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consulus tissuefour · winter 2 0 0 9


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contents winter 2 0 0 9 navigation notes this document is best viewed by going to view page display and clicking on two-up and show cover page during two-up click the page numbers in the table of contents to go directly to the articles on the cover pictured in front of hmhu are four consultants who took the zen presentation challenge clockwise starting at top mary quadrini holt mcdougal mathematics don robertson holt elements of literature mcdougal littell literature mindy labernz journey s vocabulary workshop karen miller literacy by design special 1 5 whatarethetraitsofa greatconsultant youknowyou rea consultantif linda agnitch lauren loney 16 introducingthe enterprisesolutions team john winkler margo dye helpful tips 18 fromnovicetonatural michelle cardona wally day 19 itallcomesbacktoyou 20 changecanbeexciting andrea currier hear david leshock 25 tipsforconsultants 26 tipsforasuccessful webexsession nicholas ewen sarah carlson dorie mendoza 10 consultus!matching 12 allinaday swork carol baker 21 doyouhearwhati 22 anoffice witha rearview sheryl johnson marilyn lance don robertson 12 memorablemoments andeyerollersfrom international international consultants 27 blackberrytips 28 howmuch in every issue 1 letters 4 askcoco 29 bulletinboard executive editor lena rubin creative director patricia turner copyeditor steve anderson sharron camp-reed 17 q&awithpattismith features 8 9 traininganolddog rick glenn trainingforanewbie jeffrey vincent happenedonthewayto in-service mary quadrini diane fluty 24 stayinginthemoment health 6 7 fitontherun dick cable healthyclass tyrone holmes 14 afunnything 15 baggagebother i consult us issue four


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editor s note h aving held many positions during my 25 years at hmh i m often asked which was my favorite until this year my answer was consistently consultant manager why because i loved the camaraderie the coaching the creativity and most of all being part of the team when i started the presentation training program i modeled it after the consultant manager position for 15 years i got to coach talented and creative consultants from around the country many of whom are friends and authors in this magazine at national meetings i ve often been invited to join consultant dinners or help celebrate at a consultant s baby shower while i felt i knew almost everyone i didn t feel part of a team whatarethetraitsof agreatconsultant 1 flexibility 2 in-depthproduct knowledge 3 abilitytoconnect 4 teamwork 5 competitivepresentations 6 empathetic,responsive 7 credible,confident 8 senseofhumor 9 curriculumknowledge 10 energyandenthusiasm 49 41 34 25 15 15 14 14 13 13 we asked you answered last year the creation of the internal training team brought everything full circle once again i m part of a team six fabulous women sharing a passion for training coaching and having fun andrea currier s article change can be exciting page 20 introduces our expanded group and our goal for 2010 houghton mifflin harcourt university hmhu is our collaborative effort to bring new ideas and a sense of community to hmh it s your chance to go back to college virtual college so all things are possible put on your skinny jeans comfy sweatshirt and depending on your age black high tops clogs cowboy boots or platform sandals grab your coffee cup and join us on the hmhu welcome tour can you smell the ivy thanks to everyone who shared their stories advice humor and pictures in this edition of once again i m part of a team six fabulous women sharing a passion for training coaching and having fun consult us and to our copyeditor steve anderson a special thank you to our designer patricia turner she s worked her magic again enjoy the magazine and send your feedback survey results from early 2009 all hmh consultants would you change any of your answers for 2010 have an idea for the next magazine contact lena rubin at consult us issue three


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change that word certainly sums up what 2009 has been about at hmh and the consultant group has been right in the middle of all of it i m sure all of us have considered it a dirty word at times this year but i also think you would agree that all the changes brought a lot of growth opportunities for each of us i know that s certainly been the case for me if you have been working in this industry for awhile you ll know that we ve been somewhat insulated from the kind of big changes seen in other industries where you constantly have to be on the lookout for the next big trend that will hurt your product offerings or make them totally obsolete although we ve seen a few of those they haven t been the kind that would really cause us to change the way we approach the customer or sell them our products for the most part if you were doing sales presentations in the 90s doing the same this decade hasn t been much different at all i ll have to say as someone who s been around for awhile it s been fun and a great industry to be in part of me is kinda sad that it seems like the golden years are about over there s also a part of me that is excited about what the next 5­10 years will be like especially at hmh we really have been through a lot and i can t say enough good about how you have performed through this difficult time of change we have tried out a lot of new ideas and have had to adjust our plans when some didn t work out in short we ve learned a lot and it is going to pay off big for us in the near future it already has really if you think about it to me the area of change i m most excited about is our core the art of the presentation we aren t there yet and i don t think one ever gets to total zen but we are clearly engaged in a different conversation now about what a great presentation should be and what it looks like i know lots of you who have had a lot of fun experimenting with this and that s a very good thing for too long we ve seemed scared to rock the boat and i hope you feel like that s something that is valued and expected now some of this is certainly about controlling and standardizing our message but it s mostly about making our customer s experience with us fun motivating engaging and memorable so let s all keep talking about how we get there see you at a presentation soon pat p.s congratulations to the zen challenge winners consult us issue four 2


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fact the queen died the king died story the queen died the king died of a broken heart what was the last book you read late into the night what about a movie you couldn t wait to buy on dvd was there a news report that kept you glued to the television or a speech that tugged at your heartstrings and beckoned you to act what made these so memorable in comparison to other books movies or speeches most likely it was the story researchers have found that the human brain has a natural affinity for narrative construction stories provide a sense of structure and meaning to what might otherwise seem like many disconnected facts people remember facts more accurately if they encounter them in a story rather than in a list stories are how we learn best and visualize information they help to simplify and clarify even the most complex information stories hook us with emotion entertain us and help us remember what we ve heard over the past year we have focused on the importance of building our sales presentations to be concise and simplistic we ve analyzed how a solitary image or demonstration often conveys what in the past took five times as many slides to say but a memorable presentation doesn t just have great design and a focused message it also includes a story or several stories that when told properly create a bond between the storyteller and the audience stories linger long after your presentation is finished as presenters we need to incorporate more story into our presentations though there are many types of stories that can be used consider including one of the following three in your next presentation · example story use a story from history a movie or literature to illustrate a point · anecdote share a brief incident or scene that can be told in less than a minute · personal story more convincing than an example this tells the audience something about who you are while imparting a message no matter which type of story is used it is only effective if · it is relevant to the experience and interests of our audience · relates to the context of the point being made · puts information in perspective · paints a picture and helps your listener see what you are saying · it is kept short how can you make your presentation message different memorable and remain long past the final word tell a story katie crowe-lile 3 consult us issue four


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dear coco advice from your corporate consultant dear coco help no matter what i do i cannot manage to keep my storage space clean it s not just the big stuff but i also i end up with extra workbooks little books and other things that seem to multiply like bunnies do you have any quick or long term tips that might help signed seriously stuck in my storage dear stuck the storage issue seems to be a universal challenge for us all sometimes we have only minutes to drop off the things from one assignment and then grab what we need for the next one add in the late hours and you ve got a mess in no time here are some things that might help have a garage sale to get rid of the extra small things do you have a really special customer or a pilot teacher that helped you out box the things by subject and have them drive to your unit to pick them up they will be grateful for any of the odds and ends and even a single volume of a sample te can sometimes help set up your storage on shelves by subject place a limit on what a shelf can hold at least 2­3 subjects per shelving unit if you have a subject taking up 1­2 complete sets of shelves you probably don t need all the stuff you have accumulated use the weeks that the schools are on winter or spring break and clean i use the same strategy at home for my closet if i haven t worn it in two years then most likely i never will get rid of it just remember to recycle much of our travel lives are tied up in its contents like all things in our job we need a backup plan wherever i go i keep extras of things that i cannot do without a few years ago i misplaced my license and then later found it in the pocket of my gym jacket but i had already replaced it quickly and then had two of them this is a good thing i keep one of them in my wallet and the duplicate in my planner i also keep my passport with me in a secure place separate from wallet to go further you might want to stash a personal credit card in your planner and hide a twenty dollar bill so no matter what you have cash identification and a credit card you will still be inconvenienced but you will be able to get home safely and deal with it all calmly there is one more thing to consider copies of credit cards and prescriptions we all know we should never pack prescription medications or jewelry in a checked bag but do you have copies of the prescription names and numbers somewhere i keep a file of them on my computer along with a list of credit card numbers and for the best backup plan simply make a copy of your license passport and credit cards and stash it all in a real file it will make it easier when trying to replace everything minimize the samples a if you need to keep samples on hand limit them to a kindergarten primary and intermediate box rather than one of each grade b if you use the samples for inservices try making one box that has a variety of grade levels of materials c keep one of each of a teacher edition and student edition for each grade for each of the major subjects when a new program comes out consolidate the old program in that subject into just a couple tes and ses you are not going to need them dear coco while traveling last month for an assignment i discovered my wallet was missing it was either lost or stolen that was bad enough but when i tried to fly home i had no identification to get through security any suggestions for my fellow consultants signed stranded dear stranded first of all i am sorry you had to deal with the missing wallet so 4 consult us issue four


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a dear coco airline fees are getting outrageous and i hear they are getting worse i know we are supposed to watch our expenses but i get hungry on the plane bag fees meal fees yikes any ideas trying to be responsible dear responsible as much as i admire efforts there are some things we have to do while traveling first of all many of us have to carry more things than most to get the job done projectors and computers cannot be checked safely and packing light is not always easy so check that bag and expense it if necessary but if you don t want to check a bag ask your rep if she or he has a projector to use that way you can avoid dragging too much with you also keep things like instant oatmeal protein bars tea bags and bottled water in your briefcase and have you tried those new instant coffee packs from starbucks they taste great even for those most fussy coffee drinkers applauding your efforts coco fter almost 25 combined years of consulting we have noticed that there some similarities among ourselves as consultants you know you re a consultant if you have colored post-it tabs in your purse bag or car or attached to your clothing you know not to get in the security line behind the mother and child you ve eaten a meal in the c ar you re filled with useless facts like a ban 4 ears a soli ana slug has dw pounds on ea eighing 100 rth on the moon is only 17 words you use the rest assured rk outside of wo your h e when y art palpitat es o from u re away your p hone you ve cancelled on a friend hair appointment bookclub dentist appt for a missed flight last minute calendar change or traffic jam do any of these characteristics/traits activities describe you add to our list click here linda agnitch lauren loney ou llneedtobeconnectedthroughvpnto y accessandposttotheforum 5 consult us issue four


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core muscle training why and how obliques transversus abdominis and rectus abdominis in the front when strong they aid in balance posture and virtually all physical activities core muscles are trained through a series of balancing activities such as yoga and pilates and use of a bosu which looks like a ball sliced in half with the flat surface on the floor and/or an exercise ball any activity that asks us to balance engages these muscles and makes them stronger i n the past i have written about muscle conditioning work-out patterns nutrition and how to do it from the road today i would like to center on core muscles and training options muscle conditioning has two aspects first are our major muscle groups and second are our core muscles these two muscle groups are generally trained with distinctly different approaches regarding our major muscle groups most who train individually use machines or free weights those who take a muscle conditioning class strengthen these major muscle groups they are biceps triceps deltoids quadriceps hamstrings gluts pectorals back and abdominals i train myself and teach these groups two to three times a week however these classes do not generally train the core muscles of our torso what are core muscles these are the muscles around the core of the body that is around your trunk and pelvis they include the multifidus and erector spinae in the lower back and the external why are these important many activities ask for core strength skiing swimming gymnastics boxing dancing golf bicycle riding horseback riding are but a sampling additionally our posture is aided through these muscle groups so how does the traveling consultant make this happen one can hardly carry an exercise ball or bosu much less find a pilates or yoga class my recommendation buy a yoga or pilates dvd pop it in your computer and you are good to go a google search of pilates and yoga dvds will take you to amazon s website where you will find numerous titles to choose from most are very inexpensive if you are new to pilates or yoga choose one expressly for beginners recommended reading pilates on the ball a comprehensive book and dvd workout by colleen craig the mayo clinic plan 10 steps to a healthier life for everybody mayo clinic fitness for everybody for some good reading online click on health/core-strength dick cable is a certified personal trainer accredited with american council on exercise a certified fitness instructor accredited with aerobics and fitness association of america and a certified cycling spinning instructor with bally total fitness most of all have fun 6 consult us issue four


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n o w boarding ords of luggage kings of the carry-on weary warriors of air and road lend me your ears you are the financial backbone of such stellar institutions like marriott hilton and holiday inn you are the true academics the brain trust of houghton mifflin harcourt only you know how mlas really works or which avis cars automatically come with xm satellite radio without you our books would have no voice except of course l for the audio summary cds and tutorials which are awesome but could never replace you without you powerpoint is pointless you put the pro in professional development and the work in workshop you move you shake you sell you teach you give you are constantly in service to everyone around you you can sell every product in our book bag in one hour or less yet when it comes to your health you can t find the time i could go on but i must remember my zen training we are women and men of action lies do not become us i cannot claim dietary perfection i too like my bread dessert and wine the latter of course is never on the company s dime yet my philosophy has kept me reasonably healthy and sane my methods are sound and i share them with you because i care here are my road rules sorry mtv but none of us watch you anyway road rule #1 to stay healthy we have to eat nutritious food in the nation which invented fast food how does one find healthy and nutritious foods on the road road rule #1 is this wonderful website is a virtual library of local sustainable and often organic food it includes restaurants supermarkets deli bakeries you name it best of all it is completely free just type in your zip code and the website will do the rest you would be surprised how many whole food co-ops and healthy restaurants you will find places that serve organic vegetables meats or cheeses can be found instantly it provides you with links to the restaurant s or store s website phone numbers and addresses this website is so good it will locate the one or two healthy meals in an otherwise unhealthy restaurant you cannot go wrong with the eat well guide look for more road rules in upcoming issues of consult us and remember you can stay healthy on the road tyrone holmes 7 consult us issue four


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whatdoy meantho ou bulletpoin seten allequally tsarenot i andmust mportant no onthesam tappear eslide takeouttheleapingdolphinwiththesquealing soundeffect?areyousure,becauseiworkedsohard tohavethemermaidsflyinfromtherightandleft i f these quotes sound familiar you have successfully survived presentation training with lena rubin meredith montgomery and andrea currier a small group of unsuspecting souls recently attended the three-day session in ft lauderdale with the usual what have we gotten ourselves into questions we entered the meeting room with some trepidation but we all knew the day would start with us presenting to the group with the added bonus of being videotaped no pressure but welcome to day one oh sure they smile and treat you as nicely as one could be treated but only until they get you in the room to review your videotape in that initial session you discover the critique doesn t hurt a bit and you even managed to do some things right you get the idea right away that lena meredith and andrea are really looking at the tools you use to get your message to the audience a level of comfort is established early and then it dawns on you some very successful people are here to help you gain a competitive advantage when you deliver your message rick shows off his presentation skills our group represented a mix of experienced consultants with folks that are new to the profession the interesting thing that happened was that people with multiple perspectives got a chance to see and hear your message with differing responses it made me more aware of how our message has to reach our entire audience if you behaved for the majority of the time a nifty presentation training notebook was yours to take with you from the sessions we didn t get to cover everything in the six modules but it will be a tool i will reference often many of us are being asked to do things differently than we have in the past and for some of us it has been a bit of a struggle we have successes from our past efforts so it isn t always clear why we need to make changes this training was one of those sessions that showed me how doing things differently even making some minor tweaks could strengthen my message lena meredith and andrea are there to help you be your best if you get the chance to attend the presentation training sessions do so rick glenn consult us issue four 8


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the talented and brilliant mr vincent no longer a newbie there are certain situations that can make anyone a little intimidated for me personally this would be presenting in a room with six other professional presenters observing and a video camera capturing my every move a few hours later i watched the video with lena and her team watching myself and discussing the presentation piece by piece turned the information i received during the training was incredible i learned so much about traits of good consultants tips on how to make travel more manageable and even which colors are most appropriate to wear while presenting even the conversations at lunch and dinner with veterans to the industry were valuable discussions about how to be flexible tips for expense reports and powerpoint tricks really helped build my comfort in this new position the experience did make me very humble i learned that no matter how polished a presenter someone might be one must still stay focused and continue to work hard everyday i believe that a presentation will always be a work in progress and i must practice and continue self-reflection to improve overall the training was worth every minute learning the tricks of the trade exploring my strengths and weaknesses and learning from others has solidified my knowledge of consulting jeffrey vincent wo months after i was hired i was invited to consultant training at that time i had no idea what to expect a few weeks later i received the agenda for our two and a half days of training and the blood pressure began to rise the first item on the agenda was for all attendees to present a sales point from any program they would like that part did not bother me what bothered me was the fact that i would be presenting in front of other professional presenters and be videotaped so i could watch myself later after i read the agenda and had a few cocktails i decided i had better get prepared i practiced and practiced and practiced and then off i went to training in true consultant fashion iwillsharemyexperiencewiththreepoints:intimidation information,andhumbleness no matter how comfortable someone is in front a group presenting t watching myself and discussing the presentation piece by piece turned out to be a wonderful experience out to be a wonderful experience it was great to bounce ideas around on how to improve the presentation and delivery of the sales points i ended up presenting all three days it was fun to continue tweaking the presentation and watch it evolve from day to day 9 consult us issue four


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consulus t try to guess who these little darlings grew up to be then match them with their grown-up photos on the opposite page to learn more about them answers on page 29 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 10 consult us issue four


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a intervention and eld favoritefood:sushi hobbies:travelling photography and sports name teresa tere rivera region california yearsasa consultant 12 subjectof expertise b 6­12 math favoritefood:eggplant parmesan hobbies:reading playing the guitar otherinterestingfacts former north carolina new teacher of the year name jeffrey vincent region:mid atlantic yearsasa consultant 0.5 subjectof expertise name christie cooley region northeast yearsasa consultant:8 subjectof expertise storytown favoritefood:authentic mexican hobbies:shopping otherinterestingfacts i love fashion great music and enjoy entertaining i constantly search for new experiences and am somewhat of a problem solver c d hsp math favoritefood:seafood hobbies:reading and working out otherinterestingfacts i love to travel name angela romano region northeast yearsasa consultant 2.75 subjectof expertise name:heather jenkins region:mid-atlantic yearsasaconsultant:2.5 subjectofexpertise hm social studies hmh tn science favoritefood:italian hobbies:college football tn vols photography scrapbooking puzzles 1000 pieces decorating shopping otherinterestingfacts:gave three speeches at high school graduation as salutatorian senior class president student body president voted most likely to succeed and best all-around senior superlatives i love keeping up with celebrity news and gossip every week i read all the entertainment magazines people life style us weekly etc e name:lilia g nañez region:southwest yearsasaconsultant:2.25 subjectofexpertise reading/language arts elementary bilingual/esl education favoritefood:mexican hobbies:running otherinterestingfacts married for 22 years to ignacio nacho and we have two great sons xavier xavi age 18 and michael age 14 we live in midland tx awards recognitions 2005 tcta texas elementary principal of the year 2006 delivered commencement address at sul ross state university co-author bilingual books and more cross-curriculum ideas using spanish and english books f g counts hobbies:when i can i perform in community theater in indianapolis and sing with an acapella group called measure for measure plus i am a colts fan otherinterestingfacts:believe it or not i still like to travel for leisure name:beth swayze region:national yearsasaconsultant:4.5 subjectofexpertise secondary science burger math favoritefood:while it s not a food it is my favorite diet coke i interchange it for meals so i guess it name:kelly philbin region:east yearsasaconsultant:5 subjectofexpertise language arts and have evolved into a bit of a math expert favoritefood:connoisseur of all things grilled wine and chocolate hobbies:celebrating life by socializing with family and friends days at the beach decorating my home caring for animals otherinterestingfacts:i am always open to new adventures and am a diehard phillies fan go phils h i workshops and the classroom favoritefood:too many to name oysters anything with caramel and really good microbrews does that count as food hobbies:yoga painting illustration getting into anything creative i can do with my hands photography sewing silkscreening i do it all hanging out with my boston terrier gus writing cooking running in brooklyn going out to listen to live music name:melissa torres region:northeast yearsasaconsultant:2 subjectofexpertise all areas especially elementary literacy math science social studies guided reading and how to incorporate the arts/creativity into name:dick cable region:northeast yearsasaconsultant:10 consultantmanager:1 subjectofexpertise reading science favoritefood:a great steak gazpacho new england clam chowder rack of lamb candy corn hobbies:downhill skiing cycling [road travel fitness theater hiking snowshoeing otherinterestingfacts:i am an active member of the appalachian mountain club i am a hike and bike leader for the berkshire and connecticut chapters and a leader of major excursions i recently co-led a horseback expedition to mongolia additionally i am a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer and teach classes at bally total fitness j name:john anderson region:national yearsasaconsultant:5 subjectofexpertise:saxon favoritefood:cookies hobbies:fantasy football theology radio listening to the lost dogs otherinterestingfacts:i have a twin brother with whom i share the same high school gpa and sat scores k l beach name:suzy zaifert region:california yearsasaconsultant:1.5 subjectofexpertise everything elementary favoritefood:french fries hobbies:anything that i get to do outdoors love hiking and going to the m name:rochelle williams region:south central yearsasaconsultant:6 subjectofexpertise:write source hmh english journeys hmh math dayto-day mentoring favoritefood:french onion soup gumbo hobbies:swimming dancing


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ver notice that the more we travel as consultants the smaller the world seems to get on one of my travels awhile ago the world got very small indeed my assignment that day took me to a small district in western pennsylvania about one and a half hours e what a small world no he doesn t i answered but that s funny williamsport that s where my mother s family was from but she was a shaffer no way she exclaimed my mother was a shaffer comparing notes we somehow figured out that her grandfather and my grandfather were from where i live i was doing an initial reading in-service with a group of about 25 teachers at break time one of the teachers came up to me i had noticed her earlier for some reason she looked oddly familiar but i couldn t figure out why pointing to my name tag she said carol baker i m barbara brown but my maiden name is baker i wonder if we re related no i replied that s my husband s name i was a williams oh she said well do you know if he has any relatives in williamsport a town about four hours east that s where most of my family is from brothers that made us some kind of cousins right we even realized that we had been at the same family reunions as kids as we stood there naming relatives and tracing our family tree i suddenly realized that break time had gone a little okay a lot long barb and i quickly exchanged phone numbers and promised to touch base soon we resumed the training but in the back of my mind i kept thinking what a small world it is and all in a day s work was doing a follow up in-service in a large school that has been using storytown for two years my visit was to help teachers with the use of instructional time because they didn t seem to have enough time to cover the program at some point one of the teachers explained to me that they had to do a novel study to which i responded great that is wonderful to extend reading but she continued we put away the program to do the novel study i tried hard to control myself and i said so you actually stop teaching the program to do the novel study for six weeks no wonder they ran out of time vicky coronado costa rica based i o ne time with 60 workshop attendees we were thrown into absolute and utter dark carol baker ness in a windowless basement room when the electricity went out you literally could not see your hand in front of your face you could not call on anyone you could not move in safety so we consult us issue four 12


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memorable moments and eye rollers from international sang oo-pples and boo-noo-noos itsy bitsy spider and every nursery song i could think of until the lights came back on 15 minutes later thank goodness al s o i rememb er conducting in a workshop in micronesia with 18 teachers all chewing betel nuts and spitting into pepsi cans the whole time and several of them telling me how delicious it was to eat fruit bats sharon reed and you can imagine the rest by the end of the period the students did not learn anything as they were simply humming the monotonous tune after the teacher bob marley and doesn t all reading start with oral language and song i asked the group to pick their favorite bob marley song and to start singing finding this common thread we talked for more than two hours about how to integrate the language arts through song poetry or story in the end the teachers presented me with a bob marley clock as a reminder of his inspiration to the jamaican people i also have to give homage to bob marley as well for getting me through this session pat handly ramzi ataya beirut based i t wo days after a hurricane passed through jamaica we took a very bumpy twohour van ride through washedout roads to a school deep inside the interior of the country it was election time in jamaica and we passed through several protests on our way to the school causing further delays arriving late we found 45 teachers furiously fanning themselves in a room big enough to fit only six awaiting their in-service on houghton mifflin reading picture this no electricity to plug in the projector and computer no fans to move the air not one teacher edition available no white green or black board no chart paper or markers just me and my voice with two hours looming ahead in this tiny furnace of a room filled with wall-to-wall teachers sweating and not because of the summer caribbean heat i slowly pulled together an idea after all this was jamaica the land of reggae and i i had a teacher walk up slam a pack of letter cards on the table in front of me and demand to be told how to use them i tore them apart and then she wanted to know where the directions were for tearing them apart nancy updegraff was visiting a school for a workshop when i heard a teacher reading aloud from a science book at the top of her lungs the students then shouted the same sentence after her three times n an effort to get my point across about positive behavior management in a seminar i acted out some much too common teacher management techniques in the classroom i yelled at two teachers talking to each other pushed another two onto chairs separated two potential troublemakers and threatened to throw out anybody who misbehaved in the seminar some teachers actually stormed out of the room vowing to speak to the principal it was another thing when they had to sit down and jot down their feelings to my simulated behavior but i made my point that this is how teachers make students feel all too often bibi kaddoura beirut based 13 consult us issue four



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