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international kierkegaard newsletter l autumn 1979 copenhagen kierkegaard report seren kierkegaard biblioteket space and time problem one of the problems of the s k bibliotek is that sometimes too many researchers come in one period and too few in another with the result that there can be shorta^e of either space or contact with fellow researchers should one particularly be hoping for the latter we hope to try and help ease this problem a little by making it known through these reports how many are using the bibliotek we have only 4 desks in the bibliotek itself use of these can be booked if they are free when writing to the secretary professor thulstrup about the proposed research trip there are of course several other libraries in the building and it is always possible to use the s k bibliotek desks but it is not possible to leave books and papers etc on them in the main s k bibliotek we have at the moment 2 researchers staying until summer 198c and one staying pcssibly until 1982 from japan the u.s and germany while danish students often use the bibliotek for short periods of the two desks in the extra room one of these is still free at present but this room may not be available in future äs a private one seren kierkegaard bibliotek books for prospective researchers wanting to know which books not to bring with them a list of the books in the s k bibliotek is in preparation a very rough list already available when finished the list will be sent to key kierkegaard research places in the u s and elsewhere or can be obtained through the address at the end of this report typing facilities these have at last been improved so that we now have one fast corner in the tea-kitchen where researchers can type the machine is a lars« manual adler and we have a proper typing desk chair and lamp with a little side-table if one has a lot of papers corning to the bibliotek new visitors to the s k bibliotek should note that the entrance is no 46 kebmagergade under the arch immediately to the right of a dress/clothes shop called nicolai then in at the door on the right in the yard for those who have been unlucky enough not to have secured accommodation before coming to copenhagen make for the s k bibliotek on the jrd floor best time between 10 a.m and 3 p.m here you can get a bibliotek key from the secretary and in the bibliotek itself on the table is an information file which can help you solve your accommodation problems by telling you of places where you can start looking accommodation is one of our major problems information file our new information file tries to cover the problems met by every new s k researcher here there is information about accommodation cheap eating places and stores how to find your way about the building copenhagen gilleleje etc wednesdays if you want to meet current s k researchers and be sure of personal guidance through the building1s intricacies come on a wednesday morning when we usually gather in the tea-kitchen for a chat over tea/coffee other for those who have researched at the s k bibliotek and had any particular problems not mentioned here or have any suggestions they would like taken up please write to julia watkin stenagervej 15 29cc copenhagen hellerup denmark and i ll do my best to see what we can do ooooooo


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international kierkegaard newslettsr 2 autumn 1980 last year äs a trial run i sent out the autumn 1979 newsletter to several places to see if there was a demand for a kierkegaard newsletter that would keep kierkegaard scholars informed about the kierkegaard scene at an international level as my starting point i began with information about the s0ren kierkegaard sibliotek in copenhagen the idea being that recipients of the newsletter would collect up the yearly ccpies in a file no information being unnecessarily repeated the newsletter went down very well indeed and will continue this year on the same basis except that you will all be compiling it i.e this newsletter will be your open communication channel when you want to inform other scholars about kierkegaard societies books and conferences share probleins etc i will faithfully do my best to see that everything srets included bearing in mind available space and if i have not/do not mention any particular kierkegaard society conference or problem this will be through ignorance so please keep me informed the seren kierkegaard bibliotek copenhagen see also newsletter l we have at present researching here until christmas a_creek scholar from germany and professor howard and edna hong from the kierkegaarc library northfield minnesota seren kierkegaard libraries the copenhagen seren kierkegaard bibliotek in practice is not limited to the library on the 3rd floor of the university theology department apart from its own collection of 19th century and modern kierkegaard literature the bibliotek borrows books for researchers directly from the royal library while there are several theological libraries in the rest of the theology block all books listed in the fslleskartotek 4th floor the university philosophy department is at kebmagergade 50 and the university library in nearby fiolstrsede is a valuable source of 19th century material the new university campus with other departinents is situated on amager further details about the royal library which houses original kierkegaard mss are to be found in the s0ren kierkegaard bibliotek information file and in brochures in the bibliotek the howard and sdna hong 3grenkierkegaard library st olaf college northfield minnesota u.s.a contains a partial reconstitution of the personal library of saren kierkegaard has about 6,500 vols and a complete microfilm set of the mss of kierkegaard s works and papers mcgill university montreal has recently acquired a collection of books owned by the later gree-or malantschuk this collection a partial reconstitution of the personal library of seren kierkegaard and other related kierkegaard material is housed äs the kierkegaard-malantschuk collection in mcgill university s redpath library the university library of course also possesses secondary kierkegaard literature mcgill s speciality is computer research prof alastair mckinnon dept of philosophy other libraries details about the facilities of other libraries welcomed for the next issue saren kierkegaard societies seren kierkegaard selskabet copenhagen membership at present costs 5c kroner a year for this members receive free current copies of the series s0ren kierkegaard selskabets populäre skrifter and a reduction on the society s journal kierkegaardiana plus information about new books and lectures lectures are held in copenhagen from autumn to spring note change of locale the society has changed its lecture locale to the kpdm soldaterhjem in gothersgade and there is now a tea/coffee break between the lecture and subsequent questions/discussion subscription/further information from the secretary emanuel skjoldager hanevanff-en 7» 2730 herlev denmark.


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kierkegaard akademiet recently founded by professor niels and marie m thulstrup meets every november in hellerup membership by invitation only the academy s publication is available from c a reitzels boghandel see under recent books american kierkegaard society for details of the recently established american kierkegaard society please see perkins personal kierkegaard newsletter the newsletter is füll of all kinds of news notes publication projects especially concerning american kierkegaard life write to prof robert l perkins dept of philosophy university of south alabama mobile al 36688 u.s.a kierkegaard societies in italy i am hoping to provide information about italian seren kierkegaard society membership in the next issue kierkegaard societies in japan like italy japan now has a long-standing tradition of s0ren kierkegaard society membership and i hope to be able to give more concrete information in the next issue of this newsletter the s0ren kierkegaard society in osaka japan publishes under the editorship of prof masaru otani kierkegaard-studiet other societies if you know of/have founded any other s0ren kierkegaard societies please let me know conferences also please let me know in good time about any proposed and definite kierkegaard conferences conferences that have taken place recently are aarhus symposium kierkegaard and dialectics september 1978 arranged by the late j0rgen k bukdahl aarhus university kierkegaard und die deutsche philosophie copenhagen november 1979» arranged by the university s philosophy and german philology institutes and the seren kierkegaard selskab kierkegaard resources and results mcgill university montreal june 1980 arranged by prof alastair mckinnon philosophy dept mcgill recent books from 1978 this list äs far äs possible includes all recent books good bad indifferent please write to me if you are interested in more information about a particular scandinavian book äs we do our best to collect all danish newspaper reviews kierkegaardiana of course also provides reviews if i have omitted a book in this year s list please teil me so i can include it next year prices are deliberately not mentioned because of price fluctuation danish books generally are expensive but tax-free if ordered from/sent abroad theodor w adorno kierkegaard konstruktion af det asstetiske oversat og med forord af rolf reitan efter kierkegaard 1933 1962 og 1966 rhodos copenhagen 1980 jergen k bukdahl ed aarhus symposium 1978 kierkegaard and dialectics papers hermann deuser karsten priis johansen christa künhold johannes slek salvatore spera mark c taylor university of aarhus 1979 write mrs karin begely det teologiske fakultet 800c aarhus c note this may be sold out limited number of copies niels-jergen cappelern vol xvi of the 2nd niels thulstrup edition of seren kierkegaard s papirer index r-0 and bibel index gyldendal copenhagen 1978 hermann deuser dialektische theologie studien zu adornos metaphysik und zum spätwerk kierkegaards fundamentaltheologische studien l münchen-mainz kaiser-grünewald 1980 sditions de l orante des oeuvres completes de kierkegaard sditions de l orante 23 rue oudinot paris jde viennent de paraitre torae 15 discours sdifiants a divers points de vue 1847 tome 18 quatre discours ?our un examen de conscience jugez vous-me mes 1849-1852 a para^tre prochainement toine 2 le concept d 1 ironie confession publique johannes climacus ou de omnibus dubitandum est documentation de taille e sur demande conditions speciales pour les souscripteurs aux vingt vols.


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c stephen evans subjectivity and religious belief an historical critical study kant kierkegaard v/m james 1978.christian university press subsidiary of christian college consortium u.s.a write wm b eerdmans publishing co 255 jefferson ave s e grand rapids michigan 49503 u.s.a goldschmidt gorsaren genudgivet ved uffe andreasen det danske sprog og litteraturselskab og c a reitzels boghandel bd 1-6 copenhagen 1977-9 por details of other reprints e.g kjebenhavns flyvende post perseus intelligensblade from the 19th century write to c a reitzels boghandel narregade 20 1165 copenhagen k tel 01-12 24 00 hong howard edna assisted by gregor malantschuk seren kierkegaards journals and papers vols 5» 6 7» indiana university press bloomington london 1978 hong howard v general editor kierkegaard s vritings a definitive scholarly english translation of the works of seren kierkegaard princeton university press u.s.a published to date vol xiv two ages vol xxv letters and documents vol viii the concept of anxiety vol xix the sickness unto death 1978-80 steen johansen srindringer om s0ren kierkegaard c a reitzels boghandel copenhagen i960 vincent a mccarthy the phenomenology of moods in kierkegaard the hague martinus nijhoff 1978 alastair mckinnon the kierkegaard indices to kierkegaard s saalede vaerker vols i-iv e j brill of leiden 1970-5» now also available from princeton university press u.s.a i960 to the u.s.a canada south america gregor malantschuk fra individ til den enkelte problemer omkring friheden og det etiske hos seren kierkegaard c a reitzels boghandel copenha^en 1978 indf0relse i seren kierkegaards forfatterskab c a reitzels boghandel reprint 1979 frihed og eksistens studier i saren kierkegaards taenkning udgivet af niels-jargen cappelarn og paul müller c a reitzels boghandel copenhagen i960 seren kierkegaards frygt og bsyen indledning og gennemgang c a reitzels boghandel copenhagen 1980 2 vols den kontroversielle kierkegaard is now translated and at publication point äs the controversial kierkegaard howard and edna hong the kierkegaard monograph series wilfrid laurier university press i960 paul müller meddelselsesdialektikken i seren kierkegaard s philosophiske sinuler with english summary udgivet af kabenhavn üniversitets institut for religionshistorie c a reitzels boghandel copenhagen 1979 kresten nordentoft kierkegaards psykologi is now translated äs kierkegaard s psychology by bruce kirmmse duquesne university press c/o humanities press atlantic highlands n j 07716 u.s.a thomas c oden ed parables of kierkegaard princeton university press 1979 ib ostenfeld s0ren kierkegaards psykologi now translated and edited by alastair mckinnon äs seren kierkegaardts psychology the kierkegaard monography series wilfrid laurier university press 1978 wim r scholtens alle gekheid op sen kierkegaard als psycholoog ten have/baarn netherlands 1979 schotschriften tegen gevestigde kerkelijkheid het ogenblik o.a ten have/baarn netherlands 1980 emanuel sk.loldager at traenge til gud indfarelse i saren kierkegaards opbygs-elige taler 1843-44 c a reitzels boghandel i960 johannes slgk kierkegaard humanismens taenker en studiebog hans reitzel copenhagen 1978.


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da kierkegaard tav prä forfatterskab til kirkestorm hans reitzel copenhagen 1980 s0ren kierkegaard selskabet kierkegaardiana xi c a reitzels boghandel copenhagen 1980 peter thielst s0ren og regine kierkegaard ksrlighed og k0nspolitik gyldendal copenhagen 1980g0ren kierkegaard skyldig ikke skyldig foreword by peter thielst g-yldendals uglebager copenhagen 1980 niels thulstrup og marie m thulstrup bibliotheca kierkegaardiana a series of books temporarily planned in 16 vols on major kierkegaardian topics articles are in major languages chiefly english by different scholars vols already published 1-4 1978f kierkegaard s view of christianity the sources and denths of faith in kierkegaard concepts and alternatives in kierkegaard kierkegaard and speculative idealism b kierkegaard akademiets arbog liber academis kierkegaardiensis annuarius tomus i 1977-8 red af alessandro cortese c a reitzels boghandel vita e pensiero milano italy 1980 4 lectures 2 written respectively in german italian 2 in english anton hügli niels thulstrup j heywood thomas alastair mckinnon niels thulstrup kierkegaards forhold til hegel is now translated äs kierkegaards relation to hegel by george stengren princeton university press u.s.a i960 also available in gennan japanese nelly viallaneix scoute kierkegaard essai sur la communication de la parole 2 tomes les editions du cerf 29 rue latour-maubourg paris 1979 new dissertations please let me know of any new dissertations so that these can be listed in the next issue information about other new kierkegaard and related books dissertations periodicals articlea welcomed higher research on kierkegaard please will you let me know if your university college dept provides opportunities for doctoral research etc i am trying to build up an information bank so äs to be able to reply to enquiry in this direction microfiche kierkegaard research in many places has reached the stage where there is a demand for access to original mss and 19th c literature mcgill university alastair mckinnon is investigating the possibility of making microfiche copies of first editions and important works i am investigating the possibility of a microfiche of the mss of kierkegaard s works and papers please let me know if you or your dept would be interested in buying a set plus reading apparatus or just a set without reading apparatus äs it is possible that a large joint order might reduce the price i m still investigating this latter matter and hope to provide more price details fairly soon cost of this newsletter at present this newsletter is free and it is hoped to keep it that way a lot depends of course on the demand for copies and the availability of money to cover costs you can help in this direction by your copy and regularly sending a copy/copies further you are welcome to translate/reproduce the whole or parts of this letter pagination please note the pagination of this newsletter this is to enable you to collect the newsletters in a ring-file and eventually write up a rough index to cut costs information will not normally be repeated i enclose with this issue an appropriate poster for college departments etc but of course you are welcome to make your own pleasg do let me hear from you before oct 1981 the date of the next issue please let me know a whether you wish me to send you the newsletter next year b whether you can send a photo-copy/copies of the newsletter further and in order to avoid duplication of efforts if so where you will be sending it our very best wishes from copenhagen u ux ajy^xkm stenagervej if^l^oo hellerup,



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