silver Pack Yearbook. 8 Green & Silver | November 2015


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Quietly Leading ABQ Development The Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) recognized Gary Tonjes (BS 78) this spring with the Mary Jo Hanover Award. The award recognizes individuals who exemplify leadership, ethics, professionalism, mentoring and sense of community. IAMC qualifies as the premiere organization for economic developers, corporate real estate professionals and industrial asset managers. Executive Director of IAMC J.Tate Godfrey says that “Gary is one of those rare people who elevates everything he does, including lifting up those around him through his quiet leadership.” The Roswell Chamber of Commerce awarded Gary his first position in the economic development industry. “Winston Cox recommended me for my first job,” says Gary, who also worked for the Odessa, Texas Chamber before landing a position as president of the Joplin, Missouri Chamber of Commerce. “Joplin is where I had my first opportunity to lead an organization, so it laid a foundation that allowed me to return to my hometown and Albuquerque Economic Development (AED),” says Tonjes. Gary has served as President of AED since 1994. What’s the biggest difference between 1994 and now? “New Mexico has a significantly better business climate today. Changes to the tax code and creation of new incentives allows for better retention and expansion of existing firms as well as the attraction of new employers,” says Gary. Albuquerque just recruited a software development company, and AED will announce two more employees shortly. Additionally, Tonjes believes that five existing firms may announce expansions before year-end representing 1,000 plus new jobs for the Albuquerque area. By Robert Graham Gary Tonjes Inspiring Philanthropy By Amy Archuleta On National Philanthropy Day (NPD), Nov. 4, the Association of Fundraising Professionals New Mexico Chapter honored Noelle Bartl (BS 92) with the Outstanding Fundraising Noelle Bartl Professional Award in Albuquerque. More than 500 attendees from around the state honor award recipients and their contributions each year. National Philanthropy Day is observed across the nation to recognize the great contributions of philanthropy, and those people active in the philanthropic community, for the enrichment of our world. Noelle is the executive director of the ENMU Foundation and development director for ENMU. Since her return to ENMU in 2000, the ENMU Foundation has raised over $20.4 million in gifts, and the Foundation’s assets have grown to $16 million. More significant than the growth is the fact that over $5 million was donated to support ENMU scholarships and over $7 million contributed to ENMU for institutional support. The current Stadium Campaign has raised over $14 million to date for this exciting and much needed $15.5 million project. ENMU President, Dr. Steven Gamble explained, “Noelle resonates with the mission, values, vision, faculty, students, and educational philosophy of today’s ENMU–and being an alumna she appreciates its history and treasured traditions.” Noelle has a deep connection with ENMU. As a public relation and journalism student in the 90s, she was involved in numerous campus activities and organizations and even met her husband John Bartl (AS 93) on campus. That deep connection with ENMU serves not only as common ground when speaking with ENMU supporters, but also as passion to advance the University and its mission. “Years from now looking back, I’d like my career legacy to have been the leader to transform the ENMU Foundation from a small non-profit foundation with big dreams to a significant foundation making dreams happen,” Noelle explained. “Long-term relationships will be the key to this success and I enjoy nurturing those relationships with my fellow alumni and ENMU friends.” Green & Silver | November 2015 9


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Ms. Fitness Model New Mexico By Amy Archuleta When Bree’Anna Lucero (BS 14) chose to attend ENMU she had no idea the path would lead to her winning the title Ms. Fitness New Mexico for 2015. Every step of her path has had the right people and circumstances to guide her to success. Bree’Anna starred at ENMU as a two-sport athlete who excelled in track and field for two years and volleyball for five years. She recorded 213 kills, 8 aces and an average 0.77 blocks per set as a middle blocker. A Criminal Justice major, Bree’Anna says that “being a student-athlete is a lot more work than it appears. It takes the effort of a full-time job, but if you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s a privilege.” Bree’Anna brought that same student-athlete dedication to her first competition, May 16, where she earned the Ms. Fitness Model New Mexico title, and placed second in Bikini Modeling and third in the Figure category. This month, Bree’Anna will compete at the Fitness America Weekend 2015 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bree’Anna intends to transition from an amateur to professional athlete status at the event by earning her “pro-card”. She first learned about and then joined a competitive fitness team based out of Clovis. Bree’Anna adjusted her eating habits and developed a bi-daily workout routine. “Competing itself was such an amazing experience. Once you step on that stage all the stress goes away and you get to show your final product from the last three months of work,” says Bree’Anna. Bree’Anna is working on her personal training certification as well as certifications to instruct Crossfit, kick boxing and yoga. She would like to continue with fitness competitions and modeling. Above: Bree’Anna Lucero awarded Ms. Fitness Model New Mexico. Below: Bree’Anna competing in the Commercial Model Category. Long-term, she plans to use her criminal justice degree working with juvenile offenders. She says, “If I can be that light for someone to help them find the right path and get their lives on track, I know I’m doing my part here on earth.” She thanks God for placing the right people in her life to help her prepare her and guide her not only for fitness competitions, but also long term success through dedication. Dimas Chavez: Atomic All-Star Dimas Chavez (BA 60) moved to Los Alamos during the summer of 1943. His father worked for the Zia Company, the backbone company to the successful infrastructural operations of the Los Alamos Laboratory. As a kid, Dimas lived nearby the likes of J. Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi. Not only does Dimas recall the science, but also the subtle nuances, such as watching the original Harlem Globetrotters compete, a team that included Goose Tatum. As the military lead for the Manhattan Project, Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves, Jr., relocated the project’s headquarters from the borough bearing the project’s name to New Mexico, Dimas made a similar transition: a child of the atom who went on to work for National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of State (DOS) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Dimas holds two firsts at the DOS. He led the first RadioFrequency Shielding Program with the DOS in the late 80s. Dimas also served as the first Branch Chief for the Construction Accreditation Program during the 90s, a division that ensures the 10 Green & Silver | November 2015 By Robert Graham operational integrity of embassies and consulates. From 1997-2000, Dimas oversaw the construction of the New Moscow Embassy Compound. Dimas transitioned to the CIA at the turn of the century and served there until 2010. His duties at the CIA built on his prior knowledge at DOS. Dimas coordinated the activities of the CIA, DOS and various Marine installations including Quantico Marine Base. Dimas Chavez He also served as Director of Security for Architectural Engineering Company (AECOM), which provided support to the National Counterterrorism Center. Dimas recently penned his autobiography, On My Own, available on Peter Gonzales Photography


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Year-End Giving The End of the Year is Coming Quickly… Gift of Cash or Property Consider the many ways you can enjoy tax and income benefits and help further our mission. Would You Like to Save on Your Taxes? For a gift of cash, you will receive a charitable deduction for the full cash value. If you make a property (real estate or stock) gift to us, you avoid any tax that would otherwise be due upon sale. We then sell your property tax free and you enjoy the benefits of a charitable tax deduction. The Benefits of Charitable Gift Annuity Are You Looking for Secure, Future Income? When you make your gift of cash or appreciated property to the ENMU Foundation, we promise to pay you fixed payments for life (with rates based on your age). You will receive a charitable deduction for the value of your gift and a portion of your annual payments could be tax-free! Charitable Bequest Make a Future Gift Now! We would be pleased to send you our helpful guide on planning your will or trust. You will want to contact your attorney about how to include a bequest in your estate plan. Once your bequest is made, please let us know so that ENMU can recognize and thank you. ENMU Station 8, 1500 S Ave K Portales, NM 88130 Toll-free: 888.291.5524 Green & Silver | November 2015 11


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Greyhound Stadium Construction Underway Exciting times for ENMU and Portales. Construction has begun on the new Greyhound Stadium thanks to the early supporters of this project. A lot of dirt is being moved and the area prepared for the facility to be erected by the fall of 2016 opening. Alumni can go to ENMU’s home page at and click on the video link to watch the stadium come to fruition over the next twelve months. The Greyhounds are 1st and Goal The University and community have continually strived for excellence in all that they do, and the Stadium is no exception. The plans for the project (Phase 1 and Phase 2) have a price tag of $15.5 million, and from students, community leaders, donors and others, $14 million of that has been committed. Many have already “suited up” to take all Greyhounds to victory on this important project. We hope that you earnestly consider how you can make an impact for the whole Eastern New Mexico “team”. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to cross the goal line, kick the winning goal or cross the last hurdle, THE TIME IS NOW TO TAKE THE GREYHOUNDS TO VICTORY! We need your support with the final $1.5 million Donate online at and help us build not just a good stadium but a GREAT STADIUM. Naming opportunities are still available from seat backs, lockers, park benches to facility area naming rights and much more. Call Noelle Bartl at 888-291-5524 to find out how you can have a tremendous impact on the future of ENMU and Portales. 12 Green & Silver | November 2015


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Stadium Supporter Highlights HOMESPOT of Portales generously contributed $50,000 to the new Greyhound Stadium Campaign. “We at HOMESPOT support the stadium for various reasons. It will strengthen pride and school spirit to the University community. It will symbolize a vibrant and healthy university athletic program and attract students to ENMU and the Portales area. It is time for ENMU to have an on campus football stadium.” -The HOMESPOT Team of Jody Bailey, Scott and Jane Christensen The Merrick family, owners of Ace Hardware and Ashley Furniture in Portales have contributed both individually and corporately for a combined gift of $50,000 toward the new stadium. Ace Hardware and Ashley Furniture "My wife and I were both raised here in Portales and feel great pride and loyalty in living here. I've said many times that Portales has been very good to me and my family, so if we can be a small part of this addition to our city and university we feel great pride in doing so." - Max Merrick "As a proud ENMU graduate and Portales resident, I am thankful to be able to contribute to the new stadium. This is a big win not only for Eastern but the entire community. Go Greyhounds!" -Megan Hamilton Rustin and Cassidy Self, Bobby and Megan Hamilton, Max and June Merrick, and granddaughters Blair and Lilly. Green & Silver | November 2015 13


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ENMU Foundation 2015 Honorees Philanthropist of the Year Michael F. Shaughnessy Michael F. Shaughnessy is a vital part of ENMU through his academic contributions and his philanthropic generosity. He is the professor in Educational Studies and serves as professor of special education at ENMU. Dr. Shaughnessy’s commitment to his students goes far beyond the classroom. Dr. Shaughnessy started contributing to the ENMU Foundation in 1990 to the Scholarship Campaign and the Psy Chi Scholarship. Since that time, he has established eight scholarships and always in honor of someone else special to him. It is Dr. Shaughnessy’s philanthropic goal to honor the various people who have aided him in different ways. He also seeks to honor those who show their care for ENMU by caring for students, faculty and staff. Those who have been honored by Dr. Shaughnessy with scholarships in their name include Billy and Phyllis Gaedke, Dorla McCoy, Dr. Kathy Peca, Dr. Stephen Durand, Dustin Seifert, Jack Greathouse, Kellie McGarrh, and Lauri, Kurt, Kaaron and Travis Mahan. Dr. Shaughnessy is also committed to honoring ENMU bull riders Rojo Ellsworth and Irvying Urquijo who died doing what they loved. He has been a longtime supporter of KENW TV and FM. Most recently, Dr. Shaughnessy honored even more friends with his Stadium Campaign contributions. These are all people he wants to thank from the bottom of his heart. Dr. Shaughnessy serves on several committees in his department and the University, serves on editorial boards for national and international journals and serves on boards in Santa Fe relating to brain trauma, head injuries and developmental disabilities. He offers in-services and workshops in local schools and schools across the state. His students value his teaching style because it is apparent that he truly cares. Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy Business of the Year Cattle Baron Restaurants, Inc. Cattle Baron Restaurants, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1976 in Portales, New Mexico by founder and CEO of the company, Jeffrey W. Wilson. After completion of his service in the United States Air Force at Cannon Air Force Base, Jeff purchased Bob’s Steak House in Portales and renamed the location to Cattle Baron Steak and Seafood Restaurant. Eight years later, Jeff began an expansion program to now eight locations. Cattle Baron Restaurants also has a presence in Hobbs, Roswell, Ruidoso, Las Cruces, Lubbock, Midland, and El Paso. Before Jeff’s passing in 2010, he added Farley’s Food & Pub and Pasta Café to the Cattle Baron family. Cattle Baron’s inspiration for giving to and supporting ENMU as well as the local community originated from Jeff. He believed 14 Green & Silver | November 2015 it was the team of people who made the difference in Cattle Baron’s success and that success comes from education and higher learning. Cattle Baron management believes private initiatives for public good to be the cornerstone of supporting those who support you. Cattle Baron’s proven recipe for success is, “A great menu and great service in a great setting all for an enormous value.” Supporting those communities who support them continues to insure a bright future for Cattle Baron Restaurants, Inc. and continued growth for people in their communities.


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Volunteer of the Year Charles Bennett The Bennett family has a strong connection with ENMU. Charles Bennett double majored in agriculture business and finance and met his wife, Beverly, at ENMU. Charles’ mom, three sisters, and two of his children also graduated from Eastern. Charles’ desire to volunteer comes from Christian conviction to do God’s handiwork. He selflessly gives back to the community by investing in youth. He had many people help him when he was growing up, and many people helped his children. Charles wants to return the favor and invest his time and energy into other people’s children through his volunteerism with ENMU’s nationally-renowned Rodeo Team. Charles began volunteering for the ENMU rodeo team in 2003 when his youngest daughter was on the ENMU Rodeo team. Charles started by helping out with the arena grounds, and now he is a part of something bigger—a Christian ministry called Catch the Vision, which is involved with numerous aspects of the rodeo. The team assembles goodie bags for all 500 rodeo contestants competing in the College Dayz Rodeo. This year, Catch the Vision is expanding to providing bags to each ENMU student-athlete across all sports. Last year they raised approximately $3,500 for the rodeo team through various efforts including managing the concession stand. Catch the Vision is also involved in the community and coordinates the local National Day of Prayer ceremony. Catch the Vision is grateful for the opportunity to raise money for the rodeo team, but Charles explained it’s not about the money, it’s about the kids. Charles and Beverly’s philanthropic goal is to change the destiny of the kids with whom they come into contact. Charles Bennett SMART IDEAS FOR YEAR-END BENEFITS TAX-WISE GIVING STRATEGIES With the end of the year approaching, here is a checklist of some tax-wise year-end charitable gifts that can provide you with tax savings and possible income benefits: ■■ MAKE A GIFT OF APPRECIATED ASSETS ■■ FUND A CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY ■■ ESTABLISH A CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST ■■ MAKE A GIFT OF LIFE INSURANCE ■■ CREATE A CHARITABLE LIFE ESTATE To learn more about how you can benefit from these gifts, please contact us. ENMU Station 8, 1500 S Ave K Portales, NM 88130 Toll-free: 888.291.5524 Green & Silver | November 2015 15



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