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Issue Seven

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issue seven eg l e r E u t s a es Fe el m i T c n a e p30 Jammie Lim - Photograph by DW KIM


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In this issue issue seven 04 Jamie Lim - Behind the Lens 08 Sabina Rogala on Fashion 12 Gabrielle Halliday - Her Vision 14 Health 15 Hats Off to Monika 16 Anna’s Panorama Leana Greene 18 Simon Says 20 Capt. Jack 22 Fashion or Status 27 It’s a Dog’s Life 28 Jaguar’s Finest Hour! 32 Harp and a Monkey 36 Autumn in Wales 38 Artist Carlos Bazan 40 Straight from the Oven 42 Philip Ashley Art 46 Beauty Secrets 48 The Fein Family 51 Obesity 52 Ask a PC 54 Anna’s Panorama - Dapper Day 56 Mailbag 57 Lost Among The Tears 58 Chocolate Heaven 60 Wales Re-Visited 62 Is this Charlie I see? re atu ess E Fe el m Ti g le an ce p30 CVH 1st Class Awards 2016 Once again Our prestigious CVH 1st Class Awards 2016 takes place in Search of MS TALENT- MR TALENT & MS PERSONALITY - MR PERSONALITY with The BEST PERFORMING ACT. The five magnificent Trophies are waiting to be claimed. This Event takes place on Sunday 28th February 2016 Venue- Oaklands Hall, Beech View, Off Mottram Road, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 3DE. Time 7pm - 9.30pm (Doors Open from 6.00pm) Exhibition Craft Stalls on Display Tickets and Entry Form Enquiries Tel. - 07713 973640 Surprise Judges and Entertainment by the one and only Buzz Hawkins. Entertainment by Buzz Hawkins the man behind The Bradshaws. Meet Our Magazine Columnists - the faces behind the Columns as they look forward to seeing you and join in this exciting event, as Contestants come from far and wide. There is no age limitations whether you are 8yrs old to 80yrs plus. Singers - Musicians - Dancers and Comedians. CVH 1st Class 2016 2 WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHOTO’S OR ARTWORK WITH COPYRIGHTS THAT ARE SUPPLIED TO US BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR FEATURES Jammie Lim - Photograph by DW KIM


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Letter from EDITOR Christina Howard | 07713 973640 The Editor Welcome to our latest Edition MARKETING/PRODUCTION/ DESIGN Christina Howard Bob Alston WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA EDITORS PA Margaret Sowter Janet Howarth Sandra Boyce ASSISTANT PA EDITORIAL SECRETARY We wish you a Safe, Peaceful, Happy Christmas. Our JOURNALISTS festive wish is that you may enjoy this season and Christina Howard spare a thought for lonely and elderly neighbours in Anna Karin this cold weather, as often this is a sad time for many Daniel Milan living on their own and many who have lost loved ones. Our hearts reach out to you and may all of you be MAGAZINE DESIGN & PRODUCTION supported. Bob Alston Meet our columnists who are dedicated, good natured, individuals. They are noble minded, down to earth, characters who behind the scenes help so many people. We don’t just interview someone and next please like a conveyer belt. Each individual featured in our pages we care about and respect, and we don’t just listen, research and report. At all levels we aspire honesty and accuracy. We endeavour not to ask personal questions unless that person volunteers it, as it is a persons own talent and personality we wish to share with you, the readers. Each person sees a draft copy, before we go to print to ensure they are satisfied and are apart of this good respectful professional relationship we adhere to. After the interview we keep in touch with them and are proud to say many have become real friends. Our emphasis is about positive events and heart warming stories. We appreciate your support in taking the time to read us. PHOTOGRAPHY RAPhotograhy | QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK AND SUBMISSIONS Phone: 07713 973640 Christina Howard Editor ON THE COVER: Jammie Lim Photographer: DW KIM Statement of Copyright: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Requests for permission should be directed to: 3


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Innovative and dynamic photographer Jamie Lim is a Star in his own right who has contributed to the world of fashion fresh. exciting and unique qualities that makes him stand out and it is his individual approach and style that causes a stir wherever he goes. Jamie is the CEO and Founder at LSP- Liquid Star Photography. Here is an exclusive interview with him on his views of photography and life. Q&A Jamie you were an artist before being a photographer is it this skill combined that makes you different? “I just love experimenting and being creative, my eyes are like a photographic eye for I see far more than that which is there, thus bringing subjects to life.” As a child growing up who was your favourite Movie Star? “It had to be Jack Tripper in the hit TV Show Three’s Company and my favourite past movie star is Elvis Presley. I love a talent that has multiple levels of skills and creativity.” When did you first get involved in photography? “I was 27 yrs old when I realised that I had a fascination with cameras. I really enjoyed creating from behind the lens. I got really involved with photography when I bought my first camera off a friend. It was my rebel canon camera.” Were you formally trained in the field of photography? “No I just enjoyed it, however I was mentored by a few seasoned Veterans that shot professionally. Then I took it seriously.” What would you say about cameras of today compared with cameras of the past? “I find that in today’s technology in reference to cameras compared to how they were back in the early stages is extremely advantageous due to functionality and variables to have greater option to shoot in higher depth of quality.” 4


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Icy and Jamie Do you prefer shooting in studio or outdoor shooting? “I find that shooting outdoors is not that friendly, lighting can be challenging specially when I am working with clients that are in demands of their own pictures to be developed. However if I can choose the time of day that I can shoot would be around 3 or 4pm in the afternoon. Yes I do prefer shooting in studio which has more controlled light sequence due to my style of work and quality results.” Who is your favourite Designer? “My favourite is any designer that can produce quality line of work that shows their own passion through their style and representation of work . I must feel their work and style, that fits my own creative vision.” Jamie it has been noted that you put your heart and soul in to every photo shoot you do that you have a vibrant energy that tirelessly transcends just photography? “Yes I live and breath photography it is far more than my work it is my life. I am at one with the camera and enjoy it so much, it is this happiness that transpires in my images.” You have a great reputation as a master photographer who is a perfectionist and highly professional, the fashion world greatly respects you. But it is also said by so many friends that you are a very humble yet charismatic rare gentleman who treats everyone with great courtesy. “I believe in treating people as I would wish to be treated and meeting exciting people is a privilege. I also respect other photographers The fashion world is like one big family.” Jamie it has been a great pleasure in interviewing you as you are a role model for aspiring photographers, what is your advice to them? “Thank you Christina, and I recommend they just practise and enjoy it. To follow their dreams.” Photos supplied by the courtesy of Jamie Lim 7


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SABINA ROGALA FASHION QUEEN Sabina Rogala is an magnificent fashion designer who is very individual and a charismatic popular lady like her creations. Here is an exclusive interview. Q&A Can you tell us about yourself? “I was born in Munich, Bavaria. I have lived in Munich, Berlin, Hannover, Montreal, Liechtenstein and now Switzerland. My Mother is from Poland, my Dad from Austria. A Mix with influences of many nationalities and cultures – that is what my fashion collections convey.” Made with love for every woman to feel special. How would you describe your designs? “My Fashion is made for every woman. Not Couture or un-wearable crazy catwalk-cloth that is made for the first row of VIPs and Celebrities. But some of the dresses are only made to be a Princess for one night.” As a Child how old were you when you first started drawing? “I was 17 years old, when I designed a dress. The material was from a toweling dressing gown with big flowers in every colour from my grandma. Before I did a lot of adaptations on cloth from everybody.” Freundliche Grusse 8


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Who were your favourite Movie Stars and Inspiration? “I loved all the great films, the old ones with Audrey Hepburn and the other great Stars. But my daily inspiration is every woman I saw or see walking on the street. Not the Movie Stars.” Did you always know you were going to be a designer? “I did a lot of sports in my early life: artistic gymnastics and riding. Before and after school I went out for my sports. My inspirations for fashion came most of the times from Harpers Bazaar and from the fact that I have only a little Budget to buy fabrics. My creativity always made a new style in process of doing something with fabric.” Sabina Rogala Freundliche Grusse Freundliche Grusse 9


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Sabina Rogala As a teenager what was your own favourite style? “Mix and match! It was the time to check out myself. Sometimes it was a little crazy, sometimes more classy, but every garment that was created was with special details, colours or pattern-mixes.” Where did you train? “I studied marketing and communication and a commercial apprenticeship. Always very ambitious that priority was important learning the important functions in big companies. This brought me to Celebrity and Ego-Marketing. I felt this is what my mission is and I was specialising in this. During this time, I made a lot of contacts with several fashion companies and in this time I learned about what dress is for what kind of personality, etc. That was the beginning of SABINA ROGALA Fashion.” 10


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Sabina, when did you start your own business? “The year I first started was in 1999 in Bavaria, Germany with my own marketing agency. ” What is your forecasts for fashion trends? “More individuality, more mixes from old and new, mainstream mixed with Couture, more quality and a lot of new materials. For example: fabric made from banana leafs.” You have a great marketing team and all your employees enjoy working for you, they say that you are a very professional real lady. “Thank you Christina yes I appreciate all my staff they are highly valued and understand my eye for detail and perfection. I am a happy old girl and I am most happy to see Women wearing my designs and looking good.” Contact us: SABINA ROGALA Fashion Celebrista GmbH PR & Marketing Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CH-7310 Bad Ragaz Freundliche Grusse 11


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It is in a faded distant dream of childhood that I recall taking the first faltering steps of creative thought. I must have been around 4 yrs old and would lie in my bed and look around my room with a desire to change its form and appearance.This make believe that there were other more magical worlds and I would escape into them and I could because I was a child. Later I realised that what I was indeed entering into was the creative process, however I truly do not know what comes first, much like the chicken and the egg! I grew up in what was an extremely loving, expressive and creative household. I fail to remember a time when my father was not playing a musical instrument,writing a poem or painting a picture. My Mother although not creative in a typical sense would feed my child’s mind with galleries, museums and exhibitions. My parents encouraged me to think out of the box and that there were no limits. But I was reluctant to be dragged around various European art galleries but now I am truly grateful for the potent cocktail of experience that resides within me and serves as a rich font from which creativity endlessly flows. Finally able to realise my dreams at college and then university. I created large scale sculptures using a number of mainly randomly found objects that I would juxtaposition in such a way that gave them am identity through a relationship to each other. I would work mainly as if creating a collage of ready made objects, influenced strongly by the beguiling work of Nicki de St Phalle, pop artist Peter Blake and others. Then during the latter part of the 90s my life changed dramatically, I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) after a virus and I spent most of the next ten years barely able to function let alone create any art. It was a dark and unreal place, it was my prison. Then I had a break through because a dear friend kindly treated me to a course of acupuncture spanning over several years. Then one day I tentatively started customising my art, armed with a glue gun and my imagination at the ready I began,within minutes of applying the first tiny piece I felt liberated. I was not cured from my illness however I could now escape from my illness prison as people who saw my work were incredibly enthusiastic and thus fed my desire to 12


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Craft & Design transform everything that I could find ! Chairs,tables and settees nothing was sacred! Soon I started to work on lampshades, bags, notebooks and picture frames.This feaver spread by word of mouth and orders began to arrive. Creating for all tastes from pieces that are bright and bold primary colours in ethnic shapes to appliqued delicate butterflies and romantic lace. Using everything from charms, earrings and objects that have sentimental meaning for my client such as a babies’ shoe or even a toy! I become completely absorbed in the creative process, so absorbed that I and my materials become as one much like a meditation. What was my passion has since become my business ‘ Brite Dayze’ the whole ethos behind my company is that I am providing unique and affordable pieces of art that are at the by Gabrielle Halliday same time functional. No two pieces are identical, even if I recreate a similar design there are still differences in the detail as it is reliant on what materials I happen to have in stock at the time. Some of my clients choose to hang their bags as they would a painting ! I want art to be more readily available for the masses, it is very much an elitist preoccupation. By creating these items at an affordable price it is hoped that my customer has something unique to cherish for a life time, at a cost that does not break the bank. Sometimes I have to warn people never to leave me alone in a virgin white minimal room for much longer than a few minutes when I have my glue gun , glue sticks and box of goodies to hand. At times I am frustrated that I am no longer well enough to build large scale sculptures, but I have to remind myself that now I am able to create again, to be able to breathe again, and to engage deeply in my random world of found objects that has now not only become my business but also enables others to share in my once ‘Distant Dreams’. For enquiries 07826854215 or 13


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Partnership of Trust (between patient and clinician responsibly sharing the record) Dr Amir Hannan is named as one of the United Kingdoms Top 50 Clinical leaders by the prestigious Health Service Journal (HSJ) by Dr Amir Hannan That “T” word – Trust. It is so important in healthcare to know who to trust and why. We are very fortunate in the UK to have the National Health Service which survey show the public trusts the most. Doctors and Nurses are often at the top of most league tables. Where does this trust come from and why is the partnership between patient and clinician so important? It is a great honour to be bestowed the title of “doctor” or “nurse” because it means we have achieved a certain standard that earns us certain rights and privileges by joining a profession. There is an expectation that we will deliver the best medicine can offer by our ability to listen to the patient, take a history, examine them, determine what the diagnosis is, set about trying to find the cause and treating it if possible or alleviate any pain or suffering the patient may have. In order to accomplish this, we need the patient to have confidence in us and to trust us. We also need to trust the patient too and realise their unique experience of the condition and how it affects them and their loved ones. After all they are the ones who live with the problems they face and stand to benefit or otherwise if any treatments are offered. They also know their family or carers and the impact the condition has on them eg if they are unable to sleep at night due to the pain or cannot go to work because of how they feel. The health record contains all the information about the patient which usually the clinician refers to write what they have found out during the consultation and what the plan is. The record also contains results of any tests done as well as letters and other correspondence from other specialists and providers of care. (This is what we have in General Practice records in the UK). Increasingly in the UK, the medical record is an electronic health record which can safely be shared with the patient. When the information in the record is shared with the patient, it helps to support a partnership of trust between patient and clinician. It enables the patient to feel more in control and know what their doctor or nurse thinks. It helps them to monitor their own care. Perhaps more importantly it gives both the patient and the clinician the confidence to trust each other more and help dispel any doubts in their care. This is important if patients and their carers are to feel they are working with their clinician and prevent wastage by forgetting to take their treatment or not understand why something should happen. It also gives an opportunity for the patient to come back to the clinician with further ideas too. This helps to educate both the patient and the clinician. By working together and responsibly share the record with each other, we can accomplish so much more and this requires a Partnership of Trust to form. “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela. In the next issue we will talk about the Paradigm Shift in Healthcare and why this changes everything for good! 14


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Monika Retro Decor Hats Hats off to Monika London-based hat maker Monika Grzybowska is a well established polish hat designer, who specializes in bespoke and personalized head pieces made to order. Monika attended specialized millinery schools in Poland and also perfected her art at British School of Millinery (Bridal Head-dressing course). The artist presented her collections at London Hat Week in March 2014 and her designs can also be seen in the press as her head pieces are often used by other artists in photo shoots. Monika uses only high quality, environmentally friendly fabrics and materials. Hats are 100% handmade with the highest attention to detail. Primarily aimed at female clientele, Monika also creates beautiful head gear for children. Collections include bespoke, bridal, seasonal and special occasion pieces. All hats are made using crystals, lace and vintage details to create fabulous and unique compositions. They can be customized and made to match the color and appearance of the outfit selected by the client. Monika creates bespoke hats and fascinators for private clients, according to their wishes and preferences. Hand knitted children’s hats are also available 15



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