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working for a sustainable safe and sound environment communication strategy communication strategy september 2010


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communication strategy c acknowledgements background nt o e ts n 3 introduction the communication problem the jungle of abbreviations the findings objectives strategic approach target audiences institutional roles messages envsec color scheme media communication strategy road map first action logistics visibility campaign the wall attack the oak and the dove club online training on environment and security silver green campaign eurasian agenda municipal trans-boundary mechanisms envsec responsiveness index es-watchers main consulted documents list of interviewed persons 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 strategy activities annex 2 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy ho ws w o ec nskvne the findings up to now the bulk of envsec communication efforts has focused on the website and its collection of environment and security reports a brochure on ensvec activities envsec newsletters and regional information bulletins as well as progress reports and a three minute film constitute the set of envsec communication materials a quick review of these materials allows to state the following 1 in the communication materials there is no unified definition of the envsec vision and mission 2 communication activities have been developed in an ad hoc manner without continuity this is particularly obvious when looking at annual reports the last one was in 2006 ensvec newsletter last issue was in 2008 and its website most of its content is not updated 3 there is no clear presentation of the features and values that make envsec different and competitive e,g its trans-boundary approach 4 project profile qualitative information on location population management requirements challenges impact and lessons learned is not systematically presented and shared an attractive layout complemented with a good set of recent pictures is missing environment and security reports regional assessments are one of the most attractive envsec communication materials while they provide key information on the envsec approach and focus the complexity of their content makes them suitable only for specialized agencies and decision-makers low visibility an example of envsec low visibility is the way it is presented on the websites of its partners in most cases its presence is very limited while in others it is completely absent to illustrate this point on the unece website there is no mention of envsec in the section dedicated to economic and environmental dimension of security on the undp osce and rec websites some navigation clicks are required to find a brief mention of envsec on the main page of the unep website envsec is not included in the list of unep programmes and secretariats based in geneva -the same trend can be noticed in the envsec partner organisations printed materials where envsec is seldom mentioned for example in the unep year book 2010 in spite of a rather extensive section dedicated to environment and security issues and more particularly in the environment and peace building section there is no mention of envsec other cases of low visibility can be observed on official governmental websites of countries where envsec is operative such as uzbekistan and armenia while searching in their environment sections the ensvec name or activities do not appear 7 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy a the author of this communication strategy would like to thank marianne chaumel and alena stralchenia for their assistance and guidance in particular marianne s recom ck ow n l dg e em e ts n the author also wish to thank mr christophe bouvier and ms laura rio both gave him digm mission and activities key inputs to understand the envsec para points and regional desk officers as well as generously share with him their experience and opinions stakeholders and donors representatives who mendations and suggestions have been invalustrategy able for the preparation of this communication finally the author would like to express his deep gratitude to the envsec national focal geneva september 2010 3 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy in the jungle of abbreviations a strong effort to have an outstanding identity is required envsec envsec envsec envsec needs to be known this is the first condition to mobilise financial and political support to be recognised by governments and donors as a reliable project implementing partner is a critical aspect to ensure the envsec mission this recognition also includes civil society and academic institutions 6 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy introduction this strategy has been prepared during the of the ensvec secretariat months of july and august 2010 at the request it was elaborated on the basis of internal documents especially the chair s objectives donors appraisal on envsec projects meeting the need for a better promotion of envsec approach and activities the amount of information gathered allowed to highlight envsec communication weakof communication opportunities nesses and at the same time identify a number and strategic reports stakeholder reviews and in addition in order to have a more accurate picture on what envsec is currently communicating to whom and how a questionnaire and project managers was conducted addressed to the national focal points nfps an important framework to the formulation of this strategy has been the envsec chair s objectives for 2010 objective 4 complementary a round of interviews was carried out with the envsec regional desk officers rdos and stakeholders representatives a survey addressed to the national focal points and project managers was conducted complementary a round of interviews was carried out with the envsec regional desk officers and stakeholders representatives regular publications and use of the internet and information technology website update and maintenance chair s objectives for 2010 objective 4 enhancing internal and external communication budget dedicated to this purpose in each envsec project notably to communicate project results maximum use of the aarhus centers network design of public relations initiatives stronger involvement of senior representatives of the envsec partners organisations 4 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy s overall objective of the communication strategy t ra t gy e specific objectives information to raise awareness on envsec approach activities and impact to stress the link between environment and security marketing to promote envsec values features and comparative advantages to position envsec as a main tool for governments civil society and donors to address environmental issues that have an impact on security strategy rationale the first consideration of the communication strategy will be to address already detected ibility among target audiences including major stakeholders failures in particular envsec low vis expected results increased visibility and recognition of the envsec approach methodology values and activities among target audiences reinforced national capacities and ownership to address environment and security issues in a peaceful way increased awareness of policy makers civil society institutions academic groups the media and general public on the links between environment and security additional funds raised the third consideration is to promote envsec excellence and competitiveness as a project implementator in this regard the sec added value and competitive edges strategy is oriented towards stressing env the fifth consideration is to design a number of activities aiming at bringing into reality one of the most important institutional goals of envsec the involvement of civil society security issues as a major decision maker in environment and the second consideration is to contribute to envsec institutional goals particularly ship those aiming at reinforcing national owner the fourth consideration is to increase the level of awareness on the linkages between environment and security and advocate for increased response from governments and donors 8 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy c gich te a tra ro s pp a the following features characterise the proposed communication strategy build-on projects the main source of information to feed all communication efforts is an attractive profiling and promotion of envsec projects and their impact in the regions where they are implemented build-on events and products the strategy defines a number of activities such as creation of the oak and the dove club aiming at attracting increased attention build-on participation effective delivery of messages and formulation of activities requires enhanced coherence and coordination within envsec in this regard an inter-institutional communication group headed by the envsec chair should meet regularly to identify priorities the group will review communication issues and ensure that the nfps and rdos receive the communication support they need to engage effectively with local and national audiences build-on values the activities and material elaborated in the framework of this communication strategy should be designed to reflect envsec values innovative proactive transparent and creative build-on cultural sensitiveness envsec will produce materials in the languages predominantly spoken by the target audiences with consideration for sensitivities and culture guided by smart specific measurable attainable results-orientated and time-limited 9 this strategy is being conceived in the framework of a defined number of activities within a specific time frame and around measurable progress indicators envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy et es g arenc t di au main target audiences of envsec are governments in the regions and donors both are very sensitive to the media civil society and academic world stakeholders should also be seen as an envsec target audience reaching them requires more efficient mobilization of existing envsec human resources such as the rdos and nfps aarhus centers must also play an important advocacy role nfps government funding sources civil society stakeholders partners academic environmentalist media national local authorities multilateral cooperation bilateral cooperation banks foundations ngos associations rdos chair/coordination unit of secretariat envsec nfps aarhus centers rdos rdos nfps rdos nfps aarhus centers universities think tanks 10 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy al ion ut es tit ol ns r i the communication strategy seeks to actively involve all stakeholders for a more effective implementation of communication activities reaching target audiences is a shared responsibility which involves the ensvec chair and secretariat nfps project managers since envsec is a partnership of six partners it needs to create a common communication strategy monitoring group composed by communication officers from each of these organisations the main function of the group will be to ensure an effective and consistent communication strategy implementation process the chair and the coordination unit of the secretariat play a key role in this new envsec communication approach beyond providing guidance on communication priorities they are both the most visible faces of envsec for external observers their participation in public events is an excellent opportunity to spread envsec messages the nfps should be at the frontline of envsec supporting them in developing external communication strategies including development of tighter contacts with the media and civil society is a priority it is also necessary to provide them with means to enhance envsec visibility within their own institutions the communication strategy can help to move forward envsec institutional goals to promote increased national ownership and reinforce national capacities other roles the aarhus centers network offers an extraordinary opportunity for some of ensvec communication activities to reach a wider audience among civil society this communication strategy will promote the aarhus centers participation in implementation of two concrete activities the first one is the oak and the dove club a web-based initiative aiming at attracting and bringing together members interested in environment and security issues in this club aarhus centers will have a space to promote the convention and activities the es-watchers programme environment and security watchers is an initiative designed to foster the participation of local populations in monitoring of environmental and security threats that have a potential to become a source of instability and conflict 11 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy m general working for a sustainable safe and sound environment transforming risks into cooperation working locally acting globally a pioneer initiative to support governments to address environment problems that can affect social stability and peace turning into reality the paris declaration on aid effectiveness for a safe sound and sustainable environment e sa s es g added values a platform of national and international actors to manage environmental and security risks a multi-partner initiative addressing environmental and security issues and contributing to peace in an integrated way a regional approach to mitigate trans-boundary environment and security threats a management capacity for projects that address complex and urgent environment and security issues environment and security understanding the environment and security nexus is fundamental to adapt to climate change and manage trans-boundary natural resources in a peaceful and collaborative way environmental and security problems transcend borders to have a safe sound and sustainable environment is a human right a safe sound and sustainable environment is a matter that concerns everyone managing the vision envsec values and work can be looked at in different ways as an interface between government and international cooperation to address environmental and security issues for example dam safety or uranium contamination in countries that share the same natural resources and problems as an approach based on cooperation and participation to foster dialogue and joint initiatives in regions affected by recent or ongoing conflicts as a sum of wide specialized expertises of its members as a project implementing framework driven by the result based management approach as a visionary initiative aiming at helping governments to see and address already existing and potential future problems that can affect the quality of the environment and threaten social stability and peace visionary and innovative in the context of envsec means that for the first time six international organisations directly put into relation the quality of the environment with security and promote an agenda of priority actions at the country and regional levels 12 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy ec vslor e enco em ch s the use of a color scheme is an essential element to build a strong identity since envsec is working in 20 countries this strategy proposes to take into account four colors that are present in the flags of most of them the use of these colors also will help to have a better balance vis a vis envsec stakeholders balance between green and blue institutions and environment and security matters in addition the use of four colors adds a sense of vivacity diversity more catching presentation and a unique flavor of envsec operations that resonates with its corporate distinctiveness as well as goals republic of albania republic of armenia republic of azerbaijan republic of belarus bosnia and herzegovina republic of bulgaria republic of croatia georgia republic of kazakhstan kosovo territory administered under un resolution kyrgyz republic former yugoslavian republic of macedonia republic of moldova montenegro romania republic of serbia republic of tajikistan turkmenistan ukraine republic of uzbekistan the envsec four colors contributing to consolidate envsec institutional identity working for a sustainable safe and sound environment envsec responsiveness lndex envsec working for a sound environment n ti es nt inv me y hy iron rit w v cu en se d an environmental assessment key step to identify pollution sources than can affect quality of life of populations and lead to social tensions and instability working for a sustainable safe and sound environment envsec secretariat /september 2010 13


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communication strategy m di e a the web and other media the web will be the principal arena of action for the communication strategy envsec social networks initiatives such as the oak and the dove club and es-watchers see below will be included in facebook and youtube envsec activities and approach will be promoted on websites and in publications elaborated by envsec stakeholders governments civil society and donors the envsec website must be the primary source of information on envsec environment and security activities for general and specific audiences other media such as radio press and television should be considered as valuable resources and their utilization should be planned in the framework of envsec national or local communication campaigns particular attention should be given to creating versions in the languages spoken in the regions where envsec operates taking into account political and cultural sensitiveness the envsec website should be dynamic friendly interactive and service oriented it should reflect innovation and the strong commitment of envsec towards the environment major presence in the web also offers an accurate indicator of visibility the number of visitors of the envsec website and the inclusion or mention of the envsec name and activities on other websites can be easily measured envsec secretariat /september 2010 the ensvec principal communication vehicle should be its external website www the website should be improved and updated to make it even more accessible to broader audiences particular attention should be given to creating versions in the languages most commonly spoken in the regions where envsec operates at least in russian the main goal of the website should be to support the envsec objective to be the main reference in matters related to environment and security in europe and central asia to achieve this goal envsec should improve its capacity to produce news and success stories generated from its own field experience it should also package and make them available for consumption by bloggers journalists and other media operating in the web 14


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communication strategy n io at c niegy p u m rat ma omst ad c ro milestone 1 logistic milestone 2 milestone 3 preparation of materials immediate activties and actions starting in october e-news elaboration branding definition already being designed by the company mondo fragile creation of the communication strategy monitoring group csmg definition of the envsec vision and mission initiative 1 visibility web campaign wall attack milestone 4 future campaigns starting in december initiative 4 the envsec responsiveness index atlas of projects annual report project profiles web redesign photo-video tour initiative 5 the euroasian agenda initiative 6 the municipal trans-boundary mechanism initiative 2 the oak and the dove club training of the nfps on basic communication planning address database collection of 4000 e-mail addresses of donors government media and civil society representatives initiative 3 the silver green campaign initiative 7 the es watchers time-frame while it is fairly easy to define the starting date of the implementation of this strategy it is much more difficult to establish its end-date some of these activities are conceived to address immediate communication weaknesses others are designed to accompany the envsec whole life cycle in both cases they should be periodically reviewed to evaluate their impact 15 envsec secretariat /september 2010


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communication strategy st n firtio ac the communication strategy monitoring group csmg creation of the csmg is a basic step to ensure strong leadership in the implementation of the strategy the csmg is composed by communication officers from the envsec organisations responsibilities to facilitate the implementation of the communication strategy through the use of their own institutional communication networks and resources to monitor the progress in the implementation of the communication strategy to promote increased visibility of envsec role in communication tools of the partners web annual reports etc to identify communication opportunities such as conferences and workshops in order to ensure an adequate presence of envsec to define the envsec vision and mission to unify the presentation of envsec since project managers and the rdos belong to the envsec organisations there is a need to harmonize concepts in order to present a consistent and one envsec an immediate action is to adopt the envsec branding which includes a number of standards on information 16 envsec secretariat /september 2010



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