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Winterkurier Arvidsjaur - Arjeplog - Sorsele - Älvsbyn Árviesjávrrie - Árjepluovve - Suorssá - Lentjavállie The German-Swedish Winter Magazine now also available in ENGLISH Your free copy Winter 2015/2016 No. 1/15 New Kronor for Sweden Magical Forest Akkanålke 15-Year Old German-Swedish Cooperation: FlyCar & Arvidsjaur Airport


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Advertisement ARJEPLOG Logi- Unterkunft - Accommodation Company Adress +46 (0)961+46(0) Mobil (M) Välkommen Burist båhtem Wilkommen Welcome ÁRJEPLUOVVE Aktiviteter - Aktivitäten - Activities Company Adress +46 (0)961+46(0) Mobil (M) Simloc hotel Hotel Silverhatten Hornavan hotel Hotel Lyktan Kraja hotel and Camp Silverlodge hotel (advance booking) IGLOOTEL Lapland Carinas accommodation (house and apartements) Pensionat Fjellström Fjällgården Samegården hostel Lippi camp Mavas camp Miekak fishcamp Sandvikens fjällgård camp Vuoggatjålme camp Camp Polcirkeln Tjärnberg camp Kyrkans fjällgård (Hostel, cabins and apartments) Jäckvik camp Jäckvik Fjällcenter Moosecamp Jutis Vuonatjviken camp Örnvik camp Bäverholm camp Johanssons fjällstugor camp Rolf Sundqvist Touristservice Slagnäs Camping & Cabins Mellanströms camp Camp Gauto Laisvall fjällcamp Laisdalen hotel (advance booking for larger groups) Wennströms camp Arjeplogs husuthyrning AB Private houses A perfect stay (Companies) 70 08 50 107 70 77 71 00 612 10 315 00 70 11 00 +49 (0)1711217856 (M) +46 (0)70 268 82 51 (M) 070-365 49 20 (M) 616 88 102 60 102 60 450 38 612 40 070-559 01 64 (M) 107 15 615 64 615 35 073-521 03 69 (M) 211 22 211 40 073-092 96 68 (M) 430 31 070-209 10 93 (M) 230 18 230 41 230 40 230 16 0960-65 00 93 070-359 43 37 (M) 280 30 070-612 00 98 (M) 200 30 280 40 073-037 53 99 (M) 145 20 070-307 84 68 (M) Båtsouj samicenter 070-642 31 66 (M) Polaris experience center (Snowmobile safaris, ice fishing, northern light safari, pentathlon) Vuoggatjålme (Snowmobile) Camp Gauto (Snowmobile) 070-551 17 79 (M) 107 15 280 30 211 40 070-744 76 76 (M) 070-312 51 83 (M) 073-097 09 77 (M) 073-091 32 65 (M) 070 287 85 02 (M) 070-690 43 01 (M) 076-778 02 40 (M) 070-322 13 90 (M) Jäckvik Fjällcenter (Snowmobile) A-Event (Snowmobile safari, ice fishing) Arctic charter (Snowmobile, fishing, hunting) Husky Farm Veijejaur Huskycamp Gasa COLD-NOSE-HUSKIES Lippi ice driving Moose Safari Sub arctic events (tailored events) Top of Arjeplog (Skiing) Library Norrskenglas (glassblowing) Storgatan 12 Facebook: Mavas-Stugby www.kyrkansfjallgardjakkvik. com Fridhemsvägen 3 Örnvik 1 Facebook: Baverholm 070-6904301 (M) www.midsommarudden.blogspot. se 070-350 05 55 (M) 070-242 27 64 (M) 0961-103 00 Sevärdheter - Sehenswürdigkeiten - Seightseeing Company Adress +46 (0)961- Silvermuseet IGLOOTEL Lapland 145 00 +49 (0)1711217856 (M) +46 (0)70 268 82 51 (M) 612 04 Adolfström Handelsbod camp Arjeplog church and chapels in the surrounding area Touristenbüro – Tourist office Arjeplogs Turistbyrå, Torget 1, 938 31 Arjeplog Tel. +46 (0)961-145 00 E-mail:


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Arvidsjaur Árviesjávrrie Välkommen - Willkommen - Welcome - Buörrie båhtieme Aktiviteter – Aktivitäten – Activities Company Lapland Lodge Mobi Tours Wilderness Life Myrkulla Exclusive Car Events Nymånen Burning Snow Husky Camp Wildact Cafe-Husky-Camp Kennel Lumi Laponie Mush PolarljusSafari Arctic Glas 6 1,7 Adress Arvidsjaur Advertisement +46 (0)960+46(0)Mobil (M) 137 20, 073-81 82 782 (M) 070-24 28 301 (M) 076-135 98 91 (M) 072-72 72 311 (M) 28 10 00 (Clarion) 070-625 40 32 (M) 073-087 56 01 (M) 0706316052,0738364498(M) 072-24 95 843 (M) 070-388 59 92 (M) 0929-360 06 070-684 42 81 (M) 070-573 37 36 (M) 121 05 4 Snowshoe & Cross Country Skiing 7 sports cars on ice 1, 3, 4 Storberg 1, 3, 5 Auktsjaur 1, 3, 4 Myrkulla 1 2 2 2, 4 2 2 Domängatan 9 Auktsjaur Tjappsåive Arvidsjaur Suddesjaur Dåjom Moskosel Renvallen 2, 3, 4 Storberg Logi – Unterkunft – Accommodation Company Hotell Laponia Clarion Collection Hotel Hotell Edström Camp Gielas Holiday Village Wildbyn B & B Burning Snow B & B Storberg Fjällgård Cafe-Husky-Camp B & B Abborrträsk Natursafari Glommersträsk Värdshus Myrkulla-Lodge Wilderness Life Laponie Mush Affärn i Abborrträsk Private houses Vittjåkk Camping Adress Storgatan 45 Domängatan 9 Stationsgatan 9 Järnvägsgatan 111 Storberg 4 Tjappsåive 129 Storberg 24 Arvidsjaur Pitevägen 65 Storgatan 75 Myrkulla Auktsjaur 16 Dåjom 3 Pitevägen 28 Tourist Office Vittjåkk +46(0)960+46(0) Mobil (M) 555 00 28 10 00 171 00 137 20 556 00 0706316052,0738364498 (M) 073-087 56 01 (M) 070-24 28 301 (M) 072-24 95 843 (M) 070-573 37 36 (M) 202 66 072-72 72 311 (M) 076-135 98 91 (M) 0929-360 06 500 11 175 00 28 10 00 (Clarion) Abborrträsk Natursafari 3, 5, 6 Abborrträsk 1 Snowmobile 2 Husky 3 Isfishing 5 Wildlife 6 Reindeer-Safari Lapland Lodge (Lodge&Hotel) Östra Kyrkog. 18 Hostel Silvercross 45 (hostel) Fjällströmsvägen 16 070-644 28 62 (M) Sportanläggningar – Sportanlagen – Sport facilities Company Camp Gielas, Sport, Gym Centrumbadet Adventure bath Stallet (horse riding) Vittjåkk Prästberget Rymmarstadium Intersport Ishallen, Iceskating 1, 2 1 2 3 Adress Järnvägsgatan 111 Stationsgatan 42 Järnvägsgatan 112 Clarion Collection Hotel Arvidsjaur Arvidsjaur Storgatan 28 Hemvärnsgatan +46 (0)960556 00 157 74 124 02 28 10 00 556 00 (Camp Gielas) 556 00 (Camp Gielas) 104 33 IFKarvidsjaurhockey 3 ski rental Sevärdheter – Sehenswürdigkeiten – Sightseeing Company Local Museum, Gamla Prästgården Arvidsjaur Church 1 Sommerkurier Lillberget 1 Alpin skiing and snowboarding 2 Cross country ski trail Adress Magnus Berlinv. 24 Östra Kyrkogatan Viewing tower +46 (0)960124 28 175 00 478 00 The Lapp Village, Sami church town Lappstadsgatan Einwandererberatung auf Deutsch! Turistbyrå Arvidsjaur centrum Storgatan 14B, 93332 Arvidsjaur Tel. +46 (0)960-175 00, Touristenbüro – Tourist office Winterkurier 3


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TRUST IN FOCUS Taking your hands off the wheel violates the fundamental principles of responsible driving. As we move towards fully autonomous automobiles, ZF TRW’s safety systems are engineering trust with the world’s top manufacturers by helping pass increasingly stringent safety regulations. With a focus on holistic, seamlessly integrated safety systems, ZF TRW is helping manufacturers earn the trust of a new breed of driver. COGNITIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS © ZF TRW 2015 Center Logo Layout ZF_TRW_WinterKourier.indd 1 9/29/2015 4:12:57 PM


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Welcome to the Winterkurier! This is your first time in Swedish Lapland? Get ready for exciting things and new people. For those, who have already been here: Welcome back! The Winterkurier will help you to get information about the region and gives you an overview of all activities and shops. Enjoy your time with us. There are many exciting things to do. It is time to spend your money – because new bills are coming soon. Read more about this topic on page 18. You are also very welcome to visit our exhibition: ”WINTER CAR TESTING – through the years“ at Arvidsjaur Airport. It includes a well-liked film program. On my own behalf: I am very glad to offer a separate English version of the Winterkurier for the first time. THANKS to all my advertising customers who made this possible! Kirsten Stelling Lappland Infoservice


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What is that? You might already have made the experience to drive behind a curious car with a red triangle which would not go faster than 30 km/h and asked yourself: What is that? These vehicles are so called Traktorbilar, EPA-traktor or A-Traktors. They are very popular in Sweden. Teenagers can drive Traktorbilar earliest with 15 years, only needing an AM-driver license. An EPA-traktor is usually bought second-hand. Most common are altered cars from the 70s, like a Volvo Duett. Alteration regulations are set by the Swedish Technical Inspection Association (Bilprovning) and after a successful final inspection, the association will give the okay to drive and hand out a red triangle which from now on has to be clearly visible for every other road user. Back seats are illegitimate, as well as gear shifts which allow a higher speed than 30 km/h. However, there are no restrictions according the audio equipment, one of the most important supplies of an A-tractor. About 12.000 EPA-traktors are registered in Sweden; most of them are used by youngsters. The rules in Germany are almost the same as in Sweden, except that such vehicles in Germany have a higher speed limit which is 45 km/h. Youngsters in Germany, however, prefer two-wheelers. Especially during winter, having the weather conditions in mind, it might not be surprising that the youngsters in Sweden like to have it cozier in a four-wheeler which additionally offers an unlimited music surrounding – without Mom and Dad complaining about the noise. Inspection and reparation with Bosch Car Service for all vehicle brands. We are an authorized Volvo workshop. Inspection, reparation, vehicle diagnostic, coupling, air conditioning, gearing, heating, brakes, tires, exhaust system, electronics, light settings, petrol injection, diesel injection, exhaust gas analysis, liquefied petroleum gas, antishock, wheel alignment. Storgatan 81, ARVIDSJAUR 6 Winterkurier TEL. +46 960-65 45 50


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EFFICIENCY • CONFIDENTIALITY • SAFETY • SERVICE Taking the Swedish summer to a new level We are building an indoor winter testing fascility offering Swedish winter conditions all year round. READY IN JANUARY 2016 Follow the progress:, Contact us: Phone +46 929 47 47 00, e-mail The one stop shop for winter testing in Arjeplog, Swedish Lapland After more than 40 years in the business, we know for sure what all the globally leading companies require for their winter testing. Otherwise they wouldn’t be coming back, year after year. It’s a question of presenting perfect test conditions and prime security standards. But just as well about the personal treatment, making every stay memorable at Icemakers. True Testing Since 1973 Michael Lindeman CEO Icemakers Test AB Lars Sundström CEO Icemakers AB Experience that makes real difference • Ultimate service • With a personal touch • • Phone +46 961 32900 Winterkurier 7


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top: Airport Arvidsjaur 2015 and 1995 Ralf Lundberg & Thomas Scherman Airport Arvidsjaur The IGLOOTEL in Arjeplog The men behind FlyCar: Rainer Dreher, Daniel Knab & Michael Fender Arvidsjaur Airport & FlyCar: A Success Story of a Good Cooperation The first airplane landed at the new Airport in Arvidsjaur in September 1990. The main reason for building the airport was the expanding military, but also the people in Arvidsjaur should have a better connection to the capital. T he first arrival was an airliner from Umeå with 10 total seats. “The first three years, the scheduled service happened in small planes, flying to provider FlyCar which organizes flights for the automobile industry since November 1999. In the cold of Swedish Lapland, new cars and vehicles are put to the acid by their manufactures. The first car testers already came in 1967 to Arvidsjaur, they took their own cars. The big truck car transports began in the 70ths. The car testers themselves flew via Stockholm to Luleå and took the bus or car to Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog. It was a long day for all the engineers and technicians. Traveling time were 15 to 18 hours for one trip. It was the inventiveness of Michael Fender that brought FlyCar to live. “I have a friend, who regularly flew to Arvidsjaur during the winter testing seasons. On Sundays, he would often complain about the long travels“, remembers Michael. There was no pleasure in travelling 10 to 12 hours, including a long wait in Stockholm. The test region close to the polar circle was already very busy in the 80s. Today, the estimated number of people working here in the field of vehicle testing is said to be 30.000. They come from all over the world and Umeå. There, passengers had to change the planes”, remembers Airport CEO Ralf Lundberg. Ralf worked as an electrician at the airport at that time. ”Back then, we were six colleges, today, we are 25”. 6.000 passengers followed in the first business year, which is the amount of passengers the airport is dimensioned for. Today the airport has between 50.000 and 60.000 passengers every year. It is a huge development for such a small airport. “It feels like, we expanded every single year,” says Thomas Scherman. He was there from the start as well. Back then, he was AFIS (Aeronautical Flight Information Service-Officer). Today, he is head of security and trains security staff for other airports. Most passengers fly during the winter season, thanks to the direct connections to Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Hahn and Hannover. It is the German flight glas art from Lapland BIRGITTA SANDIN NYMÅNEN ART EXPEDITION You can also book a dog sled tour through the snow-covered woods with us. Webshop 8 Winterkurier Nymånen Hundspann Birgitta & Mikael Sandin Info & Buchung Huskysafaris: Tel 0046 (0) 70 625 40 32


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stay here in this region from November to March. Michael got in contact with the companies of the testing industry and presented his idea. They were interested. Through contacts with the Airport Hahn, he found a partner in Rainer Dreher. He has his own travel agency (Reisebüro Dreher) and the knowledge of the traveling business. In this way, Michael and Rainer complement each other. On short hand notice, they organized marketing, booking process and financial planning. Together they founded the FlyCar GmbH. In November 1999, it became reality. The first car testers flew directly from Stuttgart via Frankfurt/Hahn to Arvidsjaur. Munich and Hannover were added in the second season. The travel distance is now two to four hours. It is a big relief to reach your destination without long waits in between. FlyCar grew constantly over the next years; even though, it was a hard competition with the big airlines. Car testers fly on Mondays and the return flights are bookable for tourists. Since 2007, FlyCar offers more and more flights on Wednesdays. The FlyCar-Group includes two hotels in Oppenheim, the Incendo Travel GmbH, and the INGgreen (service provider for the automobile industry and energy engineering) from Daniel Knab, who is mechanical engineer and has the technical know-how of the automobile industry. FlyCar keeps on being busy; they always seem to have new ideas to make the region more attractive for tourists. ”We constantly work on new travel ideas to get more guests. There are many great possibilities to discover this beautiful winter region and experience exciting winter activities“, says Rainer Dreher. Snow mobile safaris and dog-sledding tours are most popular on the tourists’ wish lists. But car fans do not need to miss out their fun. Well-known car manufactures, for example, offer security training or just simple car driving fun on the ice lakes. In 2012, FlyCar surprised everyone with a new idea: The IGLOOTEL was built out of snow and ice. “We wanted to offer our customers a new highlight for events and accommodation“, says Michael Fender. There is no question about the coolness of the ice-cold hotel. It is a great experience to get caught by the colorful illuminations and spend the night in a room that has ice sculptures as decoration. Before you get to sleep, you swing by the sauna and Hot Tub. Your body warms up for the night in a polar sleeping bag. Daniel Knab is the project leader and builder of the IGLOOTEL. “The building of the hotel is an intensive time. If we are lucky, we can start in the beginning of November, depending on the weather. We have a small time frame, the first guest come already at new year‘s eve. The IGLOOTEL is not Daniel’s only project; just now, he, FlyCar and partners finished a project about a special rack system that optimizes the car transportation via ship and airplane. How does FlyCar’s future look like? “Good“, says Michael Fender. ”We are going to expand our route to and from Arvidsjaur in the future. We prolong the winter season till Easter. This results in a longer business period for the whole region, which is good. We already offer flights to Kittilä in Finland and we will add Brindisi in Italy. We would, nevertheless, like to have more Swedish passengers, who make use of the opportunity to fly to Germany. It is bookable via Arvidsjaur Airport“. Rainer Dreher adds: “A good cooperation with the Airport and a permanent dialogue is very important to us. The staff at the airport is our first point of contact and helps us in every situation“. In 2010, they celebrated together the 20th anniversary of the airport and the 10th anniversary of FlyCar. A great success story for Fly-Car and Arvidsjaur Airport – there is no doubt about a big anniversary celebration that comes up in five years. Text & photos: Kirsten Stelling WELCOME IN BODØ VUOGGATJÅLME VUOGGATJÅLME ARJEPLOG ARVIDSJAUR RIGHT AT THE ARCTIC CIRCLE ARCTIC CIRCLE SEE THE MAGIC OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE WITH YOUR OWN EYES +46 (0)961-107 15 WWW.VUOGGATJOLME.SE Enjoy local specialties in our restaurant (we open January 30st, call us for earlier reservations) • Join us in a snowmobile safari along the mountains • Discover the snowy wilderness from above • We offer accommodation Please contact us before your visit. Some activities are not bookable every day. HELAMB@VUOGGATJOLME.SE Winterkurier 9


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Katarzyna and Leif Carlsson in front of their hostel Silvercross45 on Fjällströmsvägen 16 A quiet unusual room: a Tentipi-tend, where you can sleep directly under the gloriole The sacred Catholic Chapel at the guesthouse Silvercross45 Being a stranger in a foreign land and having only a few language phrases in mind, is an experience which Katarzyna Carlsson has been through when she came from Krakow in Poland to Arvidsjaur in 1997. By now, she is SFI-teacher and teaching Swedish to the immigrants. Night Train to Krakow T he letters SFI stand for „svenska för invandrare“ (Swedish for immigrants) which contains a free language education for immigrating adults from dif- TISUS language certificate quickly. This allowed her an education and license as German teacher. She taught German in Arvidsjaur for 12 years, before she started as SFI-teacher. Of course, Katarzyna misses Poland. She is Catholic and misses the regular church services, in which she used to participate since she was a child, as well. It was always a good way to meet friends and people. The next Catholic Church is in Luleå, 170 kilometer away. “Once a month, there is a Catholic service in Arvidsjaur. Earlier on, we used the protestant rectory.” says Katarzyna. But a Catholic church is a Catholic church. It includes tabernacle, sanctum, kneelers and the full panoply of it. One day, the building of the Nyborgskyrkan was on sale. It belonged to the Evangeliska Fosterlands-Stiftelsen (EFS). Katarzyna and Leif saw a chance for their own little Catholic church. They talked to the Catholic Church in Sweden about their plans and they liked the idea of having a permanent Catholic outpost in Lapland. Leif and Katarzyna bought the building and set up a Catholic chapel in a separate corner in the big hall. The Maria Himmladrottningens chapel was inaugurated by the bishop in 2007. The first act was the christening of Katarzyna and Leifs’ daughter Julia. This makes their Arvidsjaur’s chapel the only Catholic outpost in Lapland‘s inland and one of the nine churches/chapels north of Uppsala. The rest of the building became a guesthouse “It was suitable“, explains Leif. “It costs a lot to maintain the building. So we thought about a hosting guests“. Today, there is room for 24 people in 10 rooms. The Carlssons themselves live in the hostel SilverCross 45. It is a big commitment for Katarzyna and Leif. Both have their jobs and their children and take care of the guesthouse. “It is fun and we are happy about every visitor“. She emphasizes, “Everyone is welcome. Our little chapel is open for everyone“, and adds “maybe a lonesome car tester finds his way to the chapel. Here he will find ease and comfort“. Text & photos: Kirsten Stelling ferent countries. The course is open for participants of EU exchange programs, as well. The lessons are part-time and well organized. There are four levels from A till D. The A-course is for illiterates and the passing of the D-course allows you to continue your Swedish education at the local Gymnasium. “We have several illiterates in our courses,“ says Katarzyna “they are often women from Afghanistan who did not get a chance to learn reading and writing in their homeland.” Refugees have an obligation to participate in the language courses, but the courses are mixed. “We have students from many different countries – people from Germany, Switzerland, Russia – it is very international.” The courses are open for all foreigners who live in the municipality (folkbokförd). There are regular tests and examinations; a successful passing allows the student to go to the next more advanced course. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to participate at SFI. Especially, those who start working directly have no time in the morning. Therefore, some structural changes are planned, including the introduction of an evening class. Katarzyna came to Arvidsjaur in 1997, SFI-courses already existed back then, but Arvidsjaur had too few immigrants. She is an educated simultaneous translator and, nevertheless, managed to learn the language very quick. ”It helps when your partner is Swedish. I met Leif on the night train from Berlin to Krakow in 1994“, reveals Katarzyna. Leif goes on, “I was there because of a teacher exchange program. Katarzyna was on her way back from a court case in Berlin where she worked as an interpreter.” Both stayed in touch and in 1997 it was settled. Katarzyna moved with her two kids to Arvidsjaur. It became a big blended family; Leif already had three kids and their daughter Julia was born in 2007. Back then it meant five children, a new country and a new language – a real challenge, but Katarzyna did well and managed to pass the About 6.300.000 Swedes (64 % of the population) are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden (Svenska kyrkan). The Catholic Church has 106 000 members in Sweden. Twelve of them live in Arvidsjaur. A Catholic service is officiated in the chapel on Fjällströmsvägen 16 every last Saturday of the month at 11 o’clock. If you would like to join a protestant service, you are welcome to join the weekly service in Arvidsjaur‘s church on Skillnadsgatan 27 and in Arjeplog on Torget. The service starts every Sunday at 11 o’clock. 10 Winterkurier


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Welcome to the Wild Specialists! Quality Products: 100 % Swedish reindeer and moose meat from our forests. salted, dried, marinaded. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9 - 12 h 13 - 17 h clothes for kids toys giftware wallpaper & paint A-Färg & Tapet AB Östra Skolgatan 16 · Arvidsjaur (behind the pharmacy) Mo-Fr: 09.30 - 17.30, Sa: 10 - 14 Arvidsjaur Renslakt AB, Larstorpvägen 22, 933 32 Arvidsjaur, Tel. 0960-10071 Arctic Glas own Glass design Handicraft & Jewelry Souvenirs OOOO 333 ess rrr AAAiddjjjj - WWlcccc! Lilla Lappland / Arc ti c Glas Renvallen 104 - 93391 Arvidsjaur Tel. +46(0)960-121 05 +46(0)73-800 44 80 www.arc ti Winterkurier 11


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top: The Green Magic (see also Congratulations Green Magic) and f.l.t.r.: Bodo Barth, Pierre Nagl, Susanna Sjöström, Viktor Lundberg, Mickael Fredriksson left: arial photography of the ZF-TRW testing facility middle: ZF TRW presents itself at the exhibition “Winter Car Testing“ at Arvidsjaur airport. right: ZF and TRW Technik compiened Two Centenarians Are Ready For The Future In his 42 years working for the company, Bodo Barth, directing manager of ZF TRW in Arvidsjaur, has already seen several takeovers, fusions and name changes. In May 2015, the time had come again: His employer, the American Concern TRW Automotive, was taken over. D ue to the takeover, ZF belongs now together with Robert Bosch GmbH and Continental AG to the “Top Three“ of the world’s leading automo- ”For the time being, we do not see big chances for the winter testing“, says Bodo Barth. “We keep on proving the integration of new technologies“. He knows his business. Growing up close to the Nürburgring, he was practically born with an interest for cars. He learnt automobile craft from scratch and is a master of his field. Since 1984, Bodo Barth is involved in winter testing and is now promoted managing director of ZF TRW in Arvidsjaur. He is a practical man, with a lot of experience and full of ideas. ”The takeover is an exciting challenge for the expansion of our test activities in Arvidsjaur. I’m looking forward to the cooperation with the new colleges from ZF”, says the location manager of winter testing. And he will accept this challenge that is for sure. Text Kirsten Stelling Photos: Kirsten Stelling & ZF TRW bile component supplier. ZF is specialized in driveline and chassis technology and TRW, among others in airbags, safety belts, brake and assisting systems. The combination of these products is the foundation of the development of automated driving functions. To avoid accidents and safe lives, is the goal for every inventor, engineer and practitioner, who works on the cars of tomorrow. Having the array of products of ZF TRW in mind, the conditions therefor are optimal. Since 1983, TRW Automotive tests its products and developments here in this region during winter. First in Arjeplog and from 1996 in Arvidsjaur as Lucas/ LucasVarity, later (in 2000) it became TRW Automotive. With the beginning of the upcoming winter season it will be known as ZF TRW. TRW is as the new division under the name “active & passive safety systems“ fitted into the ZF-concern. The combined company trades now under the name ZF Friedrichshafen AG. ZF is a world leading technology concern in driveline and chassis technology, as well in active & passive safety systems. The company, who took over TRW Automotive on May 15th, 2015, is present at about 230 locations in about 40 countries. Independently, both companies together have had 134.000 employees and a business volume of over 30 billion Euros in 2014. ZF was founded in 1915 as „Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen“ for the development and production of gearing mechanism for blimps and vehicles. Today, gearing and steering as well as chassis components and complete axis systems and modules belong to the production program. Shareholders are in the one hand with 93.8 percent the blimp foundation, which is administered by the city of Friedrichshafen, and in the other hand with 6.2 percent the Dr. Jürgen and Irmgard Ulderup Foundation in Lemförde. The ZF-concern annually invests 5 percent of its total income for research and development which means 891 billion Euros in 2014. Source: ZF Friedrichshafen


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Cartest is one of the leading companies, o ering test courses and services for car and car component testing. rough long experience in this eld, the company has build up solid expertise to keeping course in top condition, as well as providing the supportive services the customer requires. Our test course are laid out both on land and on natural lake ice. We also o er combinations courses with warm asphalt/ice covered surfaces, and all our test courses is barred to other vehicles. Cartest AB is a full-service company attending to every customer need. Box 128, 930 90 ARJEPLOG Tel. : +46 961 6136 ∙ Alf Sundström Cellph.: +46 70 672 8711 E-mail: ∙ Tracks Arjeplog Test Management - Your First Class Service Provider We offer you tracks, driving school, event, workshop, office and different types of engineering services - in Arjeplog or the place you require! Engineering Services Event Phone: +46(0)961 58 28 00 Visiting address: Arjeplog Test Management AB, Maskinvägen 3 New silver jewelry You need accommodation in Arjeplog or Arvidsjaur? for example Flower of life 290:- SEK 925 silver We offer small and big houses with high standard! As well as apartments for 1 to 2 persons. Get in contact with me or have a look at mail: Welcome! Sofia Gunters Optik, Ur & Smycken AB Storgatan 1E 938 31 Arjeplog 0961-31040 Arjeplogs husuthyrning ∙ Storgatan 1a ∙ Arjeplog ∙ +46(0)73-0375399 Winterkurier 13


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SIS Bets on Arjeplog SIS Sweden (Stenberg in Slagnäs), Serviceprovider for the Bosch-test facility, provides, starting with this winter season, accommodation in central Arjeplog. T he former school boarding house at the Drottningsgatan 40 is used by SIS’s subsidiary Star Lake Holding as the new Star Lake B & B. “The municipality owns the building and was looking for a tenant. We made an offer. We want to expand our own range of products in Arjeplog and believe in a positive development of the car testing industry here“, says Anders Vidhav. The Star Lake B & B has 42 single rooms with showers and toilet. Breakfast will be served from November to March. Guests even have the opportunity to use a shared kitchen. Håkan Vestermark is the contact person for the B & B: Tel. +46705268484 Text : Kirsten Stelling Photos: SIS Information & Contact + 46 (0) 70 /6 31 60 52 CAFÉ Homemade cake & coffee dishes after our tours HUSKY daily Husky-tours and more CAMP Bed & Breakfast at the Camp ∙ ∙ Tel. 0046 72 249 5843 Between Arvidsjaur and Slagnäs 14 Winterkurier


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ARJEPLOG · ARVIDSJAUR · GARGNÄS I N FO @ CO L D - N O S E . S E · CO L D - N O S E . S E + 4 6 7 3 8 27 76 97 L A R S · + 4 6 70 2 8 7 8 5 0 2 M A L I N (D EU T S C H , S V E N S K A , E N G L I S H) camping & cabins apartments in a cottage with shower/wc camp ground cross-country ski run sports hall sauna fitness center/gym Lat N 65° 34´ 57´´ Lon E 19° 11´ 26´´ Arvidsjaur adventure water park water slide whirlpool swimming pool kids swimming pool reverse flow pool sauna climbing wall Lat N 65° 35´ 40´´ Lon E 19° 10´ 52´´ Winterkurier 15



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