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#BlueFlame Bryanston High School | Newsletter #7 of 2015 - 30 October TRUE BLUE To p S c h o o l i n N o r t h e r n S u b u r b s f o r F i v e Ye a r s


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D Virtue. Fidelity. Justice. ear Bryanstonians Twenty so as to enable them to go on a future tour. A big ‘thank you’ to Mrs Fulcher and Miss Barkay who were the tour leaders. On the sporting front, our Netball girls took part in the St Stithian’s “Fast Five Netball Tournament” for the first time and we want to congratulate them on their performances. Our First Cricket team had a successful season which culminated in a great triumph in their final game when they beat Helpmekaar by eighteen runs. This is a fantastic achievement. Our AGM was held on 14th October and letters were sent out outlining the fee structure for next year. Once again, I would like to thank those parents who took the time to attend our AGM. Bryanston High School is very involved in charity work and, especially at this time of the year, we would like to appeal to our parent community to support us in assisting our various charities. A reminder to our new Grade 8 parents of the information evening on 10th November at 18h00 in the hall. Sadly, we learnt about one of our ex-pupils who was seriously injured in a motor bike accident. Miguel da Silva Ferreira, is still in ICU and the whole Bryanston High family is praying for his recovery. Our thoughts are with his family at this time! Rosina, who helped Sue in the tuckshop sadly passed away after a long illness and our condolences go to her family! Our Matrics started their exams last week and the rest of the school will begin their exams this coming Monday. We appeal to all parents to ensure that supervised studying takes place and to encourage your children to put in the necessary hours to achieve maximum marks. A reminder to parents that we would like all learners off the property after the exams so that they can go home and prepare for the next day’s exams. We do not want learners sitting idly outside the school. A letter detailing the instructions for the exams and the end of the year arrangements has been emailed to parents. Please make sure that your child is aware of this letter and follows the instructions accordingly. We would also like to remind parents that lateness will not be tolerated and in cases of your child coming late, this will be declared an irregularity. We had a successful valedictory service where Nikki Bush, Head Girl of Bryanston High in 1984, gave a motivational speech to our Matrics on why tertiary education is of utmost the importance. The event was also attended by governing body members and other invited guests. We want to thank all the Matrics who, at the end of the valedictory service, donated their school shoes to less privileged children. A big welcome back to our Academic Achievers who returned from their tour to the USA. The learners reported that they learnt a lot and some have created their own opportunities for future prospects. This Academic Achievers’ tour has certainly impacted on the school and on many of our learners who are now aiming to make the Top Mr J Skelton Principal


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W Ture Blue Bryanstonian Family hite Blazer Awards The following matric learners have been awarded the most prestigious honour at Bryanston High School, a white blazer. Read below to find out more about their phenomenal achievements in 2015 and their high school career… Blaire Jorgensen received full colours for Hockey, Tennis, Tennis Coaching and Councillorship which entitled her to receiving her first white blazer award. What a fantastic achievement to remain so committed and dedicated to school activities in her matric year! Qualifying for a re-award of the white honours blazer for achieving colours in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Open Water Swimming and National colours for Duathlon is matric learner Michael Ferreira. Well done! The amazing achievement of receiving a white honours blazer for the third time for full colours in Cross Country, Athletics, Tennis, Open Water Swimming and National colours for Triathlon is matriculant, Luke Schlebusch. An excellent achievement all round! Left to right: Michael Ferreira, Blair Jorgensen and Luke Schlebusch


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C olours Awards The following young men and ladies have shown commitment in their duties as members of their teams and have been rewarded for being active, dedicated and enthusiastic in doing so. Well done to each one! BOYS TENNIS Certificates John Tyson, Chris Denton Team Colours Awarded to Luke Schlebusch, Luke Hynes, Shaun Cannon, Martin Dijkhuis, Jonathan Linga, Tristan van der Heever and Tumelo Litlhakanyane Half Colours Congratulations Luke Hynes, Shaun Cannon and Tumelo Litlhakanyane Junior Half Colours Well done to the talented John Tyson Full Colours An outstanding achievement, Luke Schlebusch and Martin Dijkhuis CHESS Team Colours Awarded to Xiao Fei Wang Junior Full Colours Well done Priyanshu Srivastav, and Nikyle Perumal Full Colours Congratulations to Xiao Fei Wang FIRST AID Team Colours Awarded to Teneale Kader, Cameron Scott Matthews, Daniela Wilken, Andreena Smith, Sydney White, Moyet Beukes, Priyantha Naicker, Xiao Fei Wang, Caitlin Bell and Scherodene Devalogen Half Colours A great achievement, Xiao Fei Wang, Andreena Smith, Sydney White, Moyet Beukes and Priyantha Naicker Full Colours Well done to Teneale Kader, Cameron Scott Matthews, Daniela Wilken, Caitlin Bell and Scherodene Devalogen


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S ound & Lighting Colours Awards Always behind the scenes making sure that special events and assemblies run smoothly is our very own BHS Sound and Lighting crew. Thank you to each learner in Mr Malebana’s team for the diligent work you continue to do quietly in the background. These awards are well deserved! Certificates Riona Naidoo, Shiya Juggath, Riya Naidoo, Reuben Kumwimba, Botshelo Moekeletsi, George Triadafillou, John Tyson, Austin de Jager Half Colours Ziggy Zulu, Simphiwe Madlala Junior Full Colours Yasteel Naicker Full Colours Kundai Jura, Thato Mpolobosho that meets at the BHS courts every Saturday afternoon is looking for new members and it would be wonderful if some of the school parents could join us.We have occasional social events and always play doubles and the tennis is informal, great fun and quite competitive. Jim Godfrey (011) 706 4316 THE TENNIS CLUB LEARN TO FLY Ever dreamed of becoming a pilot? Contact Wits Flying Club, Gate 5 Lanseria Airport (CAA/0021) Sean: 0846182143 C ricket Another one bites the dust… The 1st XI Bryanston High School Cricket team beat Helpmekaar this week. Bryanston scored 140/6 and bowled Helpmekaar out for just 122, taking a convincing win with an 18 runs lead. How to make the right decisions in life with so many choices on offer. Register for the Future Finder Program to find out what career compliments your personality and interests best. Contact Chris on 082-057-3787 or email: CAREER COACH


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T 9th 8th 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st op Twenty Academic Achievers: Term 3 of 2015 Grade 8 20th 75% Andrea Foster 17th 76% Megan Ashford, Shana Kenneth, Katya Pombo 14th 77% Anelisa Budula, Anifa Linga, Tiago Timothy 12th 78% Anjali Parbhu, Kyle Pottinger 11th 79% Mokgadi Morapa 80% Madison Yeatman, Philipp Zurn 81% Priyanshu Srivastava 82% Amber Beekman, Mohamed Patel, Rochelle Scholtz 83% Mia Tanneback 85% Robyn Baird, Lesedi Lesuthu 86% Yasmine Bie 88% Anja Venter 91% Natasha Yoko #BlueFlame Grade 9 17th 80% Sophia Zhao, Kashveer Sewjalal, Anjua Piso, Vaishnavi Moodley, Chris Denton 16th 81% Saryna Curia 14th 82% Andrea Noriega Del Valle, Anresa Naicker 9th 7th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 83% John Tyson, Rosemary O’Connor, Teagan Naidoo, Michael Mpofu, Fatima Khan 84% Milani Kwinana, Jessica Schlebusch 85% Kim van Duyn, Liza Els 86% Brad Fulcher 87% Shannon Naidoo 89% Kailece Govender 1st 90% Beauty Butsri


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T 7th 6th 3rd 2nd 1st op Twenty Academic Achievers: Term 3 of 2015 Grade 10 20th 77% Michelle Seo, Nazeerah Karodia, Presholin Govender, Farah Gool 18th 78% Yumna Karodia, Mutaro Chiyangwa 17th 79% Kayla Heckrath 16th 80% Shannon Penny 14th 81% Rutendo Nyikadzino, Charlotte Koury, 10th 84% Tarsha Isaac, Candace Eslick, Tamara Chinganya, Shrestha Arijune 85% Caitlin Bell, Trishla Pathak, Tamara Tesoriero 86% Dylan Visser 88% Gareth Edwards, Alina Holubeva, Jenna Prinsloo 90% Musa Ndaba 93% Ian Edwards Grade 11 17th 80% Alex Warren, Mihir Poobalan, Keroshan Devan, Scherodene Devalogan, 14th 81% Tyler van der Berg, Madison Ramsay, Makabongwe Kaseke 11th 82% Lyle Pillay, Sasha Karlin, Erica Donzella 8th 6th 5th 3rd 2nd 1st 83% Rifah Nuckcheddy, Tumelo Mashabathakga, Munashe Chiyangwa 84% Jonathan van Duyn, Amy Thomson 85% Michael Alves 86% Sheoree Suklal, Andreena Smith 87% Kirthin Bedessie 93% Paayal Naiker


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J udo Championships Bryanston High School proudly congratulates Bryanstonian, Aadam Legardien, participated in the South African Schools Championships for Judo that was held on 4 and 5 October 2015. With Aadam achieving 1st place at SA Schools this year he has achieved JSA National Body colours. JSA Colours are the highest accolade achievable by a Junior player in Judo in South-Africa.


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T Merit: Team: ennis Coaching Colours Awards Congratulations to the following learners for achieving awards for Tennis Coaching in 2015. Jessica Schlebusch Roxanne Field, Moyet Beukes, Nyaradzo Mwerenga Madison Ramsey, Megan Denton, Khanyi Nkulu Tamara Chinganya, Blaire Jorgensen, Skye O’Neill INDULGE Decadent dining & boutique confectionery at Shop 8 Rivonia Village Shopping Cntr Rivonia Boulevard, off 9th Ave Donnae (011) 234 4437(079) 507 9469 Fax (011) 234 4439 Any specialised/novelty birthday cakes ordered and paid in full will receive a 25% discount. (T’s and C’s apply) Bring this newsletter to qualify for t1he discount. Half Colours: Full Colours: D iscovery Duathlon School Challenge Congratulations to Michael Ferreira (2nd), Luke Schlebusch (3rd), Cameron Macnair (8th) and all the other Bryanston Explore Club members who took part in the Schools' Challenge on October 25th. The race consisted of a 5km run, 25km cycle and finished off with another 2,5km run. Michael Ferreira finished 2nd with a time of 1:12:55, while Luke Schlebusch wasn't far behind in 3rd with a time of 1:13:39. BHS junior team completed the Super sprint distance in 1hr01m44s. Well done to all of our Bryanstonians for making us proud at this event. FOCUSED LANGUAGE LEARNING Results speak louder than words: one-on-one Afrikaans teaching grades 8 - 12 Jan Reinecke BA(Wits) BAHons (Unisa) TTHD(JCE)(PR. 1132648) (079) 513 3951 (011) 781 6141 To advertise in the #BlueFlame please visit


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Looking for a Tutor? English; Afrikaans; Maths; Accountancy; Science etc… Edu Core Solutions is a mobile tutoring company. We specialised in tutoring academic subjects and musical instruments for grade 3 – 12 students. Our tutors are carefully screened and selected to help your child meet their daily challenges of school and homework. Contact Janine Turner - / 083 650 2938 for further information. D ate to Diarise Tuesday, 10 November is our New Grade 8 Information Evening.


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