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n.1 maggio 2011


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pagina 2 welcome to comenews the online magazine published under the comenius project watermanagement by students of the partner schools ­ itc pezzullo italy dalton mavo and reviuslyceum netherlands bakip judenburg austria and diss highschool england the first edition presents an extensive report of the activities on newspaper clippings thanks to them it is possible to compare different european realities and build up a more global understanding of the issues related to watermanagement with the future editions we intend to give a detailed report of the progress of our project by publishing the results of the work done by the children photos videos and other material produced by all the five european partners since the magazine editorial staff is made up of members of the different european school teams we would like to define comenews an online european school magazine that you can browse from all over the world have a good reading pezzullo comenius team


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pagina 3 water only way to cool the reactor silvio leinhard japanese nuclear power plant in fukushima severely damaged by the earthquake on march 11 2011 needs water in la rg e q ua ntit i es according to the french nuclear safety authority the means used so far by the japanese authorities are not sufficient to cool the reactor cores number one and two and the fuel pools of reactors number three and four higher amount of water needed to cool the reactor artur mantychy paris 17th march ­ french autority of nuclear security asn say that the only way to cool down the situation of nuclear plant in fukushima damaged by last friday earthquake is water however asn says that the means used so far to cool the reactors arent enough the anti fire helicopters can actually spread 7.5 cubic meters of water at a time and there is need for about 100 cubic meters of water per hour the transpor t of french canadair on the site would take 96 hours therefore its impossible to use them at the moment the situation is highly critical in the fuel pools because if the radioactivity new radioactivity alert in tokio water forbidden to children 1 a lst tokyo government have recommended to citizens not to use water in babies food adding that the situation is not dangerous for adults in fact the level of radioactive iodine recorded in the water is twice the level allowable for infants.


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pagina 4 nsa alert on fukushima nuclear plant matteo lo schiavo and gianluca sassu to the nsa water is the only way to cool the reactors but the means put to work so far by the japanese authorities are not sufficient the firefighting helicopters can only carry 7.5 cubic the french nuclear safety authority has given an alert on the nuclear power plant in fukushima japan damaged by the earthquake last friday according meters of water and this is not sufficient to cool the plant the ans alert is particularly high on the fuel tanks hat are old and are situated outside the containment structure according to the nsa a radioactive leak would directly be introduced into the atmosphere.


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pagina 5 earthquake in japan,tsunami and 32 victims kathleen sudaria an earthquake of 8.9 magnitude hits the japans northeastern coast causing a tsunami with waves of 10m there were two violent quakes the first lasted more than two minutes while the second was of 7.8 degrees the tsunami warning was extended to all the pacific to australia mexico new zealand latin america and to all the west coast of united states another emergency is about the fukushimas nuclear central but since right now there were no problems the most affected city by the tsunami is miyagi in the northeast of japan the airport houses farmlands are now invaded by water the same situation is also in tokyo the international community have begun to give now their help france and uk are the firsts beyond all of this the earthquake hits also the markets by closing the tokyo stock exchange sharp lower this is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in japan major earthquake tsunami hit japan kathleen sudaria the massive quake was felt in tokyo where it shook buildings and caused several fires the powerful quake struck friday about 125 kilometres off the eastern coast at a depth of 10 kilometres the pacific tsunami warning center has sent out a warning across the pacific to the u.s state of hawaii and central and south american countries on the pacific authorities have issued evacuation orders for resident in coastal areas the japanese prime minister naoto said that the government will do anything to minimize the effects of the disaster a massive 8.9 earthquake has struck off japans north-eastern coast producing a 10 meter tsunami video footage showed extensive inundation as mud waves carried tons of debris that hit farmland in sendai and in chiba prefecture a massive oil refinery has broken out.


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pagina 6 earthquake hits japan claudia brunetti a terrible earthquake hit japan on11th march this earthquake was immediately followed by a tsunami which destroyed thousands of houses and families according to the first reports there were more than 10.000 victims 10.000 stragglers and 70.0000 evacuees the earthquake has seriously damaged the nuclear plant of fukishima whose reactors are overheated and are releasing high amounts of radioactivity in the area near tokyo there is an alert on a possible explosion that would have disastrous effects even in the future decades thousands of japanese are trying to leave their country because they feel it is dangerous to live there earthquake and tsunami fear in japan 1 a lst the mighty earthquake that has invested the north-oriental coast of japan including tokyo has been the worst one in the history of the country the sisma has reached an intensity of 8,9 degrees on the richter scale and besides producing a tsunami of 10 metres of height in the harbour of sendai ,it has it has also resurrected the nightmare of a nuclear disaster a tsunami of 4 meters has struck the northern coast of the island of honshu another powerful tsunami of 7,30 meters has been recorded in soma in the district of fukushima another tsunami of 10 meters has struck the coast of the city of sendai in the northeast of japan it is difficult to make an estimate of the number of the victims between 200 and 300 dead bodies have been found on a beach of sendai in the island of honshu in the northeast of japan struck by the tsunami a whole rest home with its 30 elderly residents has been swept away in a village in the prefecture of iwate the tsunami alert has been extended across the pacific to the u.s state of hawaii and includes central and south american countries on the pacific coast


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pagina 7 natural disasters in philippines kathleen sudaria the philippines is one of the most countries affected by natural disasters in the world volcanic eruptions earthquakes monsoon rains landslides and especially typhoons hit this nation yearly with the state average of 20 typhoons per year here is the recent natural disasters caused mainly by typhoons in recent years tropicalstorm 1 0 0 6 2 0 0 9 on september 26 tropical storm ketsana known locally as ondoy made landfall in the northern philippines with wind speeds of approximately 53 miles per hour bringing sustained heavy rains throughout luzon island in two days the island received the equivalent of a typical monsoon month s rainfall causing the most extensive flooding the capital had experienced in more than 40 years according to the philippines national disaster coordinat ing council ndcc floods and landslides resulting from ketsana had killed 420 people and affected 4,348,884 individuals as of october 20 including 189,098 evacuees residing in shelters or with host families also ndcc estimated that flood waters had destroyed or damaged 102,684 houses as well as roads bridges schools and agricultural land.


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pagina 8 water as a resource international conference in berlin silvio leinhard the conference wasser berlin international runs parallel to the publicshow wasserleben this special event provides extensive information to the general public especially young people about water as a resource the show is designed to attract visitors who are unfamiliar with water-related issues and encourage them to seek further information and become actively involved at wasserleben organizations and institutions dealing with water demonstrate what is important and interesting about water in a fun and exciting presentation designed to stimulate visitors to reflect and act here visitors can experiment and practice and get answers to questions concerning living with and around water the impact of plastic bags on the marine environment italy adopts a ban on non-biodegradable shopping bags luigi b rogno arpa toscana and legambiente have presented in the senate their dossier the impact of plastic bags on the marine environment.


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pagina 9 summarizing the major studies of marine pollution due to leakage of plastic waste material the dossier mantains that italy is a country doubly exposed to the problem of plastic bags dispersed in water because it is the first country in europe to use disposable plastic bags but also because it overlooks the mediterranean sea which is involved ,like the rest of the seas of the planet in pollution by plastic for these reasons italy has rightly adopted by the finance act 2007 the ban on non-biodegradable shopping bags in force since 1 january plastic waste scattered in the sea is 60 to 80 of total waste found in water these numbers sometimes reach 90-95 in some areas of the italian seas in the course of a monitoring carried out by arpa toscana in the archipelago of the re gion in only one hour were collected from the sea 4 kg of waste of which 73 consisted of plastic especially disposable bags however investigations have revealed a situation as serious even in the atlantic ocean where occurs the so-called pacific plastic vortex this is a vortex suspension which contains millions of tons of floating waste which causes irreparable damage to ma ny speci es o f ma rine fa u n a and flora for all these reasons italy which is usually delayed in relation to environmental regulations has chosen to ban plastic bags placing itself first among the advanced industrialized countries said stephen ciafani the science referee of legambiente italia .


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pagina 10 watermanagement referendum giorgia mammone armando merli silvio leinhard massive demonstrations will be held on february 27th against the privatization of water the aim is to mobilize people to vote yes in the two referendums to abolish rules that allow individuals to manage public water the event will start on the morning of 27 in amantea at a gazebo which was set up to inform people of the risks involved in the privatization of water and to distribute simple gadgets such as pendants later in the afternoon the exhibition will move to the the historic centre of belmonte calabro within the premises of the first festival of the popular homemade sausage the later that has been promoted by some local association will host a competition among the local producers of handmade calabrian salami the competition will take place in the local library where a jury of experts will judge the best salami and reward the winner with a small pig of the race nero di calabria members of the ndg committee will explain the reasons for the yes to referendum the event will include also a happy hour consisting in the distribution of black pig salami and calabrian red wine because we write water but we read democracy kathleen sudaria jeffrey garcia here s what was said at the regional event for the public water in cosenza december 4 2010 a beautiful event and shared which was attended by more than two thousand citizens of calabria simultaneously with many other italian cities to seek and obtain a moratorium on the processes of privatization of water services pending the holding of referendum required by gathering signatures of nearly a half million italians to advertise for water management protecting it as a common good and remove from market speculation.


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pagina 11 a message from the pope says the access to water is in effect between the inalienable rights of all human beings because it represents a prerequisite for the realization of other human rights as the right to life food and health for this reason water cannot be treated as a simply commodity like the others its use should be rational and supportive water a vital nutrient muazzez mal the human is made up of 55-57 of water and cant live without it our body cannot store water but it must have fresh supplies of it every day to perform all its vital processes the amount of water we need depends on our metabolism ,the weather ,the food we eat and our training activities our body requires between one and three litres of water per day to avoid dehydration most of this is ingested through foods or beverages other than drinking water two litres of water is the minimum to maintain proper hydration however people can drink far more water than necessary while exercising putting themselves at risk of water intoxication hyper hydration which can be fatal elderly people and children are at a high risk for their lives if they dont drink water regularly water contains lots of impurities but some solutes are even desirable for the taste and to provide the electrolytes we need.


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pagina 12 francesca ruffolo sport gives a smile back to niky sport has given back a smile to niky francisco a fourteen year old kid with a singular story because of a rare form of asthma he is forced to live on a boat and from this boat niky will now be able do sport too some weeks ago he took part in a lesson of fencing organized on the quay of salerno harbor by the fencing club and by the teachers of the liceo severi nikys story is very moving in order to give him a healthy life without the use of drugs seven years ago his parents built in their home garden a schooner the walkirye and since then the whole family lives on this boat during the year they move along the italian ports in summer they are moored in the aeolian isl ands where from june to august they organize micro-cruises to finance the walkirye adventures an association which allows niky to keep on living on the sea and to publicize the project a school for niky this project allows nicky to attend school through an innovative system for education and integration of remote video conference via satellite a team of teachers from the liceo severi follow niky in his studies on proposal of one them nicky will soon become the protagonist of a musical called all on the boat the unicef italian commettee has appointed niky junior ambassador of unicef italy and referee of the project niky e la scuola vagabonda which promotes the right to education for all the boys and girls of the countries on the mediterranean sea.


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pagina 13 watermanagement comenius students meet local authorities debora molinaro the themes exploited by the watermanagement comenius a project that involves the pezzullo together with other schools from the netherland ,austria and england has aroused great interest among the local community in particular the mayor of cosenza and the headmaster of pezzullo dott.ssa carla savaglio have signed a letter of intent aiming to provide the school with the support of some experts who will contribute to increase the students knowledge about water resources in our territory and the issues related to water management the first step in this cooperation was the meeting on april 7th 2011 that our students had with the vice mayor of cosenza on franco ambrogio who gave a lecture about the problems related to water management in our region also providing some historical data anticipating the students questions mr ambrogio explained the different issues involved in the choice between a public and a private management of water resources that are being debated by the italian parliament after that the speaker said that in the forthcoming referendum of 12 th june 2011 we will be invited to express our opinion on a very important issue since water is essential to life and as such must be guaranteed to everybody until a few decades ago water was considered almost as an inexhaustible well which like air had no economic value over the years and especially in recent times it has been understood that sooner or later this precious resource is going to run out due to the greenhouse effect that is continually raising the temperature of the earth and causing the melting of the glaciers which are the largest reserves of fresh water on the earth since 1994 national authorities have been debating this issue highlighting the need to reorganize the italian policies on water management and adopting the so ­called legge galli according to this law regional authorithies must entrust water management to some specialized companies in calabria water distribution and maintenance of water-networks from the springs to the acqueducts is entrusted to the a company which as required by law manages our water resources at the end of his speech mr ambrogio proposed to organize a guided tour along the track of waterworks that starts in sila at the springs of the merone and finishes at the acqueduct in cosenza as set out in the letter of intent the cooperation between the school and the municipality of cosenza will last until may 2012 when our foreign partners will attend the project s final meeting and will be hosted for a day in the town hall.


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pagina 14 death in a mud avalanche jeffrey garcia marco bellizzi reggio calabria firemen policemen uselessly worked to save a man from mud 69 year old laganà was driving back home when a land slide overtook his car sank it in the mud according to the firemen report mud broke through the car windows preventing the victim from breathing leaving him with no possibility of escape at their arrival on the scene rescuers found themselves in front of an apocalyptic sight it took them several hours to pull the body out of the car the accident which has occurred in the same area where some months ago a previous landslide had occurred has deeply shocked the residents who are protesting against the lack of prevention and information from the local government the question is couldnt the tragedy be avoided why didnt the local authorities take any actions to prevent further disasters after the first land slide tragic dawn over state road 106 death of a 33 year old driver luigi brogno muazzez mal jessica perri state road 106 commonly known as statale della morte the state road of death has been the site of a further mortal accident which took place at the junction of portigliola 33 year old domenico ferrò was driving his land rover freelander in direction of reggio calabria when at a curve his car skidded on the slippery road and went to crash against the door of a bar all helps were useless according to the report of the head of the local carabinieri the accident was due to the weather but also to the conditions of the road 106 which becomes particularly dangerous on the days of heavy rain domenico ferrò is actually the last of a long list of victims of this cursed state road ferròs funeral will be held today in the church of santa maria vergine in natile nuovo his native village where he worked in a car wash garage ferrò has left his wife and two young daughters.


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pagina 15 weather emergency under the scourge of the rain giammarco ventrella rain has arrived like a scourge and is pouring death ,fear and problems over the whole calabria two people died in the reggino one in a river of mud and the other in a violent car crash in vibo another two persons miraculously escaped from the fury of the waters of the budello river.a few hours of heavy rain have been enough to cut our region from the rest of italy road links have been interrupted in many parts and rail transports have been reduced even on the main tract which links the north to the south along the tirrenian coast even the salerno ­reggio calabria motorway has been closed owing to the mud that once again has invaded it it is not possible yet to foresee when the emergency will come to an end according to the weather forecast there should be some clearings today but the level of alert is high especially near the watercourses there were moments of terror yesterday in tropea when a piece of rock of the famous rupe fell over a kiosk which luckily was empty put in front of this disastrous situation local politicians belonging to different parties are debating about responsibilities and faults without taking any serious action to prevent similar disasters in the future room huts flooded by the river crati 1 a lst intense and endless rains have caused lots of troubles in the whole province increasing the calls for rescue from firemen the situation is especially critical as regards watercourses in spezzano albanese the esaro river overflowing has destroyed the crops and caused huge damages to the local economy near cosenza the waters of the crati have flooded a camp of rom families who live on the river banks thus the difficult life of these people has been made even worse by the crati overflowing.



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