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Table of contents - What is Motostudent? 4 - Get to know the Motostudent Unizar Team Members 6 Background 7 Areas of expertise 9 - Work schedule 11 - Join our team Benefits and impact How can I help? Our budget 12 15 17 - Media releases Press TV 18 24 Radio 26 - Current sponsors 28 - Contact us 29


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR What is Motostudent? Motostudent is a biannual international competition between universities around the World. The objective is to design and build a motorbike from a basic kit, and to develop an industrial project for a serial production and a innovation project. This fourth edition contains two categories: MotoStudent Petrol: 250cc prototypes and 4 stroke. MotoStudent Electric: 100% electric prototypes. The competition has two different phases. The first one, MS1, contains the best innovation and industrial project. The second one, MS2, englobes everything related with the prototype. Technical and dynamic verifications, acceleration proofs, braking, gymkhana. As well as a full weekend with free practices, qualifying and the race. In addition, the best innovation project and the best industrial project are also prize. This last one consists in designing the fabrication process of 600 racing motorbikes per year whit a unitary cost less than 4.850 euros in the petrol case and 9.750 in the electric case. The competition is both promoted and developed by the Moto Engineering Foundation association (MEF). This association encourages the technological development of the motorbike sector in terms of research, technical tests and training. 1. 4


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR In Motostudent also collaborate many companies that support this organization and that provide the basic kit common to every team in order to design and build the prototype. The culmination of the competition takes place in the velocity circuit of Motorland Aragón. There the following aspects will be evaluated: Demonstration of the prototype according to the regulations. Presentation of the industrial project: design, numbers, development and construction. Security tests. Race. . 1. 5


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR Get to know the Motostudent Unizar Team Members In the fourth Motostudent edition, the team representing the University of Zaragoza is made up of students enrolled in different fields like industrial engineering, degree of mechanical engineering or degree of design engineering. We have a nonprofit organization in which we all take part called Moto4Team, and that we use as platform to make all the necessary paperwork. Also the team is supervised by Francisco Moreno Gómez, Professor of the faculty of Engineering and Architecture and who belongs to the Area of Machines and Heat Engines. Motostudent Unizar aims to implement and develop our expertise to design, fabricate and compete with a motorcycle, representing our University and Autonomous Community on the international scene. It is an ambitious and complex project that lasts two years. Over this time, students will receive complementary training and will face the business world with seriousness, commitment and motivation. This competition will show and help the growth of values that are needed in the current enterprise world such as teamwork, management and optimization of resources, organizational capacity, self-improvement, respect and personal effort. In this fourth edition, the team members will continue the work carried out by colleagues from previous editions, trying to improve the results achieved and establishing the team as one of the most competitive ones in the competition. It is worth mentioning that it is not just an illusion but also a reality in which great results have been reached not only in competition but also in many final career thesis. This is made possible by the means and support offered by the University, state organizations, private companies and Vocational Training centers. Thanks to them we translate in good results what today are still forward-looking designs. 1. 6


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR Background For this new edition of the contest, we rely on the experience and support of the teams that represented the University of Zaragoza in previous editions. In the first contest there were two teams, which resulted in the first and third position. The one that ended up the first represented the school of Industrial Engineering and the one who ended up the third represented the Polytechnic Superior Center. In the Second Edition, the University presented a unique team that was created after the unification of both centers in the School of Engineering and Architecture, After holding a second position during the entire race, the team finally achieved the fourth place crossing the finish line just two tenths of a second after the second qualified motorbike. In the third edition the team achieved to get the best of both previous motorbikes. After winning the acceleration test with the longest gear relation of all the teams, the motorbike was in second position in the last laps. Sadly, a reliability problem in the brake system made the pilot go to the ground. After returning to the race he accomplished to reach a bittersweet seventh position. 1. 7


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR The work made in all previous editions can be cataloged as a great success, achieving the values and expectations that the competition wanted to convey. However, these good results would not have been possible without the support and financial contribution of companies, which were deeply impressed by the impact and visibility that won over the three competitions. 1. 8


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR Areas of expertise The team is divided into different areas devoted to certain specific aspects of the motorcycle, so a greater specialization is achieved. In each of them members of the team participate totally focused in squeezing all the possibilities of its field. The members are always in contact and every certain time we make common meetings where each area exposes its work, goals and deadlines are fixed and we coordinate. Every one of these meetings are presided by a moderator that guarantees the fluency and efficiency. There´s also a person in charge of writing down the progress and compromises agreed. Some teammates work on the geometric definition of the bike, design of the chassis and axle or in the modeling of the suspensions. Equally, they turn on the engine, measure the exhaustion pipe and manufacture the components. Finally they will carry out the industrial project with the economic, feasibility and development surveys. The whole project will be the result of the application of the knowledge acquired in the classroom and tools used during the race. Students will put into practice those skills learned helping the team manufacturing the prototype. This way we will be able to show what we can do! 1. 9


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR WORK SCHEDULE In order to achieve satisfactory results in the contest, a schedule has been designed including deadlines for milestones that need to be reached. These are the stages: I. Consolidation of the team. II. Searching for sponsorships and partners. III. Design development. IV. Prototype manufacture. V. Trials and bike adjustments. VI. Competition. All these phases are divided at the same time in sub phases in our internal schedule with their respective duties. 1. 11


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR Join our team Benefits and impact Previous editions had a great and significance and media coverage in the region; this was highly favored by the location of the Motorland circuit in our autonomous community. Many media echoed the participation of different teams, such as: Antena 3, Aragón TV, Cadena Ser, Aragón Radio, Heraldo de Aragón and El Periódico de Aragón. Similarly, numerous fans of the motor world and politicians came to enjoy the event in the circuit. We are fully aware that in order to achieve this project we need more than our will, sacrifice and work motivation. We also need also economic investment or in kind donations that will help us cover the costs for the implementation of the project. As in any other business, it is essential to get enough funding that will allow us to achieve the proposed objectives. Therefore, anyone is welcome to be part of our team and believe in a joint project. Our relationship with our sponsors and partners is not only limited to a commercial contract, but it’s also further more. We want to establish a direct collaboration with a periodic contact in which we will show you the steps we are making and inviting all of you to the different events and presentations. In the same way, using our social media, we will make interviews so everyone can get to know what your company works at. Summarizing, we offer advertising and visibility for your company through the following media:       Impact on newspapers, radio, television and social networks. Posters both at University and the team box. Events and parties such as the team presentation. Employment fair and Engineering week. Customized clothing for public appearances. Advertising on the motorcycle. 1. 12


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR Sponsoring Motostudent Unizar team will get you advertising for two years at a lower expense than conventional advertising. Moreover, supporting the University and vocational training centers, will provide you not only an economic benefit, but also an improvement in the image of your brand by investing in future professionals and taking care of the corporative social responsibility. Thanks to your cooperation, we will be able to position manufacturing industry and engineering on the international scene, since both project and motorcycle are great examples of how innovation, knowledge and well made work, can reach success. Also, sponsoring the team has tax benefits. Investment can be deducted from the income statement and lower the taxes to pay. NOTE: Collaboration with a sports entity implies interesting benefits as stated in Act 49/2002 23rd December, tax regime of non-profit entities and tax incentives to patronage (Official Bulletin of the state, number 307, 24th December 2002), and its regulations for the application of the Royal Decree 1270/2003 October 10th (Official Bulletin of the State 254, 23rd October 2003). 1. 13


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MOTOSTUDENT UNIZAR How can I help? Traditionally, there are four ways of collaborating, depending on the business or state organization :     Economic support. Material or tools in kind support. Infrastructural support. Realization of different services. Además, a nivel particular, se lanzará una campaña de Crowdfounding para que, aunque en pequeña medida, cualquiera pueda hacer crecer este proyecto sintiéndose reflejado en sus bases y valores. Por otro lado, en nuestras apariciones en eventos se pondrá a la venta material de merchandasing. 1. 15



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