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SPYLOCK Information Technology Solutions QUANTUM LEAP FOR SECURITY IN TRANSPORT Electronic reusable lock that registers any unauthorised access to goods, either transported or stored (opening, closing or alteration). TECHNOLOGY FOR TRANSPORT SECURITY Electronic reusable lock that combines advanced security and capability for real time monitoring of location and status of trucks, trailers, and containers. Long operational autonomy thanks to long life battery, USB rechargeable. GPS tracking available as option. NFC technology built-in, for operator identification. LONG LASTING PROTECTION OF VALUABLE FREIGHT  Register any access to goods by storing into the device memory any event of open, close, or tamper for the lock (including also device ID and time stamp).  Data are password protected and can be retrieved via USB interface.  Powered by a long lasting USB rechargeable internal battery, to provide years of maintenance-free operations. FLEXIBLE SOLUTION FOR MONITORING GOODS Providing consumers and businesses around the world with the huge variety of products they need would be impossible without modern transport logistics on land, sea and air and, with increasing globalization, the security issues related to all this movement are more and more significant. Valuable goods must be protected from various threats: theft, accidents, sabotage, robbery. Experience has shown that operators may alas be responsible for a part of the theft that occurs, which means it is no longer enough to rely on tamper-proof containers and access controls. You need an additional level of security, something that allows you to monitor what is happening across the entire transport chain. SPYLOCK fully meets this need, thanks to its features that allow: TRACKING GOODS  GPS tracking of any goods protected by the device is available as option.  Easy integration in already existing platform for fleet management. • Identification both of the operator and the device used; • recording of any event occurring to the device: closing, opening, tampering; • ability to upgrade with additional feature of GPS tracking. LEGHORN srl Innovative security seals and systems for logistics and transport security


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SPYLOCK QUANTUM LEAP FOR SECURITY IN TRANSPORT Technical features Material: ABS Protection class IP65 Operating temperature: - 20 ° C / + 55 ° C SECURITY A P P L I C A TI O N S  Container doors  Trailer doors  Truck doors  Railroad cars Storage temperature: - 20 ° C / + 55 ° C Dimensions: 131 x 67 x 35 mm Standard length cable off: 110 mm Cable diameter: 2.5 mm Cable material: Stainless steel Weight: 180 g Mechanical seal: actuator with spring button Display: Backlit white light, 32 characters (2 x 16) Communication Interface: USB 2.0 Battery: Rechargeable 1100 mAh 3.7V INDUSTRIES  Chemical transportation  Plastics  Cash in transit  Banking  Healthcare  Pharma  Food and Beverage  Transportation, Third Party Logistics  Government Memory capacity: 1000 data record Password protection: Software Tamper-evident security: Sensor detection for case opening Manufacturer Code: UID CODE Code management: Software Code RFID HF NFC Tag Security and benefits for valuable freight     Enforces and simplifies security procedures Transport higher security: generates 6-digits seal number Self-powered, 3-years lifespan Maintenance-free LEGHORN srl Innovative security seals and systems for logistics and transport security 36 Via degli Arrotini I- 57121 Livorno (LI) - ITALY T +39 0586 406376 F +39 0586 407621 E info@leghornseals.com W www.leghornseals.com



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