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01 WE Portfolio Who WE Are Who WE Are Wide Experience is a MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Event) company engaged to transform any project into an experience. Therefore, you can call us WE. WE is more than an acronym or a nickname. WE is our philosophy, because we believe that only by working together with our clients it is possible to deliver a superb experience to all involved. Nice to meet you; WE are here for you.


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02 WE Portfolio Where WE Have Been Where WE Have Been WE has been traveling around the world bringing groups and inspecting sites to be sure your trip or your event will be an experience for all your guests. Cities Visited Include: Atlanta, Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Maranello, Milan, Paris, Rotterdam, Beijing, Dubai, Guangzhou, Seoul, Shangai, Singapure, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, São Paulo, Brazillian Coast, Buenos Aires, Santiago.


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03 WE Portfolio Our Creed WE care about one thing: transforming any project into an experience. We use a destination as a stage. Food and lodging to revitalize bodies and minds. Entertainment to put a smile on everyone’s faces. An educational piece is added to promote personal and professional development. We wrap all it with a customized identity for your project. But only working with engaged people to turn it all, an experience.


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04 WE Portfolio Our Creed Our Creed WE care about you, your goal, and your people. WE care about what we do and how we do it. For every step that we take together, we shall chase a smiley reward, for memories to be etched forever. WE aim to achieve success with integrity, dignity, and ethical value. WE celebrate every exceptional accomplishment with passion and desire. WE build in order to do better to overcome ourselves. WE care about delivering a worthy and memorable experience for all involved. That is why WE care about you, about us.


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05 WE Portfolio What WE Do What WE Do Incentive Trips No matter the purpose of your project, we make it an unforgettable experience that fits your needs. Technical Trips An incentive trip that also includes academic activities to trade experiences and promote relationships for everyone. WE Open Program (WOP) A program developed for open membership groups to boost your career, your business. Events By taking care of all the simplest details, we transform your project into a perfect memorable event.


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06 WE Portfolio Incentive Trips Incentive Trips Whether it is to reward, celebrate, or encourage, our company develops the best itinerary to fit your needs. No matter where or why, WE take care of everything for your guests so that they can enjoy their trips, live their time, and make remarkable experiences worthy of remembrance. We make trips to a variety of destinations that include the following: • • • • Gourmet destinations Wineries Exotic destinations Artistic destinations such as museums, shows, and exhibitions • Trips in special trains • Resorts • Cruises around the world


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07 WE Portfolio Technical Trips Technical Trips Have you ever thought about giving your team or clients a chance of professional development wrapped around the circumstances of an incentive travel? That’s what a Technical Trip is. Through Trade shows, Conferences and Field Visits you enhance the experience of your travel strategies. Be it in Brazil or around the world, our goal is to provide a memorable experience for every participant. In addition, we establish partnerships with Universities around the world to develop customized programs and provide further learning and knowledge to the participants.Before and during the trip, all participants will receive the necessary support so that your guests may learn, develop, and have fun turning their experience in an unforgettable event.


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08 WE Portfolio Events Events Corporate events encompass professional development, refresher courses, exchange of experiences and entertainment. Whatever the reason, our work will be done with great care and dedication, from the initial planning phase, through logistics coordination, structuring, and assembly, social programming, selection of shows and the complete execution of events. • • • • • • • Trade shows Conferences Workshops Lectures Product Launch Road shows Shows & entertainment events Our mission is to ensure that everything goes according to plan, and your guests are satisfied. Our goal is to ensure they feel their participation was worthwhile.


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09 WE Portfolio WE Open Program - WOP WE Open Program: a di erent way to invest in your career, your business WE Open Program - WOP Continuous professional development is in tremendous demand, due to the increasingly competitive global market. That is what prompted WE to create an international travel program specially developed for open membership groups with interest in the same subject. Classes at Universities, technical visits, trade shows, workshops, and conferences are some of the events that we organize to meet the marketing demands and needs of professionals.


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10 WE Portfolio What WE Have Done What WE Have Done Wharton University The objective of this trip was to achieve the goal of engaging the participants in a program of academic immersion. Therefore, WE established a partnership with Wharton University that adapted an already existing program in order to fulfill our needs. The University’s faculty, preserving the quality and the credibility of the initiative, taught the classes. Euroshop The EuroShop is considered the World’s Leading Trade Fair, and it is one of the main references in the sector. Our challenge was to organize the simultaneous participation of three delegations. Two delegations consisted of partners and the third one was a support group – Open Program. During the 4 days of our trade show, 200 participants took the opportunity to expand their knowledge and network. Ferrari Dream Experience WE took 100 participants to visit the Ferrari plant in the city of Maranello, Italy. When they arrived, they were surprised with an invitation to drive a Ferrari automobile. At the end of the visit, each participant received a DVD with the recording of their driving experience to take with them as a keepsake.


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Av. Angélica, 819 CJ 92 São Paulo – SP – Brasil 01227-000 +55 11 3663 1555 www.we.tur.br



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