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TOKOROA HIGH SCHOOL Presents Not Out All Things Football ACHIEVEMENTS Introducing AND MUCH MORE...


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PRINCIPAL DEPUTY PRINCIPALS Mr W Ford, MBS, DipSp.St, PG DipSp, DipTchg, TTM Mrs M Crate, BTchLn, NZDipSS, DipEd.Man, FPIS, DipTchg Mr B Rothman, BA, BEd, MEd, HDipEd, FDipEd SENIOR MANAGERS Mr B Reid, MSpLS, BLS, DipTchg, Unitech Cert in Sport Mrs D Manu, BEd, DipTchg, GDJst, PGDipSLT HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS AND TEACHERS WITH RESPONSIBILITIES Continuing Education Dr T Bentley, PHD, MPhil, MA (Hons), DipTchg, Dip Adult Ed. Guidance Mrs Y Evans, M Counselling, DipTchg. (Adv) PGC in MBH English Ms C Merrylees, PGDipEdAdminLead, BEd, DipTchg Languages/Arts Ms T Tarai, BEd, DipTchg Mathematics Mr A Phayer, BSc, DipTchg, CNA Physical Education/Sport Mr N Manu, BEd, DipTchg Science Mr T Jones BSc(Hons) PGCE. Social Sciences Mr M Olsen, BA, DipTchg Learning Support Mrs J Hainsworth, BEd, DipTchg(Adv), DipTchg (Higher), MA(spEd) Technology Mr E Hamman, HDipEd TEACHING STAFF Mr S Tito, BTchg Mr D Baker, BMA, DipTchg, PGradDipEd Miss A Chung, BA, DipTchg Mrs E Lotter, HDipED Mr G Cassidy, BSc DipTchg CLTA Mrs T Solomon, MEd, BTchg(Hons) Mrs R Tucker, DipTchg BEd Mrs N Fa’agalu, BTchg Mrs W Haigh, BA, DipTchg, TESOL Mr J Jowett, BA, GradDipTchg Mr C Hakaria (Snr), Mr W Maea, BEd, DipTchg Mr P Winikerei, BMs, PGradDipTchg Mr C Hakaria (Jnr), BSpLS, DipTchg Mr P Chandra, MBA, BEd, DipEd, CTESL Mr M Manu Mr C Teague, BSocSi, GradDipTchg Mr K Ngapo, BA, GradDipTchg, MA(Hons), TTH(Hons) Ms L Kelly, BSocSci, GradDipTchLn Mrs I Hakaria, BTchg, PGradDipMaori Ed, DipBusStuds Mrs R Lal-Phillips, BEd, DipTchg, DipAcc&Mgnt Mrs S Chandra, MA Ed, PGradEd, BEd, CTESL Mr D Tereu, BSocSci (Hons), DipTchg Mr P Chand, PGDipEdLd, BEd Ms R Miller, BTchg, DipPhot Mr B Tahau, BSPLS, DipTchg Miss L Jacobi, DipTch(Sec) BSc(Bio) Dr G Jim, MSc, BSc, DipTchg Mr G Surric, LLB(Hons), PGDipSportMgt, MIR, GradDipTchg Mrs J Teao, BEd, DipTchg Mr A Kiss, BA(Econ), DipTchg Miss N Renowden BSpLS, PGDipSpLS, GradDipT Mrs S Wilson, PGDipEd, BA(Soc), DipTchgECE NON-TEACHING STAFF Executive Officer: Attendance Officer: Reception: Caretaker: Sports Coordinator: Gateway Coordinator: Ms P Kelly Mrs J Jowett Mrs A Salmon Mr K Rugg Mr T Teaukura Mrs C O’Connell Principal’s Personal Assistant: Science Technician/NCEA: Library Manager: Reception: ICT Manager: Groundsman: Mrs E Appel Ms D Collins Mrs L Henderson Miss A Watene Mr R Trotter Mr N Bell TEACHER AIDES Mrs I Mutter Ms Y Voss Mrs K Manu Mrs D Dewhurst Mrs A Vano Mr M Seymour Miss P Johns I ROTO I TE HUMAIRE - KO TO KAHA KI TE AO | IN QUIET CONFIDENCE LIES YOUR STRENGTH | TEI TE NGAKAU AU E TE MARU TOOU MATUTU | O LE FA’AUTAUTA LELEI E FA’ATUPU AI LOU MALOSI | IN SPE FORTITUDO


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Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Goeie Dag, Ni Hao, Namaste, Greetings. I began the year with the Tokoroa High School Mission Statement “Best and Highest Qualification for All” firmly ensconced in my psyche. I end the year with my belief that at Tokoroa High School “Each Day at School Counts – because Every Student Counts”. The 2015 academic year started positively with the knowledge that our 2014 NCEA high number of students in Year 9 and 10 have achieved the Junior Diploma. The results were the highest ever reached at level one (88.7%) and level two (97.6%) splitting of the report evenings from the seniors, and the extra report evenings, has and level three (91.6%). When averaged across the three levels, we saw move- helped to strengthen the school and community link. ment from 70% in 2012 to 92.6% in 2014. Academic excellence was also seen in the growth in the number of students gaining NCEA endorsements. In 2012, five Envy is a human trait common to many. However, it is highly unusual and unprofesstudents gained merit endorsements and no one gained an excellence endorse- sional for a secondary school principal to attack the results of another school in a ment. In 2013, 16 students gained merit endorsements and four gained excellence public forum, in this case a local newspaper. Featuring in a Taupo Times article endorsements. In 2014, 19 students gained merit endorsements and 18 gained earlier this year, Taupo-Nui-a-Tia principal Peter Moyle made remarks concerning excellence endorsements. In 2015, we retained our focus upon maintaining these the credibility of our NCEA results. Yet with his envy comes our pride, so I will outstanding outcomes but also added a priority goal of increasing the number of openly state that at both level 2 and level 3 we were ahead of the Taupo school in students gaining University Entrance. One of the key factors in lifting these rates is both participation based and roll based results. Averages across all three levels changing student perception of university studies. We have been greatly assisted show us also ahead of the Taupo School. We work hard on academic achievement this year through an initiative developed by Professor Neil Quigley, Vice Chancellor in our school; as do our students, our staff and our community who support us. of the University of Waikato, called ‘Te Ara ki Angitu: The Pathway to Success.’ Te Ara ki Angitu is about widening the pathway to university study and alleviating the Property development is vital in enhancing the learning environment for students barriers of affordability and transport that often hinder participation by students in and also staff. The completion of a new Language block and refurbishments to the secondary schools in the South Waikato region. At the official launch of Te Ara ki hall were building ventures undertaken this year. The purchase of 450 chairs emAngitu: The Pathway to Success in June 2015, Professor Quigley spoke of how the bossed with the school crest concluded the hall project. Building projects for 2016 programme developed from an article he read in the Waikato Times about Tokoroa include a new gymnasium and a University of Waikato learning hub. High School and then grew after a follow up meeting with the Principal of Tokoroa High School. Professor Quigley attended the 2015 Senior Prizegiving along with Deputy Head Boy, Turoa Tepana received a Foundation for Youth Development university staff 2015 National Excellence Award from the Governor General, Lieutenant General Joseph Macfarlane (Director of Maori Advancement) and Alonzo Mason (Senior the Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae, at Government House Auckland. This Future Student Adviser) and presented University of Waikato Scholarships to stu- was in recognition of Turoa’s outstanding leadership as a Stars mentor. dents attending Waikato University in 2016. Guest speaker for the 2015 prizegiving was inspirational speaker Kura Poulava, who is a former student of the school. The At the Nga Tohu Reo Maori 2015 – National Maori Language awards, Tokoroa High prizegiving was also noteworthy for the selection of Joint Dux awards to Ahere Hapi School took first place in the Maori Language Week category. This award was in and Tamatha Paul-Durbin. The Proxime Accessit was Michael Andersson. The next recognition of the efforts made by the school during ‘Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori’ (Te top academic award for a student who is not Dux or Proxime Accessit went to Jay- Reo Maori Language Week). Celebration of the 30th anniversary of Noa, the commi Hirawani-McTaggart. In terms of aiding academic success at junior level, the Tokoroa High School Junior Diploma was introduced in 2013. The main purpose was to provide a framework A 2011 NZ Herald report stated that Tokoroa had the highest per capita ratio of elite that would allow a transition from Year 9 and 10 into NCEA at Year 11. It would NZ athletes. Tokoroa High School is justifiably proud of the achievements of some also align with the use of Year 8 testing data and AsTTle data. The common as- of our former students this year. Keven Mealamu played in the World Cup winning sessment tasks were to be written at level 3, 4, 5 of the curriculum and students All Black team. He holds the highest number of 1st class matches played at 376 and would be assessed against those levels using common marking schedules. Sub- has the second highest number of tests at 132. Pasqualle Dunn represented the All ject mark books were set up in such a way that would allow easy tracking of stu- Black 7’s team in their series against the Australian 7’s team. Amy Turner repredents throughout the year. Overall the Tokoroa High School Junior Diploma has sented Australia on the womens 7’s rugby international circuit. Joseph Manu played been a success in its third year as it has solidified itself as a framework for student in the Junior Kiwi team against Australia and was selected in the NRL Holden Cup achievement. Students, staff and caregivers have embraced the concept and a (under 20’s) team of the year. position of a new school haka by Turoa Tepana and the creation of korowai were some of the activities conducted during this week.


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A critical ingredient in the success of our students is our staff and community volunteers. I would like to publicly express my appreciation for their effort and commitment. It is through their dedication and willingness to spend extra hours supporting our students through after-hours tutorials for academic studies, through sports, cultural and music activities that enable our students to succeed. We had several noteworthy achievements and undertakings in 2015.  The CACTUS programme (Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit and Support) was conducted in term 3 by Kylie Tatham (Blue Light coordinator), Hitro Ale (our Head Boy in 2013) and the New Zealand Police. The programme was a success for the 23 students involved and culminated with the ‘longest day’ activity and graduation dinner. Thanks to our school staff Tony Jones, Robin Miller, Julie Teao, Beau Tahau and Tairi Ford who joined the programme.  The 2015 South Waikato District Sports Awards featured 17 nominations from Tokoroa High School. Administrator of the year nominees, Angela Hodge and Kerry Horn. Coach nominees, Kara Hodge, Harold Petera, Karyn Taylor and Tama Teaukura. Team nominations, Girls Rugby team and Waka Ama team. Junior Sportswoman nominations, Monica Bennion, Reegan Ford, Myarnee Kingi, Holly Petera, Shardey Te Kanawa, Chantae Wilson-Jenkins and Kristian Wood. Dylan Clark received the Junior Sportsman award and Matthew Letoga was also a nominee in this category.   Kara Hodge, coach of the Girls rugby team received a national coaching award and among the prizes was a team There was growth in school sport, with more teams involved this year. The Sports Coordinator is also targeting students identified as non-participants and looking at means of engaging them in physical activity. His interviews with these students have been informative.  A series of High Performance Coaching seminars delivered by NZ Athletics High Performance Coach, Chris Williams have been of immense value and of a calibre rarely seen in Tokoroa. These seminars drew many of our coaches, teachers and students.  School sport in 2015 had an international flavour with five exchanges occurring. The first was a visit to Queensland Australia in April by the 1st XIII rugby league team. Near the end of term three, we received visits from four Queensland teams. Firstly the arrival of the Emu Park under 13 rugby league team from Rockhampton, then the St Pauls girls touch team from Brisbane, the Highfields under 16 rugby league team from Toowoomba and finally the Queensland Murri (Indigenous people) Women’s rugby league team. These visits generated great publicity for our school on Facebook. Durin g the term three holidays, three students travelled to Rarotonga as part of the Northern Districts Maori Women’s team. The year culminates with the arri val of the Shandong Provincial Rugby teams in mid December.  Tokoroa High School qualified for National tournaments in several sports this year; Athletics, Mixed Touch, Ki-O-Rahi, Waka Ama, Netball, Rugby League and Turbo Touch where both the Boys and Girls grades were won.   It was extremely gratifying to witness the performances of our school cultural groups this year, Te Puna Vai Ora and Te Puna Wai Ora. Our third annual Fashion and Wearable Arts show was a huge success again and eclipsed last year’s event in terms of the number of entries and public support.   The Services Academy induction camp was held at Hobsonsville military base and was a huge success for our group of senior students. The Tokoroa High School mixed Hockey team won their grade in the Rotorua secondary school competition. Bereavements are an incredibly difficult time and I wish to express heart-felt sympathy from our school community to all who have suffered loss this year. I want to acknowledge former student and academic Kenneth Harry – 11 June 1961 to 20 November 2015. In memory - Hei maumaharatanga. At this time, I would like to recognise the work of our Board of Trustees in governing the school in the best interests of students and staff. My thanks go to our Board members Graeme Dewhurst (Board Chair), Ernest Appel, Tracey Marama-Lyon, Maria Te Kanawa, Marama Tahapehi, Dean Tereu, Braiden Allen-Vano and Jamie Wehipeihana. I thank our senior leadership team of Margot Crate, Butch Rothman, Brian Reid and Darnel Manu for their passion, hard work and professionalism. To members of our community, I look forward to 2016 with positive anticipation. Lastly, to our students, particularly the senior students and the senior leaders, I thank you for making this a tremendous year. To those students who are leaving, we wish you well for the future. We will follow your progress and look forward to celebrating your future successes. To each of you, staff, parents/caregivers and students, Ma te Atua hei manaaki, hei tiaki i a tatou katoa. Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Tatou Katoa


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When one has been involved in teaching for as long as I have been, it comes naturally to think about student success and what eafects it. Intelligence is one of It is pressure time again! This is the time of the year when suddenly all senior students are really thinking about their results and the credits that they still need to earn to ensure that they pass their NCEA at the particular year level they are studying at. Every day some student in my class will be asking me to check their KAMAR record to see if some of their results have been put on. I’m more than happy to do this however, I would have liked to see some of the urgency shown now shown earlier in the year. In term 3 we held an excellence morning tea that recognised all students who gained an excellence grade in their NCEA work in terms 1 and 2. In term 4 students who gained an excellence grade were recognised at a lovely lunch. Next March student’s who perform well overall will be recognised at out 'excellence evening.' We all need to set high expectations of ourselves. If we believe that we can’t do something then we won’t be able to, however, if we believe we can learn and achieve then we will do so. Many of us are always looking for excuses – for not handing work in, for not completing something, for not gaining an excellence when we are capable of it. those things which plays a part, but in my view a very small part. The things that makes achievement possible are things like trust, respect and selfmanagement. If one can organise oneself, plan one’s work, leisure, study and other commitments, one has a very good chance of being successful. If one looks for reasons in those matters one cannot control there is little chance of coming up with a solution. So if things go wrong a student needs to do some introspection, look at their own actions and decisions and take responsibility for their own actions. Should that be the way a student approaches life that student has a very good chance of success. Study is one of those things a student needs to master, if that student wishes to succeed. Trust is the other concept I consider as vital if one wishes to be successful. A student who wants to succeed needs to act in a manner where they can be trusted. Other people should be able to trust them in their actions that they will do what they set out to do, trust them that they will prepare for assessments, trust them that they will attend classes and trust WE MUST ALL REMEMBER EXCUSES ARE LIKE ARMPITS THEY USUALLY STINK! It always saddens me when I see a student throwing away chances to succeed just because effort is required. Every student is capable of achieving – you just have to believe in yourself and set yourself high standards. Students at Tokoroa High are lucky as the staff here are willing to give the extra time and effort into giving their students extra help so they can succeed. This is shown each week by those staff who give extra time at the homework class or who hold extra classes in the holidays or lunchtimes. Believe me when I say that this does not happen at all schools. Remember teachers can only do so much, in the end it is up to the individual what results they will get. To the senior students who are leaving this year - go forth and aim high!! Keep in touch. We love to hear of your future successes. To students who are returning next year have a great holiday. In January set yourself goals for the year and return to school ready to work hard and achieve!! Margot Crate Deputy Principal (Curriculum) them that they will be diligent in their classes and their learning. Lastly respect is the other concept that comes into the picture. The student who plans to succeed needs to trust those who teach them. Trusting themselves in having prepared well for an assessment is also important as that displays good self-management skills, it displays good knowledge of self and the amount required to succeed. May I end by saying that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Butch Rothman Deputy Principal (Pastoral)


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2015 has been a huge year for both Dylan and I. I think that managing our passions for sport and keeping on top of our academics has been a challenge in itself. Personally, being Head Girl has been a huge honour for me especially being the first in my family to complete high school. I feel that this was a huge achievement and although at many stages of the year has proven to be challenging, I wouldn't change anything about my five years of attendance at Tokoroa High School. Many things I have been actively involved in from my whanau group Te Rito, to the many sports teams I've been iin. The STARS mentoring programme has built me to be the person I am today and the person I will be in the future. I am eternally grateful to the staff and student body of Tokoroa High School for guiding me on the pathway to success and for teaching me that it's such a great thing to achieve! My three fellow head students. Thank you! Thank you for supporting me in whatever decisions I made this year and for picking me up when things felt impossible! I know that whatever pathways you choose for next year, each of you will be successful in whIch ever field you choose. The sky is the limit! Tokoroa high school has taught me so many things and I am so proud to come from a school that stands proudly with so much mana. Lastly, I'd like to thank Mr Ford for everything you've done for me and continue to do for everyone in your school. Your passion and drive to succeed is truly inspirational and I feel that more people from Tokoroa should follow in your wise footsteps. Thank you so much for making my high school experience one to remember. Dionne Treadaway Head Girl Dylan Clark Head Boy It was a great privilege to be Head Boy of Tokoroa High School in 2015. it was a great experience being a leader in our school alongside the other head students who are my close friends. Being Head Boy helped me develop my leadership skills, firstly by being a senior mentor in the stars programme, and also being a leader in Te Rito, and being a leader in the 2015 Ball committee. A huge highlight for me this year was the Ball, through the hard-work that many teachers and students put in it was the best night of my life so far and I’m sure many others will share the same feeling. Also athletics day was also a highlight for me, being house captain and leading the chant alongside my brother Turoa was the best, especially because we won! Totara hard! My last highlight this year for me was the Rugby League Nationals, representing our school and living up to our nickname of giant killers. High school was the best five years of my life. I look back and I wonder where it’s all gone, its happened all so quickly this year was especially the hardest as I know it’s my last year as a student of Tokoroa High School. I will always cherish the memories I’ve made in this school and I will always remember where I came from!


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Kia hiwa rā kia hiwa rā, Kia hiwa rā ki tēra tuku, kia hiwa rā ki tēra tuku, Kia tu kia oho kia mataara, Kei whakapurua koe ki te toto, Whakapuru tonu, whakapuru tonu, O tūturu o whiti whakamaua kia tīna, tīna, haumi e taiki e. Opportunities such as, Manu Kōrero, Te Reo Rangatira, Deputy Head Boy and one of the most memorable, our STARS programme. The STARS programme has always had a huge impact on new students, including me. Once I graduated from the STARS programme, I instantly decided that I wanted to become a STARS mentor, not only to develop my leadership skills, but most importantly, to help year nines from their first big step onto Te Whanau a Noa throughout their high school journey, just as the STARS programme did for me. To my fellow head students. Thank you for letting me do all the work! Nah, cheers for having my back and making our last year at THS as memorable as it could be! THS to me is very unique, the wairua, the people, and especially our school staff! Thank you all! Now, through years of development I am currently a senior STARS peer mentor and Deputy Head boy of Tokoroa High school. I have learnt many key skills that will benefit me when I finish school and start my life as a young adult, these skill will also continue to assist me with my studies at Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato. I wish to acknowledge the school for the many opportunities and experiences that have bettered me as a person. Nō reira Tēna k o u to u , tēna Turoa Tepana Deputy Head Boy My journey through High school has been exciting, unmeasurable, unforgettable, and very applicable. The memories I have made with the amazing people I have met over the past five years will stay with me throughout the rest of my life. I remember my first day of school as if it were yesterday, my first step through the gates of our school marae “Te Whānau a Noa” was my first HUGE step of my journey. As a year nine I was unsure of what to expect from a mainstream high school as I graduated from a fully immerged Māori school. However, I was fortunate enough that our school has a STARS programme which guided and supported me through my first year of high school. THS has provided me with many cultural, academic, and leadership opportunities that have moulded me into the young man I am today. koutou, tena rā tātou katoa. Shardey Te Kanawa Deputy Head Girl This year, I had the pleasure of fulfilling the position as Deputy Head Girl and can I say, what a year it has been! With a position so great like this comes a whole lot of responsibilities and I personally found that I underestimated the whole concept of being a Head Student. Despite the fact that things became very challenging and at times hard to handle, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. The past five years of high school have been so memorable. Realising how mature we’ve become and how we’ve developed in terms of leadership and responsibility does reflect our growth as a person. Being involved in leadership programmes has definitely granted me with attributes that will later benefit me later on in the future. Not only do I think 2015 was one of my best years, but I do consider it a successful year. This year was full of highlights. Our sport teams have done extremely well in terms of qualifying for national tournaments. Students are being recognised for their creative talents in areas, whether it would be musical, artistic or even public speaking. Our cultural groups have represented our school well and continue to get better every year. Tokoroa High School offers so many opportunities for our students to get involved and hope to benefit from. It has been a pleasure being one of the leaders of the school and working alongside three of my best friends as a head student. I cannot thank you guys enough for being there for me when times became a little difficult. You are all amazing individuals and I know for a fact that you will all excel in your chosen pathway. Many thanks to the staff and students of Tokoroa High School for playing a part in my high school journey. It is because of you I had the success I desired. I wish everyone the very best for the years ahead.


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ocused ptimistic emarkable enacious nvincible remendous nbeatable DEAN 2015 has been a quiet year for the vast majority of our students. They have responded politely and in a mature manner to the demands placed upon them. Uniform has always been at a high standard throughout the year. It is pleasing to see that a large number of Fortitudo students have or are about to get their NCEA Level One, Two or Three at the point of writing this. I found all students pleasant to deal with and I thank the tutors for all their support, effort and guidance with their students. Murray Olsen Dean of FORTITUDO etermined pen-minded SPORTS AWARDS Soccer/Cross Country Hockey Netball Keegan Willis Cruze Pomare Dallas Te Hiko Paige Littlewood RikihanaTautari Eshrita Lata XtremeTalauta Mitchell Goodman Sean Millward Murray Olsen TUTORS Cherie Merrylees | Andrew Phayer | Glenn Cassidy | Leanne Jacobi Chris Teague | Rose Phillips |Niki Renowden | Robyn Tucker EXCHANGE STUDENT Ada Jentze Finland OUTSTANDING STUDENT Xtreme Talauta Badminton Mountain Biking Swimming ACADEMIC RESULTS Year 12 Year 13 Best all round student Proxime Accessit Joint Dux Robyn Phayer Michael Anderson Tamatha Paul-Durbin


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“E te Atue e, akapuera mai I oku nei mata kia kite au I te mea takake I roto I taau ra au ture. “ “Lord, Open my eyes so that I may see the truth.” TE MANAVA TMMU TMFG Mr. Manu's tutor, the Elite force of future sports athletes are nesting in this loud but humble tutor. Every morning everyone is either in the gym or outside on the courts using their morning to energise their bodies so that they can learn and kick off the school day with a bang. Mrs Fa’agalu tutor with the most quiet but yet humble minds throughout all of Te Manava. All with different backgrounds, ethnicity and culture, but they all strive for the same thing and that is to get a good career path. TMKR TMTE TMBK TMSL Mrs Krause’s lovely bunch of students all with young minds and free spirits, endlessly challenging her authority and making everyday a challenge for themselves and also others around them. The effortless nights that she sacrifices are always taken into thought. Shot Miss you rock. Mr T, one of the most challenging and motivating teachers that looks after his tutor and helps (literally) his students strive for a better tomorrow. He also has a knowledge of an elephant so if you try and manipulate him with false accusations, you might as well start your career and ‘Be like John Key’. Mr. Baker the music teacher, has the most comforting way of teaching his fellow students in his tutor throughout the whole year. We appreciated everything that you have done for us Mr Baker. SENSEI SOLOMON has the most focused tutor of all. Along with her knowledge of Kung Fu and a BLACK BELT in Martial Arts, she knows how to manage a class full of misfits, thank you AUNTY AP’S For all the amazing work that you too have contributed to our school………..so far so good. Page designed by Malachi Manu MEITAKI MA’ATA TO ALL OUR WONDERFUL TUTORS OF TE MANAVA 2015


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‘They say that as one door closes another door opens’….. ... and to some degree I suppose that analogy is true. We watched our students walk through the gates of Noa as keen year 9 students, and then now, finally seeing them all grown up and destined for better and brighter things to achieve; though you leave the gates of Noa – you’ll always be welcome back! This year our seniors have risen to the mark and have excelled in all areas. Academic achievement and extra-curricular has meant that as a tutor group, we have remained strong and stayed true to the tuturu way of being Maori. Ahere Hapi and Jaymi Hirawani-McTaggart have been outstanding in their academic pursuits. The highest peak or feat for us all in Te Rito was seeing all four head students named from our Te Rito ropu. All of you in some way or rather, have done us proud. You may not realise this now, but you have paved the way for our little Te Rito students to realise that their dream of being a head student is indeed attainable. You have made it possible for one Maori student to influence another and for this, I am truly both humbled and thankful. The Noho Marae that have been held, Manu Korero excursions, and Maori language awards have seen many of our senior’s involved in some way and now it is time for seniors to embark on life’s journey. However, you have paved the way for our junior students, they too have learnt from your wisdom and will proudly carry the mantle in your name. They will follow in your footsteps and continue to do Tokoroa High School and Te Rito proud. With the haka you left behind, with the waiata you left behind and with all your fond memories - we will surely miss you. The time the seniors spent with our juniors at stars camp and various activities has meant so much to Te Rito. As Dean, I always get so emotional seeing our students grow into the strong leaders that you have become. I've seen the high’s and the low’s and I'm proud to say the highs have definitely outweighed the lows. I'm proud to see that over the years, the results in Maori academic achievement have risen and today, these are practiced and honoured through our Māori achievement night which was well represented by Te Rito. I'm proud to see that over the years, the prestige and mana of being Maori has risen due to the fabulous support of my tutors, SMT and Tangata Te Whenua Action Team. This has been supported by Mrs Manu whose interest has always been for the students benefit. Your support is valuable and we wouldn’t be where we are today without your support, so thanks so much Mrs Manu. Also to our principal Mr Ford, our kaumatua - E Pa and the Grahams, your support ensures that as a tutor group, Te Rito is strong and is heading in the right direction and like Te Rito suggests, the nurture and growth is ongoing. Thank you Dylan for your years’ work and time and loyalty given to Te Rito and we wish you all the very best in chasing your dreams of NRL. Again Te Rito are proud and you have shown us that anything is possible if you try hard and set goals. Your support in Manu Korero has always been appreciative and we will miss your leadership here for sure. Dionne, I am going to miss our trips away to Manu Korero and the Maori language awards. Watching you at athletics has been rewarding and seeing you thrash track and field results in Athletics and breaking title after tittle, again this has shown that limits can be broken and that even when you think you have reached your full potential, you can push even further to reach goals that may even seem humanly impossible. With hard work, you have shown us that this is possible. You like others, have helped lead in all areas, at Maori language week, sports trips, marae stays and powhiri and we will miss you all, but I am hopeful because you have left a legacy for others to follow in your shoes, all will be well.


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Turoa Tepana, what can I say? You have very much left a lasting impression and a legacy with all that you have done in this school. Your past waiata that you composed, and your Haka written on behalf of Te Rito for the whole school, are heartfelt and shows the school and your peers in Te Rito that we matter. The aroha that you have given back to the school is momentous. Your waiata, and your reo used for school Hui, invites and powhiri on the marae are invaluable and we have been proud that you have stayed with us at Tokoroa High School. Like those in your whanau that came before you and who left their stamp, you too have shown us that with hard work and determination comes pride in knowing oneself and achieving greatness. You have led Te Rito to the forefront and have shown Maoridom, with your wise words, that Tokoroa High School and Te Rito can compete with the best on a national stage, whether it be competing and supporting in Manu korero, the national Maori language awards. You have shown us that it doesn't matter who you are and where you come that matters, but that with the right attitude and whanau support, any dream is possible. Lastly, Shardey, what can I say – our little song bird. I have seen you develop and grow with time into a beautiful lady. Your leadership has been fabulous and we can always count on you to support at Hui, waiata, functions and Māori language events. From your keen vocals on our Tokoroa High School CD, to performing alongside national artists like K One and Syd Diamond, it has been a privilege watching you grow. Your melodic voice has inspired us all to become better at our craft and to enjoy doing what we are good at, and I wish you all the very best for your future. To all our other year 13 students, I wish you all the best in your chosen vocation. I am so proud of what you have all achieved and I need to make mention of those hard working students who have really developed – well done. With hard work and determination, those like Kararaina have shown that all dreams are possible – you have shown me Kararaina that as a strong Maori female, you are a leader and are hardworking and dedicated and I do hope that all students can show us the same work ethic that you have. So as our students look forward to the future, I’d like to say that you will always have a place to come back to. You entered the gates of Noa as a year 9 student and even though you will depart through the gates as a year 13 school leaver – you will always be welcome at this school, as you are and forever shall be a Te Rito Tokoroa High School student –the gates are never closed! Our future leaders are already coming through, with Jamie Wehipeihana being named the student rep on the BOT. Last but not least, to the parents and supporters of our students- thanks so much. We know that you have a choice where to send your child and we are thankful that you have entrusted them with us with your firm belief that as a ropu we can help awhi and support your tamariki. Thanks once again to the tireless support of my tutors - thanks to Mr Tahau, Mr and Mrs Chandra, Mrs Teao, Mr Kiss, Mr Jowett and Matua Winikerei. Your time, support and effort is dually noted and I am thankful for the best tutors ever. I wish everyone the very best for the Christmas holidays, please stay safe and look after one another. I wish our students all the very best as they prepare for a prosperous and hardworking year ahead of them in 2016. Nga mihi kia koutou katoa! Keinan Ngapo Dean Te Rito


p. 12

We welcomed a number of new students into The Learning Centre this year: Noelleen, Helena, Lewis, Shontae, and later Courtney. Almost everyone went to Cupcake day was fun. camp, staff and students, and we were able to meet most of the camp groups as Many students chose to they came to camp cooking to make fruit kebabs. dress up or at least make an animal mask. All the Back in class,cooking is always a popular time, and students usually make a meal, cupcakes were sold by such as mac and cheese, or sausages and mashed potatoes, and some baking the end of the day, and each week. This is an important part of our maths! the money given to the SPCA. In our SPEC time, students have chosen a wide range of activities: to learn some sign language, tie dye fabric to make a cushion, and investigate what baking soda Our SPEC trip to look at can do by making plastic bag bombs, rockets and hokey pokey. local landmarks was a privilege as we were all Thanks to Billy Maea and his helpers for giving us a Cook Island drumming decked out in Hi-Vis gear and taken right down into the Atiamuri power station, demonstration followed by a hands-on lesson. Even the most shy people were through the control room and up over the huge penstocks onto the dam itself. After able to participate and really had fun. a stop at Hatupatu’s rock, we went on to Rotorua for pizza and ten pin bowling. We have kept a vegetable garden going through the winter, thanks mostly to Carl, This year we have to farewell Morgan Ferguson, who is now 21, and leaving to and have eaten the peas, and celery. We were able to give away lots of silver beet, start work at Creative Art in town. Good luck, Morgan. We hope you will enjoy your and bottle the beetroot ready to eat in hamburgers . new adult life, but we will miss you. Swimming: A small group of students travelled to Te Awamutu for a swimming meet in March. Several of the swimmers had never competed in a competition of this type before and had great individual success. Six swimmers participated. Morgan Ferguson, Helena Davy, Periama Harding-Lawry, Taylor Lachman, Carl Taylor , Xtreme Talauta All placed well in their races, many participating in events they hadn’t tried before. Morgan swam 25m Backstroke for the first time and placed 2nd. Helena competed for the first time and was placed 2nd and 3rd in her events. Periama had never competed before and was placed 1st and 2nd in his events. Taylor Lachman placed 1st in 50m Soccer: In May a team participated in the Special Olympics Football Tournament in Matamata. Our team competed in the top division this year and were placed 3rd out of 18 schools. Congratulations to Lewis Ferguson who scored most of the goals! PA HARAKEKE CONTINUING EDUCATION CENTRE - Teen Parent Unit 2015 has been a great year in the Teen Parent Unit (TPU). Working for the first time with the students at TPU has been a real privilege and joy personally for me as a teacher. The environment provided for these students is very comfortable and creates a positive learning atmosphere. As young parents the students show great responsibility for their learning and desire a higher education for their families. We have had a number of students attend TPU this year and a few newborns along the way. This year we have welcomed the new arrivals of Mason, Ivanah, Aubree and Nina, and before the year is out we will have another three newborns join us. A number of staff at Tokoroa High School have supported these students this year including Goran Surucic who has relieved Irene Hakaria for the year as teacher in charge, E Pa Hakaria, Sanjeena Chandra, Darnel Manu and myself. Students each have different goals to achieve including Level One literacy and numeracy, Level Two NCEA, Level Three NCEA, and UE entrance. Other special moments included in the year have been pancake days, gym sessions, growing our own vegetable and flower garden, homemade spinach pie, and many more. We would like to thank Nick Morighan-Allen and Tui Vaeau for helping to plant the vegetables. We also look forward to the end of year celebration. We are very proud of each of the students and their achievements this year. Well done! Julie Teao


p. 13

COMRADESHIP - COMMITMENT - COURAGE - INTEGRITY 2015 is the fifth year that Tokoroa High School Service Academy has been running. This includes year 10’s to year 13’s, making the program to fit around sixty enthusiastic students.   Drill helps us all to maintain discipline. P.T. helps us to not only become fitter but to apply team work, where we all learn to communicate and come out of our comfort zone by not putting any one down.  P.T. also helps us in a sense when things physically get hard, we continue to encourage one another because of a bond that is created.  Service Academy is not only about the physical side, it’s also focuses towards getting a good education. We are helped to understand the requirements we need to meet in order to go where we individually want to go.  I must say it isn’t easy, but nothing in life is easy and nothing in the real world is going to fall on our lap without hard work. ASPIRE TO INSPIRE This page has been designed by Braxton Carlson for her Level Two external visual design board. Words are by Eileen Hauraki.


p. 14

Noa 30 A walk back in time... An excerpt from TAHI 1985 Kia hora te marino Kia papa pounanui te moana Kia tere te karohirohi Tokoroa High School has a wealth of all cultures and, on the whole, so does the town of Tokoroa. Taking account of this, the very first Multi-Cultural Centre of its kind - Te Whanau a Noa - was opened in Tokoroa on March 30, 1985. the centre. This dawn ceremony was a unique experience for most participants, even for elders of the Maori community. The ceremony took place at dawn, for this is the time when Maori’s believe that man is closest to God. On this particular dawn, emotions within were too strong and many tears of joy, pride and thanks were shed. Many of the workers involved from all races shed The centre, situated at the entrance of tears of sheer thanks that al was over Tokoroa High School, welcomes all races and the complex was a reality. and is a place where, in the warmth of the biblical figurehead of Noah, However, with over 3000 guests in the everyone can feel at home. morning and numbers growing as the day progressed, much work was still It’s exterior takes the indigenous form of required feeding guests and entertaining the Maori marae. The interior portrays them with items from various cultural all cultures including Welsh, Dutch, Sook groups. Islands and Samoan. The stained-glass windows are of Victoria style. At 11 am, Education Minister, Russell Marshall arrived to dedicate the centre. The centre was the brainchild of Tokoroa Formalities concluded; feasting began High School’s past and present once more. headmasters, Tom Ryan and Geoff Burridge, and the Maori teacher at teh A slight sadness surrounded us all. The school, Mrs Pia Tahuri, along with climax of hard, long work came to a close support from the community. along with the daylight. The carvings were born in the Rotorua Arts and Crafts Institute. The art work was created by art teacher, Mr Jim Wyley. Months of hard work, involving the whole of Tokoroa’s community, made the idea a reality on March 30. Paramount chief, Sir Hepi Te Heu Heu of Ngati Tuwharetoa, and tohunga Pateriki Rei of Te Arawa, preformed the dawn ceremony, officially opening and blessing Now, the centre is a living place of learning and togetherness for all races who participate in using it, all under the umbrella of Noah - the common figure to one and all. No reira, kia ora, Kio orana, Tolofa Lava. Koutou katoa. Ko tenei te tohu; Me iwi lotahi tatou katoa i roto i tenei ao weheurehe. By Linda Papa


p. 15

Raukawa Reo Awards On the 2nd October Tokoroa High School – Te Rito attended the Raukawa Reo Awards. This was a splendid night of fine work, fine dining and amazing team work. As a result of the hard work of our school, staff and students, Tokoroa High School was fortunate to make the finals of the Raukawa Reo Awards. Tokoroa High School was a finalist in the Maori Language Week and longterm education award categories. The night was eventful and there was some great entertainment and speeches. There were also dignitaries that attended and graced us with their presence. Twenty of our finest students dressed up and represented our school to the very best of their ability. It was here where they performed waiata and haka, as we were fortunate to win both sections. As a result of our fine team work and commitment to the reo, Tokoroa High School also took out the supreme award for Maori Language week, which was fabulous. Turoa Tepana was also nominated and did us proud with his haka that he wrote for our school and Carle Hakaria was nominated for a kaumatua award. We were so grateful to be recognised for our efforts in promoting Maori language week Thanks to Raukawa for their support. Congratulations for giving us a forum to showcase our talents and most importantly, a place for our students to shine and give back to the reo. Dean Te Rito / Teacher in charge Keinan Ngapo Nationals Maori Language Awards activities done to promote Maori Language regeneration. Hearing Turoa Tepana korero Maori on stage for the last time and watching him and Luke do a two man haka, bought tears to my eyes. They performed the haka with so much pride. We stood there with the Korowai made by all the students during Māori language week, and I couldn’t help but think of what a wonderful family we have all become and we can all be proud that we come from such an amazing The whole night was wonderful and it was so great place and school - Tokoroa High School. being there with staff an in addition to this, students who spanned and have served their entire five education at Tokoroa High School. The students ought to be commended for their efforts. There tautoko over Among the proceedings, other people were honoured the past five years has seen Tokoroa High School path for their work and commitment to te reo. One the way for future Māori students to excel and achieve. Kahungunu kuia by the name of Mana Elizabeth It’s because all their time, effort and passion for the Hunkin stood and in her delivering speech she won, language that our school has excelled. I am humbled she paid tribute to all those people who had given with all that you have done. I have to pay special back to te reo and it was here, where she recognised homage to the staff who supported - Mr Tahau as well Tokoroa High School as a stand out; one school who as Mrs Manu you were amazing. Thanks to the Charlie was leading the way and this in itself, was a major feat and Tangiwai for your efforts and support of the school for us. always and for allowing our school to be a part reo initiatives. All in all this shows us that as a school we need to keep moving forward and continue promoting te reo, One of the highlights of the night was sitting in the so that it remains staunch and that all students receive crowd and hearing our name called as the winner of the right to speak and learn this beautiful language of the Maori Language week section. This section was ours. It is because of you all, that we were privileged to highly contested with others groups like Genesis receive the award of the night. On the 21st November Tokoroa High school staff and students attended the National Maori Language awards in Napier at the Petegrew Centre. This year has been a splendid year in terms of Maori achievement and is probably why we humbly were excited on making the finals on a national level. We made the Maori Language week section as well as the long-term education section. power who as a large firm, wrote and published books for te reo Māori as well as other groups who achieved “E hara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini” in their area, we were grateful to win this section. When it was time for us to receive our award and as “My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, we walked up to the stage, memories came flooding as it was not the individual success, but the success of back to me of all the efforts that our young students a collective. had done over the years. Kapa haka, manu korero Dean Te Rito / Teacher in charge competitions, visits and performances to other school, Keinan Ngapo performing live for the prime minister and numerous



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